Journey to the Equator of Africa

Journey to Africa: Uganda – Equatorial Safari

“The Pearl of Africa” was what Winston Churchill called Uganda when he visited it in the early 20th century. And it really is – stunning wealth and diversity of nature and landscapes. A trip to Africa – it’s vast shrouds and jungle thickets, snow-capped mountains and picturesque lakes, tropical forests and the source of one of the greatest rivers in the world – the Nile. This is Uganda. Many national parks are inhabited by a variety of wildlife, and bird lovers will find thousands of species here. Rafting on the rapids of the Nile is considered one of the best in the world.

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Briefly about this tour

  • Apr 29, 2018 to May 12, 2018

What’s in store for your trip? In 2012, Uganda was ranked as the best country to travel to by the famous Lonely Planet travel guide! And nothing has changed since then – Uganda is still beautiful! Full immersion in the local color, nature and outdoor activities – the best national parks, rafting on the Nile, trekking to the gorillas and the most beautiful places in Uganda, quad biking through authentic villages. You will cross the equator twice and swim in mountain lakes and waterfalls. Traveling to Africa and experiencing the local culture, traditions and customs will allow you to truly appreciate and understand it. Get rid of myths about Africa, discover a wonderful country where you will want to return again and again!

Key points Rafting on the Nile Absolutely safe and yet exhilarating rafting on the rapids of the Nile. It’s one of the top 5 rafting spots on the entire planet. You don’t need special training, you just need the desire to enjoy the beauty of the views from the river during the rafting and take part in an unforgettable adventure. In 2018 the HPP under construction will flood most of the rapids, so you still have a chance! (Participation optional).

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Journey to Africa: Uganda Equator Safari

ATV Safari

ATV Safari along the banks of the Nile This is an opportunity to see true Africa, not the one shown to tourists. On the roads of red clay you will travel through the villages, you will learn about the features of life and culture of their inhabitants. There is an opportunity to choose a route of 1 to 4 hours. No special preparation is required, there is a training before the trip. (Participation is optional).

Rhino trekking in Ziwa Rhino Park

Rhino Walk There is only one place in Uganda that is home to rhinos – Ziwa Rhino Park. It exists in order to revive the almost decimated population of these animals. And the experts of the park succeed in it, today it has already increased by 2.5 times and is replenished every year!

Safari in Murchison Falls National Park

Safari in Murchison Falls National Park This is one of the largest parks in Uganda. Walking in open vans will give you the opportunity to see and film the inhabitants of the African savannah in all their splendor – in the wild, their natural habitat. You will see buffalo and giraffes, antelopes and elephants and, if you are lucky, lions hunting, watering or during an afternoon siesta.

Drive to Murchison Falls

Trip to Murchison Falls This will be a motorboat trip on the Nile. Murchison Falls is unique in that it is the most powerful waterfall in the world. We will slowly make our way along the banks of the falls to view and of course to photograph hippos swimming, crocodiles, animals at the watering hole, and a myriad of African birds. We will be accompanied by a ranger who will lead us to the top of the waterfall and from there you can enjoy a breathtaking view of a huge stream of water crashing with all its might to a depth of 44 meters. Scary, but impossible to tear yourself away from it!

Safari in Queen Elisabeth National Park

Safari in the Queen Elisabeth National Park This park is the largest nature reserve in Uganda and is home to over 100 species of animals and 600 species of birds. During the safari we meet its main inhabitants – many species of antelope, elephants, colobus, buffalo, warthogs and other animals. During the river safari (by boat) you will see crocodiles and hippos and large flocks of exotic birds in the vicinity. You will also have a chance to see tree climbing lions in one of the rarely visited corners of the park.

Portofino - paradise resort


Mountain gorillas in the wild. A hike to see the mountain gorillas living in the heavily forested mountains will be the true highlight of our trip. Many tourists go to Uganda for this, as there are only a few mountain gorilla populations left in the world. It is a miracle to see them in person!

Rest at the mountain lake Bunyonyi. The extraordinarily beautiful mountain lake is of volcanic origin. The water is clear and you can swim in the lake. We will stay in eco lodges on one of the many islands – a great place to relax after car rides and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Hiking with zebras in Lake Mburo Park This park is not that big, but it is very interesting. This is the only place in Uganda where there are zebras. There are no lions here, so there is nothing to be afraid of during the walk. But if you do not want to walk, you can admire the animals from the car. The park is also home to many species of birds.

Shopping in Uganda's Capital City

Shopping and exotic dinner in the capital of Uganda – Kampala The city is striking for its contrasts – luxurious mansions and skyscrapers, peacefully neighboring the crumbling slums. This city does not give everyone a coveted livelihood, leaving them in poverty on its streets. Kampala is the center of life, the only major city in the country. Here we will visit a souvenir market and try an exotic dinner in one of the restaurants.

