Journey to Denmark. Aarhus city.

Aarhus – a cultural and industrial city in Denmark

Aarhus (Denmark) is the largest and most important city of the country after its capital, Copenhagen. For Danes, Aarhus is as important as St. Petersburg for Russians. It is a cultural and scientific center, a city of students and historical monuments that attracts many tourists with its sights.



Rest in Aarhus

Aarhus is located on the coast of the Aarhus Bay on the Jutland Peninsula and has an area about 91 km². Its population is approximately 300 thousand people.

Aarhus has over thousand years of history, with periods of prosperity and decline. In the XIV century, the city’s population died out almost completely during the epidemic of plague, and for a long time it existed as a small settlement. Only after the construction of the railroad in the XIX century, the city began to grow and develop. Now it is a major cultural, commercial and industrial center, which has preserved its historic architectural look and many interesting sights.

Sights of

Danes highly value the national traditions and cherish their historical heritage. Largely thanks to this Aarhus (Denmark) is so popular among tourists, its attractions are not just traces of the past, but carefully collected, recreated and presented in the most interesting way evidence of the historical development of the Danish nation.

Moesgaard Museum

The Danish Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology Moesgaard is located in the Aarhus suburb of Højbjerg, an hour’s drive from the city center. This attraction includes not only the building in which the exhibition is housed, but also the surrounding landscape that extends to the seashore. There are many objects that reflect different historical eras in Denmark: Bronze Age mounds, Iron Age and Stone Age houses, Viking dwellings, medieval buildings, a bell tower, a watermill and other sights.

The Mummy in the Moesgaard Museum

The Moesgaard exhibit is one of the richest in the world. There is a well-preserved body of the “swamp man,” a Bronze Age inhabitant found during excavations some 65 years ago. Many everyday items, jewelry and weapons from prehistoric times are presented to visitors using interactive techniques, sound and video effects, making a visit to Moesgaard interesting for all.

Exhibits in the Moesgaard Museum

Children have the opportunity not only to look, but also to touch and play with the individual items in the exhibition, which awakens their interest in history and archaeology. Three-dimensional binoculars “enliven” the wax figures of some representatives of our time standing on the stairs. It is recommended to allocate at least 3 hours for visiting the exposition, and it will take a whole day to see all the historical sites of the complex. Here you can relax on the grassy roof of the museum building, have a picnic on special platforms, have lunch in an inexpensive cafe.

  • Tickets cost: free admission for children under 17, 170 EEK for adults (18+), 120 EEK for students.
  • Opening hours: 9-17h from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Address: Moesgaard Alle 15, Aarhus 8270, Denmark.
  • Website:

On the grounds of the Den Haml-Bay Museum

The city of Aarhus (Denmark) is rich in sights, but there is one among them, which all unreservedly stands out as the most interesting. This is Den Gamle By – the national open-air museum, which allows you to plunge into the history of ancient Danish cities.

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Here brick by brick old houses are brought from all over Denmark, served their age, and carefully restored with all the elements of interior and life, characteristic of their time of construction. This city in the city has 75 houses, among which are the mansions of the nobility and commoners housing, school, workshops, customs, the building of the seaport with a moored ship, water and windmills.

Authentic ambience in the building

You can enter each building and get acquainted not only with its authentic environment, but also with the “people”, whose roles are credibly performed by actors, respectively dressed and make-up. You can not only talk to them, but also help them in their daily activities.

A visit to Den Haml Bay is particularly thrilling in the summer, when poultry and old horse-drawn carriages roam the streets. But it’s more fun to be here at Christmas, with its fairs and festive illuminations.

  • The address is Viborgvej 2, Aarhus, Denmark.
  • Prices to enter: children up to 18 years old are free, adults 125-175 DKK depending on the season, for students there is a 50% discount.
  • Open: in April-December from 10 to 17, in January-March the museum is open only on weekends from 10 to 16.
  • Official website:

Not far from Aarhus is the Deer Park, which occupies a small part (22 hectares) of the vast Marcelisborg forests. This attraction gives tourists a rare opportunity to socialize and take pictures with deer and roe deer in their natural habitat. The animals take food from their hands and allow themselves to be touched, which is especially pleasing to children.

