Irish souvenirs you might like

What to bring back from Ireland: National souvenirs, healthy gifts and traditional sweets

Gorgeous landscapes, mild climate, traditions, friendly and hospitable people of Ireland attract many tourists every year. But all of them are concerned about the standard problem of what to bring from Ireland to please the family and friends, and not to deprive themselves.


Returning from a country where you liked the cuisine or certain foods, you surely begin to miss them. And it is very desirable to share impressions with loved ones, so that they learned about the different tastes that you were able to try. Therefore, deciding what you can bring from Ireland, the choice is often stopped on the sausages, cheeses, chocolate, sweets, tea and more.

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Irish Cheeses

For example, you can buy cheese, here it is simply magical. It can be soft, hard, with a variety of flavors, smoked. However, the best cheese is made in the towns of Wexford, Tipperary and Cork. The same goes for sausages, which you can buy for yourself or for the road. They are sold in apple, honey, plum, basil, etc.

The Irish are big tea drinkers, especially since their tea is of excellent quality. Choose Irish Breakfast, Barry or Lyons in a nice package and feel free to give it to your friends.

What to bring back from Ireland for your sweet tooth? Candy, chocolates and fudge. Small chocolates with whiskey or liquor flavor are especially good.

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And, of course, very symbolic and unique will be a gift in the form of a Guinness pie. By the name it is already clear what is included in the recipe.

In general, no one refused from the tasty things, so feel free to buy edible souvenirs, they will always be happy your loved ones, tasting Ireland.

Alcoholic Drinks

Leaving Ireland without the famous whiskey is akin to a crime. What can you bring from Ireland as a present to your best friend, father, brother? Certainly “the water of life”, because this is how the word “whiskey” is translated from the Old Celtic language. As a rule, the choice falls on such drink brands as Jameson, Dew Bushmills, Midleton or Tullamore. As a souvenir, mini versions are sold in a box, which are accompanied by a beautiful glass.

Different brands of whiskey

In addition to whiskey, you can also buy beer, especially Guinness, Ohara’s or Murphy’s red ale.

If you are interested in what to bring from Ireland as a gift for a woman, then do not hesitate to choose Baileys liqueur. Its subtle aroma and exquisite taste will please any girl. Or buy a honey wine Bunratty Mead, which is also not without refinement.

Style and finesse

A gorgeous and expensive gift can be crystal. Ireland prides itself on the quality of its crystal products. And the world’s collectors value it no less. Such brands as Waterford, Galway, Tipperary and Tyrone have earned an excellent reputation.

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Crystal glasses

It is believed that the best quality crystal products are achieved in Watford, where the masters work by hand, putting their heart into each piece.

You can buy glasses for whiskey or champagne, ashtrays, vases, shot glasses. The main thing is to bring everything in one piece.

In addition to crystal products, you can find pewter ware. Indeed, objects of home utensils made of this alloy have a unique feature not to change their quality in contact with food.

Traditional clothes

It is for you to decide what to bring from Ireland – souvenirs, sweets, alcohol, or dishes. But we can definitely recommend to pay attention to a certain kind of clothes – an Aran sweater.

Aran sweater

You can buy this thing everywhere: at fairs, bazaars, in stores or souvenir shops. You can not say that they are inexpensive – such a quality thing a priori can not be cheap. After all, for the knitting of these sweaters is used merino wool, which has amazing properties. It is not cold in winter, but not hot in summer. In addition, it is waterproof. In these sweaters sailors went to sea, it is not afraid of rain or snow. It is also often decorated with Celtic patterns or words. For example, wishes of happiness, money, success.

In addition to the sweater, Ireland sells gorgeous, stunning lace. Dresses, tablecloths, or shawls made of Irish lace are great to give as a gift to a woman.

Things made of tweed are in great demand. It is of excellent quality and will always protect in any weather. These can be caps, capes, jackets, coats, scarves, etc. Anyone will be glad to get such an expensive and useful gift.

And do not forget about the famous Irish plaids. Knitted, decorated with patterns, warm plaids will warm you and your loved ones on cold winter evenings.

Music as a gift

If you want to surprise and please your family and friends, and the amount does not matter, then splurge on a musical instrument. An authentic Irish bagpipe will decorate any home. You can even play it at some merry party provided your neighbors won’t call the police.

Irish bagpipes

Besides the bagpipes, as a souvenir from Ireland you can bring the tambourine or the whistle. Or in the extreme case if you choose the budget option, disks with the national music of the country.

Leprechauns everywhere.

If you can’t stop drinking whiskey in time, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter leprechauns. These little gnomes from Irish folklore have become a real symbol of the country.

Fairy leprechauns

You can buy them absolutely everywhere. Sweets, dishes, brooches, key chains, stuffed toys and more are sold in the form of leprechauns. Images of these little people you can see on t-shirts, caps, notebooks, notebooks and postcards.

