Jakarta National Museums.

Jakarta Museums

Fatahillah Museum (photo)

The Fatahillah Museum, also known as the Jakarta Historical Museum or Batavia Museum, is located on the Indonesian island of Java, in the city of Jakarta, and more specifically in its old part called Kota. This part of the city after the restoration as if found a new life and is now one of the most picturesque and impressive places in the whole Jakarta.

The museum building was built in 1710 as the Town Hall, but in 1974 it was opened as the Fatahillah Museum. Now its collection contains more than 23500 items, including historical maps, paintings, ceramics, furniture and archaeological objects from prehistory, as well as a rich collection of furniture from the XVII-XIX centuries.

The History Museum of Jakarta has 37 richly decorated rooms each with different objects and the basement contains the jail cells which are also now open to the public.

Coordinates : -6.13436800,106.81332400

Waiang Puppet Museum.

Waiang Puppet Museum (photo)

A significant landmark in Jakarta is the Waiang Museum, dedicated to the Javanese Waiang doll. It was opened in 1975 in a restored old church building built during the Dutch colonization.

Waiang dolls were originally used in Hindu culture as an instrument of ancestor worship. In the V century they came to Indonesia, transformed and became part of the cultural heritage of the country. In the exhibition halls of the museum there are huge collections of different types of waiang.

There are also sets of musical instrument gamelan, sculptures and paintings depicting dolls, as well as waiang from other Southeast Asian countries. The museum has an interesting collection of wooden dolls and rare masks collected from all over the Indonesian archipelago.

The puppet theater, where dancers perform using puppets made of leather and wood, is very popular among visitors. There is a workshop for making puppets of different types and sizes, which is of great interest to tourists. The museum constantly hosts all kinds of exhibitions and presentations presenting masterpieces of puppetry.

Coordinates: -6.13502400,106.81270500

Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics

Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics (photo)

Opened in 1976, the Jakarta Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is a significant landmark in Indonesia. It is housed in a Dutch colonial building in the heart of the old city. Its architecture shows an interweaving of Western style and elements of antique decoration.

The museum has about 2,000 exhibits of ancient crafts and fine arts in sculpture, drawing, sketching, painting and batik. The spacious exhibition halls contain masterpieces by famous Indonesian artists and paintings by expressionists and surrealists of the last century. The museum has unique collections of traditional and modern ceramics from different parts of Indonesia and other countries.

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Various conferences and debates are held here, which contribute to the development of art and culture in general. In the museum there is a pottery handicraft workshop, where visitors can make something with their own hands. There is also a souvenir store, which is very popular with visitors.

Coordinates: -6.13401600,106.81352100

Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum

Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum (photo)

One of the significant attractions in Indonesia is the Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum in Jakarta, opened in 1993. The museum is a modern building with a traditional Javanese roof consisting of several cones, the area of which is 20 thousand square meters.

It is a historical museum dedicated to the life of the former second president of the country Suharto, a powerful political figure in modern history. It was built on the initiative of Mrs. Tian Suharto, as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty, as well as the Indonesian and international community for Suharto’s attention and support. The museum has unique collections in any way related to this man. Mostly artwork and souvenirs received as gifts from various world leaders and the Indonesian people, accumulated over the 32 years of his reign. A special room holds many of the former president’s military decorations received in the struggle for the independence of the Indonesian people.

There is also a souvenir store in the museum, which is very popular with visitors.

Coordinates : -6.30067800,106.88663900

National Museum of Indonesia

National Museum of Indonesia (photo)

One of the attractions of Jakarta is the National Museum of Indonesia, opened in 1868. This structure was built in the Baroque style during the Dutch colonization. In the courtyard, in front of the main entrance, there is a large bronze statue of an elephant donated by the King of Thailand. This is why the second name of the museum, the Elephant Building, is popular among Indonesians.

In the spacious exhibition halls of the museum presents more than 140 thousand exhibits. They are grouped according to specific subject matter into seven collections, including prehistory, archaeology, ceramics, numismatics, history, geography, ethnography and heraldry. The central hall of the National Museum displays the richest collection of Indo-Buddhist art of ancient Indonesia. Buddha statue, which is about four meters high, is the largest exhibit of the museum. On the second floor of the building there is an exhibition of ancient precious relics from the archaeological collection. The rich ethnographic exhibition includes a wide range of objects used in rituals and ceremonies.

The National Museum of Indonesia plays an important role in preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

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Coordinates : -6.17615600,106.82241200

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum (photo)

One of the popular attractions in Jakarta is the Maritime Museum, or Bahri, located in the quiet harbor of the northern part of the city. It was opened in 1977 in an old Dutch East India Company warehouse used for storing spices.

The museum has collections about maritime history, seafaring traditions, and the importance of the sea in the economy of modern Indonesia. The maritime history room features models of ships and cannons and a scale model of Onrust, the former shipyard of the Dutch East India Company. The exhibition devoted to sailing ships includes models of the Indonesian archipelago. There is a rare collection of Pinisi model schooners, which are still very popular in the world.

In the field of modern navigation, Bahri displays various navigational aids, Indonesian naval charts, information about lighthouses, valuable photographs and maritime folklore. A separate room is occupied by a collection dedicated to biological oceanography, displaying the diversity of flora and fauna of Indonesia’s coastal region.

