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Resorts in Denmark

Resorts in Denmark are a great vacation destination. Check out our complete list of the most popular vacation spots. We have tried to gather the most comprehensive information, including, photos, reviews and descriptions of the most incredible places on the planet. Whether you are looking for excellent service or beautiful places and attractions – Danish Resorts provides all the vacation and tourism options .

In addition to descriptions of tourist resorts we can also offer you a list of various travel companies that can help with the purchase of tickets, registration of visas, choice of tours and with the solution of other problems and issues related to travel.

Aarhus is the second largest city and main port in Denmark, located on the peninsula of Jutland, on the shore of the bay of Aarhus-Bugg. It is the council area of the municipality of Aarhus and requires the unofficial name “Capital of Jutland. The forests are located in the south and within a kilometer of the city center, because Aarhus grew up around forests, and some areas of picturesque nature are completely surrounded by the city, such as Risskov. Aarhus is built mainly.

Odense, the third largest city in Denmark, is located near the fjord of Odense, stands on the Odense River, and is the main city of the island of Funen. Its name comes from the Norse god Odin. Railway station on the Copenhagen-Jutland line. Transport connections here were much improved when the ferry service between the two main Danish islands, Zealand and Funen, was replaced by a bridge over the Great Belt (opened in 1997.

Vejle is a city in Denmark, which belongs to the council area and municipality of Vejle (kommune) and the Syddanmark region, located in the southeast of the Jutland peninsula. Vejle is situated where the rivers Vejle and Grejs Rivers flow into a fjord, which sounds like “Wethele” in old Greek, hence the name of the city. Here crossed the trade routes, the most important trading houses had their branches here. The first mention of it dates back to 1256.

Varde (Danish Varde Kommune) is a Danish municipality in the area of Southern Denmark. Area is 1,245.66 km², which is 2.89% of the area of Denmark without Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It consists of the municipalities of Blaabjerg, Blåvandshuk, Helle, Varde and Ølgod. Written records date back to 1100. Beautiful northern nature, similar to ours. The landscape is flat, with dunes.

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Horsens is a Danish town in eastern Jutland. It is a section of the council of the municipality of Horsens. It was founded in the 11th or 12th century. Was a fortified town with several monasteries. In 1442 it received its first charter of commerce and by the 18th century had become a commercial center. After 1780, under an agreement between the Danish government and Catherine II, the princes and princesses of the Brunswick family, children of Anton, lived in the city until the end of their lives in practical isolation.

Fredensborg (Danish for “castle of peace”) is a palace on the eastern shore of Lake Esrum on the Danish island of Zeeland. Fredensborg Palace was built as a hunting place for King Frederik IV by architect J.C. Krieger in 1719. The main building was opened in 1722 and the chapel in 1726. The castle is in the town of Hillerød and is the spring and autumn residence of the Danish royal family. This is one of the most used residences of the monarchs. Palace.

Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark, after Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense. Because of its location (Limfjord) it was an important harbor during the Middle Ages, and an industrial center later. People have been settling on the banks of Limfjord for a long time – the first settlements already existed here about 700 years B.C. Aalborg is the location of the Airbase, which is an important base of the Danish air force, and is the bishop’s seat in.

Middelfart is a town in central Denmark. It is located in the municipality of Middelfart on the island of Funen. The city name Middelfart means “central passage,” referring to one of the three ferry connections that used to connect the islands of Funen to the Jutland peninsula. The local dialect shortened the name to Melfar, a short form still popular on the names of stores, institutions and events. From the Middle Ages to the late 19th century, local fishermen.

Roskilde is the second of three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Denmark (the first is Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, the third is the runic stones in Elling). The former residence of the Danish kings and the capital of Denmark before Erik of Pomerania moved to Copenhagen. All Danish kings are buried in the cathedral (which, in fact, is a UNESCO-protected site), Viking ships stand in the bay, and there is a Viking village on the shore.

