Journey to sunny Montenegro

Journey to sunny Montenegro

The distance between Moscow and Montenegro is 2000km -not big distance for the plane, so you’ll be on the board only 3 hours if it’s a direct flight. Weather conditions or congestion of the air corridor can slightly extend your travel time. Direct flights go through Ukraine and Hungary.

The time difference with Moscow is 2 hours less . Accordingly, if you take off at 13:00 Moscow time you will be at your destination at 14:00 local time.

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Flight to Montenegro

It is hard to say how long it will take to change planes, because it depends on the point of transfer and the waiting time of the next plane. Transfers usually take place in Vienna (Austria), Istanbul (Turkey), Belgrade (Serbia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

A flight with one connection usually takes 6-10 hours. The waiting time at the airports varies from 30-40 minutes. A flight with two connections can take 12-24 hours.

In high season (May – September) you can also take a charter flight. Such flights are operated by about 10 airlines.


In Montenegro you can use two airports – Podgorica Airport in Podgorica (the capital) and Tivat Airport in Tivat. The distance between these cities is short, so the flight time is not affected – it takes approximately the same amount of time to fly to both cities.

Podgorica Airport, the main international airport of Montenegro, is located 11 kilometers from the capital. It is a central hub of Montenegro Airlines network.

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Tivat Airport is focused more on charter flights, so a strong load here is characteristic only for the high season. It is situated 7 km from Kotor and 20 km from Budva.

The flights from Moscow are possible from Vnukovo or Domodedovo. The flight is carried out by the following carriers:

  • Transaero;
  • Aeroflot;
  • Moscovia;
  • Globus;
  • Austrian Airlines;
  • Jat Airways;
  • S7;
  • Montenegro Airlines;
  • Adria Airways.
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Holidays in Montenegro

The beautiful Adriatic coast, unique nature of rare ecological purity and hospitality of local people, with whom we are kindred by similarity of language, offer great opportunities to relax in Montenegro. A vacation spent on the summer beach or winter ski resort will never be forgotten! Having come here once, you will definitely want to return again, and the options for recreation in Montenegro are several.

The long list of Montenegrin beaches, the Adriatic Sea with amazingly clear and clean water, which gets up to +26 ° C during the warm season, attracts tourists from all over the world. And the local beaches are of great variety, among them there are sandy and pebble or stone. The most visited resorts in Montenegro are located in the cities of Kotor, Budva, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Becici, Przno, St. Stefan, Ulcinj, Rafailovichi, Bar, Petrovac, Sutomore, Ada Bojana.

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Holidays in Montenegro

Underwater diving in Montenegro has a long tradition, it has been practiced in the past centuries by local fishermen and shell collectors. Today the Adriatic coast attracts hundreds of diving enthusiasts every year. It has everything you need for this – from the clear water and professional instructors to the fascinating underwater world with caves and traces of former shipwrecks.

In addition to diving with photography, spearfishing and underwater orienteering, the nature of Montenegro provides a number of other opportunities for recreation. Fans of extreme sports in this country can do rock climbing, paragliding, canyoning, trekking, speleology, and, of course, the popular rafting. The latter type of recreation involves rafting down the Tara and Moracha rivers on wooden rafts, canoes, rafts, and kayaks.

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The vast mountain slopes of this country provide excellent opportunities for winter holidays . Two well-known Montenegrin ski resorts in Zabljak and Kolasin offer tourists excellent conditions for skiing and recreation. Moreover their prices pleasantly surprise with their democratic prices.

Historic Monuments of Suomi

A large part of Montenegro’s territory is occupied by national parks and reserves. In combination with the mild Mediterranean climate it provides excellent opportunities for the exploration of nature and recreation. Here you can observe the unique ecosystems with rare species of flora and fauna or take advantage of the healing mud and mineral springs for treatment.

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