Journey to the Island of Brac, Croatia

Travelling around Croatia to the Island of Brac: Travelling review

Trip report about travelling to Croatia (Brac Island) by car through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tips for tourists, sights along the way and beautiful pictures.


I want to share a review and details of our trip to Croatia to the town of Supetar on the island of Brac. We were traveling from Minsk, and there were three of us: my husband and I, and a three-year-old child. In order to save money, we went on a trip in our car. By the way, we have not traveled by other means of transport – only by car and in Europe so far. Maybe someday we will risk to choose distant countries with the flight by plane, but for now with a child it is convenient – we wanted and stopped anytime.

The road by car

We drove 2222 km through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A Schengen visa is required to enter the European Union. In Croatia at the border they just look at the passport and stamp it. The toll was paid online via the Internet from the house. In Croatia at the entrance of the toll sections are terminals, where you have to take a ticket, and on the exit – the terminals, where these coupons should be paid. In total we spent about 3900 rubles to pay for the roads in both directions.

As for gasoline, it’s not cheap in Europe, so it’s worth refueling in Brest. In Poland the fuel is cheapest at gas stations “Ashan” – a liter of 95-th gasoline costs about 70 rubles. Then the fuel gets more expensive, so I also recommend refueling your empty tank here. In Croatia, the cost per liter of 95-rd gasoline – about 100 rubles. In total, we spent about 17,500 rubles on fuel. You can check the current gasoline prices in European countries on the Internet. I can only add that gas stations along the highways have slightly higher prices than those a little further away.

It took us a relatively long time to get to Supetar – we left on Saturday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon we were there. There was no hurry, we stopped at the interesting places. In general, it is easy to get to Croatia with two overnight stops. With one overnight stay is very difficult – the ferry to the island runs until about 11:00 pm. There is a risk of not making it. You will have to look for a place to spend the night. But even if you can get to the island in the evening, to pay for the first night is not a very rational decision, because a little further from the sea you can find cheaper accommodation. In the opposite direction we drove in two days with one overnight stop: we left in the morning and were already home by midnight of the second day.

Accommodation on the road

We always look for accommodation in advance on the Booking site. This portal offers various discounts, which can be found on third-party resources – from 1,500 rubles to 10% of the total cost of living. The first option is convenient to use for one-night stays in hotels, the latter is interesting during a long and expensive stay.

Our first overnight stay was booked in the Polish city of Lublin in the Apartament Cube complex. The cost of accommodation, which was an apartment with a kitchen-living room, bedroom and bathroom, for the night – 149 PLN (about 2600 rubles at current exchange rate). This apartment complex is an apartment building. The noise level here is minimal, and the kitchen is equipped with everything you need. There is a supermarket “Auchan” nearby.

The second overnight stay was planned in Senice, Slovakia. The room in the Green Cube guest house was a small room equipped with a kitchenette and a bathroom. It cost us 32 euros (about 2400 rubles at the exchange rate). Pretty quiet place not far from the highway.

We spent the third night in Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we booked a room in a hotel, although its name was Hostel Tron. It cost us 22 euros (about 1,650 rubles at the exchange rate). The small room had a single bed and a double bed and a bathroom. Hearing is minimal, we managed to get a good night’s sleep.

Plitvice Lakes - the unearthly beauty of Croatia

The way back took us two days. A night in Slovakia in Svidník has cost us 40 euros (about 3000 rubles). Accommodation in the complex Olla apartmany was a flat-eurodouble, consisting of a kitchen-living room, bedroom and bathroom. It was not a bad option. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need, but the bedroom is located next to the front doors and the hearing from the common hallway was very good. By the way, this complex seemed to us to be on the grounds of an old factory.

Accommodation on the island of Brac

Most of the accommodations on the island are apartments, equipped with everything you need. There are few hotels, and there are almost no all-inclusive options. You have to cook yourself or eat in a cafe. I am happy with the first option – the child played, ate, went away to play. I can quietly eat and not run after him. Meals in a cafe with a child doesn’t suit us, on the contrary – from the time of ordering until the food is served the kid might get runny and tired and call his parents home.

