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If you’re searching for “How much do tours in Cyprus cost?”, it means you’re really excited about the history of the island and its attractions. Congratulations, you have great taste.

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Because Cyprus is a huge island, there are many cities on it. All of them are of historical value, so they are of great interest to tourists. The cities of Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia, Polis, Dali, Tersefanou are of particular curiosity. Each of them keeps its own secrets, but willingly reveals the history before the guests. Excursion tours in Cyprus usually include a visit to these cities.

When traveling in Cyprus, guests will have the opportunity to visit the castle of Kolossi, baths of Aphrodite and Adonis, the Tomb of the Kings, the ancient polis Amathus. Active recreation excursions can be perfectly combined with a beach, which means that in one trip you will have time to fill and cultural experiences, and get a tan, and a swim in the sea. This is one of the reasons why excursion tours to Cyprus 2016 are in great demand.

It’s amazing how one island can hold so many attractions, but many tourists return here again and again to take a closer look at each of them and have the opportunity to touch ancient history.

You only need to wish, Tez Tour specialists will choose individual tours to Cyprus, and you can get acquainted with the most mysterious and enigmatic places of the island.

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Tours in Cyprus

Ayia Napa

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for 14 days 109 562 р. 85 109 р. 72 093 р. 70 811 р.
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Cyprus: journey to the island of Aphrodite

Cyprus is an opportunity to relax on the Mediterranean coast without worrying about the quality of service in the hotels. This resort is considered a “goody-goody” for a reason: there are practically no memorable highlights, but clean beaches, marked by Blue Flags, and decent service is guaranteed everywhere. No wonder that last minute tours for two in Cyprus from Moscow from year to year are in high demand. This is a place where all the attention is aimed at respectable guests, so the predominant nature of the holiday is appropriate: no children’s shouting and noisy animation all night. Instead, vacationers are treated to mini-cruises, thalassotherapy and delicacies of Greek cuisine.

Types of vacation

The island of Cyprus is almost 100% of the beautiful beach resorts, but here found a place for ski slopes. However, it is not only lazy leisure time on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea that attracts tourists from all over the world. A trip here is your chance to relax and improve your health, diversify your normal resort rest by not exhausting excursions, as well as by diving and getting acquainted with the local cuisine.

Beach Holiday

Cypriot beaches are a local pride, so it’s hard to miss them. However, the best of them are Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa, as well as a sandy strip with a shallow sea near Protaras, where families with children often stay. If you want something exotic, any travel agency will advise you to look in the direction of Limassol, the coast of which is strewn with volcanic sand amazing grayish hue. As for Paphos, this resort is clearly not for beach lovers: although you can find sandy beaches there, an unpleasant surprise can be a stony entrance to the water.

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A ticket to Cyprus is not necessarily a ticket for a classic lazy vacation. In the last decade, this resort is also flourishing as a health resort, which is due to the active development of thalassotherapy. Before booking and departing be sure to find out whether your hotel has a spa center and whether the price includes a course of medical procedures. Hotels usually organize complex programmes for stress reduction, tonus recovery, weight control and cellulite fighting, beauty programmes, arthritis treatment, and many more.

Active recreation

It is worth going to Cyprus from Russia for scuba diving. It is not about the underwater flora and fauna, as in the Red or Caribbean Sea: the Mediterranean Sea can not boast, but the coastal cities of Cyprus, many wrecks, caves and other interesting objects that can surprise even the experienced diver. What to say about beginners divers: unique natural monuments, shipwrecks that have become historical landmarks and picturesque corals allow combining a pleasant holiday with memorable dives for a lifetime.

How much does a tour to Cyprus cost?

Tour to Cyprus from Moscow 2022 is as variable as the weather conditions on the island: the high season here is in summer, so buy a ticket with a flight or, especially, in the format of “all inclusive” for cheap will not work. At the same time for excursions this time of year is not the best, because the exhausting hot climate of Cyprus will not let you quietly explore its historic sites. The second important factor that affects the price is the number of stars in the hotel you choose. In Cyprus there are hotels of any category, but the most profitable option, of course, will be two-star apartments. On sale, by the way, there are quite decent solutions for the money.

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