Interesting observations of tourists in Thailand

Getting to know Asia: 9 observations about life in Thailand

The first trip to Asia is always a sea of impressions and surprise about the peculiarities of the local life, so different from the European. Katya shared some interesting observations from a trip to Thailand, and gave some tips for those who are going to come here on vacation.

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Catherine Tochanenko

Travelers will understand me: the state before a trip is priceless. The trepidation of the unknown, a little bit of anxiety, but the anticipation of new experiences is elating. This time the excitement was even greater, because the trip to Thailand was for me an introduction to Asia.


Asia. What is it like? It really is different. Even now when I come back it is hard to explain. Try describing what a tomato tastes like, or how to ride a bike, to someone who has never tried it. How easy is that?

One thing’s for sure: Asia is really worth seeing for yourself. Admire the incredible beauty of nature, experience the culture, see the people and their way of life. Of course, the ideal is to allocate at least 3 weeks for a trip and travel to different countries and cities.

In my case, the trip was short, but nevertheless, the experience is no less vivid. The arrival point was Thailand, Bangkok. The itinerary included a vacation on the island part, in the province of Krabi (Ao Nang) and a trip to the nearby islands. Also the last day in the country managed to allocate for Bangkok (which is incredibly small for this city, but definitely an excuse to return). The difference between the capital and the resort part of Thailand is really great.

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Facts about Thais that will surprise you:

  • Most Thais on the islands live quite poor and ascetic lives. In the palm groves nestled small villages, which consist of small wooden buildings. Sometimes it seems that these frail houses are made from the branches of the same palm trees, which are so much around. When you look around, the first thing that comes to mind is, “So that’s what they are, the tropics. The sheer amount of greenery is pleasing to the eye. Green is a new black.
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In a village like this, everything is so compact and cramped that the school, prefecture (court) and prison buildings can be side by side. The little schoolchildren, short-haired boys and girls with karees, are dressed in the same uniform for each class, with the same briefcases and shoes. It seems that after school, their biggest entertainment is buying ice cream on a stick. At the same time, they are cheerful and carefree and happily wave to tourists in passing buses. Another confirmation: happiness is not in the money, but in the simple pleasures of life.


It is tourism brings Thais who live on the islands, the key income. Probably because of this, as well as due to special features typical of the nation – tolerance and helpfulness – the level of service is really high, tourists are always treated with care and respect.

  • Be prepared to always be under the scrutiny of others. Even despite the many tourists, light skin for the locals – a gimmick, so you will be looked at, sometimes can not distinguish (here the situation changes dramatically – because for many Europeans will be on the same face) or asked to take a picture with you.
  • As a consequence of the previous point, the cult of whitening that reigns in the Thai kingdom (as well as in the whole of Asia). Millions of skin whitening products, separate shelves in stores with cosmetics with a whitening effect – from masks and tonics to bb-cream, which promises magical brightening in a matter of hours. Many well-known global brands have created separate lines of cosmetics, taking into account this trend. The simple law: if there is a demand, there will be a supply. How about a sunscreen with a whitening effect?



The trend is also reflected in women: a bleached face covered in rice powder creates a stark contrast to the naturally tanned skin. Sometimes it seemed that skin whitening procedures are not alien to men too.

  • Perhaps due to the specifics of my occupation (I am a marketer) the “male face” of advertising did not go unnoticed for me. Indeed, the main characters in many advertising campaigns are men. Cosmetics, smartphones, household chemicals, etc. If for us it is usual that the majority of advertising photo shoots are decorated by women, then here it is vice versa.
  • Speaking of the island part of Thailand, it should be noted that the resort of Krabi is characterized by a fairly small number of Russian tourists (in contrast to Phuket and Pattaya). When choosing an accommodation should be guided by the type of rest you like, the solitude or “civilization”. We stayed in Ao Nang (province of Krabi), the key advantage of which – a good infrastructure: a lot of stores, cafes and restaurants – everything is “at hand”.
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The objective disadvantage of living in Ao Nang is not the most beautiful beach, which is more like an ordinary city. Nevertheless, we stopped in Ao Nang and did not regret a bit – because from the boat station every 10 minutes boats go to the nearby peninsula – Reilly, with a colorful beach (sail about 20 minutes, round trip cost about $ 8) The peninsula has 4 different beaches, as well as caves and observation deck. Unexpected discovery: to climb to the observation deck (“Viewpoint”) must be about 25-30 minutes climb up a cliff with a dirt surface (from insurance only a tightrope along the cliff, though, there are ledges and roots, for which you can cling). In general, not everyone goes up to the observation deck.

Also, a lot of tours to other islands (you can choose a package of visits to several islands (for example, the cost of a day tour of 4 islands with entry into several beautiful bays and lagoons – 30-40 dollars) or a whole day to spend on one island (10-15 dollars each way).

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