Island of Sardinia: white sand, black corals, emerald shores. Italy

The best beaches in Sardinia.

The best beaches in Sardinia

Even, according to Italians themselves, the beaches of Sardinia are the best in Italy. In search of a beach vacation spot, you can finally fall in love with each and every one of them. The gentle sea of turquoise and sandy shore greeted beach lovers with unforgettable scenery and great weather. Many beach areas in the south and north of Sardinia are recognized as the best in the world and have received prestigious awards.

Kia Laguna

Kia, as the locals call it, is a small town on the southwest coast of the island. Here the whole family likes to come here, as this place is considered one of the best beaches in Sardinia for holidays with children. The two beaches, total length of 6 km, are clearly visible from the observation deck of the ancient watchtower of Aragon. To the east lies the beach of Su Porto, resembling the shape of a horseshoe. The unspoiled nature of the coast – sand dunes and rocky headlands – gives the place a pristine charm. To the west of the tower is Sa Colonia, which is notable for its natural beauty and unique water purity.

Both beach areas are blocked from the wind by small rocks, and the entrance to the sea on fine white sand is so smooth that it is a favorite vacation spot for parents with small children. On the coast, not far from the edge of the sea are small saltwater lagoons, which are home to several dozen species of exotic waterfowl. But the most popular of them – pink flamingos, has long been a local attraction and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to admire these graceful birds in plumage the color of the sea sunset.

Town infrastructure is quite developed, tourists are offered to visit many small cafes, and you can settle in cheap hotels along the coast.


In the south of Sardinia stretches along the coast beaches Villasimius, the most famous of which, with the same name, has a picturesque view, often seen on postcards depicting the island. The shoreline, an arc of dazzling sand mixed with fine pebbles, is truly magnificent.

The hallmark of Nottary Beach is the sand spit that separates the seashore from the sky-blue lagoon. To get the best photo, you should climb up to the promontory, which overlooks the bay and the Gulf of Carbonara. These landscapes are often compared to the “Bounty” and called the European Caribbean. The bay is one of the largest beaches in Sardinia, Campo Longo, where there are always many tourists and boaters. The bay is attractive to treasure hunters and explorers and mariners – at the coast of lying at the bottom of a number of sunken ancient ships. Excursions to these sites can be purchased from diving clubs.

Since 1998, the coast of Villasimius is protected by the state, because of the unique ecosystem of the area is recognized as a marine reserve.

Costa Rei

Truly – a royal land. It was once a holiday destination for royalty and court nobility. Today, Costa Rei is one of the most promoted resort destinations in southeastern Sardinia. Not in vain the royalty came to love the beaches of Costa Rei – a delightful sea and the pale golden beach with fine sand is one of the top five resort areas in the world and awarded the “Blue Flag” – it is awarded by ecologists, and it means guaranteed safety and cleanliness of the beach.

Entrance to the sea is shallow, the depth from the shore gradually increases, and at the water’s edge the bottom is not deep, so there are many tourists with children. “Coast of the Kings” today – a tourist paradise for lovers of diving, sailing on rented yachts, underwater fishing and extreme water skiing.

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For those who, in addition to water activities, need more land-based activities – there are trekking routes on the reefs, rocky mountains and local historical sites. By water transport you can get to the nearby island Serpentar, recognized as a nature reserve, where you can enjoy untouched nature and beautiful exotic species of local inhabitants – birds of incredible colors. Environmentalists

La Maddalena Islands

The archipelago, consisting of several small islands is popular with tourists because of its remoteness from the hustle and bustle of the big coast – Sardinia. A number of islands are located a short distance from northeastern Sardinia and communicates with it only by bridge, which can be reached by car. The only inhabited island in the archipelago – Maddalena. Its beaches – a favorite place for divers, as the crystal clear sea here allows you to explore the depths, which conceal the secrets of sunken ships. Their remains lie on the seabed for several hundred years and attract treasure hunters from all over the world.

