Island of Favignana: Sights of Sicily, Italy

Isola di Favignana attractions – what to see in 2022. A complete guide to the iconic places

The picturesque island of Isola Di Favignana is the largest in the Agade Archipelago, as a tourist center it became known relatively recently – about 50 years ago. If you look at the island from a bird’s-eye view, the outline is very much like a butterfly, one wing of which is completely occupied by the plain and the other by the high mountain ranges.

Isola Di Favignana is the largest island of the Egadi archipelago. For many years the locals used to fish, but in the last half century tourists from various … Open

Isola Di Favignana is widely known as the center of tuna fishing, with the first tuna being caught around the island in the 17th century. Today, tuna fishing is one of the island’s main industries and the tourist sector is becoming increasingly important. Lovers of wildlife and beach activities, as well as those who can’t imagine a vacation without a walk to the historical sites, will love it here.

The most important symbol of the island and its highest point is Mount Santa Caterina, its height is 314 meters. The mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions, and at its summit you can find the island’s main historical monument. Here you can visit the Forte di Santa Caterina. It was built in the Middle Ages and was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Today, it is accessible to the public and near the historic structure there are several excellent viewing platforms. Copyright

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Travellers who want to learn more about the daily life and ways of the indigenous people should visit the nearby island of Tonara. Fishermen have worked here since ancient times and have made vast work sites for them on the island. This is where the fishermen used to take the catch of tuna, gut it and then pass it on to the merchant ships. There’s also a salt factory and a few old windmills on the island.

The main historical attraction is the Florio factory, which is used for processing tuna. Here you can see a lot of interesting industrial buildings and boats. Nowadays the factory is often used for a variety of cultural events and exhibitions. Fans of natural attractions will enjoy the picturesque island, you can walk through the extensive vineyards and green plains.

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For hiking the east coast of the island, Bue Marino, is the best place. Decades ago the limestone was quarried and used to build all the buildings in Sicily. Today there are excursions through the picturesque countryside, which offer fascinating insights into the industrial past of the island.


The Egadilandia steam train, which takes you through the most beautiful parts of the island, has become a landmark. This fascinating ride is ideal for tourists who have limited time and want to see the most beautiful parts of Isola Di Favignana. History lovers will find it interesting to walk through the capital of the island, the town of the same name. There is a central square and an ancient church with emerald domes (la Chiesa ), as well as several interesting monuments dedicated to prominent locals in the vicinity of the port area. Among the island’s natural attractions are the extensive tropical gardens and the limestone caves, which are abundant in the coastal zone.

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Life on Isola Di Favignana has not changed much since the days when the local settlers took to the sea in sailing or rowing boats and where the internal combustion engines …

The island’s great treasure is its colorful beaches, among which Cala Rosa is the most famous. It is considered the most beautiful beach in Sicily and one of the most picturesque beaches in Italy and its main feature is the crystal clear water, with different shades of blue. Here will be comfortable to rest and connoisseurs of peace time, and lovers of scuba diving.


No less attractive is Bue Marino beach, located in the bay of the same name. In this part of the coast are abundant deposits of tuff, in the strata which under the influence of water and wind have formed a very beautiful grottos. There are interesting boat tours, during which you can see the most picturesque places of the coast, and this beach is also perfect for lovers of diving and snorkeling.

Isola Di Favignana is a paradise for lovers of cycling. Two-wheeled friend is best to rent in the capital of the island. It should be noted that the closer to the port, the higher the prices in … Open

The bay of Cala Azzurra attracts tourists with its incredibly beautiful water of rich turquoise color. In contrast to this is the narrow strip of light colored sand, which is rare on the island. The beach of Lido Burrone is considered the most crowded and lively on the island, with excellent facilities and infrastructure.

Cultural attractions in Isola di Favignana


The way of life on Isola Di Favignan has not changed much since the days when local settlers went to sea in sailing or rowing boats, internal combustion engines were still unheard of, and electricity could pass for magic. As a matter of fact, the local settlements had not changed much since the Middle Ages. The same narrow streets, intersecting at various angles to confuse enemies who attacked the city. The same neat little houses, whose stones are remembered by more than one generation of local fishermen. In short, the local villages are historical landmarks in their own right.

In the main square of the capital of the island you can see a monument to a rather old man in a very stylish suit of the 19th century. It is Ignazio Florio, a man whose actions have left a significant mark on the history of the island. Ignazio, for most of his life, owned a tuna processing factory, built back in the 17th century and very advanced for its time. The businessman was clearly going from strength to strength, as in 1876 he bought Isola Di Favignana and the other islands of the Aegadian archipelago. During his ownership of the island, the life of the local fishermen improved considerably and they erected a monument to their benefactor.


On Isola Di Favignana will appeal to all lovers of the New Age, the industrial revolution and industry in general. The fact is that the same Florio family factory through which all the tuna caught in the waters of the Aegadian Islands has passed since the 17th century has survived. Of course, production on it was stopped many years ago, but, nevertheless, very many devices, machines and machines remained intact. And the building itself, built more than three centuries ago, is of considerable interest. Moreover, Florio’s factory is now often used by the local authorities as an exhibition space.