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You can’t come back from Ireland and not bring a leprechaun with you. You can buy a plate in the form of his shoes or a keychain. Children are sure to love the various sweets in the form of a cheerful little gnome.

Shamrock for good luck

And now what to bring from Ireland as a must. Of course, the main symbol is trefoil. These are the small petals of clover. It is believed that it brings good luck and good fortune, so all tourists try to buy this little talisman in any form.

Jewel in the form of shamrock

In Ireland itself you can find his image everywhere. On umbrellas, accessories, dishes, clothing, toys and even furniture. If the gift is for a girl, she will love a trefoil brooch or pendant. For men, you can give a T-shirt or a cap. And be sure to buy magnets with it. What hostess will not like it if on her fridge will be a symbol of well-being. And at the same time and can boast that some of the family visited Ireland.

Celtic Decorations

Be sure to pay attention to jewelry and costume jewelry. For both women and men there is a huge selection of Celtic style jewelry. Women can choose from earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and bracelets. Men can also choose bracelets or earrings in one ear. Such jewelry is sold in souvenir shops or directly on the street from local vendors, which makes them several times cheaper than the store.

If you want to choose something more expensive, visit jewelry stores. There Celtic jewelry is made of gold or with precious stones.

If you’re wondering what souvenirs to bring from Ireland for a married couple, be sure to give them claddagh rings. They depict two hands holding a heart with a crown in the middle. It is usually given either as a token of friendship or as an engagement ring. The hands here symbolize a strong friendship, the heart symbolizes love and the crown symbolizes loyalty.

Claddagh Ring

Such rings are sold in silver, which is much cheaper, and in gold with stones, which you can also buy in jewelry stores.

Cosmetic products

Probably many people have heard about the cosmetics company of network marketing “Oriflame”. So the research center of this company is located in Dublin. So you can safely buy these products as a gift to your relatives.

What to bring from Ireland – 10 ideas

Every traveler, who comes to Ireland, has a desire to bring home a lot of things that are traded here in small stores, that are offered by street vendors, that are displayed in the windows of large centers. But there is no need to rush: it is better to bring from the Irish land colorful things that fully convey the character of its people. Let’s try to figure out what to bring from Ireland as a gift to your friends and what to buy for yourself.

What to bring from Ireland

Irish delicacies

Isn’t it possible not to bring home local products from Ireland?

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Irish Cheeses

Perhaps we should start with cheese, which every gourmand will be happy about. Ireland has a variety of cheeses: smoked and unpasteurized, milky and nutty, with and without crust; very soft and hard. The best cheeses in Ireland are said to be made on the Beare Peninsula, in Cork, Wexford and Tipperary.

Superquinn Sausages

Superquinn Sausages

Perhaps the most original thing about meat in Ireland is the thick, mouth-watering sausages that come with various additives: plum, basil, smoked garlic, honey and mustard, and apple. Only Tesco Finest offers these. And at SuperValu you can buy Superquinn Sausages, which taste just as good.

Barry Tea

Barry’s Tea

There are two very good teas in Ireland: Barry’s and Lyons. The Irish cannot decide which one is the best so they recommend tourists to try both. The other teas should not be taken into account.

For people who like sweets, you should try Baileys or Guinness, which are small chocolates with different fillings. Such sweet souvenirs are sold in packs of 100g for 3€.

Alcoholic Drinks

“What to bring from Ireland as a gift for a man of alcoholic beverages?” It’s very simple. Of course, whiskey – because it is a real strong man’s drink. The Irish, known for their cheerful disposition and ability to have fun, were very successful in its production.

However, their honey wine is also excellent. But the wine is more suitable as a souvenir for women and those who do not like strong alcoholic drinks.

Honey wine should be stocked in advance, while the whiskey is better to take at duty free – it is cheaper.

Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is recognized as the oldest alcoholic drink in Europe. Originally it served as a cure for a variety of infectious diseases, now experts say that it heals the soul. It is not for nothing that “whisky” is translated from Old Celtic as “water of life”.

There are 4 types of whisky produced in Ireland (each matured for 8 to 15 years):

  1. Single Malt – made with 100% barley malt.
  2. Single Grain – made with barley grain.
  3. “Pure whiskey”, green unsprouted barley grains are added to give an original flavor.
  4. Blended is produced by blending the three aforementioned types.

