Itinerary of Pisa and surroundings in 7 days, Italy

Where to go from Pisa

Ideas and routes for independent travel in Italy. Where to go for a day trip from Pisa and what to see in the surrounding area: Florence, Lucca, Cinque Terre, Volterra, Elba and other interesting travel destinations.

Pisa is usually considered a destination for a day trip. Independent travelers come here both from Florence and from the many resorts, for which the Tuscan Riviera is so famous. At the same time, Pisa can also be seen as a base point for trips to the surrounding area. Of course, from this point of view, Pisa is inferior in many ways to Florence (travel routes from Florence are discussed in detail in the article), but the reasons in favor of settling in Pisa, there are powerful.

First, Pisa has its own international airport, which is often much more convenient and cheaper to fly to than Florence airport (suitable airline tickets can be found on sites such as,,, etc.). Secondly, hotels in Pisa are on average noticeably cheaper than hotels (and apartments) located in Florence (read more about where it is more convenient for a tourist to stay in Pisa, here). Thirdly, from Pisa it is more convenient to get to the cities in western Tuscany (including not only seaside resorts, but in particular Lucca), as well as to the famous National Park Cinque Terre, located in the neighboring Liguria. In fact, below we will look at these and other destinations in detail. In doing so, we will be guided primarily by the possibilities of rail transport (see

So, where you can go for a day trip from Pisa.


Florence (Firenze) is the most obvious destination. To come to Tuscany and not see Florence would be strange. Fortunately from Pisa to Florence is not long – about an hour by train. However, we should immediately mention that the capital of Tuscany is not worth going for a day, but at least two or three days (the question of where to stay in Florence, considered in detail here). In one day you can run around the historic center of Florence, view the main sights and admire the panorama of the city from the heights of Michelangelo Square.

Cinque Terre

The Five Lands National Park, or Cinque Terre, is another quite obvious destination for a day trip from Pisa. The place is beautiful and no less popular than Florence. There are a lot of tourists here (especially during the summer vacation season), and you have to be prepared for that. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to come here for a few days (you can stay in Monterosso al Mare for example – click here for more info). But if you don’t have time, you can go to Cinque Terre from Pisa for one day because you can get to Monterosso in just over an hour. Go directly to La Spezia, but direct trains are much more comfortable.

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Lucca is a pleasant city in every way: there is plenty to see, clean, comfortable, quiet, and not too far from Pisa (between Pisa and Lucca it takes about 30 minutes by train). It’s certainly worth to come to Lucca at least for half a day, and if you want to see the interiors of the local churches, not limited to visit the cathedral of St. Martin, you can easily book a whole day for the trip.


Volterra, even compared to Lucca, not to mention Cinque Terre and Florence, is not a very popular place. However, in our opinion, a trip to Volterra can be just as interesting. Volterra is a small town, but here you can find traces of the Etruscan civilization, and evidence of the Roman era, and of course, many echoes of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that replaced them. Half a day is more than enough. But to get to Volterra by public transport is not too convenient. From Pisa you can take a train to Pontedera (station Pontedera-Casciana Terme, about 15 minutes), and then take a bus number 500 to Volterra (about 1 hour and 20 minutes, see the schedule at

It is much more convenient to travel by car, especially since this way you can also visit nearby San Gimignano, famous for its medieval skyscraper towers. In the same direction is Siena.

For auto-travelers in Tuscany there are almost endless possibilities, because many attractions can be reached by car. In particular, such places as Grotta del Vento, Barga, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Isola Santa, Carrara. They are all in the Apennines north of Pisa (often called the Apuan Alps) and a visit to two or three of these or similar places can easily be combined in one trip. To the east of Pisa there are Vinci, San Miniato, Castelfranco di Sotto and other interesting towns. In short, the choice is extremely wide. Fortunately, renting a car in Italy in general and in Pisa in particular is not a problem (see,, etc.).

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If you pay attention to the south of Pisa, you can find another interesting place, which for some reason often escapes from the sight of travelers. We are talking about the island of Elba.