Photo at the Equator

Let’s go to the equator! During our trip we will cross the equator twice, where we can take interesting memorable pictures.

Program: Day Zero, November 19, 2017 Departure from Moscow by Turkish Airlines (1:30pm).

Bars restaurants in Jinja

Day 1, November 20 In Uganda, you land at 04:05 at Entebbe airport and meet your guide. Transfer to Bujagali village and accommodation at Eden Rock Resort. Here you can relax in the bar, restaurant or pool. Activities to choose from – quad biking or horseback riding. Walks through the village with visits to the local school and hospital. You can drive to the neighboring town of Jinja and visit the stores, bars or restaurants there.

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Uganga Rafting

Day 2, November 21 Rafting on the Nile (optional) – rafting in rough water at the source of the greatest river Nile. The rapids alternate with areas of calm water, so rafting is absolutely safe. There is a briefing beforehand, no special skills are required. At the end of the rafting – dinner on the banks of the Nile.

Uganga National Park

Day 3, November 22 Today we are on our way to Murchison Falls National Park. On the way we stop to visit the rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Park. We will stay there for a while to observe one of the rhino families just a few dozen meters away without any obstacles. After lunch we drive on, and upon arrival in Murchison Falls we check into a lodge within the park and relax.

African Savannah

Fourth day, November 23 Today we are going on a long safari, starting early in the morning, because this is the time when the animals are active and we can see them. We will pass buffalo, antelope, giraffes, and maybe a family of lions. We will have lunch in the savannah, and after the picnic we will take a motorboat ride towards the waterfall. As much as possible, we will approach the waterfall by boat and then go up on foot. At the top, we meet the driver and head to the lodge.

Volcanic Lakes

Day 5, November 24 In the morning we drive to the town of Fort Portal, one of the most comfortable and pleasant towns in Uganda. We have lunch and drive to Crater Lake, where we stay in an eco-camp on the shore of a forest lake. You can swim in the lake and walk around the area. Many monkeys and birds live along the shores.

Safari in a National Park

Safari in Africa

Day six, November 25 After breakfast we drive to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, cross the equator, and we are in the southern hemisphere! At the equator we take memorable photos. Then we have lunch in the national park and take a motorboat cruise on the Kazinga Channel (between Lake Edward and Lake George), during which we will watch the animals and admire the nature. Overnight at a lodge overlooking the national park.

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Day 7, November 26 Early in the morning we leave for a car safari – wild animals in the wild (lions, elephants, antelope, and many others). In the afternoon transfer to the Ishasha sector. This part of the park is rarely visited by tourists, but there are great chances to see lions lying on the branches of trees. There are also other animals that are not found elsewhere. Overnight at the lodge.


Day 8, November 27 At dawn, safari through the park in search of treestanding lions and other animals. This part of the park has beautiful scenery and unusual scenery, and just a few kilometers away the Congo begins. After the safari transfer to Bwindi, a reserve where mountain gorillas live. Overnight stay in lodges on the edge of the park.

Day nine, November 28 In the morning, accompanied by a guide, we will walk into the real jungle, home to mountain gorillas. The trek can take anywhere from one to several hours, depending on how quickly we find the gorilla family. It will be possible to observe these majestic primates while standing only a few meters away from them. (Permission to go to the gorillas is not included in the price of the trip and is paid for separately). We say goodbye to the gorillas and move on to Bunyoni Mountain Lake. We will settle on one of the most beautiful islands, where we will be taken by motorboat. Overnight stay in eco-lodges with a panoramic view of the lake.


Day 10, November 29 Excursion – in a real traditional canoe, carved from a single tree trunk, sail to the neighboring island. You can paddle yourself or let the guide do it. On the island we will get acquainted with local customs, visit the school and the hospital. We rest and swim in the lake. Overnight stay in eco-huts with a panoramic view of the lake.

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Safari park in Ugang

Eleventh day, November 30 After breakfast, we leave the island by motorboat and transfer to the minibus. The next national park is Lake Mburo. This is the only place to see zebras in Uganda. There are no enclosures or cages, and there are no predators here either. The park allows hiking safaris, during which you can be alone with the nature of the African savannah. Overnight in a lodge overlooking the park.

Souvenir market in Kampala

Day 12, December 1 We leave for Kampala in the morning, making another stop at the equator and doing a funnel experience on the way. In Kampala we visit the souvenir market, in the evening we have dinner in one of the best restaurants where we try crocodile, ostrich, antelope, and buffalo meat. After dinner we drive to Enetebbe and rest before leaving for our hotel.

Departure home at 05:00, arrival in Moscow at 19:55.

The cost of the tour $ 1799 (subject to a set group of 5 people, the maximum group size – 12 people).

Individual tours to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Nepal are also available at any time.

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