The best known and most popular whiskey brands are:

Michael Collins Single Malt 10 Year Old Whisky

  • Bushmills Blended Irish, a mild drink with distinctive flavor notes of pear, apple and vanilla.
  • Connemara Peated Single Malt has a pleasant flavor of peat and a sweet flavor.
  • Powers Gold Label Irish with a slight taste of wood, vanilla, spice.
  • Kilbeggan Blended Irish is suitable for beginners, it is slightly scalding, with a slightly sweet flavor. Michael Collins Single Malt 10 Year
  • Michael Collins Single Malt 10 Year Old is also good for beginners.
  • Teeling Small Batch Irish meets with the taste of honey, caramel and malt, and then there are notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, clove and cinnamon.
  • Yellow Spot Single Pot Still Irish has a faint taste of oak, black pepper and allspice, but the taste of honey, cream and peach appears first.
  • Tullamore Dew Blended Irish is characterized by a combination of fragrant green apple and caramel, and over time the flavors of black pepper and spices with a slight hint of chocolate.
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Bunratty Mead Honey Wine

Bunratty Mead

For a very long time, honeyed wine remained at the peak of popularity in Ireland, but now it is no longer in great demand. Although this wine has a unique and exquisite aroma and a pleasant, curious taste.

In Ireland, honey wine is sold under the Bunratty Mead label, with semi-sweet, sweet and dry wines.


The next pride of the Irish is crystal. The crystal goods of brands Waterford, Tyrone, Galway and Tipperary are highly valued by collectors from all over the world.

Crystal, the pride of the Irish

Meanwhile, the Irish are convinced that the highest quality crystal is produced in the city of Waterford. There are several factories where crystal is still made manually using ancient technology, and products with even minor defects are immediately broken. High-end crystal can be distinguished by a watermark depicting the name of the brand.

Even if a crystal souvenir from Ireland is quite small, you can be sure of its authenticity.

Dress Irish

Irish tweed is a very popular cloth and Aran knitting is world famous. As a gift for friends or relatives such items are rarely used because of their high cost, but you can find something original for yourself.

Aran sweater

An Aran sweater made with traditional techniques will not only remind you of your time spent in Ireland, but will also be a worthwhile investment. Thanks to the special knitting technique and the high quality of the wool used, these garments have a number of advantages:

  • they are waterproof;
  • in cold weather do not let you get cold, keeping your body warm;
  • in warm weather they allow to keep the body temperature, and do not allow overheating.

Celtic ornaments are a kind of amulets, protecting the wearer. Zigzags, nets, braids – all these can be “read”, knowing the symbols.

Aran Sweater Market

Aran Sweater Market

Aran sweaters can not be called cheap, which is why as a souvenir they are bought and brought by few people. In Ireland, children’s sweaters for children aged 7-9 can be found for about 150 €, things for adults will be more expensive – the price can be up to 350 €. For quality and beautiful models you should go to Aran Sweater Market, The Donegal Shop and Sweater Shop. Moreover, in these stores you can buy a variety of accessories: knitted mittens, socks, scarves and so on.

Knitted Mittens

If finances are limited, you can go to TK Maxx. Of course, the search there will take a lot of time, but if you are lucky, you can pick up an Aran sweater at a much more affordable price: discounts can be up to 70%.

You can also check the catalogs at Sale or Outlet sites and order the model you like with delivery to your hotel at any time you like, which can cut your expenses by up to 30%.

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Tweed is something you can bring from Ireland, either for yourself or as a nice gift. But, since there are so many fakes, you should buy such products at the family factories in Donegal. There visitors are allowed into the premises, they are shown the ancient looms and told about the peculiarities of production.

Tweed Jacket

Tweed coats, jackets, hats and scarves are sewn in Ireland. In cold humid weather there is no better substitute for tweed clothes, so they will always be a useful gift.

Irish lace

Irish Lace

Such a souvenir as Irish lace will be perfect as a gift for a woman. In stores with antique goods you can find exquisite vintage lace, but it is very expensive. There’s a renaissance of many crafts in Ireland right now, and the trendy boutiques often sell modern lace goods made with old-fashioned techniques. Such things look very original and stylish.

Traditional souvenirs of Ireland

Charm in a shape of a shamrock

A great souvenir from Ireland will be any souvenir with the image of shamrock clover – you can buy it literally on “every corner”. The Irish say that a cloverleaf can bring luck and happiness, so most tourists try to take souvenirs with this symbolism.

Leprechaun statuette

The most famous characters of Irish folklore are leprechauns. Almost every retail outlet offers a huge selection of figurines of this fairy tale character, made of a variety of materials. You can also buy cookies and other delicacies that look like leprechauns. There are many things on this theme: embroidery, dishes in the form of a leprechaun’s shoe, soft toys, chests with chocolates in a gold wrapper.

The Irish love music, so you can find folk folk cassettes and CDs in many gift stores. In addition, a good (and expensive) gift for music lovers can be one of the national instruments: flutes whistle, bagpipes, boyrana.

Celtic cross earrings

For both men and women in Ireland, you can pick up Celtic-style jewelry as a gift. There are earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, and they offer an assortment of different price categories. If you want to buy more expensive jewelry for yourself, you need to go to Argos – there you can find the famous Claddagh rings at much more affordable prices than other jewelry stores offer.

Pound shops and Dealz stores offer an extensive selection of souvenirs. Therefore, knowing that you need to bring from Ireland gifts to many people, it is better to go straight there.

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