Indian Yogis – who are they?

Indian Yogis. Who are they?

In 1970, the film “Indian Yogis. Who are they?” (Kievnauchfilm). There was a pretty serious analysis of yoga exercises by specialists in medicine. It seems quite logical that medicine should seriously study the beneficial effect that yoga has on the body. However, this has been reduced to the proverbial esoteric, aliens and the rest of RenTV. Why this was done seems obvious to me: it’s much more profitable to stuff a person full of pills than to show them a couple of exercises.

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Yeah yeah yeah yeah–a couple of exercises and you’ll be fine, just stop eating all the fat–baked–cooked and other unhealthy stuff first, and you won’t need any exercise there

What are your health arguments?

Yeah, I wish I could elaborate.

It’s not about the controls. It’s about the climate. Where it’s warm it’s good to do yoga. In a cold climate the body is stressed anyway.

At 16:47, Simhasana is the lion pose. For the treatment of the throat without registration and SMS. Works by increasing blood circulation. That is, not chakras, not chi energy – physiology. I use it myself – sometimes it helps. You don’t have to sit in a pose or growl. I may not sit in a pose or growl, but just stick out my tongue, so it doesn’t always help.

Nah, that’s no way to get out of the LFC.

Depression. Recruitment.

Depression. Recruitment for Health, Exercise, Depression, Home Treatment, Treatment, Unrated, Help, Physical Activity, Yoga, Support, Longpost

Good day to you, friends!

I’m a physical therapist, I’m recruiting a group as part of my thesis work “Yoga Therapy for Depressive Disorder” for free! I’m doing the research as part of my training at ITSO, and my mentor is Sergei Nikolaevich Agapkin, the one from TV).

Just do not think that I’m going to heal with mantras and kundalini energy :)

And I’m not going to go into your head and look for causes in your childhood and so on.

I focus on the physiology and the resources of your body, using methods that have been proven in various studies (I take information from pubmed, if anyone is interested), such as: strength exercises, breathing techniques, light therapy. All of them have a significant impact on the processes occurring in the body. For example, light therapy is not inferior in effectiveness to antidepressants, and light therapy has no negative side effects!

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And now a little about depression

The word “depression” is now familiar to everyone. But in most people’s understanding of depression and bad moods – it’s about the same thing. In fact, it is not.

A bad mood is a normal human reaction to some kind of trouble.

Depression is a painful condition .

Depression consumes our life sometimes imperceptibly, with a bad mood, sometimes with psychological trauma. And then, the story is the same, day by day life becomes boring and uninteresting. Someone is looking for joy in games and alcohol, someone goes to the doctor for help, and someone just goes into himself, locks himself away.

In one way or another, you can and should help yourself!

Especially now, in this difficult time.

Signs of depression:

– Lack of interest and general joy in life

– Depressed, depressed, indifferent mood

– A decrease or loss of capacity for pleasure

– low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence

– inadequate feelings of guilt

– pessimistic vision of the future

– Fatigue or lack of energy

What is the relevance of my work:

In the life of modern man there is a lot of stress and little physical activity – this is one of the causes of depression.

Plunged into a state of “no strength, nothing to do” it is difficult to force yourself to do something, there are always other things to do or tiredness, and the condition from this only worsens.

The solution is “a little bit, but every day”! And another plus, as my teacher says, “the depression will go away, but the buns will stay.”

What therapy is all about:

– Doing a 10 minute Split practice daily , in the comfort of your home, on your own. Preferably in the morning hours. There will be a video.

– Daily filling of the diary, where you mark your practice, your condition and medications you take (dynamics assessment).

– The therapy duration is 8 weeks.

– After therapy we will do a Beck test to check your condition (treatment effectivity).

What needs to be done before treatment:

In case depression will be revealed, write to me – lolo_yoga_ in instagram (there is a transition to WhatsApp in the header of the profile, so it is more convenient to communicate)

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Ask questions, participate in therapy!

I’ll try to help all participants!

My personal top of health myths (stretching, yoga and other detoxes)

In my job as a trainer and massage therapist I constantly encounter enormous misconceptions about health in the minds of my patients. Misconceptions often grow not for nothing, but are sown by unqualified, sorry God, experts who have heard the ringing, but where it is – do not know and generally lazy to understand them and read these studies themselves.

Oooh, the most hit, and at the same time – the most harmful to the end user, phrase/setting/conviction that I have to hear with some frequency from different “like specialist trainers” or the same “massage therapists”:

– You have to do practice, not theory. We are practitioners here, and we learn everything through practice. These scientists can’t understand anything themselves, we don’t need this research and we don’t need to study anything either. Practice, practice and practice again.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Is it possible? If you took two groups of athletes. One group was given stretching, and the other was not, and then sent them on a run uphill for 1 km, and then noticed that after the stretching the effectiveness of the muscles decreased, this probably says something? (Specifically this study is too lazy to find now, but here is a fascinating reading on this subject with lots of proufs).

Or, if you know that the acetabulum or the “ridge” of the acromion has different anatomical features in different people, how unexpected, right? (you can find this information in Kalashnikov’s book too, and no, I’m not PRing him), then you won’t demand from people doing the exercises “along the line” if you are a teacher, or make a pose “like on the picture” if you are a student.

Or read Bernstein and see that it’s not so simple with how our brain allows us to make movements and build repetitive motor patterns. Or study Selle and stop using the word “stress” like idiots on and off.

