Interesting facts about life in China – what you can’t find out from books or blogs

Interesting facts about life in China – what you can’t find out from books or blogs

1.There’s a large percentage of vegetarians in China.

2.The oldest calendar in the world is the Chinese lunar calendar. It has 12 signs of the zodiac. The date of its creation is considered to be 2006 B.C.

3.About 30 million Chinese people live in cave houses called yaodong. This is more than, for example, the population of Australia.

4.Ironically, there are over 54 million adherents of the Christian faith in China.

5.The death penalty is widespread in China. Four times as many convicts are executed here as the average in major countries.

6.In 1973, when there was a population crisis in the United States, China offered to bring 10 million women to deal with the crisis.

7.China is considered the oldest civilization in the world.

8.Vegetables in China are never eaten raw. They are either boiled or steamed.

9.Rich people in China hire doppelgangers and send them to prison in their place if necessary.

10. In China, the level of air pollution is many times higher than allowed.

11. China has the third largest land area in the world.

12.China is the most populous country in the world. Approximately one in five people in the world is Chinese.

13.In order for the military to learn to hold their heads straight and high, as on parade, a needle is inserted into the collars of their uniforms, pointing with the point to the neck.

14.In the Chinese city of Dunyang, eggs boiled in the urine of virgin boys are a recognized delicacy.

15.The record for the biggest traffic jam was set in Shanghai. It was 99 km long and lasted 12 days.

16.China is to blame for 29% of San Francisco’s air pollution.

17.Holidays in China all start at the same time, before the New Year.

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18.Every year 4 million cats are eaten in China.

19.Everyone knows ketchup appeared in China as a fish sauce called ke-tsiap.

20.The air in Beijing is so poisoned that breathing it is like smoking 21 cigarettes every day.

21.Toilet paper first appeared in China in the 1300s. It was only used by members of the Imperial family at the time.

22.The bat in China is a symbol of good luck. Its image can be found everywhere on household items and traditional clothing.

23. The Chinese were the first in the world to use stirrups, in the 3rd century B.C.

24. There are about 64 million empty houses in the country and there are entire ghost towns.

25. Tai chi, a Chinese martial art, is done on the streets in the morning.

26. China has closed access to popular Western Internet resources.

27. A Chinese factory plans to replace 90% of its workers with robots.

28. Shanghai and Beijing are the largest cities by population.

29. There are more than 80 thousand characters in the Chinese language. But an educated Chinese who has graduated from university knows about 5 thousand characters.

30. Swallow’s nest soup is popular in China. By the way, it is considered a delicacy in other Asian countries.

31.There is only one time zone in China.

32.People in China drink alcohol only in large groups.

33.Archeological findings that have been found in China are up to 8000 years old.

34.70% of China’s population wears glasses.

35.The famous Great Wall of China is the largest and longest cemetery in the world. According to numerous reports, its

its construction cost the lives of more than one million people.

36.Chinese lanterns are an integral part of Chinese culture. It is believed that they appeared in 250 B.C. It is a symbol of long life and prosperity.

37. Ice cream first appeared in China. From there, Marco Polo brought the recipe to Europe.

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38. Every year, the Chinese use 74 billion pairs of chopsticks. That’s 1.7 million cubic meters of wood or 25 million trees.

39. China invented paper, gunpowder, the compass, and the typewriter. Also, some researchers claim that the country invented the wheel.

40. China shares its borders with 14 countries and is bordered by 4 seas. The climate is very diverse, with both subarctic and tropical climates.

41. In China they add flavor enhancers to all food products.

42. 56 nationalities live in China.

43. The Chinese don’t eat cottage cheese and don’t drink milk.

44. Acupuncture (needle therapy) originated in China over 500 years ago.

45. Pandas have lived in China for several million years. They are a symbol of strength and courage. The Chinese emperors kept black and

white bears because they were believed to ward off natural disasters and evil spirits.

46.As early as the sixth century B.C., the inhabitants of China were using natural gas for heating. This technology was inaccessible to Europe for almost 2,000 years.