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Another important landmark of the island is the castle of St. Catherine. It is situated at 310 meters on the top of the mountain of the same name, from which, incidentally, there is a very interesting view of the island. The castle was originally the site of a single tower, built in the 9th century by the Saracens. Later, the Saracens left the island and the new owners decided to rebuild the tower to a castle. In the 15th century Andrea Riccio, lord of Isola di Favignana, rebuilt the fortification again and the castle acquired its modern appearance. More cultural attractions

Entertainment at Isola di Favignana


Isola Di Favignana is a bicycle lover’s paradise. The two-wheeled friend is best rented in the capital of the island. It should be noted that the closer to the port, the higher the prices in local rentals increase. This is understandable: people often come to the island just for a day, and such tourists often do not want to search for a rental throughout the city and use the nearest noticed service. If you have the desire and time, it is better to look for a good mountain bike rentals closer to the outskirts, this will save significantly.

I must say that in the high season to look for a bike rental after 10-11 pm – pretty futile exercise, all two-wheeled friends by this time already tend to have temporary owners. This popularity of biking on the island is understandable. Isola Di Favignana boasts kilometers of beautiful and rather deserted roads that connect not only the settlements, but also the beaches and all kinds of natural sites. There are trails for all tastes – both gentle and with great differences in altitude, both long and short. One thing is unchangeable: all of them pass through incredibly beautiful places.

However, if you don’t know how or don’t like to ride a bike, that’s okay. Isola Di Favignana is also good for walking. If you want, you can rent a scooter or even a car. The car, however, will not give rent a driver under twenty-one without an international license or someone who drives a car for less than a year. Whichever way you choose to travel around the island, it is worth finding time to get to the top of Mount Santa Caterina. Even the most physically challenged can climb it, and the 314 meter summit offers spectacular views of the Aegadian Archipelago.

Be sure to visit Red Bay, aka Cala Rosa. To find this famous beach is quite easy: there are signs on the road, and any local will be able to tell you the way. Clear turquoise water, limestone rocks, protecting from the wind, the small number of people – what else do you need to be happy? Lido Burrone is suitable for lovers of well-appointed vacation spots, and the bay of Cala Azzurra will appeal to photographers, because the local waters have an unusual bluish hue. More about entertainment

Attractions for families with children in Favignana


Isola Di Favignana is the largest island of the Egadi archipelago. For many years the locals have been fishing, but in the last half century tourists from different countries, including children, have started to come here. Holidays in Isola Di Favignana will appeal to children who are active and curious, ready to travel around the island, not sit for hours in the hotel, staring at your smartphone. Despite the lack of infrastructure designed specifically for children, such as large playgrounds or amusement parks, staying on the island even with a toddler is quite comfortable.

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This is largely due to the attitude of the locals themselves. Italians love and pamper children, both their own and other people’s. So in a cafe Isola di Favignana your child can be treated to ice cream and served with a special high chair, and in any hotel or apartment you can easily accommodate a child of any age. If your child loves and knows how to ride a bike, it is worth renting a two-wheeled friend and ride it around the island. Iron horse is better to take in places away from the port, where prices will be lower. It’s worth noting that in the season it’s best to look for a suitable bike in the morning, otherwise by lunch time there may be nothing left.

And there is a place to ride. Kilometers of roads, ideal for cyclists of all ages, connect all the island’s attractions and natural sites. If you want, you can take your child on a real bike trip for the day. Be sure to climb to the top of Mount Santa Caterina. It is relatively low, only 314 meters, so even a baby can stand the climb. Meanwhile, the views from this point on the island are magnificent. And what teenager can resist the temptation of taking selfies in such a beautiful place?

The top of Santa Caterina is not only an observation deck. There is a real castle, which is sure to be of interest to kids and teenagers alike. Little dragon and princess lovers will want to see the abode of real knights, and schoolchildren will be interested to see the real monument of the era, about which the textbooks tell. Santa Caterina Castle was built in the Middle Ages and was sieged and plundered more than once. Scientists think that several times it had to be rebuilt practically from scratch. Now the fortress is in pretty good condition for its age. More about children’s attractions

The island of Favignana, the Egadi Islands – a piece of paradise on earth!

Travelling around Sicily, no matter what the purpose: conquering Etna or a beach holiday in Syracuse, you just need to plan a whole day or even two to visit the island of Favignana. Man, as a rule, does not like to regret what he did not do, and vacation in Sicily you in any case, you will remember for a long time, but without the visit of the Aegadian Islands, it will be like a cake without a cherry. But would you know it without visiting the island of Favignana?

Island of Favignana, Sicily

The island is very small, 6 by 3 km. It is divided into two parts, one flat with the most beautiful beaches in Italy and the other hilly with an old fortress on top of the hill. To get around Favignana you can rent a car, but it is not necessary. In recent years, bike rentals have been gaining popularity here, of which there are many in the main city of the island. And on a bicycle you can get to places where there is no road for a car.

