Journey to sunny Italy

Sunny Italy: The Three Seas

Italy’s diversity allows you to go on trips that are not too far apart, but are so different in content. In the last itinerary, Italy was Antique, but this time we’re going to Sunny Italy, across the Three Seas of the Appenine Peninsula.

This route will appeal to all those who want to swim in the three seas and lie on the different beaches of the Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Ligurian Seas.

To visit Italy you need a Schengen visa – read our instructions on how to get a visa to Italy.

Tourist season in Italy starts at the beginning of May and lasts until the end of October. In the southern regions sometimes you can catch warm weather in mid-November. The peak season is in June-July. During this time there is the most hellish heat, the beaches are the most crowded, and the museums have huge lines. For a beach holiday the best time is the velvet season, when the temperature drops a little, but the sea is still warm – the end of August and September.

Our adventure will start with arrival at Federico Fellini airport in Rimini. A plane ticket from the capital will require you about 15,000 rubles round trip, if you have time to buy them favorably and do not get to the highest season. From the regions also fly very often, a lot and inexpensive. For example, a round-trip ticket to Rimini from Novosibirsk with connection in Moscow will cost from 22,000 rubles by “Pobeda”. For 25,000 we can fly with luggage by Ural Airlines.

Rimini: beaches and sun

This bustling resort town is located on the northeast coast of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. It is known not only as a great place for a beach holiday, but also as the birthplace of the great film director Federico Fellini, and as an ancient Roman fortress, founded back in 283 BC.

Here you can spend the first three days of a fourteen-day vacation and spend another day on a trip to San Marino, which is located 20 kilometers to the west of Rimini.

Rimini beach

You can stay in Rimini in one of the many hotels along the coast. The variety of prices will leave a great scope for choice and your whims. Starting at 1,500 rubles for the most budgetary no-star room and up to infinity.

The main attraction of Rimini is, of course, the beaches. Beaches, beaches, beaches. And the tranquil Adriatic Sea.

If you are tired of the sand and water (or burnt out, lounging under the sun), we can distract you to see the historical part of Rimini.

  • First, head to Borgo San Giuliano, just walk around and look around. You’ll figure it out for yourself;
  • Piazza Cavour, Piazza Tre Martiri, the Arch of Emperor Augustus;
  • On the way to Borga San Giuliano, you can see the Bridge of Tiberius;
  • Walk through Federico Fellini Park and see the Grand Hotel.

If you are traveling with children, you can get to Fiabilandia Amusement Park and Italy in Miniature Park. The parks are located a little north of Rimini itself, but it’s easy to get to them – there are free branded buses from the city and cab drivers won’t charge too much.

But since it’s not your final destination, it’s a good idea to rent a car. That way you can get around a lot easier and faster.

On the fourth day in Rimini, you can go to nearby San Marino.

San Marino: the land of three fortresses.

This country is one big castle on top of a mountain. Yes, and it is a separate country – with its own army, its own government and its own laws. Schengen is valid for entry, but at the tourist office you can put a small but very proud visa of the state of San Marino.

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San Marino

It’s easy to get around San Marino on foot in half a day if you’re not in too much of a hurry. But don’t pass by the stores that offer everything in this world. San Marino has a special economic zone and all prices there, compared to Italy, are much lower.

Here you can buy limoncello, olive oil, and if you particularly want, jewelry and branded watches. But do not get carried away. Really, you don’t really need that knight’s helmet.

What to see in San Marino itself:

  • San Francesco’s Central City Gate;
  • The crossbowmen’s quarry and Piazza della Repubblica;
  • The Basilica of St. Marino;
  • Symbols of the state: the fortresses of Guaita, Cesta and Montale.

We advise you to buy a ticket that includes a visit to all attractions at once. You will save money and time. Even a beautiful card as a souvenir will take home.

If you have time, you can return to Rimini and immediately go swimming! It’s not for nothing that the itinerary of Italy Sunny!

Venice and a thousand canals

Rest in Rimini and not to get to Venice – a great omission. By car – 2.5 hours on toll roads and 3.5 hours on free roads, and you’re already parked in the most touristy city in the world. If you decide to travel by public transport – again Flixbus comes to the rescue. For 9 euros and 4 hours it will take you to the train station of Tronchetto in Venice.

