Interesting facts about Ireland

Top 35 most interesting facts about Ireland.



The island nation of Ireland at the westernmost tip of Europe strikes the tourist with unusual traditions and unique natural beauty. And also here are surprisingly hospitable and responsive residents. Ireland is a very small country, but the Irish are very proud of it, and also the fact that people from a small island state can be found anywhere in the world. But it’s time to confirm all of this and present a list that includes only the most interesting facts about Ireland.

Symbols of the state

Irish coat of arms. List of facts about Ireland

Not many states have musical instruments depicted on their coat of arms, but the Irish coat of arms has a golden harp on a dark blue background.

The famous Irish trefoil and the Celtic cross are also world-famous symbols of the country. You can also add a wonderful breed of hunting dogs – Irish Wolfhound.

People of the world

Irishman. 35 facts about Ireland

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 25 million citizens of this North American country wrote in the questionnaire about their Irish ancestry. And in Australia, the descendants of people of Irish ancestry a little more than half, and in total there are more than 80 million Irish living outside the island.


Brigitte of Ireland. Lots of facts about Ireland

In addition to St. Patrick, who for the example of the leaf of the clover explained to the Irish the trinity of God, in Ireland they also venerate Saint Brigitta. Brigitte of Ireland, patroness of the country, was famous not only for her miracles, but also for her special mercy and kindness, and throughout her life she never refused to help anyone.

Famous Architect.

James Hoban

Continuing the theme of Americans with Irish roots, it is worth remembering the Irish architect James Hoban, who was the author of the design and construction of the White House in Washington.

Son and grandson.

Society of Ireland

Most last names in the country begin with “Mac” or “O’,” which translates to “son” and “grandson.” In Russian transcription it would sound something like this – Semyon son of Peter, grandson of Yegor.

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National Language

Irish Language. Lots of facts about Ireland

The national language of the Irish is Irish (Gaelic), but only 380 thousand people speak it fluently, and 1.6 million say they know their native language. And this despite the fact that the population of Ireland makes up 4.6 million people, and if we include Northern Ireland, then the whole 6.5 million.

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For life

Prohibition of abortion.

What makes Ireland different from all the countries of the European Union is that it is the only EU country where abortion is forbidden by law. The only exception for such an operation may be the threat to the life of the mother. also has a list of all countries that prohibit abortion today.

The oldest maternity hospital

Rotunda Hospital. Lots of interesting facts about Ireland

In 1745, the Rotunda Hospital began operating in the city of Dublin, which, in addition to providing medical services, also delivered babies. Today, it is the oldest operating maternity hospital in the world.

Historical Justice

St. Patrick

St. Patrick, the patron saint especially revered by the Irish, was a Roman, not an Irishman. Incidentally, the Christian saint is also the patron saint of Nigeria.

Separate Learning


Though the Irish are the last of the nations of Europe to embrace Catholicism, they are deeply religious people after the Poles. Schools in the country are only for Catholics and Protestants, and the two religions are taught separately.

Pub. CC0

Pubs are a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. Here you can not only have fun, watch soccer or rugby, but also schedule a business meeting. In the capital alone there is one pub per 100 inhabitants. Dublin has a population of 1.4 million people, so do the math…

The oldest drinking establishment

The Brazen Head

Ireland is also home to the oldest pub in the history of mankind. The Brazen Head pub started in 1198, but it’s still open today.

Verona - the city of romance

Beer lovers


In addition to the famous Guinness, Ireland also brews Smithwicks and Harp Lager. In terms of beer consumption, the Irish are in second place in the world after the Czech Republic, with a per capita beer consumption rate of 131 liters.



In 1880, workers refused to work the land owned by British manager Charles Boycott. The word “boycott” has since been used to refer to a form of political and economic struggle by workers for their rights.



Ireland’s favorite holiday has its roots in antiquity, when the festival of Samhain was popular in the green expanses of the island. It was a Celtic holiday marking the end of the harvest. It’s a full week of festivities on Samhain. They start three days before the holiday itself, and then party for three days afterwards.

Modern technology

Modern Technology

Interesting facts about the country would be incomplete without mentioning the fact that Ireland produces a quarter of all computers of the total number produced in the European Union.

In addition, the country is one of the world leaders in the export of high-tech software.



