Jail for chewing gum: what you can get a real sentence for while vacationing abroad

Jail for chewing gum or a plastic bag: the severe prohibitions of different countries

Some countries have bans that are unusual for us, the violation of which, however, can be followed by equally unusual fines in large amounts. You can even be beaten with a stick for the purposes of education, or put in jail for a long time. Often the careless tourists are simply given a warning and released in peace, but it’s still better to know about such laws in advance.

The U.S. – a Kinder-Surprise for 2.5 thousand dollars

In the U.S. there is a ban on the importation of Kinder Surprises – chocolate eggs with a toy inside. It is the fact that the inedible toy is inside the food that has become the stumbling block. Children all over the world eat Kinder Eggs with great pleasure, but American authorities believe that a child can eat the toy and choke on it.

That’s why there is a fine of $2,500 for importing kiddies into the United States!

Singapore – to jail for chewing gum and caning for trash

There are so many bans in Singapore that enterprising citizens have even begun to produce appropriate souvenirs for the public’s consumption.

Singapore has a ban on chewing gum in public places and a strict ban on the importation of gum. Thirty years ago, when the city just started operating the subway lines, the hooligans made it a habit to stick electronic devices with chewing gum, so that they either malfunctioned or malfunctioned badly. It even came to the lethal end. After that, the fight began.

The Singapore authorities solved the problem with the utmost severity: they banned the sale, consumption and importation of chewing gum into the country. Violators of the import ban face imprisonment and a hefty fine. And if you indulge in chewing on the street, the police will write you a note to pay half a thousand dollars!

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In this country, you are not allowed to smoke on the street, and you are not allowed to eat or drink on the subway or buses. And if there’s no policeman nearby, that doesn’t mean you can shove a hamburger in your mouth without anyone seeing. In Singapore, snitching on your neighbor is encouraged, so ordinary citizens will rat you out.

Of course, you shouldn’t throw garbage on the ground either. Firstly, because it’s swine, and secondly, for the first violation you may be required to do community service to clean up the same garbage, and for the second, you may be put behind bars.

Kenya – $20,000 plastic bag

But Singapore’s fines will seem ridiculous when you find out how much you’ll have to pay to bring a plastic bag into Kenya. The law on this ban was adopted relatively recently, but the fines are expected to be brutal: up to several tens of thousands of dollars, up to imprisonment.

The country’s authorities have decided to improve the environment, after all, a lot of tourists come here to touch pristine nature and wilderness areas, and plastic – it does not decompose. And at a time when some countries are beginning to refuse to produce it, Kenya has decided to ban the import of plastic bags under any guise, including in tourist suitcases. This way we can not only get rid of bags, but also replenish the country’s budget.

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