Find an accommodation here is not difficult – prices vary depending on the area and on the level of your hotel. The cheapest place to stay is not in Venice itself, but either in the mainland areas of Mestre and Marghero or on the island of Murano. You can spend in Venice three quiet days of the fourteen measured by a merciless vacation, during which you can see everything you want.


Forget those gondola rides right away – there’s a much more budget-friendly way to ride the canals of Venice. The Vaporettos are shuttle buses that operate all around the city. The ticket price is 8 euros, but you can not only ride the Grand Canal, but also go to the island of Murano and the island of Lido. The price for the gondolas, since you insist, is 60 euros per person for a forty-minute ride.

List of major sights:

  • Palazzo Dandolo, Ponte del Vino Bridge, La Piet√† Church;
  • Palazzo Prigioni and the Bridge of Sighs;
  • Doge’s Palace. Don’t be lazy, stand in line and go inside;
  • Piazza San Marco and St. Mark’s Cathedral;
  • San Giuliano Church and the world-famous Rialto Bridge.

That’s not the entire list of sights, and to be honest, all of Venice is a sightseeing attraction. So enjoy, stroll around, and keep your eyes peeled.

When your three days in Venice are done you can take the long way to the coast of the Ligurian Sea, in the town of Lerici.

The quickest way is to buy plane tickets to Genoa. The prices start at 60 euros, sometimes there are discounts and you can grab a ticket for 10-15 euros. In three hours you will enter Genoa.

If you can’t find a suitable flight or if you’re just going by land, the Flixbus with a connection in Milan will take you to La Spezia in 8 hours, from where you can easily get to Lerici on a regular city bus in less than an hour. If you’re the driver and have a rental car, we’ll take the toll roads directly to Lerici and on the way we can go to Bologna and Florence (if you have time). Dry travel time is 4 hours.

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The Ligurian Sea: La Spezia, Genoa and Lerici

We decided to entitle this part not with the name of the city, but with the name of the sea. Why? Lerici has few attractions, so it’s a holiday that covers the entire Ligurian coast.

You will immediately notice how different this coast is from the Adriatic – more empty beaches, slightly cooler sea and more “official” towns.


It’s not difficult to settle in Lerici – prices for accommodation start from 3000 rubles and you can choose from hotels, guest houses, hostels and apartments. During the season, almost every second apartment is rented here.

We recommend not only to relax on the beautiful local beaches, but also to go on an excursion to the nearest cities: in La Spezia, which can be reached by shuttle bus, and in Genoa, if you’re not too tired and are ready for new adventures.

What to see in La Spezia:

  • Castello San Giorgio and Lerici Castle;
  • Sanctuary of the Madonna del Olmo;
  • Cristo Rei Secoli Cathedral;
  • Maritime Museum of La Spezia.

In Genoa, you can not only see the sights, but also stay overnight. Here you can find very unusual accommodations – once the authors managed to stay overnight on a yacht moored in the port. Airbnb and luck are everything for those who are looking and will always find

  • The Aquarium of Genoa, which is considered the largest in Italy, and among European aquariums ranks second with honor;
  • Palazzo San Giorgio;
  • Columbus House;
  • The Cathedral of St. Lorenzo;
  • Piazza Ferrari and the Palace Quarter, Palazzi Dei Rolli.

If you have time, take the Santa Anna cable car up to the “top floor” of Genoa. Stroll through the Old Town and the upper town, go to a restaurant and try the local pesto sauce, as Genoa is considered its birthplace.


And now you can head to the end point of the beach and sea journey, Monte Argentario. You have 3 hours driving a car or 2.5 hours by train, after which you get off at Orbetello station and go to the Argentario peninsula.

Monte Argentario: the silence of the Tyrrhenian coast

We won’t bore you with another run through the sights. Here you can just relax and unwind in peace and quiet, because the main attraction of this place is the warm Tyrrhenian Sea.

The beaches of Monte Argentario are not once awarded the highest award in beach tourism, the Blue Flag. And another undeniable plus is the almost total absence of tourists.