Remoteness from mainland Europe led to some peculiarities of Irish fauna. Tourists will not meet here snakes and ferrets, there are also no roe deer and moles. But the number of cats is huge, and their number is twice the number of dogs.



The whole world thinks that all Irish people are redheads, but in fact the people with natural copper hair color and funny freckles are only 9% of the total number of Irish people.

For good luck


If the Russians for the birthday of a child usually pull his ears by the number of years turned, the Irish for the birthday of their child turn him upside down and hit him on the floor. Naturally, how old the child is, so many blows. They say it brings good luck…

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An archaeologists’ paradise


There are many ruins of buildings and settlements of different times in the vast expanses of Ireland. Even the authorities themselves, and the relevant authorities do not know their exact number.

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The enormous Titanic, which, according to the announcement of its creators, was unsinkable, but nevertheless sank, was assembled at the shipyard in Ireland.

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Deepest Mine

Tara Mine

The Tara Mine is the fifth deepest mine in the world, but in Europe this zinc mine is the largest.

The Great Scientists

Tindal John

It would take a long time to list all the famous natives of Ireland, but John Tyndall is considered the first scientist to be called a physicist. And William Edward, an Irishman, was the first person on Earth to calculate the temperature of the sun.



Most stores are closed on Sunday, and on weekdays many open at 12 noon and stop serving customers at 6 p.m. Only Thursday is considered a “long” day, when the doors of stores are open until 9 pm.

The Olympics of their own.

The Olympics

Interestingly, archaeologists have found evidence that back in the Bronze Age the island held its own Olympic Games. There is also written evidence, and in the sources of these competitions are called “Tailtin Games”.

Berries and mushrooms


Every corner of the island in large quantities grow blackberries, strawberries, you can meet thickets of sea buckthorn and a large quantity of mushrooms. But for some reason, quiet hunting for tasty berries and mushrooms has not become a habit of the local population.



The Irish are one of the most reading nations in the world. But, remarkably, they are used to borrowing books from libraries, of which there are many in the cities, and few people keep large collections of books on the shelves at home.

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Crime, one of several facts about Ireland

The country has a fairly low crime rate, and theft is almost non-existent, well, except that Dublin has the highest percentage of such crimes in the country. Of the low number of burglaries, residents often leave windows open and doors in houses and apartments are made of flimsy materials.

Dublin in Winter.

When it snows in Dublin, with a population of a million and a half, the city virtually comes to a standstill. The Irish prefer to build their houses on the hills, and when it snows, they may not show up for work. But it must be affirmed that it is impossible to get from home to work without a car.


The Irish. The 35 most surprising facts about Ireland

Upon graduation, young Irishmen prefer to continue their studies abroad, many of whom remain to work outside Ireland. But the Irish prefer to grow old in their homeland.


Weather in Ireland.

Despite their love for their homeland, the Irish constantly complain about the weather. In their opinion, there is no good weather in their country, and it is always rainy or cold.

Knowledge about Russia


Almost all tourists from Russia, claim that Irish knowledge of the Russian Federation is limited to the words “vodka”, “matryoshka”, “perestroika”. By the way, everyone thinks that Gorbachev is the best leader Russia has ever had. So much for the effectiveness of Western propaganda…

More than people

cell phones. A few facts about Ireland

In Ireland the number of registered cell phones exceeds the total number of the Irish population. And you can find a cab in Dublin at every turn.

Some records…


Everyone knows that Ireland is home to the famous Guinness beer, and the Guinness Book of World Records records the whole world. The Irish also have their own records. They are the most fierce Catholics among all believers, they have the most fiery dances in Ireland and they have the biggest yacht club in the world.

Lake Geneva region in Switzerland

Not just by dancing…

Eurovision. Few facts about Ireland

But, and lastly, one last record. The Irish are a very funny and talented people in the world. Representatives of this amazing nation have won the Eurovision Song Contest 7 times.

In conclusion.

Interesting facts about Ireland (CC0)

As we can see, Ireland is a country that really can only be admired, and its centuries-old traditions easily coexist with the innovations of progress.

That’s the end of our facts about Ireland, maybe our reader knows something else about this European country and share his knowledge in the comments. Write also which of the presented facts about Ireland surprised, pleased or disappointed you the most.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated since it was originally published in August 2018.

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