Marselisborg Deer Park

Deer park exists for over 80 years. In Marselisborg Deer Park there live also wild boars, but these animals can be dangerous, so the territory is fenced. When going to Marselisborg Deer Park it is recommended to take some carrots or apples, because other food, like bread, is harmful and dangerous for deer.

To get to Marselisborg Deer Park is possible by cab for 12-15 €, the bus ride is cheaper.

  • The park is open daily.
  • Admission is free.
  • Where to find: Oerneredevej 6, Aarhus 8270, Denmark.

Paintings at the Aaros Aarhus Museum

The Museum of Modern Art in Aarhus is an attraction that will be interesting to visit not only for fans of modern trends in visual arts. Judging by the reviews, Aarhus Aarhus does not leave anyone indifferent. Its terracotta-colored cubic building rises on a hill in the center of the city and can be seen from many points.

On the roof of this architectural structure is a circular rainbow panorama. It is a circular corridor 3 meters wide with glass walls, the outer one painted in rainbow colors. Walking through the ring, you can admire the views of your surroundings, colored by all the colors of the solar spectrum.

Aarhus Museum exhibit

Another element that draws everyone’s attention to the Aros Aarhus Museum is the giant figure of a crouching boy installed in the hallway of the first floor. The five-meter sculpture made of silicone is strikingly realistic and accurately reproduces the smallest anatomical features of the human body.

The exhibition of Aros Aarhus includes paintings by Danish artists of the 18th and 20th centuries as well as works by contemporary art masters. According to visitors’ reviews, even non-fans of contemporary art are very impressed by this attraction. Unusual installations, voice and video effects, optical illusions turn a visit to the halls into an exciting adventure. For those who are hungry there is a restaurant and a cafe.

  • Opening hours: Saturday-Sunday from 10 to 17, Tuesday-Friday from 10 to 21, Monday – off.
  • Cost of visit: adults – 21 €, youth up to 30 years old inclusive – 17 €, children under 18 years old are free of charge.
  • Address: Aros Alle 2, Aarhus 8000, Denmark.
  • Web site:
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Botanical Garden Aarhus

Not far from the open-air museum Den Gamle By is another Aarhus attraction – the Botanical Gardens. It was laid out more than 140 years ago and covers an area of 21 hectares. There are more than 1000 species of plants, each with a tablet with a description in different languages. On the territory of the garden there are several greenhouses, a greenhouse, a lake, a rock garden, landscaped recreation area with playgrounds, a picturesque windmill, equipped places for picnics, cafes.

Aarhus Botanic Garden

The greatest tourist attention is attracted by greenhouses, which presents the flora of different climatic zones: subtropics, tropics, deserts. Visitors are greeted not only with representatives of flora but also fauna of the tropics and subtropics. There are many species of exotic birds and butterflies, which are very sociable and allow not only a good look, but also take pictures.

On a visit to the botanical garden is recommended to allocate at least 2 hours. And thanks to the many attractions and comfortable resting places, it will be pleasant to spend a whole day here. You can have a snack in the cafe that is located on the territory of the garden.

  • Entrance is free for everyone.
  • Opening hours: October to April from 9 to 16, on weekends from 10 to 17, May to September from 9 to 17, Wednesday evenings from 9 to 22.
  • Address: Peter Holms Vej, Aarhus 8000, Denmark.
  • Official website:

The landmark of Aarhus that has made this Danish city famous all over the world is the Dokk1 library. After all, this institution in 2016 was recognized by the International Federation as the best library in the world.

Dokk1 Library

The modern library building looks and looks like a ship, it is built on a concrete platform, protruding beyond the shoreline into the sea. The Dokk1 library covers a total area of 35,000 square meters. They contain a book repository, multiple reading rooms, cafes, service centers, rooms for hobby clubs, and free offices that can be booked for various events.