You can stay either in Orbetello, on the isthmus of the peninsula and the mainland, or in Monte Argentario itself. The choice is big enough, but book as far as possible in advance, there can be catastrophic shortage of places, because this is a popular holiday destination with the Italians themselves.


If you really want to dilute your enjoyment of the beaches – a small list:

  • Stella Fortress and Rocca Aldobrandesca Fortress;
  • Spanish Fortress;
  • Government Palace;
  • Tarocca Gardens;
  • Monastery of the Purification.
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Now all we have to do is go back to Rimini (take the train to Pisa and from there catch the Flixbus), go to Federico Fellini airport and tell Italy arrividerchi e grazie!

We say the same to you! See you in the next part of our itinerary blog, which will focus on the Dolomite Alps and northern Italy. See you again!

Traveling to wonderful and sunny Italy in June – what weather can tourists expect?

June in Italy is one of the most comfortable months for holidays. Summer is still at the beginning, there is no exhausting heat, so you can successfully combine a beach holiday with trips around the country, excursions, participation in holidays, festivals.

Contents of the article:

  • Temperature of air and water from the beginning to the end of the month
  • Features of rest during this time
  • Where to have a rest by the sea?
  • Excursions, holidays, festivals
  • Vacations with children
  • The weather in Rimini and other popular resorts
  • Memo to the vacationer

Temperature of air and water from the beginning to the end of the month

The first days of June bring fine summer weather in Italy. If you can’t stand the heat, you won’t need better conditions: The average daytime temperature is 24 degrees, while at night it’s 14. Gradually rising, these figures by the end of the month will reach 28 – 30 degrees during the day and 17 at night.

The sea, initially a little cool (19 – 20 degrees), by the middle of the month warms up to 25 degrees in Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas. And sunbathing and swimming – a pleasure. And since there’s no scorching heat yet, there’s no need to hide in your room with air conditioning.

Rains in June are rare, besides if they do happen, they are short, and the traces of their “stay” disappear literally in front of your eyes.

However, the humidity in the atmosphere increases day by day: the hotter it gets, the higher the humidity rises. However, in June it does not reach critical marks, and is within reasonable limits, not causing discomfort vacationers.

See the weather in Italy in June in the following video:

Temperature readings in June in different regions of the country are quite close. Slightly colder in the mountainous regions. In the north of the country (in Genoa and Venice) daytime temperature is 25 degrees and nighttime – about 15 degrees. The sea temperature at the northern shores is 23 degrees. In the center of the country, including the capital, is warmer: 28 – during the day, 18 – at night. The south, of course, out of competition: 30 degrees during the day and 22 at night. No wind, no precipitation. What could be better?

How long is the flight to Rome from Russia’s largest cities? Travel time and other details of the flight in our next article.

Features of rest during this time

The June holiday in Italy is a kind of opening of the beach season for local travel agencies. Given the fact that not everywhere the sea is not warm enough to get out of it, they took care of not only the sea is responsible for the appeal of the holiday. Foreseen a lot of cultural programs, visits to interesting historical and cultural monuments, shrines of world significance.

Various recovery programs help tourists to gain strength after the cold and rainy seasons in their homeland: the resorts of Italy offer a variety of tempting spa procedures. You don’t have to go far away for them – everything is nearby, conveniently, and in walking distance.

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Vacationers enjoy the cuisine of June – it has so much freshness, vitamins, national “zest” that after the spring vitamin deficiency, visitors quickly begin to feel a rush of strength and health.

Of natural features, characteristic precisely for June, note a fairly high humidity. Booking a room at the resort, it is advisable to ask in advance if it is equipped with air conditioning. This is a very important condition for a healthy rest and sleep.

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Where to have a rest by the sea?

Italy offers tourists a choice of many opportunities. The length of the sea coast of the country is seven and a half thousand kilometers. On them there are five thousand beaches – sandy, well-equipped, always tidy, with an extensive infrastructure, providing a comfortable holiday.

As difficult as it may be to choose, you can solve this problem by analyzing the state of the sea in different regions of the country and choose the resort where you will be most comfortable.

Near the islands of Sicily and Sardinia Mediterranean Sea is already warming up to 20 degrees by the beginning of the first summer month. In the air at this time – 28 degrees. Of course, you can count on a nice beach holiday and a nice tan. By mid-June the water in the sea warms up to 22 degrees.