47.China is a world producer of mushrooms. It produces 60% of the world’s consumption of mushrooms.

48.The largest hydroelectric power plant in the world is located in China. It is located on the Yangtze River.

49.According to an agreement with the largest record labels, Google gives Chinese people the opportunity to download music for free.

50. One of the most beautiful places in China is the city of Yangshuo. It is located in Guangxi province, which is known for its karst hills, it is very picturesque.

Interesting facts about life in China – what you can’t find out from books or blogs

Interesting facts about China and its inhabitants

1. In the morning and evening, the Chinese people dance and do sports . Early in the morning in China, people go out and do sports and dance. The same thing happens in the late evening. And it’s not only the young people, but also the elderly who lead an active life.

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2. It is not necessary to say “thank you”. The Chinese are not accustomed to thanking, if the service is paid for, what is the point of saying “thank you”? If the help was gratuitous from relatives or acquaintances, it is in the order of the day, mutual help is extremely important in Chinese culture.

Interesting facts about life in China - what you don't learn from books or blogs - Photo 2

Interesting facts about China and its people

3. China has a peculiar ice cream. Foreigners having tasted ice cream in China often do not want to buy it anymore. The well-known delicacy is too overcooled and resembles snow and ice. However, when there is a lot of bean or corn-flavored ice cream on the shelves, it is hard to resist buying it.

4. According to local customs, the red color scares away evil spirits. When celebrations are held, a huge amount of red fabric is necessarily used. Not only the floors but also all the walls and ceilings are decorated with it. Red cloth with lanterns of this color scare away evil spirits.

5. The Chinese love holidays. In China, there are a huge number of holidays, which have their roots in the distant past. For example, the Harvest Festival is held on the eighth day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar. On this day, the Chinese have been pickling garlic for more than three thousand years.

Interesting facts about life in China - what you can't learn from books or blogs - Photo 3

Interesting facts about China and its inhabitants

6. In China, they often treat with plain water. The Chinese do not like to drink tea, they prefer ordinary water, but only hot water, because it purifies. Some Chinese women do not even eat ice cream, believing that it is bad for their health and appearance.

7. The Chinese cuisine is very rich and delicious. But for the fans of the European cuisine, you should not look for the usual dishes in the Celestial Empire. Even the pizza in Chinese restaurants looks terrible. Chefs for some reason add sugar and fruit here, which can make a true Italian angry.

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8. White is a mournful color in China. Although foreigners try to avoid white when going to China, it is the most popular color in the Celestial Empire. Especially a lot of white cars . But the Chinese are trying to avoid completely white, some parts must be a different color.

Interesting facts about life in China which you can't learn from books or blogs - Photo 4

Interesting facts about China and its people

9. Foreign films in China are shown without dubbing. Chinese children can go to any movie theater, even if there are age restrictions. But no foreign films will be translated, you’ll have to watch with subtitles. It’s amazing that locals still don’t know English perfectly.

10. In Chinese barbershops every employee has an assistant. The number of barbershops in the Middle Kingdom is enormous, they are usually dirty, but the workers are professionals . Each employee of a barbershop does his job, if one cuts the hair, the second washes the hair, and the third one dries the hair.

Interesting facts about life in China - what you can't learn from books or blogs - Photo 5

11. China has a low crime rate. There are a lot of surveillance cameras in the country, the Chinese can enter their courtyard with a special pass, so strangers are rare here. Not surprisingly, parcels delivered by shipping companies are right on the street in front of houses and no one steals them.

12. some children in the country have a sticker on their forehead. This is how adults, such as teachers or educators want to praise a child. This is a kind of seal, which “gives out” for the good behavior of the baby, although it will fall off after a couple of hours.

13. It is customary to celebrate the New Year in new underwear . According to local traditions, the New Year should be celebrated in new underwear only, all the old should be left behind. This applies not only to underwear, but also other clothes, including jackets and shoes.

China – this is an amazing country, which has many interesting moments. If you live in a country just a couple of days, you can ignore this, but if you live a little longer, you’ll have to learn a lot over again.

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