Interesting facts about Colombia

Interesting facts about Colombia


Welcome to, our dear readers. Forget about what you knew about Colombia. Yes, for most people this state is still associated with drug lords, mafia and violence. Today, however, Colombia is one of the safest countries in South America. The government regularly introduces laws to prevent violence and protect the country from its drug past.

And today we will introduce you to this amazing country. In this publication, our dear readers, we have collected all the most interesting facts about Colombia. We hope that the information from the article will be useful not only for children and schoolchildren, but also for an adult audience.


Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world, behind Brazil and Vietnam. Throughout the country, thousands of coffee plantations, which are owned by small farmers, can be found. The country produces about 10.5 million tons of coffee annually.


Before the arrival of Spanish colonialists, the territory of modern Colombia was inhabited mostly by semi-nomadic tribes. Since 1499 the territory was called New Grenada (together with Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador).

Colombia gained independence from the Spanish colonial regime in 1810. In 1849 slavery was abolished there. And finally in 1886 the formation of the Republic of Colombia was proclaimed.


Because of the country’s close proximity to the equator, its climate is generally tropical. That is, there are only two seasons: rainy and dry. As for temperature, its fluctuations throughout the year are insignificant. The average annual temperature in this country is around +23 degrees Celsius.


In Colombia great attention is paid to preserving the linguistic purity of the official language, that is, Castilian Spanish. Surprisingly, in Spain itself a smaller proportion of the population speaks Spanish than in Colombia. Spanish speakers in Spain represent 99% of the population. Spanish speakers in Colombia are 99.2% of the population.

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In addition to Spanish, 180 indigenous languages and dialects belonging to large language groups such as the Arawak (Maypura), Chibcha, Caribbean languages, Tupi Guaraní, etc. are spoken in the country.


Colombia boasts a variety of flora and fauna. It ranks second in the world for the number of animals living on its territory, second only to Brazil. It is home to a huge number of animals, birds, and more than 45,000 plants.

There are many endemic animals found only in Colombia.

There are also more than 59 national parks, which include tropical forests, deserts, islands, marine areas and even coffee plantations.


If you visit Colombia and listen to the radio or watch TV, you will notice that the national anthem is played every day at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. sharp. Colombians have long been accustomed to this, because the television and radio media are required by law to play the national anthem.


Colombia has the second largest number of national holidays in the world. There are a total of 18 national holidays in this country: 12 are Catholic and 6 are civil holidays. In first place is India, with 21 national holidays.


The national flag was officially adopted on December 17, 1819. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes of yellow, blue, and red. Each color has its own symbolic meaning:

  1. Red signifies the blood of patriots shed in the War of Independence.
  2. Yellow represents the country’s natural wealth.
  3. Blue represents the freedom and independence of the state.


Colombia is one of the top 10 countries in the world for the number of plastic surgeries performed. Naturally, the main patients of plastic surgeons are women. Approximately 300,000 plastic surgeries are performed in the country annually. It is worth noting that the leaders in this regard are the USA and Brazil, where annually about 1.5 million plastic surgeries are performed. Russia is also in the top 10, with about 150,000 plastic surgeries annually.

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If you visit this state, you can see amazing palm trees. Here grow the tallest palm trees in the world, which can reach 60 meters. There are about 14 species in the world and 7 of them are found in Colombia. The largest number of tall palm trees are found in the Cocora Valley.


The capital of Colombia is the city of Bogota. It is the most populous city in the country, with about 8 million people. The second most important city in the state is Medellín. Today it is the industrial center of Colombia. The third most populous city is Cali. Today is home to many multinational companies.

The most important city of the country on the Caribbean coast is Barranquilla. It is the largest industrial and industrial center of the country, as well as one of the main ports of the Caribbean region.


Today, about 48 million people live in this state. All residents are divided into such ethnic groups:

  1. About 58% are mestizo. Spanish colonizers intermarried with the natives (Indians).
  2. About 20% of the population is Caucasian.
  3. About 14% are mulatto (descendants of Negroes and Europeans).
  4. About 4% are Negroes.

Indians in the country are only 1%.


Colombian culture has been strongly influenced by European, particularly Spanish, American, African and Caribbean traditions. This can be seen in art, literature, cuisine, music and sports. Soccer is the most popular sport among Colombians.

At this point our publication has come to its logical conclusion. We hope our efforts were not in vain, and that you found something interesting and useful for you.

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