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Sweden became independent in the early 16th century, and the official name of this amazing Scandinavian state is the Kingdom of Sweden. In ancient times, this part of the earth was called Svea, and in 1892 an asteroid discovered in space was named after the country’s name. But let’s return to earth, and today in our article are interesting facts about Sweden, its population, history and unusual traditions.

Flag of Sweden

The flag of Sweden is one of the oldest in the world, and it leads its history from the XV century during the reign of King Carl Knutsson Bunde. There was a war between Sweden and Denmark at that time, and the Danes already had their own flag. Charles simply borrowed the flag, changing the colors on it. He took the blue and yellow colors from his personal coat of arms – three yellow crowns on a blue field.

In the 19th century, Swedish King Oscar II was given several songs from which he had to choose a national anthem. He liked the song that began with the words “Du gamla, Du fria!” – “You are old, You are independent!” This song has since been sung as the national anthem of the beautiful and proud Scandinavian country.


Division of Sweden

Sweden is divided into 21 districts, which bear the name of lännen. Remarkably, but each county has its own dialect, so when talking to a Swede, you can immediately recognize in what part of the country he lives.

Two Languages

Sweden Language

In this Scandinavian country, there are two languages – “easy” and “difficult. In everyday life, the Swedes use, of course, easy, and if in a conversation to use the words “subjective,” “raid,” you will be considered a very educated man. By the way, Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace” is translated into “easy” and “difficult” languages in the country.

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In the original language


All cinemas show movies in their original language, simply accompanied by Swedish subtitles. So, watching a Russian film with Swedish subtitles is quite easy.

The long-lived


The Swedes, along with the Japanese, are long-livers, because the average life expectancy in this Scandinavian country is equal to 81 years. Experts note that the main factors of longevity are clean air and peace of mind of the Swedes.

Carlson is everywhere


Since childhood we all know the story of Karlsson, who lives on the roof of Stockholm. But Russian kids on a visit to Stockholm are surprised that there are no streets and squares named after the famous Swede. Although Carlson in Sweden is more than 300 thousand, and this is the third most popular name. But the first place is firmly held by the Andersons.

First names and last names


A little bit more about the surnames. Many Swedish surnames end in “son” – Johansson, Karlsson, Eriksson. The thing is that “son” is “son,” so the Swedes didn’t get too wrapped up and added the word “son” to the name. But the most common names in the country are Karl and Maria.

Mother’s name

Mother and children

In Sweden, in contrast to other countries, at birth the baby is given his mother’s surname. But the father has three months to persuade his wife to give the child his last name. If he fails, the child automatically takes the mother’s surname.

A boy and a girl

Swedes are obsessed with gender equality. This mantra has been drummed into their heads since kindergarten. Just recently, following this simple principle of gender equality, one of the kindergartens of the Scandinavian country forbade naming future men “boys” and, consequently, girls “girls”. Here are such interesting facts for children in case your parents decide to emigrate to Sweden.

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Children and Punishment

Juvenile justice

In Sweden, it is not accepted to punish children, and to reprimand another child, in general, is considered the height of bad manners. The Youth Welfare Offices are very strict about parenting, and they may even take a child away from the family if they receive a signal that a child is being punished.


Swedish table

The famous “buffet” dates back to the Middle Ages, when guests who came over, were put out all the food at once in large bowls. Guests and hosts did not delay with the meal and ate it all at once. Thus, there was more time for socializing.

Clean air

Nature in Sweden

The Swedes are crazy about ecology and they love animals. Even killing a sparrow in the city park can get you six months in jail.

Kindness and compassion


Swedes, despite their complicated character, are very kind-hearted people. If you happen to get in trouble and people at work find out about it, the whole team takes care of the problem.

Slow life


When young Swedes finish school, they don’t rush to go to school, but rather prefer to go to work. Because of this, it has become common to see students in their 30s at universities.


Alcohol in Sweden

On weekdays you won’t find drunken people on the streets of Swedish cities, but on weekends they are practically on every corner. The interesting thing is that they sell alcohol from the age of 20. If you come for the third time one day to buy a bottle of alcohol, you will be refused on the grounds that you should drink less.

Shared laundry facilities

General laundry

In order to save energy in Swedish apartments it is not customary to have a separate washing machine, but each house has a laundry where you can wash, dry and iron your laundry in turn.

avid fishermen

Fishing in Sweden

The Swedes are avid fishermen, but fishing for them has more of a sporting interest than a means of sustenance. After catching a fish, it is released, after taking a picture with the catch. By the way, pike in Sweden is not considered edible.

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Working mothers

Working moms

Swedish women after childbirth prefer to go to work right away rather than stay on maternity leave. Therefore this country has the highest percentage of working mothers compared to other European countries.



And here is just what Sweden is famous for, these cars, “Volvo”. It is considered the safest car in the world, although other car giants may argue with this.

The famous Swedish band AVVA is still considered one of the most popular music groups in the world. Every year they sell 2 to 3 million CDs with songs by the legendary Swedish foursome, which just recently announced their reunion.

A great invention


The match we use everyday was invented by Swede Gustavrik Pasch back in 1844.

Avid sports fans


Swedes love sports, especially soccer and hockey. In any bar stand large plasma screens, and the bar itself is divided into zones – for hockey fans and soccer fans.



Sweden can rightly be proud of its beautiful women. Swedish women, with traditionally blond hair and blue eyes, are some of the most beautiful in the world. In addition, almost all beauties with a great tan obtained under the sun of ski resorts.

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National cuisine

national food in sweden

Swedes have very tasty national cuisine, but Swedes do not like to cook at home, preferring family trips to pizzerias, pubs or other fast food establishments.

Free dental care

Swedish Facts: Dentist

Until the age of 20, all Swedes can get free dental treatment. Noteworthy. You can make an appointment with the dentist as often as you like every week, and all extractions, preventive care, and dental treatment are still free.


Swedish krona

Sweden is, as everyone knows, a kingdom. At one time, Sweden joined the European Union, but did not abandon its own currency, so in Sweden in use are the krona, not the euro.

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Swedish Facts: Balloon

The city of Stockholm is the only capital in the world where ballooning is allowed.

Rational use of territory

The Narrowest Street

The development of Swedish cities has a clear structure and order. The houses are neat and the streets are in perfect order. There is not much land, so the Swedes are trying to build up as practical as possible in cities and towns. By the way, Sweden has the narrowest alley in the world. Its width is only 90 cm, and it is named after Morten Trotzig.

The Swedes and the “Russian mafia”

Swedish Facts: Russian Mafia

The anti-Russian propaganda in Sweden is quite effective, and most Swedes prefer not to go to Russia for fear of the mafia. Hopefully, the last World Cup, where the Swedish national soccer team reached the 1/8 finals, broke this stereotype.

30 Swedish Facts

Stable stereotypes exist about every country in the world, and, of course, they did not spare Sweden. But much of the established opinions, has nothing to do with reality, and hopefully, in this article, we dispelled some of the myths about Sweden, or maybe, on the contrary, confirmed them.

TopCafé asks you to write in the comments what facts about Sweden you found most interesting and unusual.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated since it was originally published in July 2018.

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