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Legoland is located in the central part of the island of Jutland. Legoland is a world in miniature: here cars drive, ships sail, cranes work – it’s all built of “bricks” LEGO. Here you will meet monks, knights, Indians and pirates. The park consists of 7 parts Miniland – World in Miniature, DUPLO Land – Duplo Land, Imagination Zone – Imagination Corner, LEGOREDO Town – LEGOREDO City, Adventure Land – Land of Adventures.

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Resorts of Denmark: a small state of the Scandinavian Peninsula

Amazing Denmark is considered the pearl of Scandinavia. A small northern state annually receives thousands of tourists due to the developed infrastructure, unique cultural values and some other features. Many come here to sunbathe on the good beaches of the Danish Riviera, to admire the sights of Copenhagen, old castles and gingerbread farms, relax in the amusement park Legoland.

General idea of the country

General idea of Denmark

A small but cozy Scandinavian country is located on the Jutland Peninsula, the state has about 400 islands scattered along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Despite its small size, Denmark will delight even the most fastidious travelers with a wide variety of entertainment.

In winter, tourists stroll through fabulous Copenhagen, magnificent Aarhus and the streets of Odense, where Hans Christian Andersen himself grew up. Family and children’s tourism thrives in Denmark during the summer, as amusement parks open. In a sense, visiting the resorts of the country is an expensive pleasure, on the indulgence of the locals do not have to count. When visiting many places of interest, we recommend buying multi-tickets, which allow you to visit interesting places comprehensively.

Among the features of tourism we can highlight the delicious cuisine. The gastronomy is treated more sensitively, which distinguishes the state from other Scandinavian countries. Well-developed shopping, in all cities can easily find the famous brands, but the question lingers in the price criteria. As for the weather, it is formed by temperate maritime climate, which is not characterized by sharp temperature fluctuations. Winter in Denmark is wet and cold, and summer is cool.

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How to reach Denmark from different countries of CIS

National Airport in Copenhagen

From Moscow, Kiev and Minsk to Copenhagen there are regular direct flights. This destination is not very popular among our tourists, so no agency organizes charter flights. To save money, you can take a flight with connections.

Lovers of long trips from the former Soviet countries first get to the Norwegian capital Oslo, from where they take a ferry to the center of Denmark. In addition, Denmark is linked to Germany and Sweden by rail. Buses depart daily from European capitals, including Moscow, Kiev and Minsk, to Denmark.

Health resorts and ski resorts in Denmark

Maritime and health resorts in Denmark

There are no serious mountain ranges in the country, the ski resorts in Denmark are located on small hills. Ski centers are popular among children and beginners skiers, professionals have nothing to do here. Many Danish ski slopes are equipped with artificial turf, so you can ski throughout the year. The most popular ski center in Denmark is Silkeborg, which will please you with a nylon ski track with ski elevators.

To the north of Jutland is another ski resort of the state – Ranum. The city is an interesting ski center. Complexes near Copenhagen, where there is an indoor ice rink, are also established. All Danish ski centers have equipment rentals, and also are equipped with comfortable hotels, hostels and developed infrastructure.

Denmark cannot boast of thermal resorts, but almost all cities of the country will please you with quality spa hotels. Most spa hotels are situated on the coast. Popular spa hotels are located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and on the island of Funen.

Ecological tourism and seaside resorts in Denmark

Ecotourism in Denmark

Despite its northern location and short summer, Denmark has quality beach resorts. The metropolitan area is famous for its landscaped beaches. Amager beach, near Copenhagen, is interesting with entertainment centers, water parks, water attractions, and the coastal zone pleases with luxurious hotels, posh yacht clubs and well-groomed forest areas.

The excellent beaches on the west coast of Jutland are fraught with winds and shifting currents. The weather attracts fans of windsurfing and yachting. The east coast is interesting with cozy beaches hidden behind steep cliffs. Kattegat Bay with its calm waters is popular with families with children. In addition, there are scuba divers, who enjoy a variety of underwater world.

