Ireland is a country of beautiful nature and architecture

The 20 Most Beautiful Sights of Ireland

This small country in the north of Europe welcomes almost 6.2 million tourists every year, which is 1.4 times more than the entire population of Ireland itself! This is strong evidence that this corner of the world is definitely worth a visit. What’s more, in 2011, Ireland was voted “the best place in the world” by the readers of Lonely Planet. Another reason to go on vacation here.

A visit to Ireland usually begins with Dublin, the country’s largest city, which is home to almost a quarter of the population. It’s a beautiful city with a very unusual architecture, which has preserved its unique charm, and very different from other European capitals. Another very popular Irish city among travelers is Cork, famous for its ancient history, famous people and numerous attractions. On the whole Ireland has a lot to offer for tourists – medieval gothic castles, perfectly preserved majestic cathedrals, stunning architecture, unique monuments of nature, original culture and local customs.

What to see in Ireland?

The most interesting and beautiful places, pictures and short description.

Glendaloch Valley

Incredibly picturesque valley, which appeared due to the glaciers in the eastern part of Ireland. Glendaloch is known for its monastery, built back in the sixth century! Now this site is recognized as one of the main attractions of the country and attracts thousands of tourists. There are also clear lakes, unusual round towers, green hills, and many small hotels for tourists in the valley.

Glendaloch Valley.

Skellig Michael

“The Rock of the Archangel Michael” is a beautiful island with a monastery that was built at the end of the sixth century. Now on the island there are the ruins of ancient buildings, the functioning lighthouse and a lot of beautiful natural nooks. Excursions to the island of Skellig Michael are organized, because to get there alone is difficult.

Skellig Michael.

Macross House Museum Manor.

This manor house, which has become a museum, is located in the center of Killarney National Park. The estate is known for its unusual architecture, beautifully preserved interiors, and picturesque garden and arboretum. Every year, Macross House Manor hosts a cultural festival that attracts many travelers.

Macross House Estate Museum.

St. Stephen’s Green .

This is Dublin’s central park, created back in 1664. St. Stephen’s Green is known for its waterfowl pond, a garden for blind visitors, a walkway with numerous cafes and stores, lush flowerbeds and fountains. There is also a medical school in the park and an old cemetery adjoining it to the north.

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St. Stephen's Greenway.

Great Western Greenway.

This is the longest bicycle route in Ireland. Starts in Westport and goes through very picturesque parts of the country – old villages, green hills and the rocky shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The views are dizzying and the experience is rewarding for the outdoorsman.

Great Western Greenway.

Powerscourt Manor Garden

This is the most beautiful garden and park complex in the country and is often referred to as “Ireland’s premier garden. The castle itself was built in the 13th century and has been rebuilt and restored many times since. Today the castle is surrounded by an unusually lush themed garden with fountains, sculptures, ponds, staircases, gazebos and an ancient tower.

Powerscourt Manor Garden.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Dublin)

Ireland’s largest cathedral dedicated to the country’s most revered saint. It is believed that it was St. Patrick who freed Ireland from snakes and did much to shape the national consciousness of the country. The cathedral is Anglican, very beautiful and austere. At one time its dean was the famous writer Jonathan Swift.

St. Patrick's Cathedral (Dublin).

Blarney Castle

The Blarney Castle, which survives today, is the third fortification built in this corner of County Cork. Its massive walls have withstood several attacks and defended its occupants reliably. Blarney Castle is famous for its stone of Eloquence, which grants such a talent to all who kiss it.

Blarney Castle.

The Aran Islands

Three picturesque islands, Inishman, Inishmore and Inishire, lie off the west coast of Ireland. Remarkably, the islanders, who have lived isolated from the rest of the country, have managed to preserve their unique customs, in particular, they still build low currah boats and wear the national dress.

The Aran Islands.

Shopstreet in Galway.

You can come to Ireland not only to visit pubs and hike through medieval castles. Here you can also walk the shopping streets and buy stunning, unusual items from local designers. Shop Street in Galway, in the west of the country, has a good selection of stores where you can find just about anything.

Galway Shop.

Guinness Beer Museum

It is an iconic place in Dublin, which attracts not only lovers of “the foamy drink”, but sober people as well. In the museum you can learn about the traditions of the brand, see a collection of beer kegs, listen to a lecture about the dangers of alcohol, and most importantly – to taste the most famous varieties of Irish beer in the bar “Gravitation. By the way, entrance to the museum is free.