Elba Island

The island of Elba (Isola d’Elba) is not far from Pisa. The distance between these places, in general, is quite decent (about 170 km). However, in terms of traveling in Italy, the most convenient way to get to Elba is just through Pisa. It is possible to go to this island for a week or two, because Elba is remarkable not only as the place of Napoleon’s first exile, but also as an excellent seaside resort. (By the way, you can read more about the sea and beaches near Pisa here.) You can get here with a change in Piombino: take a train to Piombino (about an hour and a half from Pisa), and from Piombino to Elba take a ferry or a meteor (see and It takes 40 minutes to an hour to get to Portoferraio, the main town of Elba, and 15 to 20 minutes to Cavo. Alternatively, you can get to Elba via San Vincenzo, which also has a boat connection to this and other nearby islands (although there are few flights; see So, as far as trips to Elba from Pisa are concerned, it’s quite realistic to go round trip in a day, and if you like it, you can stay longer on Elba next time.

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Similarly, when searching for airline tickets. Pay attention, for example, on

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First trip! Pisa for 7 days. Please help!

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First trip! Pisa for 7 days. Please help!

NikeRussia ” 01 Sep 2018, 23:57

Afternoon. Having contemplated a short week-long trip around Italy (for my first timeexperience), I discovered this wonderful forum.

Arriving September 13 in Pisa. We take the car. And then. 7 days. Want to see a lot of things and at the same time not to pack a suitcase every day. (Ideally we would like to make 3 stops). Thus we want to stop for example not in Florence, and on a villa somewhere that may be in the suburbs or in the hills. and so on along the route.

Do not want to go too far beyond Siena (yes, and on board a small child 1.8).

Which route to choose. If the arrival and departure of Pisa.

Please advise. So we are going for the first time. I will travel for the first time.

NikeRussia newbie Post: 2 Registration: 09/01/2018 City: Saint-Petersburg Thanked (a): 0 times. Thanked: 0 times. Age: 37 Gender: Male

Re: First trip! Pisa 7 days. Please help!

chipur ” 02 Sep 2018, 01:02

Well you have a classic coming out))) If you are based in Pisa, you can go to Lucca and San Gimignano with Volierra. Florence, if shopping is interesting, there are 2 outlet stores (Barberino and Mall), south of Siena, more south of Pienza (those postcard hills are nearby) and Montepulciano, more south of Orvieto. A week will be enough for you

chipur Member Posts: 110 Registration: 11/01/2013 City: Sochi Thanked (a): 10 times. Has thanked: 6 times. Age: 43 Countries: 20 Gender: Male

Re: First trip! Pisa 7 days. Please help!

mihai3 ” 02 Sep 2018, 04:56

mihai3 honorary traveler Posts: 2510 Registration: 11.07.2017 City: Craiova Thanked (a): 175 times. Thanked: 519 times. Age: 48 Gender: Male

Re: First trip! Pisa 7 days. Please help!

savl1 ” 02 Sep 2018, 09:05

Why are you only grabbing it now. There are 10 days before departure, how do you plan to book good hotels at good prices.

NikeRussia wrote(a) on 01 Sep 2018, 23:57: Which route to choose. if arriving and departing Pisa. . on board a small child 1.8

The baby spoils everything here. (in terms of the “tourist” itinerary). With such a child, you need something relaxing, sedentary, better – sea. For example, move 4-5 days a little north of Cinque Terre, somewhere in the area of Monella-Bonassola-Levanto, there to get a base, go to the sea and at a quiet pace to go radial around the neighborhood in beautiful places (not further from Genoa): Nervi, Boccadasse, Camogli, Portofino, Lerici, Cinque Terre, Portovenere). And then through Lucca and perhaps Pistoia to return to Pisa (and see it, of course). I don’t see any “obligatory” Florence in your particular case. “Fit in” a little city walking around it in light mode – fine, no – wait until your family situation allows you to undertake a normal “exploratory” trip “with dives” through these places.

