Jordan: how to get and which resort to choose

Resorts of Jordan

Resorts of Jordan from A to Z – where best to rest, where to go in 2019? There are not many resorts in the country, so you can find out all the useful information in 5-10 minutes and decide where to vacation. Read also about holidays in Jordan.

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Resorts of Jordan from A to Z

All resorts in Jordan, where you can buy package tours – Aqaba, Amman, Dead Sea, Petra.


Dead Sea Petra

When to go to Jordan

The best time to vacation in Jordan on the Red Sea is October and November, as well as from early April to late May. The weather in Aqaba during this time is warm, but not hot, and not the highest air temperature. In April and May, the water in the sea is quite cool (+21 +22 degrees), which is not very pleased fans of swimming. But in October and November, it is very warm (+24 +26 degrees). During these months you can enjoy comfortable climatic conditions. The lack of heat and high air temperature, with a near-perfect water temperature, attracts many tourists. At the same time and the cost of living in hotels during this period is higher. And it is understandable – demand breeds supply.

In the northern part of Jordan, as well as at the Dead Sea in summer the average air temperature is +34 ° C. The water warms up to +28°C and cools down very slowly, even during the calendar winter, when the temperature drops to +15°C during the daytime and up to +8°C at night. What is particularly nice, in winter the water temperature of the Dead Sea does not drop below +20 ° C. Beach lovers will feel comfortable here.

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As for the central parts of the country, the temperature in the summer months is up to +36 ° C during the day and +16 ° C at night. Winter is cooler here. The thermometer drops to +19 ° C during the day and +8 ° C at night. It’s even hotter in Aqaba, closer to the Red Sea. +40°C is commonplace here. As you move deeper into the Wadi Rum Desert, the thermometer reads +45°C during the day and +8°C at night. The water in the Red Sea, near Aqaba, in winter does not fall below +21 ° C, while in summer it is +28 ° C. The low humidity of the air makes it easy to overcome the heat and high temperatures of the region.

Jordanian resorts where to vacation

Aqaba, the resort of Jordan

Aqaba, the main and most popular resort of Jordan, is located on the Red Sea. Tourists who prefer an active vacation, this place is ideal. In addition, there are a lot of entertainment venues here. However, beach lovers will feel confident.

Jordan's Aqaba

Do not worry about the availability of places to stay in Aqaba. There are many hotels of different levels of comfort and prices. The municipal beaches in the city are not as clean and comfortable. You can stay in the city hotels, but they are much more modest designed for tourists, which are concentrated south of the city in the area of Tala Bay. There are a lot of five-star hotels of the world networks.

Almost all the beaches belong to the hotels and, therefore, are well-groomed. They have coral reefs, as well as pebble or sand beaches.

The main attraction of Aqaba are certainly the beaches of the Red Sea. There is a large number of them here. They occupy almost the entire coastline. You can rest and swim on them all year round. You can even relax here in winter, when the average temperature of air and water is +23 ° C.

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The choice of recreation here is varied. You can go scuba diving in the coral reefs, beach holidays, as well as travel throughout the region, including the Dead Sea. In the summer months, such a trip is very tiring, but in winter it is just right and will take place at a comfortable temperature. In Aqaba itself there are almost no attractions. The city lives its own life and is no different from the bustling, dirty cities of the Middle East. To get acquainted with the cultural values of this country, you should go to other places, and do not count on their large number and concentration in one place.

Jordan’s resort of Amman

The largest resort city of Jordan is Amman. This modern city is quite different from others in the country. It combines Middle Eastern Muslim traditions with modern views of fashion and everyday life. Modern architecture neighbors with ancient buildings and does not spoil the look of the city, but makes it more attractive. For the shopping and entertainment lover, Amman has plenty to offer.

Jordan's Amman

Amman has a lot of attractions, and no wonder, because the history of the city has many thousands of years, and the remnants of former civilizations have survived to this day. For a couple of days you can walk around almost everything. The main ones are: the citadel – a fortress that protected the city in biblical times.

The history of ancient Rome is represented by the Temple of Hercules. He is more than 1500 years old. He has seen a lot of adversity and events, and almost did not survive. All that remains are a few columns and one wall, which does not make it any less mysterious, and its former greatness will remain in the minds of tourists.

Jordan’s Dead Sea Resort

Undoubtedly, the Dead Sea attracts tourists. For most of them, this place is the main reason to go to Jordan. One could also rest on the Israeli coast of the sea, but the prices there are more expensive and the prices within the country are higher. In Jordan, however, prices are lower for the same quality of service. Here you can save a lot of money.

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Dead Sea resort

On the shore of the Dead Sea, Jordan has a large number of hotels. You can find accommodation at any quality and price. In some of them, breakfast is included in the room rate. Therapeutic and recovery procedures are provided at extra charge.

Due to the peculiarities of climate and high salt concentration, here elderly tourists and couples without children, who have chosen recovery as their aim of rest, prefer to have a rest. For fans of rocky bottom at the Dead Sea nature has created ideal conditions. The entrance to the water is not smooth, a lot of salt excrescences. Wash off the highly concentrated water can be in the showers, which abound in any beach. There are also a lot of beach cabins.

Dead Sea resort

Beaches are kept clean and guarded, because almost all of them belong to hotels. On the shores of the Dead Sea there is no entertainment. Here the emphasis is on spa treatments, relaxation, quiet and peaceful rest. In order to see the sights, you need to drive a little. In 15 minutes is Mount Nevo. It offers a fabulous view of the Holy Land.

The resort of Jordan Petra

The most beautiful landmark of Jordan is the rock-cut city of Petra. It was created to control the trade routes that passed through these places. The city has been recognized as the New Wonder of the World, one of the seven. A similar one is located in Saudi Arabia, but it is in an inaccessible place and therefore closed to tourists. In the nearby town of Wadi Musa, there is a tourist center. There are many stalls with souvenirs, there are stables. From there, you can walk to the entrance to the Siq Canyon. It is possible to reach it on horseback or camels.

Jordan Resort Petra

Now you know about the popular resorts in Jordan, where to go on vacation in 2019. If you like travel, add the site to your bookmarks, we have a lot of interesting and useful information.

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