Guinness Beer Museum.


One of the most famous “small towns” of Ireland, which became the first city in which the national government implements the program on solving environmental and energy problems. Kinsale is known for its many restaurants, unique architecture, and the annual Gourmet Festival of Haute Cuisine.

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Kilkenny Castle

Another gem of Ireland, the pride of the country is the beautifully preserved 12th century castle. It’s famous for its glorious history, beautifully preserved interior, and the regular park laid out around it. The park is definitely worth a stroll to see the beauty of the beds with strict lines, as well as the ancient fountain.

Kilkenny Castle.


One of the oldest landmarks in the country and a national treasure of Ireland. Newgrange is a megalithic cult structure, whose age exceeds 4.5 thousand years! It is a corridor tomb with mounds and burial chambers, spiral patterns and drawings on the stones. Newgrange is often compared to Stonehenge.


Kilmanham Prison

Built in the 18th century, the prison is now a very popular museum. At one time thousands of prisoners were held here, including Irish independence fighters. Among its inmates were both women and children aged 7 and under, the conditions of which could by no means be described as comfortable or even acceptable.

Kilmanham Prison.

The Ring of Kerry

A very popular tourist route, which passes through the territory of County Kerry, on the picturesque peninsula Iverakh. The length of this route is 166 kilometers, on the way tourists are waiting for several castles, a waterfall, a monastery, a medieval church, beautiful villages and many other interesting things. You can travel along the Ring of Kerry by bus, car, bicycle, there are also walking roads.

Ring of Kerry.

Moher Cliffs.

Visiting these cliffs is recognized as the most popular Irish attraction – over one million people visit this corner of the country every year! The cliffs at Moher offer spectacular views of the Aran Islands and the Atlantic Ocean, which have been featured in several music videos and movies. Today there is an eco-friendly visitor center.

Cliffs of Moher.

Grafton Street

One of Dublin’s busiest shopping streets. Almost its entire length it is pedestrian, replete with stores, cafes, pubs and restaurants. Musicians, poets, actors, jugglers and mimes constantly perform on the street. For many of them, Grafton Street has been a regular workplace for many years.

Grafton Street.

Trinity College (Dublin).

One of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning not only in Ireland but also in the whole planet. Trinity College was founded in 1592 and over the years it has produced many famous people, such as Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde. By the way, Trinity College was one of the first in Europe to accept women as students.

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Trinity College (Dublin).

Cashel Rock.

Aka St. Patrick’s Rock, the ancient residence of Irish kings. It was here in the 5th century that the patron saint of Ireland himself lived and preached. The Rock of Cashel is known for its rather well-preserved ancient buildings, in particular the fortress walls, the Romanesque church, the Gothic cathedral, the tallest and most ancient round tower of the country.

Cashel Rock.

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Independent, rebellious and freedom-loving Dublin often welcomes visitors with drizzling rains, winds and frowning skies.



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Not far from England, occupying almost all island with the same name, Ireland stretches. A small state, on the territory of which there are a lot of historical sites and ancient medieval buildings, it is buried in greenery and fog, towering its rocky cliffs over the stormy waters of the ocean.

Ireland is an ideal place not only for recreation and tourism. It is a country with a rich history and picturesque nature, where everyone can find something to do.


Glendaloch Valley Ireland

The valley of glacial origin, it is located in a small county. Famous for its ancient monastery, which dates back to the sixth century, it is a picturesque natural area, standing out for its special landscape.

Ireland-Glendaloch Valley Ireland

Skellig Michael Ireland

As a cliff island, Skellig Michael is the largest island of the group of islands of the same name. Measuring no more than a few square meters, it was a haven for the monks who built a monastery on it, cutting out the cells

Ireland-Skellig Michael Ireland

Macross House Museum Ireland

Located in Ireland’s largest county, the Macross House Museum is a nineteenth-century manor house that has become one of Ireland’s premier historical landmarks. Situated in the center of a national park, it is valuable not only for its architecture but also for its authentic decorations.

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Ireland-Museum Manor Macross House Ireland

St. Stephen’s Green Dublin

Located in the heart of Dublin, St. Stephen’s Green Park is a favorite place to walk. Dating back to the seventeenth century, it covers nine hectares and features beautiful ponds, cascading fountains and shady walkways.

Ireland-St. Stephen's Green Dublin

Great Western Greenway.

