Journey for Two to Vienna, Austria

Journey for Two to Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and for good reason. Gorgeous mansions, rich museums, beautiful squares and city parks: everything still speaks volumes about the splendor of the Habsburg Empire. Walks through the city are often accompanied by an exceptional soundtrack of music by Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms.

Succumb to the Central European charm of ancient cafes and sumptuous buildings. Follow the notes of the Blue Danube and imagine the luxurious life of nobility in fairy-tale palaces. Choosing one of Vienna’s most memorable destinations, we’ve put together some special ideas for a trip for two that will help you discover the romantic side of this fantastic city .

1. Take a stroll through the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna was the summer residence of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I in the 19th century. Today, several tours allow you to admire the magnificent Baroque and Rococo interiors, and the castle’s beautiful Baroque gardens take you back to Habsburg times.

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1. Stroll through the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace

Dancing fountains, floral arrangements, and breathtaking views make this one of Vienna’s top attractions. Get lost in the hedges of the labyrinth before visiting the Wagenburg Museum, which houses a collection of antique carriages so beautiful that Cinderella might envy.

2. Visit the Upper Belvedere to admire “The Kiss”

Belvedere Castle is an 18th century Baroque palace used as the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Today it is home to an art museum, best known for the works of the Viennese Separatist painter Gustav Klimt.

Vienne Province in Austria for 2 persons - photo 3

2. Visit the Upper Belvedere to admire The Kiss

In the galleries of the Upper Belvedere is the very famous work The Kiss, also known as The Lovers, a painting reminiscent in style of Byzantine mosaics and depicting two lovers in a flowering meadow almost at the edge of a precipice, kissing tightly in a tight embrace.

The lovers’ tunics were adorned with gold leaf appliqués, as well as a background on which, in addition to gold, there is also silver and platinum. Private tours are also available to answer all your historical and artistic curiosities.

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3. by boat on the Danube

The long and narrow Viennese island of Donauinsel (Danube Island) is where you can see the great river in its heyday. Strauss was inspired to compose one of his most famous waltzes by the beauty of the Danube, which flows through Vienna with grace and poetry.

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By boat on the Danube

This little green island east of the city center is the perfect place to explore the river between the paths along the shore and the beaches, where you can rent a pedal boat for two and set sail on the waters of the Danube.

4. Carriage ride through the streets of Vienna

There is classical music in Vienna, but soon you will also hear the constant background noise of horses’ hooves in the cobblestone streets. Book a sightseeing tour in Vienna’s traditional horse-drawn carriage, the fiaker. You won’t regret it!

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4. A carriage ride through the streets of Vienna

We recommend taking a tour in the evening, when the monuments and streets of the Inner Stadt are bathed in bright golden light. You can also find carriages lined up at Stephansplatz, Albertinaplatz and in front of the Hofburg, with their luxurious seats and coachmen in period costumes.

5. Spend a day as a king in the Hofburg

The Hofburg was the center of Habsburg power for over 600 years. The palace houses the imperial apartments, including Empress Sissi’s suite with the Great Drawing Room, which is considered the most beautiful room in the complex. The treasury contains two imperial crowns, priceless ornate jewels and even one of the largest emeralds in the world.

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5. Spend the day like a king at the Hofburg

During your visit, don’t miss the white Lipizzan horses of the Spanish Riding School at 10:00, and then head to the magnificent chapel, where the Little Vienna Singers Choir performs every Sunday.

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6. Learn to waltz.

Why not make your stay in Vienna even more memorable by taking a waltz lesson? The Quintessential Waltz House organizes hundreds of dances during the three peak months of the season, which usually lasts from November through January and February. Participating in one of these festivals will be a fitting end to your Viennese experience.

In addition to the dance season, you can learn to waltz at one of the city’s countless dance schools, one of which is Tanzschule Elmayer, which offers 50-minute lessons for couples.

7. Try the Austrian wines from Esterhzykeller

Esterhzykeller, or “Esterhazy Cellar,” is a famous 17th-century tavern located in the Baroque Esterhazy Palace on Wallnerstrasse. To gain access to this Heurige (the name given to taverns in eastern Austria), you must cross the palace’s paved courtyard. Inside, brick vaults and tables with wooden benches make it the perfect place for an evening out with friends.

Here you can sample classic Viennese cuisine accompanied by an incredible selection of local wines such as Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. The tavern has become one of the symbols of Viennese history and culture, as Haydn, Mozart and Viennese royalty have spent their free time here since the 1600s.