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But for now – do not get wise and do not complicate it. Have an easy vacation:)

savl1 absolute traveler Messages: 33283 Photo: 581 Registration: 02/11/2008 City: Moscow Thanked (a): 798 times. Has thanked: 8038 times. Age: 60 Countries: 30 Reports: 108 Gender: Male

Re: First trip! Pisa 7 days. Please help!

hellen-k ” 02 Sep 2018, 10:22

– All worldviews are based on faith and facts. Faith is more important, but facts are stronger. And if the facts begin to undermine faith, too bad. You have to change your worldview. Or become a fanatic. It’s your choice. Most of mankind’s troubles are caused by fanatics with good intentions.

hellen-k absolute traveler Message: 36083 Photo: 3947 Registration: 09/03/2015 City: Moscow Thanked (a): 555 times. Has thanked: 6636 times. Age: 51 Countries: 6 Reports: 5 Gender: Female

Re: First trip! Pisa 7 days. Please help!

NikeRussia ” 02 Sep 2018, 12:53

chipur wrote (a) 02 Sep 2018, 01:02: well you have a classic coming out))) If based in Pisa, you can go to Lucca and San Gimignano with Volierra. Florence, if shopping is interesting, there are 2 outlet stores (Barberino and Mall), south of Siena, even further south of Pienza (those postcard hills are nearby) and Montepulciano, further south of Orvieto. That’s enough for you for a week.

Thank you! Do you have recommendations for places (preferably nice villas) where you can stay? Or just along the route are some interesting hotels, especially in Florence?

savl1 wrote(a) 02 Sep 2018, 09:05: Well you’re only grabbing it now. It’s 10 days before departure, how do you plan to book good hotels at good prices.

WOW, this is certainly a surprise! Never heard of this before! Thanks!!!

Be careful about quoting. That is, quote only what is really necessary for the post. Don’t create posts one below the other. Use the “Edit” button (top right). Capitalize sentences and proper names. Refrain from one-word posts like “thank you” – use the rewards system (the “thank you” button) to thank the author. merial.

Jakarta National Museums.

NikeRussia newbie Post: 2 Registration: 09/01/2018 City: Saint-Petersburg Thanked (a): 0 times. Thanked: 0 times. Age: 37 Gender: Male

Re: First trip! Pisa 7 days. Please help!

BAXTER ” 02 Sep 2018, 13:12

NikeRussia wrote: are there any recommendations for places (villas beautiful preferably) where you can stay? or right along the route some particularly interesting hotels, especially in Florence!?

BAXTER Honorary traveler Message: 3466 Photo: 1071 Registration: 25/02/2011 City: Zelenograd Thanked (a): 75 times. Thanked: 614 times. Age: 54 Countries: 42 Reports: 2 Gender: Male

Re: First trip! Pisa 7 days. Please help!

Sual ” 03 Sep 2018, 12:00 am.

NikeRussia wrote (a) 01 Sep 2018, 23:57: That said, we want to stay for example not in Florence itself, but in a view villa somewhere maybe in the suburbs or in the hills.

If you want to see Florence, you have to live in the city, otherwise you will suffer with transport. At the sightseeing villas you’ll live in a more rural area.

savl1 wrote (a) 02 Sep 2018, 09:05: With a kid like that, you need something non-stressful, sedentary, better – nautical. For example, move 4-5 days just north of Cinque Terre.

I understand, of course, but people wanted to see Tuscany. So you can also recommend Kemer, they say is also good with children.

Re: First trip! Pisa 7 days. Please help!

Katerina_fest ” 10 Sep 2018, 00:29

We fly to Pisa on the same day as you)) I am also with a child, only I will be older than yours – 9 years old. We have this route: a night in Pisa, then 4 nights in Sestri Levante (2 days to explore the surrounding towns), then 3 nights in Pietrasanta. It was made taking into account that even though my son is older, but he is more interested in the sea than in the sights, so it is “closer to the water”, in order to combine everything.

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