In Supetar we rented a house with two rooms – a big kitchen-living room and a terrace on the seashore. For 10 nights we paid 680 euros (about 51 500 rubles). The territory had its own exit to the sea. The beach is stony. You should wear special slippers to swim there. But the water is crystal clear.

Leased holiday home in Croatia

Our rented house by the sea

Holiday home in Supetar

House area with direct access to the sea.

Adriatic Sea

Transparent Adriatic sea with rocky bottom.

In the evenings we cooked dinner on the grill – fresh tuna steaks or meat, vegetables, mushrooms, pita bread. Everything is available at local supermarkets. In the mornings at the market near the port, fishermen come from the sea and sell the freshest fish and squid.

Meals on vacation in Croatia

Grilled steak

Grilled potatoes

Grilled dinner

In the evenings we had a grilled dinner.

More details about our trip to Croatia.

Finally, we left Minsk in the morning around 07:00. After about four hours, we stopped at the Brest Fortress to look at the WWII memorial, a memorial complex. Since we were a bit limited in time, we did not go into the museums – we just walked around the territory.

Entrance to the Brest Fortress

The entrance to the Brest Fortress

Panorama of the memorial

The panorama of the Memorial Complex

Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress Memorial Complex

Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress scenery

Monuments to soldiers at the Brest Fortress

There are monuments to soldiers in the complex

We also went to the Brest Railway Museum in the open air, which is located next to the fortress. Many carriages and locomotives have special ladders attached to them, which you can climb and examine all the devices inside.

Brest Railway Museum

Brest Railway Museum

Brest Railway Museum

The exhibits are in the open air

Railway Museum in Brest

Brest Railway Museum

You can go up into the locomotives and take a closer look at the drivers’ instruments.

Then we went to the border crossing point Domachevo (in Brest itself there are usually longer lines). We travel here often, and therefore we are very familiar with one peculiarity – the Belarusians have no one in line, everyone passes quickly. However, if you go to the Poles, there is an hour-long traffic jam. Despite this feature, I still recommend this particular checkpoint to cross the border between Belarus and Poland.

After that we went to the city of Lublin, where we were booked for the night. In Poland, we always go shopping – here the prices of clothing, including brand-name, are much cheaper. If you take into account the possibility of Tax free refund, it turns out to be an incredibly profitable purchase.

In the morning we went in the direction of Slovakia. In the city of Siena we had another overnight stay booked. On the way, we turned off in the direction of the resort of Bešeňov to visit the thermal springs. We paid 25 euros (about 2,350 rubles at the exchange rate) for the entrance for two adults and a three-year-old child. The ticket was for the whole day, but we only had enough time for four hours – we quickly got tired. The complex has outdoor and indoor pools, slides, including children’s, as well as a pool with waves. In short, everything is like in an ordinary water park. We were pleased that all the pools are warm, we did not even want to go out, although outside there were hot pools. In addition, there is a cafe in the area, where we ate for 22 euros (about 1700 rubles at the exchange rate).

Delft, Netherlands - the great history of Amsterdam

Beshenev Thermal Spa

Beshenev thermal park

A pool with waves, at the end of which there is a small climbing wall

Beshejeva thermal spa in Slovakia

Beshejeva Spa in Slovakia

Children swimming pool with slides

We arrived in Seine in the late evening, where we left in the morning for Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we had another accommodation booked. On the way we stopped in Hungary at Lake Balaton. It is also called the “Hungarian sea”. It is very quiet and peaceful and the scenery is mesmerizing. As it seemed to us, most of the vacationers – the pensioners. Maybe it was us who stayed in such a place – on the map the town is marked as Balatonkenese.

Lake Balaton

A big lake Balaton

Holidays on Lake Balaton

Holidays on Lake Balaton in Hungary

On the territory a lot of children’s swings and sandboxes

After resting in the sun we headed to the town of Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After stopping here, we decided to get something to eat. There was a little surprise waiting for us. Upon entering the place with a sign Cafe, we could not eat because here you can only drink, as the waitress told us. You can eat only in places with the sign Restaurant.