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Excellent for a beach holiday and the island of Lolland. The resort has golf courses, shallow bays, amazing nature. Lolland also attracts tourists with all kinds of water sports and sea fishing.

Lieselund Park is a natural reserve, considered an important attraction in Denmark. This piece of paradise was founded in the 18th century by a French nobleman. The reserve is located near the coast of the island of Men, famous for its white cliffs Men Klint. Lieselund Reserve is the best Scandinavian park, created in the English style. The place is interesting with the Old Castle of the same name, a Swiss hut and a Norwegian house. The visiting card of the center of ecological tourism is the Devil’s Gorge. Admire and waterfall, beautiful lakes and huge trees.

Tourists who are not afraid of the cold visit the mysterious Greenland. Here travelers go dog and reindeer sledding, fish in icy water, admire the northern lights. Greenland is visited by travelers who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the quiet.

The main entertainment, how to spend time

Entertainment and things to do in Denmark

During the daytime, guests of Denmark visit museums, walk through ancient castles, admire various cultural delights. At night, young people enjoy luxury nightclubs, bars, discos and participate in entertainment festivals.

Families with children come to Denmark to spend time in the children’s park Legoland. Among the must-see are visits to Kronborg Castle and Fredrichsborg, a visit to the lion park Givskud, where a safari, a walk in the ancient capital of the Vikings Roskilde and the museum of ships.

Denmark is famous for souvenirs. From here travelers take home porcelain, fabrics, furs, jewelry and crystal, knitwear, furniture and appliances. In large and medium-sized cities you can have a great time while shopping. It’s great fun, though, you have to have a fat wallet, which is sure to lose weight.

Sightseeing, where to go

Danish sights

The capital Copenhagen is considered the most visited Danish city. The center of the country is interesting for tourists Christianborg Palace, the Royal Museum Arsenal, castles, the Royal Theater and the National Library.

The city of Aarhus is famous for its Viking Museum, Toy Museum, ancient temples and the Old Town Museum. In Aalborg, travelers should definitely visit the beautiful House of Merchant Jens Brang, St. Budolfi Cathedral, the zoo and City Hall.

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Odense is famous for the house where the legendary Hans Christian Andersen was born, Andersen Park, St. Knud’s Cathedral, the zoo and Egeskov Castle.

Tips and cautions for tourists

Tips and tricks to visit Denmark

Denmark is known for its extremely low crime rate, but it is best to stick to some guidelines:

  • In public places and near popular attractions, you should keep a close eye on your personal belongings.
  • Leave documents, large sums of money, jewelry at home, or keep them in hotel safes.
  • Danish transport system is highly developed. It is convenient to travel between the cities by a comfortable railway express train.
  • Public transport is represented by buses, shuttles and metro (in Copenhagen).
  • Islands are connected to each other and to the continent by ferry service.
  • To rent a car you will need a credit card and an international driver’s license. However, the car is suitable only for long-distance travel, while in the city streets is more convenient to travel by bicycle.

Tourist reviews of a trip to the country

Tourist reviews on visiting Denmark

Irina: I flew with my husband to Denmark in spring 2017. In this small northern country we decided to take a break from trips to Turkey and Egypt, and the variety only goes for good. Despite the harsh climate, Denmark pleasantly surprised. Copenhagen pleased with nice people, beautiful architecture, clean streets and order, well-organized and convenient transportation, which cannot be said about the post-Soviet countries.

Maria: I visited Denmark in June 2016 for work. Of course, the summer there is cool, but you get a break from the scorching heat. It’s still too early to swim in the sea at this time, I had to spend my free time walking around Copenhagen and going on nature trips. Northern Denmark struck by beautiful lakes, rocks, dense forests and gorges. Too bad we couldn’t make it to the beach season.

Denmark is not just called the pearl of Scandinavia. A small state fully justifies the proud nickname of sights, developed tourism infrastructure, high level of security and European order. Every year thousands of travelers come to Denmark to admire the beauty of Copenhagen, enjoy the wonderful nature, take a break from civilization in Greenland and to bask on the sandy beaches.

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