Dokk1 Library

The lobby often hosts contemporary art exhibits, which are free to attend. The library’s expansive veranda, which occupies part of the waterfront, is a comfortable seating area with playgrounds and sculptures for children.

A majestic panorama opens from the windows of the second floor. On the one hand this is the old part of the city with historical buildings, and on the other – the architecture of modern Aarhus, the photos taken here are particularly impressive.

  • Entrance to the library is free.
  • Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-21:00, Saturday-Sunday 10:00-16:00.
  • Address: Hack Kampmanns Pl. 2, Aarhus, Denmark.
  • Web site:
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The largest concert hall not only in Denmark, but also in the whole of Scandinavia, the Aarhus Concert Hall is a complex consisting of several buildings, an open-air concert stage and the surrounding green area. Its numerous large and small halls can accommodate more than 3,600 spectators at a time.

Musikhuset Aarhus hall

Each year over 1,500 concerts are staged in this temple of music, including opera, ballet, and musicals. The annual audience numbers about 500,000 people. The best musicians from Europe and the world tour here, whose performances begin to be announced a year in advance.

The enormous glass foyer with an area of 2,000 square meters accommodates 1,000 spectators. Exhibitions and concerts take place there all the time, and most of them are free of charge. Every weekend the music academy students give concerts in the foyer and on the stage of the Johan Richter restaurant, and admission is free.

Address: Thomas Jensens Alle 1, Aarhus 8000, Denmark.

Latin Quarter in Aarhus

The famous Latin Quarter in Paris, celebrated in poetry and painting, is an old student town that has grown up around the Sorbonne, the largest university in France. It gets its name from the Latin language in which students were taught in medieval Europe.

Aarhus is one of the youngest cities in Denmark, with many educational institutions. Because of the large number of students, the average age of citizens of Aarhus is much lower than in other Danish cities. Therefore, this city has its own Latin Quarter – not as famous as the Parisian, but well worthy of its name.

A stroll through the streets of the Latin Quarter, Aarhus.

Cobblestone narrow streets of the Latin Quarter attract tourists not only with its ancient architecture, but also with numerous galleries, stores, cozy restaurants, cafes and bars. It’s always full of people, because this is the center not only of tourism, but also student life in Aarhus.

Address: Aaboulevarden, Aarhus 8000, Denmark.


Room at the Wakeup Aarhus Hotel

Wakeup Aarhus.

Although travelers to Aarhus can sightsee in any season, the greatest influx of tourists is from May to September. During this period, as well as during Christmas, lodging prices go up. The choice of accommodation in Aarhus is not great, so you’d better book your favorite option in advance

Room for two in a three-star hotel in the season will cost from DKK 650 per day with breakfast, four-star – from DKK 1000 with breakfast per day. Apartments are a better option, prices start at DKK 200 per day without breakfast. In the off-season the prices in Aarhus go down noticeably.


Lunch at Mefisto

Restaurant Mefisto

The catering industry in Aarhus, as in any tourist center, is well developed. A meal for two can be had here:

  • For DKK 130 per person at an inexpensive restaurant,
  • DKK 80 at a fast food place.
  • Lunch for two at a mid-range restaurant costs about DKK 600 to 800. Alcoholic drinks are not included in these prices.
  • A bottle of local beer in a restaurant costs on average DKK 45-50.

How to get to Aarhus

Kastrup - Airport in Copenhagen

Copenhagen airport

There are two airports close to Aarhus, one is 45 minutes away and the other, Billund Airport, is an hour and a half away. However, you can fly to them from the CIS only with a connection. Most often tourists arrive at Copenhagen airport.

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From Copenhagen Central Station every hour there is a train to Aarhus which takes 3-4 hours. Tickets cost DKK 193-406 depending on the availability of discounts, class and type of train.

You can use the bus, which departs to Aarhus directly from Copenhagen airport every hour from 6:18. Travel time is 3-4 hours. The ticket will cost DKK 320-406. To plan the right route for you use the website, which provides data on public transport in Denmark. Here you can also buy tickets.

The prices on the page are for May 2022.

Aarhus, Denmark is an amazing city worth visiting to enrich your travel experience.