Originating in the town of Westport, the Great Western Greenway is the longest hiking trail in the country, winding its way through some of the country’s most scenic natural attractions and leading to the coastal cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ireland-Great Western Greenway

Powerscourt Manor Garden Ireland

Surrounded by a beautiful garden, this ancient manor house is another major historical landmark. Erected in the eighteenth century, the mansion has been altered and rebuilt several times, and gardens have been added around it. The grounds are now home to the Italian and Japanese Gardens, the Tower Valley, and the Garden Beyond the Walls.

Powerscourt Manor Gardens Ireland

St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Dublin)

The ancient cathedral, built centuries ago, stands out among the other buildings for its size and the length of the complex. It is the largest church in Ireland. While not a bishop’s pulpit, the cathedral is of particular value as a historical landmark.

Ireland-St. Patrick's Cathedral (Dublin)

Blarney Castle Ireland

Built in medieval times, this mighty structure sits in the middle of a lush valley in the south of Ireland. Overlooking a picturesque loch, it’s a fine example of medieval architecture which has survived almost unchanged until the present day.

Blarney Castle Ireland

Aran Islands Ireland

Characterized by natural scenery and unique flora, the Aran Islands, consisting of three separate islands, are located in the west of the country. Capturing the Galway Straits, they are famous for their large cluster of historic sites in their territory and excellent hiking trails.

Aran Islands Ireland

Shopstreet in Galway.

One of the most famous tourist spots in the city itself is Shop Street, a pedestrian street that is home to a host of stores and fashionable boutiques. Surrounded by old buildings, Shop Street also stands out for its street musicians. Here you can hear songs from different times and groups, and even order your favorite song.

Shop in Galway

Dublin Guinness Beer Museum

Opened in an old building of the factory of the same name beer brand, which is the most popular among the citizens of Ireland, the museum tells about the history of the company, traditions and rules, peculiarities and secrets. Among its exhibits is a collection of equipment, documents, photos and recipes.

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Ireland Ireland Guinness Museum Dublin

Kinsale Ireland.

A small colorful town in County Cork is famous among tourists for its cafes and restaurants. It serves national food, and a large “Gourmet Festival” is held here every year. Notably, Kinsale is even the hometown of the famous chef Kate Floyd.

Ireland-Kinsale Ireland

Kilkenny Castle Ireland

Built in the twelfth century in the city of the same name, the castle was for a long time in private ownership and only in the twentieth century it came under government control. Now it is an open to the public historical site, an example of medieval architecture.

Ireland-Kilkenny Castle Ireland

Newgrange Ireland.

Part of the Bru-na-Boin complex of megalithic structures, Newgrange is a corridor vault. Its date of creation is two thousand five hundred B.C. The tomb is now a national monument.

Ireland-Newgrange Ireland

Kilmanham Prison Dublin in Ireland

A former prison used for its intended purpose until the early twentieth century, Kilmanham is now a museum complex. Inside, the authentic prison setting has been preserved and there are various guided tours of the prison.

Kilmanham Prison Dublin Ireland

Ring of Kerry Ireland.

Located on the Iveragh Peninsula, the Ring of Kerry is another popular hiking route. About one hundred and sixty kilometers long, the hiking trail leads through the most picturesque plains and skirts the peaks of low green mountains.

Ring of Kerry Ireland

Cliffs of Moher Ireland

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Cliffs of Moher are a beautiful natural landmark. They offer a dizzying view of the ocean and the surrounding area, and the cliffs themselves rise one hundred and twenty and two hundred and forty meters above the water.

Ireland-Mohair Cliffs Ireland

Grafton Street in Dublin

A shopping street in the heart of Ireland’s capital is a popular tourist destination. As a pedestrian street, it is famous for its rows of stores, stores, boutiques and restaurants, where you can find everything for every taste. Here you can also buy great souvenirs.

Ireland-Grafton Street Dublin

Trinity College (Dublin).

Opened its doors in the mid-sixteenth century, Trinity College, part of Dublin University, was once founded by Elizabeth the First herself. It is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning, famous not only for the quality of education but also for its historical significance.

Ireland-Trinity College (Dublin)

Rock of Cashel Ireland

Sometimes called St. Patrick’s Rock, the famous tourist attraction is the ruins of a medieval castle located in the city of the same name. Erected in the twelfth century, Cashel has over time grown into legends and stories, and is now popular with tourists.

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