Sardinia Beaches

Another, no less popular island in the archipelago is Budelli, famous because of the pink sand, which is studded on the local beach Rosa. This sand, which is a masterpiece created by nature itself, was the reason that today the beach is closed to the public. Tourists who came earlier tried to take the pink wonder with them, which led to depletion of the sand cover of the coastal strip. The authorities had to prohibit the landing and anchoring of boats on the island in order to preserve the natural phenomenon. This unusual color of the sand is the result of shredding the discarded shells and shells of sea creatures and mollusks. Because of the unusual landscape, the beach was awarded the “role” in the movie “Red Desert” by Italian director M. Antonioni. You can enjoy the unusual beach from afar by taking a boat ride along the coast of the island.

The third island, Caprera, is famous for the house-museum of the national hero of Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi. The beach area is located in the bays of the island, which are often chosen by couples in love because of the incredible beauty of the surrounding landscape. The romantic flavor is created by the small size of the coves, the sand the color of platinum and the turquoise sea with golden reflections. The island is home to a sailing school. The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the windsurfers, who prowl the seas off the island by the dozens.


Another unique place in Sardinia are the beaches near the town of Oristano. The uniqueness of these places is that the coast is covered with tons of small quartz crumbs, honed by the waves, and resembling the shape of rice. The color of quartz is not always white – in the overall mass can be discerned shades of green, pink, purple and blue colors. When they are mixed with white, they create a wonderful effect, creating a delicate, iridescent mother of pearl. It is forbidden to take out as a souvenir of such sand – the authorities have foreseen in such a case a fine of more than 450 euros.

Two beaches, Mari Ermi and Is-Arutas, are almost not equipped with leisure paraphernalia, there are no deckchairs. Therefore, on the beach, you can enjoy sunbathing lying directly on the quartz rice. The tourism infrastructure is not developed here, you will not find cafes and restaurants nearby – there are simply none in walking distance, but there are many hotels, villas and bars in the town of Oristano itself.


This area has a lot of names – the Coral Riviera, the City of Algae and Barceloneta (alluding to the former belonging to the Spanish Kingdom). Located in the northeast of the island of Sardinia, Alghero is characterized by a mild maritime climate, when there is no stifling heat, and a light sea breeze can bring notes of freshness in the evenings.

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Tourists love the beaches of Alghero for the amazing transparency of the water and the silky sand. The total length of the beach area of Alghero is an impressive 40 km, including coves and lagoons. And although the influx of tourists increases during the season, it does not give the impression of crowding the beaches – a huge area accommodates all comers. Well-developed tourist infrastructure – on the coast of many hotels and restaurants, dance floors, many stores and stalls that sell souvenirs of coral.

Corals are the main feature of these beaches. They grow just meters from the coast, you can see them right under your feet, swimming in the clean, clear water. Amazing seascapes are open not only to lovers of diving and sea fishing – visibility through the water is so good that when the sun hits, the seabed and coral thickets shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

Santa Margherita di Pula

The amazing nature of the beach area of Santa Margherita di Pula amazes with seemingly incompatible scenery – the warm Mediterranean sea with fine sand the color of snow at the water’s edge and the pine and eucalyptus groves fringing the shores. All the surrounding splendor has more than once inspired artists to paint.

Many bays, different in size, surrounded by rocky mountains, some up to 1000 meters high, which protect from the fresh sea winds. Such a natural hedge allows the water on the beaches to remain a few degrees warmer than elsewhere. The scent of myrtle trees, laurel bushes and Mediterranean flowers envelops holidaymakers around the clock, as the bays are not subject to airing from the sea.

Italians themselves prefer to spend their vacations on the beaches of Santa Margherita di Pula, which are only an hour away from the main city of the island, Cagliari.Santa Margherita di Pula is considered the warmest resort in Sardinia.