Port on the island of Favignana

Port on the island of Favignana with a view of the fortress

You can see the whole island in 1 day and have time to lie on the best beaches. If you want, you can stay with the night, but no more than one, as 3 days on the island to do nothing, only if you’re not a fan of beach holidays.

A little about the prices: the prices on the islands are slightly higher than everywhere else in Italy. About the average Italian prices on the example of Naples, you can read in detail in the article: Prices in Naples.

Aegadian Islands, how to get there:

  • Getting to the Aegadian Islands is cheapest and fastest from the city of Trapani. From the port there is a fast boat that leaves every 50 minutes and reaches Favignana in 30 minutes. Warning! Carrier Liberty lines, the price of roundtrip ticket is 18 euros per person. The only carrier has such a price, the rest have about 50 euros, so be careful. The ticket office looks like a stall, the location can be seen on the map below.
  • Also a little advice for those who get motion sickness on the plane and at sea, before departure, take a few pills against motion sickness, it will not be too much. And take a seat at the end of the ferry, it’s not as bumpy as the bow.
  • The ferry-boat (Italians call it a ferry, but for us it is a boat, so below I will write it both ways, so it’s the same thing) is pretty big, accommodates about two hundred people. Tickets are sold without seats, you can take any seat . The arrangement of the seats resembles an airplane 3-4-3 seats in a row.
  • After you get off at the port of Favignana, the fun part starts. You need to rent a bike. Fortunately, there is a pond of rentals. At 100 meters from the pier you can rent a bike for 5 euros a day. In the city center for 3 euros. I note that all the distances on the island are ridiculous. From the port to the city center it’s a slow walk in 7 minutes. It takes about 40 minutes maximum to get by bicycle from the city center to the most remote part of the island.
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What to see on the island of Favignana (map):

Let me tell you right away that people don’t come to the island for architecture, shopping, or even for gastronomic delights, although there are plenty of them. They come to Favignana for the insanely beautiful sea and beaches, and we were no exception.

So, what do we do after renting a bike on the island? That’s right, hit the road.

Egadi islands by bicycle

Egadi islands by bicycle

On the way to the adventures.

Only need to be on the road to take water or other beverages to quench your thirst. First: there are no stores on the way and the beaches to be visited, not yet very popular with tourists. Secondly: not far from one of the beaches we met a cart with soft drinks for 5 euros a bottle of water, the humanity of the seller was completely absent.

The first beach on the way was Cala Rossa. It is quite difficult to call it a beach in the sense of the word beach, as we imagine it. There is no sand, pebbles and even a descent into the water. But there is an insanely blue lagoon and gorgeous steep cliffs. You can just sit and enjoy the beautiful views. We did find a place to go down to the water and swim. Below are a few pictures of Cala Rossa.

A place isn’t empty, this also applies to a chair in a godforsaken place. My wife and Vica and Vanya were speechless because of the new sights.

After a break of an hour and a half, we got on our bikes and rode to the most beautiful beach in Italy – Bue Marino. I should point out that until this day, for me, the most beautiful beach was the beach in the north of Zanzibar Nungwi.

The drive to Bue Mariono takes 20-30 minutes on this road.

The road on Favignana

Even 50m before the beach you can’t see it, and this enhances the effect of the appearance of the beach. You drive up to the edge of a cliff and in front of you open up views that are beyond words. There is no point in writing further, there will be just pictures:)

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50m to Bue Marino beach Bue Marino beach is a piece of paradise. The girls pose more than they bathe, they have the right to pose.

Near this beach you can not miss the huge quarries where 100 years ago they quarried the stone for the construction of buildings all over the island. You’ll need a flashlight to get inside. The attraction is massive and man-made.

The entrance to the quarry near the beach Bue Marino.

We didn’t want to leave the beach, but after two hours we went to Cala Azzura beach. The beach was not as beautiful as the first two, it was understandable, the bar was raised to an unattainable level, but it was deserted and we had a great time without tourists and locals.

Island of Favignana

bue marino view from above

Just a nice picture

Deserted beach Cala Azzura

At 16:00 we returned to the port of Favignana, handed over the bikes and, waiting for the ferry, went to eat a local delicacy, which oddly enough can be eaten only in the Aegadian Islands. We haven’t seen it in any other place in Sicily. And the delicacy is a fried fish sword. The cost of the dish is 8-12 euros, and can be found on the menu of any restaurant in Favignana. I recommend everyone to try it.

At 18:00 arrived the ferry, and in half an hour we were in the port of Trapani, to continue our unforgettable journey through the Sicilian cities and attractions.

To summarize: even though Sicily itself is an island with plenty to do and see, we shouldn’t forget that off the coast of Sicily there are many smaller islands and archipelagos (the Egadian Islands, the Liparian Islands, etc.), all of which are worthy to be seen.

The island of Favignana is definitely worthy of your attention!

If the beaches and the sea are what you are ready to give up everything and go on a trip, I advise you to read the article about beach vacations on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal.

Have a memorable trip!

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