The country surprised us with its varied landscapes. In cafes in the streets in the evening and in the morning sit locals, mostly men, and drink drinks. The structures of private homes in small communities also struck us – instead of fences, they enclose their territory with outbuildings. In other words, there are no fire breaks between the houses, as is common in Russia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Landscapes of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Landscapes of such a different country – Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the morning after our overnight stay we went to Split, from where we took a ferry to the island of Brac. The border in Croatia is primitive and there are no special examinations – they just put a stamp in your passport and let you go on. In Split we took a ferry, for which we paid 230 kuna (about 2300 rubles at the exchange rate) for two adults, child and car. The first floor of the ferry houses cars, the second floor is an enclosed area with air conditioning and cushioned sofas, and the upper deck is an open area with benches.

Ferry to Brač Island

Car parking on the ferry

Ferry to Brač Island from Split

Upper deck


Croatia from the ferry

Croatia by ferry

Ferry to island

Holidays on the island of Brac (Croatia)

On the island of Brac the most popular place is Bol beach, which is a symbol of the Adriatic. The scenery is beautiful, the water is azure. However, a lot of people gather here during the day, even boats and yachts come. It is better to go there in the morning, while there is no one and the beaches are still empty.

Bol Beach

Bol Beach on the Island of Brac

Holidays on the beach Bol

A view of the beach from above

Bol Beach in Croatia

Holidays on the island of Bol

There are several small towns on the island, which you can also drive around. They are all quite beautiful.


Splitska on the island of Brac

City Postira

City Postira on the island of Brac


City Sutivan on the island of Brac

Town of Milna

Milna on Brac Island

Holidays on the island of Bol

Holidays on the island of Brac in Croatia

The scenery of the island

Each town has small cafes on the waterfront, but still living on the island is a quiet and family vacation. Noisy entertainment you will not find here.

Croatia is also famous for its national park “Plitvice Lakes”. To go there you need to allocate a whole day, since, according to tourist reviews, the smallest route takes about six hours. We haven’t been there yet, but we’re planning to. You can look at the pictures on the Internet – it’s a mesmerizing beauty.

Costs of the trip

For a vacation of 10 days in Croatia with four stops on the road cost us almost 125,000 rubles, namely:

  • Gasoline – 17,500 rubles.
  • Toll roads – 3900 rubles.
  • Ferry – 4,550 rubles.
  • Lodging and overnight stays – 62,000 rubles.
  • Groceries on vacation and on the road – 36,500 rubles.

A year earlier we had already traveled to this island, but by a different route – through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia. This route is a little more expensive because of the large number of tolls on the road. Also, then we chose accommodation with the owners – the first floor belonged to them, and the second belonged to us. Such apartments were half the price, and the entire vacation cost us about 90,000 rubles. However, its rented accommodation – is much better and more comfortable.

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Isle of Brac in Croatia – where to relax and what to see

Island Brac (Croatia) – a cozy place in the center of the Adriatic Sea, which has everything you need for recreation: well-known resorts, ancient cities with rich history and friendly locals. If pictures of the Croatian island of Brač catch your eye, it is time to set off on a virtual trip to this interesting place!

Beach Island Brac

General Info

Map of Island Brac

Brac is a Croatian island located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea. Its area is 394.57 km² and its length is 40 km. It is not only one of the most picturesque islands of the Adriatic, but also the third largest island after Krk and Cres. The permanent population of the island is around 15,000 and in the summer, with the arrival of tourists, this figure doubles. There are a number of towns on the island, the biggest of which are Supetar (in the northern part), Pucišće (in the north-east) and Bol (in the south).

Most of the population is engaged in tourism. Also the island grows vineyards and has a winery. And the fame of the island. Bratsch brought fame thanks to the so-called “Bratsch stone” – limestone of pure white color, which is mined here.

It is an interesting fact! Brac stone is used for the coating of the White House in the U.S. capital and the ancient Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

Beaches of Brac

Croatia is famous for its large and clean beaches, which can be found almost anywhere in the country. On the island of Brac is also not a few.