Emerald Coast

The beaches of the Emerald Coast of Sardinia – have the status of the most fashionable. Worldwide popularity of this place has been since 1960, when the billionaire Prince Karim Agahan the fourth, bought the land of this coast from local shepherds, and built on the coast of the resort area and gave the name to all this splendor – Costa Smeralda. The beach complex, consisting of several bays and coves, can satisfy any demands of vacationers – from secluded romantic spots to noisy nightclubs, water parks and large supermarkets with boutiques of famous Italian and international brands.

The resort area is popular with Italian VIPs. Here is the villa of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is also famous for his extravagant parties in the past. Here were filmed episodes of the popular film about James Bond – “The Agent Who Loved Me”.

Popular beaches of the Emerald Coast:
Prince’s Beach (Near the Romazzino Hotel) in Porto Cervo – The combination of the gentle sandy shore and granite bottom makes this beach look like a huge pool created by the natural elements. The beach is shaped like a horseshoe, so the arrangement of the bay shores creates a cozy atmosphere of enclosure.
Long Beach Near Porto Cervo, the shores have an unforgettable shade of pink because of the eroded terracotta rocks that surround the lagoon. The stone chips mixing with the white sand on the shore create a pale pink shade that goes into the azure water.
Marinella Beach (Porto Rotondo) (At Hotel Abi Doru) – the purity of the sea is reflected in the name of the beach. Here the water is such a blue color that it can be made the benchmark. The interestingly shaped rocks framing the sandy shore become a favorite backdrop for selfies.

Although the Emerald Coast is considered a vacation destination for the rich and famous, it is quite possible to find budget hotels and stores and enjoy

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City in the south-west of the island of Sardinia, Pula should be of interest not only to beach lovers, but those who are interested in history and ancient architecture. The city beach is decorated by the ruins of the ancient Phoenician city Nora. Columns and fragments of the walls of buildings perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape with myrtle trees.

Not far from the town is the Gulf of Angels or Golfo degli Angeli. The bottom and shore of the bay have a cream color, but on closer inspection you can see shades of pink and gold. This color is given to the sand by particles of clam shells. The water in the bay is always warmer, and the descent into the water sloping, with a slight degree of slope, which allows the water to warm up even more.

Because of the comfortable conditions on the beaches of Angels Bay come to rest with children. The presence of inexpensive hotels and lack of noisy nightlife make this resort popular for family vacations.

La Pelosa

The views of the Catalan Watchtower are breathtaking from anywhere on La Pelosa beach. The cinematic scenery will not leave anyone who has been here indifferent. La Pelosa beach is said to have the best sand in Sardinia and the sea has an incredible color – shades of emerald and blue mixed with golden highlights.

The beach is protected from the wind from the sea by the island of Azinara, which is a nature reserve. You can visit it by booking a boat trip to the island. The national reserve is home to amazing albino donkeys in their natural habitat. The small island can be traversed on foot or you can rent a bicycle. It is also considered one of the best beaches in Sardinia for holidays with children.

La Pelosa is very popular with tourists, so in the hottest season the coast is completely occupied by vacationers from all over the world.


The quiet bay in which Jeremeas is located surprises tourists with groves of evergreen eucalyptus trees. The beach, with coarse golden sand, stretches for 2,000 meters inside the bay and frames the sky-blue sea. Because of the small rocks and eucalyptus trees, gusts of wind inside the bay are almost nonexistent, so there are no big waves. This makes Jeremeas beach attractive for families with children. On the beach you can rent small boats and sail them, snorkeling in privacy.

The beach is well developed with small cafes offering fast food and small snacks and nearby, just a kilometer from the beach, you can find restaurants and bars, stores and clubs. The beach is popular with Italians, as it is considered one of the best in Sardinia.

Here is a national conservation area “Seven Brothers”, situated on seven granite hills. Each rock is located so that all the tops are visible from the central point of the reserve. The largest hill is 1,016 meters high and is Puna Seraxa. Strawberry and olive trees, oaks, and myrtle trees occupy most of the park.