The video: the story of life in Aarhus from a local resident, interesting facts about the city.

Author: Alina Kononova

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We didn’t visit Aarhus again due to the lack of lots of different guides and the lack of well known tourist …

It’s a Leningrad region, where the Leningrad region is known for its bizarre architecture and peculiarities of the Latvian villages. I looked at Denmark with different eyes, for some reason I did not have much desire to visit this country, I now believe that in vain. We traveled through Scandinavia by car and came to the city from the Norwegian side. We took a ferry to Hirtshals, and then – on our own to Aarhus.


Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and the main city of the Danish part of the Jutland peninsula. Aarhus is quite venerable in age. Approximately 770 marks the history of the first settlement of the Vikings, who came to love this place. Today there are almost three hundred thousand people, and Aarhus is the cultural and business center of Jutland.


In Aarhus we had a hotel booked, and after getting settled, we went immediately to explore the city.

our area

On the first day the weather failed us, in Aarhus it rained periodically, at times turning into a downpour. Such weather is common in Denmark in summer, and an umbrella is not enough here. The best equipment – rubber boots and raincoat, that is how the locals walk.


However, such weather did not deprive us of positive emotions and impressions. The city seemed nice and very unique.





entrance to the old house

In the center there are a lot of old houses, all in excellent condition.


This house with shutters surprised us.

house with shutters



Aarhus doesn’t look so old, because here the historical buildings are perfectly combined with modern ones. There is a feeling of harmony and comfort.


We paid attention to a plenty of greenery in the city, decorated yards with flowers, windows, building facades.

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courtyard flowers

Each entrance to the house is decorated differently, I love to look at such details in the decoration.


The Gothic church in the center is beautifully preserved.


The famous Aarhus Pig, a monument to Danish bacon.

pig monument

The second day of our stay in Aarhus was pleasantly sunny.


There are a lot of cozy green oases in the city and I found the areas by the water particularly attractive.


Since Aarhus has many institutions of higher education, including Aarhus University, there are a lot of young people on the streets. Every second person here is a student, Aarhus is even called the “youngest” city in Denmark.

recreation areas

The building with the colored halo on the roof is clearly visible from many points of the city. This is how the famous ARoS Museum of Contemporary Art is decorated in an original way.


The panoramic ring on the roof of the museum is a kind of separate entertainment. Walking around the ring gives an incredible experience, the city is presented in all its colors and the good mood is ensured.

panoramic ring

By the way, if you look at the city from above, the presence of skylights on all the roofs is striking. In this catchy, special Danish style of architecture of the city.

top city

The museum of contemporary art ARoS, in my opinion, the most interesting of all the museums in the city. Here you can see the famous giant boy, and many other curious things.

giant boy

The central part of the city is easy to get around on foot.

city in the daytime

It’s nice to walk around the city streets, they are clean and the public services work hard. There are separate trash cans for paper and glass.


The city center is crowded, especially during the day.



The theater square and Aarhus theater, which is more than hundred years.


Fans of shopping in Aarhus will be satisfied, a huge number of stores, boutiques, shopping centers. As in all European cities, there is a pedestrian shopping street, where more than a hundred stores and you can buy everything you want.

retail outlets

Prices in Denmark are high. But it has to be said, the Danish things are of high quality.


shopping street

The same is true for the food. The food is expensive but the choice and the quality outweighs everything.


In the city center, a lot of restaurants and cafes. A small river, which flows through the city, well beaten architecturally. Numerous bridges, crossings, equipped platforms near the water – look very attractive.


waterfront restaurants

It is clear at once that the favorite means of transportation of Danes is a bicycle.


In the city we found a large number of museums and galleries. Some are quite funny and peculiar, such as the Museum of Feminists, the Viking Museum. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to visit them all. But the open-air museum Den Gamle By was certainly one of the first things we visited.

Den Gamle By

In general, Aarhus made a very pleasant impression on us. Despite the superficial acquaintance, we managed to feel the rhythm and spirit of the city. Somehow I am sure that it was not the last time we were here.

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