Anyway, I want to give you my TOP of the most common misconceptions, following which can do more harm than good.

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– Benefits of Stretching . No, stretching is not an unconditional benefit and should not be used as a workout. A flexible body does not equal a healthy one. Stretching can worsen your athletic performance or aggravate lower back problems. I already wrote about it above. Stretching without a clear objective, due to a clearly understood problem (functional shortening of the muscle, spasm) or its prevention is like taking paracetamol, so that “the temperature does not rise suddenly.

– Yoga, this is an ancient doctrine, learned over the centuries, related to the health of the body, so it’s safe and useful to do it. Well, that’s not true at all. What is now being presented as yoga was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time science knew almost nothing about the physiology of the spine and joints, about biomechanics and the principles of organization of movements. Who doesn’t believe it, read at least Mark Singleton or my own review on the subject.

More often than not, fashionable yoga will do you more harm than good.

One of the exceptions. (once again, I’m not advertising anything, not the same, you know, comparative scales between me and these comrades. ), which I can really recommend is a channel of Tatyana Saharchuk on YouTube and the method of correct approach to the spine A. Pakhomov.

– The benefits of massage . First – not every massage is useful. Not every masseur understands what he is doing and why. Many masseurs are not aware not only about the muscle chains, the principles of organization of muscle groups, but do not even know about the main levels of massage (neurohumoral, sensory-motor, mechanical) and can not list the main anatomical landmarks of the massage (which are also arranged in layers).

But even this is bullshit. The most important thing is that the massage therapy is really effective only in conjunction with the correction of the lifestyle, work on stereotypical postures, and most importantly – regular, regular RIGHT exercises, without any suriya namaskar, twisting, opening the chest cavity backwards and diving into the ice hole on and off.

– Detox, detox and cleansing aura of the body. About this it is told well a lot. For example, here is the first Pruth of the search. Well just go to Yandex or Google and for 10 minutes you can learn about this razvodnyak everything and a little more. But no. All the time I hear about it. Oh, and salt deposits. Also from this line.

Lake Ritsa is the pearl of Abkhazia

If you hear about it, it’s either illiteracy, or a scam for money, which is more often. Well, the body does not accumulate toxins in such quantities. If this were the case, you would have long ago sounded the alarm and run to the doctors with questions, and what I have huge circles under my eyes, what the hell with the kidneys and why my skin smells like acetone.

A healthy body normally eliminates the crap that needs to be eliminated, if this crap accumulates (deposited) somewhere, not in such quantities as to affect the health in any way. You just need to move more, not to eat cola and bacon, and not to drink too much.

– Lymphatic drainage. Blood moves because of the heart. Lymph moves because of the movement. Our body has a great lymphatic drainage mechanism – walking. It’s also good not to freeze, so that the body doesn’t have to apply mechanisms of urgent reduction of heat loss. This is especially true for legs. Drainage of lymph due to massage also takes place, but first of all – due to stimulation of the neurohumoral factor, and not just mechanical “squeezing” of lymph to the lymph nodes (although it also takes place). But it has nothing to do with correction of body volume (as here we are talking about hypodermis and interstitial fluid), and in terms of normalization of biochemistry at lymph level it can’t be compared with a good walk in the fresh air.

By the way. If you suffer from swelling on heat or eating errors, it is interstitial fluid, not lymph (it is too small for such effects, if there is no blockage of ducts, only about 2.5 liters in an adult). This is a defense mechanism to prevent dehydration. Drink isotonics (you can make your own from Rehydration Drink, lemon and honey/sugar) and it will get better.

In sports, lymphatic drainage may have merit to increase the body’s rate of recovery, pruf, but again, it is impossible to have this effect without affecting the neuro-humoral level.

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– Myofascial release and other fascial related techniques. If you have heard about T. Myers’ book “Anatomical Trains”, you know that it doesn’t even contain a hypothesis, but just some “creative” vision of the author, who has nothing to do with medicine or sports at all. Reviews on why he’s wrong can easily be found (like here). Functional anatomical circuits are indeed a real phenomenon, but they don’t work in the order that Myers writes. Strictly speaking, the body is capable of creating any necessary muscle circuits to accomplish any given motor task.

It’s much more important to know how the biomechanics of the body’s levers work. Much more valuable is to know how relationships between muscles are arranged and how all this is controlled by the nervous system. But this topic is well known and well studied, you can’t make money off this beautiful concept.

And what does fascia have to do with it?

And what does fascia have to do with it? But many trainers, masseurs, osteopaths try to convince us that fascia controls almost all biomechanics. Well, yes, and the reactions of the autonomous sympathetic NS were just passing by. Fascia is too rigid and inert tissue. There is not a single study that supports the therapeutic feasibility of any intervention on fascia. Here’s a link to a collection of prufos on the subject.

But there’s a little nuance here. If there is a positive effect of MFR or any manipulations with fascia, it is not an illusion and the explanation lies in the plane of the reactions of the nervous system (first of all, the sympathetic section of the autonomic NS).

I think I have covered all the main points. Of course, another topic worthy of a hotel post is cheating patients for money with chiropractic muscle testing, which goes beyond normal neurological testing. But it’s not as straightforward there as with the above topics, and frankly, I’m lazy so far.

Not for the sake of advertising, but still leave the link to my Instagram.

Have a nice day, don’t get sick!

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