The island of Sardinia has about 250 beach areas. In many ways, they are similar – warm sea, impeccable cleanliness, sandy beaches, mild climate. But tourists are often looking for special places where you can not just enjoy the beach holidays, but also to learn something new, to see archaeological finds, to visit the bottom of the wrecks. Sardinia can satisfy the most demanding and experienced tourists, offering beaches for every taste.

To sum it up: The top 10 beaches in Sardinia in our ranking

10. La Pelosa (Stintino) – Northwest of the island

9. Prince’s Beach. Spiaggia del Principe (Porto Cervo)-northeast.

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8. Grande Pevero (Porto Cervo)-northeast

7. Cala Brandinchi (San Teodoro)-northeast

6. Is Arutas (Cabras)-Center of the Island, west

5. Cala Goloritzé (Baunei) east

Su Giudeu (Chia – Domus de Maria)-South of the island.

3. Cala Luna (Baunei)

2. Rena Bianca (Santa Teresa di Gallura) north-east of Sardinia.

Spiaggia Rosa. Pink Beach (Isola di Budelli – La Maddalena) – Northeast of Sardinia.

The best beaches in Sardinia – a guide for the dreamer

Sardinia Beaches

The island of Sardinia (Sardegna) is above all more than 180 km of varied beaches. Sandy and pebbly, white and pink, landscaped and wild, the beaches of Sardinia distinguish themselves by the purity of water and coast and beautiful scenery.

Whether you are guided by a friend’s advice, travel agency advertising or choose a beach at random on the island map, an unforgettable vacation is guaranteed. List the best beaches in Sardinia – a difficult task, there are more than three hundred, and each is good in its own way, but we will try.

The Emerald Coast Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is the most fashionable beach area on the map of Sardinia. Located in the northeastern part of the island. It takes its name from the Lebanese billionaire prince Aga Khan, who bought the land here in 1960. The prince has built a large resort area, including a yacht club “Costa Smeralda”.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is rightly considered the pearl of the Emerald Coast. Has a well-developed infrastructure and Europe’s best marinas. Popular recreation place of the “rich and famous.

  • Princes beach (Spiaggia del Principe) is named after the Aga Khan. It is sandy, has a horseshoe shape, gentle descent and granite bottom.
  • The beach of Liscia Ruja has a shallow bay, white and pink sand and surrounding strawberry and juniper trees. It is ideal for families with small children.
  • Further south is Petra Ruja, the pink beach of the Emerald Coast. The shards and shells of the picturesque red rocks along the coast give it such a hue.

Hotels Porto Cervo – the best in Sardinia, many elite and expensive, but there are budget accommodation options. Well-equipped and not too expensive hotels Balocco Hotel and Colonna Park Hotel are within walking distance of the beach.

Porto Rotondo


Porto Rotondo is popular with diving enthusiasts and former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. His villa Certosa is located in Porto Rotondo and has access to the sea. The best beaches of Porto Rotondo are Marinella and Ira with silky white sand and interestingly shaped rocks. The most suitable holiday for those who are keen on water sports.

Hotels in Porto Cervo

Porto Rotondo offers tourists comfortable hotels, the price varies depending on the season and proximity to the beach. The cozy and inexpensive Hotel S’Astore is located 2 km from Marinella Beach.

Baia Sardinia

Baia Sardinia is the busiest resort on the Emerald Coast. Located opposite the archipelago of La Maddalena. It attracts tourists with its bustling nightlife and wonderful Aquadream water park. The beautiful and picturesque beaches of Baia Sardinia are covered in pink porphyry from the nearby rocks. The Hotel Mon Repos is only 100 meters from the beach.