Beach Pucisce

Beach Pucisce is located in the northern part of the island in a small bay. It can be called traditional for Croatia – white stone embankment and comfortable stairs for safe descent into the water. There are also the usual entrances to the sea – pebble. On one part of the shore you can sit in the shade of trees, but it is better to take something thicker than a towel. The water in Pucisce is clean.

Infrastructure: the beach has showers, and there are many cafes and restaurants on the promenade. Umbrellas and sun loungers can be rented nearby.

Beach Povlja

Another small town on the island of Brac is Povlja. Here, in comparison with Pucisce, the sea is calmer, with many beautiful and comfortable bays. The water here is very warm and clean, and fewer tourists than in other Croatian resorts. The way to the sea is pebble.

As for infrastructure, the beach has sun loungers and umbrellas, and there are several cafes nearby.

The main beach on the island of Brac is Zlatni Rat, located in the south of the town of Bol. It is the most popular vacation spot for tourists and locals alike. The water here is clean, but because of the abundance of people you can often see litter, which, however, quickly cleaned up.

Due to the elongated shape of the beach, on one side of it there are waves and on the other side the sea is calm. Coverage on the Golden Horn of fine pebbles, although the photo gives the impression that it is sand.

Zlatni Rat Beach

This is the most full-fledged, in terms of infrastructure, beach on the island. It has everything you need for a comfortable holiday: showers and toilets (for a fee), deck chairs with umbrellas (250 kuna in high season for 2 pcs + umbrella) and a mass of cafes and restaurants. You can also sit on your towel in the shade of pine trees that occupy the central part of the cape. Near the beach there is also a paid parking lot (80 kuna per day).

Experienced travelers advise to visit this place in the morning or after 6 pm – at this time there are much fewer people, and the sun beautifully gilds the waves.

It is worth noting that Zlatni Rat is included in the list of 13 most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast. The entire rating with descriptions and photos can be found on this page.

Tourism Liechtenstein

Murvica Beach

Murvica Beach is another cozy beach near the Croatian town Bol on the island of Brac. This is quite calm and comfortable place for relaxation. The water here is turquoise and clean and there are not so many tourists yet. Nearby there are trees, in the shade of which is good to rest for those who do not like to sunbathe. Another plus of this place is a picturesque descent to the beach, which runs through a pine forest.

As for infrastructure, like on most beaches in Croatia, there are a couple of restaurants and parking. Sun beds and umbrellas can be rented, but there is no shower with fresh water.

Lovrecina Bay Beach

The second most popular beach after Zlatni Rat is Lavresina Bay in Postira. It can be considered a wild, but there are many tourists and the beach meets all criteria: the water and the surrounding area are clean and the views are spectacular. The reason for its popularity is that it is the only sandy beach on Brac. It is worth recommending to families with children – the sea is shallow and even small children can safely enter the water.

There are two small cafes and paid parking nearby. Alas, there are no toilets and showers.

Sumartin Beach

Another beach on the island. Brac in Croatia is located to the east in the bay near the town of Sumartin. It has a very modest size – only 25 meters long. The water is clean and the beach is covered with fine pebbles. The entrance to the water is gentle and there is an inflatable pad on the water, which will appeal to families with children. Many believe that this is one of the best beaches in Croatia – there are few people, and there is a cafe-bar and free parking nearby. Free sun loungers and umbrellas are installed.

From this village you can go on an excursion to the mainland of Croatia – the popular colorful resort of Makarska.

Accommodation and prices

Brac in Croatia is a popular tourist destination in the summer, so hotel rooms should be booked at least in spring, and even better in winter.

  • The most budget accommodation for two in a 3-star hotel is 50 euros (in high season).
  • The cost of accommodation in apartments starts at 40 €.
  • The average price for a night in a 3-4* hotel is 150-190 €. This price includes breakfast and dinner, as well as free access to the beach at the hotel.

Attractions and Entertainments

Vidova Mountain is the highest point of the Adriatic. Its height is 778 meters above sea level. Today it is an observation point from which the neighboring Croatian towns and islands, vineyards and rivers can be seen.

Vidova Gora

By the way, life on the mountain is still in full swing: there are satellite dishes and a hotel. And the ruins of the old church of the 13-14th century still attract tourists here.

