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Nauru, also known as the Republic of Nauru, is a small island country in the Pacific Ocean. It shares water borders with the Republic of Kiribati. There is no official capital, in fact the country’s main city is Yaren.

Due to its proximity to the equator, the island is exposed to the hot and humid equatorial monsoon climate. It is not recommended to visit Nauru from November to February because of the heavy rainfall. The weather is the most comfortable in the interseason.

Official languages of republic are English and Nauruan. Local inhabitants basically profess Christianity.

Vacations in Nauru attracts, first of all, fans of country resorts and extreme tourism. Local beaches are famous for their clean, clear water and seclusion. In coastal areas vacationers can go windsurfing, yachting and snorkeling. In addition, Nauru is popular among divers, thanks to the coral reefs, underwater caves, and shipwrecks. For beginners, you’re better off diving in the waters off Aiwo harbor. For more experienced divers, Anibare bay and the northwestern end of the barrier reef ring are the best bet.

The tour takes visitors on a sport fishing trip. During the fishing tour you can catch a huge yellowfin tuna or marlin.

The country attracts fans of event tourism with its unusual festivals and holidays. In October, the country celebrates “Angam” (“Angam Day”) – the day of birth of 1,500 inhabitants of the island.

In the area of Jaren tourists can visit caves and a small underground lake. In the center of the island travelers can explore the so-called lunar landscape of quarries, where phosphate was mined. Active campers and their fellow travelers can hike to the island’s highest point, the Command Ridge mount.

How to get there


Nauru has no direct flight connections to the European Union (EU) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). When planning the trip tourists should consider changing planes in Brisbane, Australia where the flights are operated by the Our Airline of Nauru.

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There are several connections to Brisbane. Flights from the territory of the European Union are made by Cathay Pacific , Malaysia , Emirates , Air France , Austrian and Etihad . Visitors from the CIS countries can take advantage of such carriers as Cathay Pacific , Turkish Airlines , Malaysia , Belavia , Uzbekistan Airways and Qantas .

Maritime traffic

Large cruise liners don’t call at Nauru ports because of the dense reef ring surrounding the island. Visitors can get to Nauru from Kiribati or the Solomon Islands by small passenger ships or yachts.

Russian Federation residents do not need a visa to stay in Nauru for a period of not more than fourteen days. Citizens of other CIS countries, tourists from the European Union, as well as Russians planning to take a longer vacation, need to apply for a visa in advance at the Consulate General of the country or the Nauruan Customs and Immigration Office. Personal presence is not necessary for submission of documents, the visa request can be sent by fax or e-mail.

The application can take from 10 to 30 working days to be processed.

Duration of tourist visa is one month.


Nauru’s customs laws do not restrict the importation of currencies. Export of local currency outside the country is limited to 2,500 Australian dollars ( AUD ). The export of any other money is not limited.

Tourists are allowed to take on trips without paying duty:

  • A fixed volume of alcohol and tobacco products;
  • clothing, footwear and sports equipment to the extent they are personally required.

Importation is strictly prohibited:

  • foodstuffs (without a health certificate);
  • Pets (without a permit from local authorities);
  • Certain medicines;
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnic devices.

Guests of the country and their travel companions are forbidden to take out:

  • representatives of flora and fauna protected by the state;
  • stuffed birds and eggs;
  • articles of seashells, coral, bird feathers, and animal bones and skin.
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Naurians have virtually lost their own culinary traditions. Due to the active mining of phosphates in the XX century, even before not very fertile soil was not suitable for the cultivation of products. It is only known that the Naurian folk cuisine was based on seafood, root crops, cereals and fruits of some exotic plants.

Tourists will not be able to taste authentic dishes during their trip around the island. Today, most of the food is imported from other countries, mostly in canned form. Even the production of seafood in recent years has declined sharply.

Restaurants in Nauru resorts offer mostly Indian and Chinese cuisine. In local establishments you can have a snack familiar to Europeans pizza, fried or baked fish.

For desserts on vacation we recommend ordering coconut mousse, candied fruit or ice cream.

We usually serve tea, coffee, juices, flavored milk and bottled water.

Liquor lovers can sample brand-name alcoholic beverages imported from abroad.


Australian Dollars ( AUD ) are used officially and are denominated in $100 bills, $5 to $100 bills, $5 to 50 cents coins, and $1 and $2 coins.

Make convertible currency during the vacations guests of the country will be able in the branches of banks and hotels. There are no working ATMs on the territory of the country.

Almost in all establishments of Nauru for payment accept bank cards of systems Visa, American Express and Dinners Club, but the preference is given to cash payment. We recommend that you stock up on your local currency before you travel to the outback.

Banks and hotels provide services for cashing travellers cheques.

The Tax Free system allows you to purchase alcohol and tobacco products on the island tax free. Tax rules for other items are constantly changing.

What you need to know

Attractions on Nauru

There are no UNESCO World Heritage Sites on Nauru, nor are there any World Heritage nominees.

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Tourists and fellow travelers can take a guided tour of Yaren and explore the Parliament House complex, the ruins of the World War II fortifications left by the Japanese, and the bunkers, which are more or less intact and still display weapons, which are still there. On the coast you can visit caves formed in the cliff and a small underground reservoir. Explore the unique handicrafts and stone tools of the island’s ancient inhabitants in the Arts and Crafts center. The National Museum of Natural History holds a rich collection of archaeological artifacts and photographs from before the war.

Tourists can walk along the only boulevard on the entire island in the Aiwo district. This is the location of Nauru Local Government Council chambers and Chinatown.

Divers on holiday in Nauru get a chance to explore the remnants of several wartime shipwrecks resting in the waters of Anibare Bay in the Nauru district.

The palm groves in the southwestern Buada district are a true Nauru landmark, sitting on a small remnant of fertile soil.

A popular tourist destination is the Central plateau, which is now a wasteland of whitish rocks, holes, pits and petrified coral, often called the “lunar landscape. Tourists vacationing in Nauru are not advised to visit the plateau without a local guide because of the danger of falling through the soil worked in the phosphate mining process.

Excursions to Commando Ridge, the mountain range that is the highest point on the island, are in demand among travelers. The summit offers a circular panorama of the entire island.

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