Hotels in Baia Sardinia

Santa Teresa di Gallura


Santa Teresa di Gallura – the northernmost resort of Sardinia, is the closest to Corsica and the Apennine Peninsula, so here love to vacation Italians. The beaches of Santa Teresa di Gallura are spread among the proud cliffs, the most popular is Rena Bianca with white sand and turquoise water. The hotels L’Ancora and Corralaro are 200 meters from the coast, offering boats for boat trips. The best option for those vacationing with small children is the resort complex Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa. This complex includes two hotels with private beaches, SPA center and thallasotherapy, a mini club and swimming pool for children.

Archipelago of La Maddalena


La Maddalena Archipelago – located near the north-east coast of Sardinia, was declared a National Park of Italy in 1996. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean in its original form. Has good transport links with the Costa Smeralda, the closest resort is Baia Sardinia, where you can reach the archipelago by car over the bridge or by boat from any of the local beaches.

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  • Maddalena is the largest and only inhabited island of the archipelago. The sandy beach and clear turquoise depths attract divers, and the historic center with its many ancient buildings – lovers of architecture.
  • On the island of Budelli there is a pink beach-reserve Spiagga Rosa. The sand has this color because of the decaying shells of clams. Some images from Michelangelo Antonioni’s film “Il Deserto Rosso” were filmed here. It is forbidden to enter and enter the beach, but you can only admire it from afar by booking a boat ride.
  • The sailing school Velico and the House Museum of Giuseppe Garibaldi are the main attractions of Caprera island. The island’s cozy coves are perfect for fishing and romantic swimming for two.

Coral Riviera Alghero

Coral Riviera Alghero includes beaches:

  • Central Beach Lido (Lido di Alghero), a great option for those who want to combine the delights of city life with a beach vacation. The city is known as “little Barcelona”, tourists will enjoy the Catalan architecture and the eternal atmosphere of the holiday.
  • The sands of the Burantin beach have a heart-shaped curve.
  • The beach of Le Bombarde is especially loved by locals. The water is clear and the air, which smells of pine-tree pine around, is curative.

The hotels in El Faro Alghero have a wonderful history and have been a resting place for Elizabeth Taylor and Anthony Quinn. The Villa Las Tronas Algero spa hotel is located in an old building and is suitable for a secluded vacation.

  • I suggest you read my review of the best hotels in Algero near the beach



  • A few kilometers from Oristano are the “rice” beaches of Mari Ermi and Is Arutas. Both are covered with small quartz pebbles, which resemble rice. The quartz is mainly white, with inclusions of green, yellow and gray, which looks very beautiful and unusual. It is forbidden to take out pebbles, the offender faces a fine of 500 euros. The infrastructure is completely absent, there are no hotels and restaurants within walking distance, the beach does not even have sun loungers. Sunbathing will have to lie down on quartz, which is extremely useful.
  • Putzu Idu is an open beach with fine sand and long waves, a real paradise for surfers.

Accommodation options in Oristano are many, good and relatively inexpensive hotels Mistral2 and Villa Delle Rose.


Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia. The city is notable for its historical and architectural monuments.

  • Poetto beach is the biggest in Italy, is about 8 km long. Due to its location within the city is well developed infrastructure: many bars, discos, open-air cinema, trattorias with take-away food. But because of the large influx of tourists the water can be a bit muddy during the season.
  • The beaches of Villasimius in Cagliari province are a great vacation spot for lovers of clean sea and beautiful views. There is another “rice paddy” beach – Spiagga del Riso.
  • Beaches of Costa Rei (Costa Rei) awarded the blue flag of ecologists and recognized as the cleanest in Sardinia.
  • The most “long-playing” beach in Sardinia is located 50 km from Cagliari, in the town of Torre delle Stelle (Torre delle Stelle). The season here lasts from April to October, the town is ideal for fans of relaxing holidays.

Hotels in Cagliari

The Hotel Calamosca in Cagliari has its own beach and terrace overlooking the sea. The hotels La Villa Del Mare and Hotel Villa Sveva are a minute’s walk from Poetto beach.

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