Blac is one of the most interesting sights, not only on the island, but in Croatia as well. It is an ancient monastery carved into the rock. The first references to it date back to the 16th century – at that time there were monks who were engaged in mathematics, astronomy and writing books. This lasted until 1963. After the death of the last monk, the monastery was turned into a museum and today excursions are offered there.

Blac Monastery

However, it is worth going to the ancient monastery not only to learn about the lives of the monks, but also to enjoy the beauty of the building and the surrounding garden. By the way, to get to the monastery is not as easy as it may seem at first: the road from the foot to the building will take about an hour. Therefore, experienced travelers are advised to wear comfortable clothes and hard-soled shoes.

Where to find: West End, Bol, Brac Island, Croatia.

Wine Tasting Brac & Olive Oil Brac

Wine Tasting Brac & Olive Oil Brac

There are many picturesque vineyards and olive groves on the island of Brac, which means there are also many wineries that offer tours for tourists. One of the most famous is Wine Tasting Brac & Olive Oil Brac . It is a family winery with a small vineyard and good-natured owners.

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Upon arrival, tourists are immediately invited to the table and offered to taste different types of wine. Afterwards, guests are treated to an appetizer, main course and dessert. During the meal the hosts often talk about the history of the winery as well as about Croatia’s past in general.

Senjkovic Winery

Senjkovic Winery

The second most popular winery on the island of Brac is Senjkovic Winery. The hosts here are also very hospitable and welcoming.

At the beginning, tourists are given a guided tour, showing the vineyards and telling interesting facts about wine making and the island in general. Afterwards, the wine tasting begins: the hosts lay a rich table with traditional Croatian dishes and offer to appreciate their wine.

Visiting wineries is very popular with tourists, because such excursions help not only to learn the secrets of wine making, but also to better understand the life of ordinary Croats.

  • Address of Wine Tasting Brac & Olive Oil Brac: Zrtava fasizma 11, Nerezisca, Brac Island 21423, Croatia.
  • Address of Senjkovic Winery: Dracevica 51 | Dracevica, Nerezisca, Brač, Croatia.

Supetar cemetery

Supetar is the biggest town on the island of Brač and thus the biggest cemetery here. It is located right on the coast, but, as noted by tourists, it is very beautiful and not at all sad place. Here are always lit a lot of lamps, around well-kept beds with bright colors, and the graves themselves are made of white stone.

The main decoration of the cemetery is the snow-white mausoleum – its unusual shape immediately attracts attention. It should be said that all the graves here are very elegant: near many of them there are sculptures of angels and saints.

Ironically, Supetar Cemetery is visited every year by more than 10 000 tourists, and many of them consider it the main attraction of the island.

Where to find: Supetar Bb, Supetar, Brač Island 21400, Croatia.

Weather and climate, when is the best time to visit

Temperature graph on the island of Brac

Brac is a wonderful place for a beach holiday in summer and for sightseeing at any time of year. The average temperature in July is about 26-29 ° C and in January it is 10-12 ° C.

The swimming season opens in May and closes in early October. Bad weather on Brac is rare, so do not worry about high waves and water temperature.

If your goal is a beach vacation, then go to Brac from June to October, and to come to Croatia with a sightseeing tour is possible at any time of year.

How to reach the island from Split

Ferry to Brač Island

You can get to the island of Brac from Split only by ferry. You can get to Split’s ferry terminal Jadrolinija (at the left side of the bay) and take a ferry to Supetar (the largest populated area on the island of Brac). You can buy tickets just before departure at the port office or on the website of the carrier – The price for a car under 5 meters is 154 kuna, for each adult it is necessary to pay 33 kuna, for children 3-12 years old – 16,5 kuna.

Ferries run every 1-3 hours, depending on the season and time of day, from 5:15 am to 12 am. Travel time will be 50 minutes to 1 hour. The ferry has a cafe and a bar, a spacious deck, so you won’t be bored on the way.

Once there, you will be sure that the Island of Brac (Croatia) is a great place for a vacation for the whole family!

All prices on this page are for August 2021.

Video: how to get to the island by ferry, review of Brac and its beaches, aerial views. Be sure to check it out!

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