8. Treat yourself to a chocolate spa treatment

There is no sweeter and more romantic place in Vienna than Caf Sacher, where the world-famous Viennese chocolate cake known as Zacher cake was born in the 19th century. Red velvet, sumptuous chandeliers and gilded oil painting frames will take you on a journey back in time as you sample a gourmet slice of Sacher cake, from the crispy chocolate icing to the apricot jam.

The Sacher Wien, which also houses the famous café, has a special spa: the Sacher Boutique Spa. If you’re a true chocolate lover, you can’t miss the 90-minute “Symphony of Chocolate” treatment, a chocolate body mask, cocoa peeling and relaxing massage exclusively with chocolate-based products.

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9. See the ballet at the Vienna State Opera

There is nothing more romantic than spending an evening at the Vienna State Opera. The red and gold horseshoe-shaped hall, in which the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs, is the center and reference point for opera and ballet around the world.

The building dates back to the 1860s and still retains its splendor, from the richly frescoed foyer to the foyer of the boxes and galleries. The best seats cost from 100 to 200 euros.

10. Book a candlelit dinner at Le Ciel

At Toni Mrwald’s Le Ciel restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re touching the sky with your finger. Its Baroque interior on the 7th floor of the Grand Hotel Wien offers a breathtaking view of Vienna’s rooftops. The restaurant has received prestigious awards from the world’s most respected food critics.

If you want to be conquered by the atmosphere of this candlelit restaurant, book a table in advance. Prices are higher than the capital’s average, but if you want to impress, you can’t miss it. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, you can always dine on the outdoor terrace.

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General Information

Holidays in Vienna – it is a walk through the streets of one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, sightseeing, visiting the opera halls and theaters. Tours in Vienna will love the lovers of cultural rest. Also in Vienna, there are favorable conditions for recreation with children – the city has hotels in quiet areas, entertainment for kids. Read completely.

A video about rest in Austria.

When to have a rest?

The highest cost of a trip to Vienna will be in late spring and early autumn, it is the best time to visit the city – the air is heated to +20-26 ° C, the weather is suitable for walking and sightseeing. Summers in Vienna are usually hot, and winters are cold and snowy. Read completely


The whole city is one big attraction. Just walking around the historic center you can enjoy the view of the residence of the nobles, the majestic temples, squares and theaters. We recommend seeing the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Belvedere Palace, the symbol of the city – the Cathedral of St. Stephen built in the 12th century, the Hofburg Palace. It is a must to see the Vienna Opera, in this legendary theater annually hold traditional balls.

There are also about 80 museums in the city, among which the Polytechnic Museum is a delight for children – here you are not only allowed to touch everything, but also provide an opportunity to conduct some experiments. Read completely

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For how many days?

What to bring?

Vienna is windy in any month of the year, so a lightweight cape may come in handy even in summer. If you plan to visit the thermal springs in nearby Baden, take your bathing suit with you (slippers and towels are available for rent). For excursions, it is worth taking shoes with a thick sole, as from the long walks on the paved streets of the feet get tired. Read in full


For a full meal in a restaurant you can eat for about 20-30 euros, a pizza in Italian eateries is about 5 euros. A snack at a fast food restaurant will cost about 2-4 euros.

In order to comfortably explore the city, we recommend a tourist bus – they can easily be recognized by the green-and-yellow coloring.

Ticket for one day is 25 euros, tourists can freely enter and exit at any stop, it’s very convenient – you can see the sights and continue the tour already on another bus. Given the price of the ticket, to travel on these buses more profitable than buying individual tours of Vienna.

You can also buy a tourist card and be entitled to free travel on sightseeing buses and free visits to about 60 sites. Six-day card costs 99 euros, two-day card – 69 euros. Read completely

What to do?

We recommend visiting the Prater amusement park and the chocolate factory. There is a children’s museum and a zoo on the territory of Schoenbrunn Palace for small tourists. For souvenirs and food should go to the market “Naschmarkt”, for clothing and jewelry – in one of the many shopping centers and stores.

It is also worth buying a trip to Vienna for the gastronomic pleasure. In the restaurants and cafes you can try delicious coffee and the legendary cake “zacher”, the famous sausages and schnitzels, great wine, sweets. In autumn in the streets appear vendors of roasted chestnuts. Read in full

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