In the Adriatic resorts the sea temperature is 20 degrees, but the air is a little cooler, though also quite comfortable – 25 degrees. But in June there are 9 rainy days.

The coolest is on the Ligurian coast. But the sea is as warm as on the Adriatic and the air temperature is 24 degrees.

27 – 28 degrees show thermometers in the south of mainland Italy, in Bari, and in the Gulf of Naples. The sea at the beginning of the first summer month is 20-21 degrees. And there’s practically no rain.

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Excursions, holidays, festivals

Tourists who come to Italy in June usually combine a beach holiday with other pleasant and useful activities. In the first month of summer is already possible to actively engage in various water sports. For example, diving aficionados should go to the Taormina area. Underwater there are real coral gardens, stunning beauty and a huge variety of fish and other underwater fauna.

Other attractive places for divers are around the islands of Giglio and Elba. The water there is crystal clear, visibility is perfect, and the underwater world gives the impression of a realm where “no man has set a foot”.

June sea and sun give pleasure to windsurfers and kitesurfers (they ride special constructions, which are pushed along the water surface by a kite). These water sports are particularly well cultivated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, near the island of Sicily.

If you came to Italy for a vivid experience, June is the month when you will fulfill the program you have planned. The fact that in the country at this time there is not a huge influx of tourists, and hence the crowds at the most interesting from the standpoint of curious travelers sites.

And how many original holidays fall in June! Many of them are associated with the Day of the Republic celebrated at the beginning of the month: parades, fireworks – the beauty is indescribable.

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Milan invites you to Festa del Naviglio (multigenre festival), Verona – to the opening of the opera festival (it lasts until the end of summer), Tuscany – to the International Festival of ceramics. Florence will witness knights’ tournaments, and Lake Como (near Milan) will host a parade of decorated ships.

Ski tourism in Italy: a description of the best ski resorts awaits you – here.

Vacations with children

The best place for a holiday with children in June are called the resorts of Emilia Romagna. This northeast of Italy, the Adriatic. The sea near the beaches is shallow, and the infrastructure of the resorts is perfectly ready to receive young guests. There are sports facilities (mini-golf grounds, soccer fields, courts), in restaurants and cafes – a menu that your children will love.

The resorts of Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, Cattolica and Riccione are the most suitable for holidays with children.

If parents choose to vacation in Rimini in June, they will certainly show their children “Italy in miniature”. This is an unusual park where boys and girls can feel like Gullivers in the land of Lilliputians: all the houses and sights of the park are no taller than a child. The Aquafan water park (near Rimini) will also give great pleasure to children.

During vacations on Garda the kids will meet the Terminator and take part in different amusing rides. Parents will be happy that their child is breathing in the resort fresh healing mountain air.

What else to visit and see in Italy? The most popular places in this article.

The weather in Rimini and other popular resorts

It is said about one of the most popular Italian resorts: “All roads lead to Rimini”. Here’s what weather awaits vacationers in the first month of summer:

  • during the day – 26,3 degrees (this is the average);
  • 16.6 at night;
  • water in the area of the beaches – 22.9;
  • rainy days – 3;
  • daylight hours – 15.5.

If you want to visit San Remo, there in June: 23.3 – day; 13.8 – night; water temperature – 21.4; four rainy days.

On Elba: 24 – day; 20.6 – night; sea – 22.2; one rainy day.

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Memo to the vacationer

The June sun has already gained enough strength to provide you not only a beautiful tan, but also burns if you ignore caution. Even on excursion trips do not forget about a hat, a cape on shoulders and sunglasses.

At the beach, use special creams to protect your skin from unpleasant surprises.

And also about beach holidays in Italy, you should know the following :

  • If the beach is municipal, you can not be on it from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., otherwise – a fine;
  • You can only sunbathe topless, but not roam the beach;
  • You can not dry wet clothes on sun beds and umbrellas;
  • Five meters of beach at the edge of the sea – a place for free recreation.

In June, the sun is most dangerous from noon to 16 hours. This time is best spent in the shade. And to keep you comfortable in the evening (June evenings are a little cool), do not forget to pack a light jacket, jeans, sweater in your suitcase before the trip.

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