Coordinates: -6.12685800,106.80836300

Mandiri Bank Museum

Mandiri Bank Museum (photo)

One of the many attractions in Jakarta is the Mandiri Bank Museum, opened in 1998. It is located in a historic building in the Old Town, which formerly housed the headquarters of the Netherlands Trade Society. The total area of the museum is 10 thousand square meters.

Here is a collection of objects related to banking in the colonial era, such as securities, numismatic collections, money counters and all kinds of safes. The attractive design of the exhibition halls allows visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the old bank in its years of prosperity. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by two mannequins of Dutch soldiers in uniform. In one of the museum halls are two huge books weighing 20 and 28 kilograms, in which financial transactions were recorded.

The amazing stained glass windows adorning the walls depict the four seasons of Europe. The director’s office and library remain intact. Mannequins of the bank’s employees are spread all over the rooms of the museum, which are in a perfectly clean and well-maintained condition.

Coordinates: -6.13861600,106.81302400

Indonesian Museum

Indonesian Museum (photo)

One of the important attractions in Jakarta is the Museum of Indonesia. It is an anthropological and ethnological museum that concentrates the historical and cultural heritage of the ethnic groups that inhabited the Indonesian archipelago and formed the modern nation.

The main building consists of three floors which, according to the Balinese philosophy, emphasize the three aspects of complete happiness: to live in harmony with God, people and nature. The museum was opened in 1975. It is a richly decorated building of Balinese architecture with unique collections of traditional and contemporary art, crafts and traditional costumes from different regions of the country. Very popular with visitors a diverse collection of traditional evening and wedding dresses collected from 27 provinces of Indonesia. Also in the museum are often held temporary exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

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Indonesia Museum is a favorite destination for locals and foreign tourists who want to see the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia in a single visit.

Coordinates : -6.30106500,106.89137200

National Archives Museum of Indonesia

National Archive Museum of Indonesia (photo)

The National Archives Museum of Indonesia is an ancient complex consisting of five buildings. It was built in the late 18th century and was the home of a prominent Dutch businessman. The main building is a majestic two-story structure with high roofs. The original windows and doors are elaborately carved.

In 1892-1949, the world’s largest collection of archival documents from the time of Dutch colonization was housed here. Due to the dilapidation of the complex, the archive was moved to a new building. An extensive renovation and modernization of the building was completed in 1987 and the National Archives Museum of the Indonesian Government Institute was opened there. It contains an interesting collection of artifacts, documents, clothes, and everyday objects that give visitors an insight into the life of Indonesians and wealthy Dutch colonists.

Cultural events and all sorts of exhibitions are held on the museum grounds, contributing to the preservation and development of the country’s historical heritage. The complex is a unique tourist attraction.

Coordinates: -6.15382500,106.81677700

Puppet Museum” Jakarta

Jakarta Puppet Museum (photo)

The Puppet Museum is located in the city of Jakarta on Fa Tahillah Square. The museum was opened in 1975 and is dedicated to the little actors of the shadow puppet theater. Each puppet in the museum has its own character and has its own story.

The museum holds a lot of marionettes that came here not only from all over the island of Java, but also from other Asian countries. The shadow theater or “Wayang” is a traditional Indonesian art form, and most of the plots for the performances are taken from the Indian epic.

From Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., you can not only examine the leather puppets, but also get to know the musical instruments of the theater, and you will be told the history of the origin of the theater and its little actors. And every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm you can watch a unique performance of shadow puppets.

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Coordinates: -6.13502100, 106.81271600

Jakarta Textile Museum

Jakarta Textile Museum (photo)

One of the attractions of Indonesia is the Jakarta Textile Museum. It is located in a luxurious building built in the neoclassical style with baroque elements. The structure was built in the early 19th century as a private home of a French businessman. During the years of its existence the building had several owners. In 1978 it was transferred to the government of the city, and as a result the Museum of textiles of Madame Tian Suharto was opened there.

The museum has unique collections of many kinds of traditional Indonesian weaving, such as Javanese batik, ikat and many others. Tools and equipment for textile production are exhibited here. Three spacious halls are occupied by the exposition of several thousands of traditional fabrics with national motifs and ornaments from different islands of Indonesia. On the territory of the museum is a park, where plants were grown for the natural coloring of fabrics.

Jakarta Textile Museum is an educational institution whose mission is to preserve the culture of traditional Indonesian textiles. Various educational programs, workshops and discussions for the public are held here.

Coordinates : -6.18789900,106.80964000

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National Museum in Jakarta

This is the main museum of the capital and the country as a whole, and objectively it is really the best museum in Indonesia. There is a huge number of fossil artifacts, large statues found during archaeological excavations, as well as an ethnographic section. The most interesting part of the exhibition is on the 4th floor of the museum – it is a large collection of jewelry. But unfortunately, you can not take pictures of this collection, even with a cell phone, because they are very closely monitored. In the rest of the museum you can safely take pictures of whatever you want.

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The National Museum is very clean and neat, everything is signed in detail and duplicated in English. A colorful guide to the exhibition is given with the ticket. Don’t expect too much from it compared to even some Russian non-metropolitan museums, but it is definitely the best in Indonesia.

National Museum in Jakarta

The exhibit at the museum.

Opening hours : Tuesday-Friday from 08:00 to 16:00; Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 to 17:00, Monday off.

Entrance fee / ticket price : 10,000 rupees ( 40.42 rubles, see Indonesia currency, exchange rate).

Getting there : The National Museum is located in the center of the city on the west side of Independence Square (National Museum on the map)

Museum panorama

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