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Switzerland’s best ski resorts

Little Switzerland is famous not only for reliable banks, accurate watches and delicious cheese, but also for great ski resorts. Due to the fact that the Alps cover most of Switzerland, this country has become a true paradise for skiers, and the best place to spend a winter vacation is not found in Europe. Let’s go to the Alps and we will tell you about the best ski resorts in Switzerland.



On the slopes of the Matterhorn at the eponymous village, almost on the border with Italy, the most famous and one of the best resorts in Central Europe.

It is equipped with difficult slopes for professionals, as well as slopes for beginners. For convenience there are elevators, and on the territory you can move on snowmobiles. But it is prohibited to enter the resort by car.

The air itself and the magnificent nature have curative properties. It is of interest and the mountain top itself, which has a unique pyramidal shape, covered with snow.



It is the country’s largest thermal spa resort, so visitors come here not only to ski, but also to improve their health in the comfortable treatment centers, saunas and warm spas.

The winter resort is great for families with children. Snowboarders have Fun Park with slopes of varying difficulty, and skiers test their skills on the ski slopes, a total length of 25 km.

Linden Alpentherme is especially popular, where all conditions for health and recreation, from simple thermal pools to Roman-Irish baths and saunas are created.



A resort that perfectly combines comfort and infrastructure designed for a great family vacation. It is one of the oldest resorts in the Alps, with its well-established historical traditions.

Slopes here are of varying complexity, so will suit both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders. The resort itself is divided into four parts, linked by 77 ski elevators, and the slopes stretch for a record 270 kilometers.

History buffs and thematic excursions can have a great time visiting the museums and attractions around Villar.

St. Moritz


A true symbol of Europe, the resort of St. Moritz is the oldest and highest in the Alps at an altitude of 1,800 m above sea level.

It is surrounded by a network of five-star hotels, so lovers of comfort and all the benefits of civilization will feel comfortable. Champagne can be tasted here right next to the slopes, or on the observation decks.

The slopes meet all the requirements of complexity and safety. It is worth mentioning that twice in the history of the Olympic movement the slopes and tourist resorts of St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics.



The resort town is world famous for its annual economic forum, so in late January – early February here just can not find vacancies in hotels.

Snowboarders from all over the world consider Davos the best place for skiing and competitions of different levels. Skiers are attracted not only to the excellent slopes, but also the opportunity to ride at night. Several times a week there are exciting nighttime skiing events.

Everyone can take a sleigh ride pulled by a trio of horses, and children are thrilled to be able to build an ice igloo.



The resort is surrounded by three majestic peaks. The first with the name Jungfrau rises to a height of 4158 m, the second is Minch 4099 m and the third mountain Eiger, 3,970 m.

One of the most popular and comfortable ski resorts, which offers vacationers a lot of services, and the pistes meet modern international standards.

Despite the fact that it is in the list of the best alpine resorts, it is difficult to find luxury hotels, but in the cottages or chalets everything is thought out for a good rest and recuperation.

Le Diablere

Le Diablere

This unique ski resort is situated in the most beautiful place of Europe. The variety of landscapes, fresh air and comfortable hotels attract tourists from all over the world.

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By means of the funicular railway one can get to a height of 3 000 m and go down to the valley on a comfortable ski trail. At this altitude there is a restaurant where you can taste the national cuisine and enjoy the mountain scenery.

Here the glaciers approach the most mountain valleys, and it is the opportunity to view the unique glacial formations up close, along with the magnificent pistes, that have made Le Diablere world-famous.



This small Swiss village hidden among the mountain peaks of the canton of Bern is known to all fans of winter sports.

Tourism here dates back to 1577. It was the year when the first hotel in Gstaad opened its doors for guests. Since then, the flow of tourists with each historical era is only increasing.

The resort is especially popular among the monarchs of Europe, movie and music stars. In addition to skiing, tourists are offered to visit the unique landscape museum, as well as the museum of local history.



For those who are used to spend their holidays noisily, the best place in all the Alps is Verbier. The free riders and snowboarders love to come here.

The tourists are attracted by the opportunity to examine the beautiful natural sights. Especially impressive is the mountain lake Lac de Veau and the slopes of Mount Mont For. It was this majestic peak that brought worldwide fame to the resort, but not everyone dares to descend its slopes.

In the evening, nightclubs, discos, and restaurants will impress you with excellent cuisine and the opportunity to enjoy live music.

Crans-Montana .


This resort is firmly entrenched in the title of the sunniest, and it spreads out on the slopes of the Bernese Alps in the beautiful Rhone Valley.

The first sanatorium opened in this picturesque place in 1899, and today dozens of hotels, medical centers and spas offer recreation and rest. You can sunbathe on lounge chairs right on the grounds of the hotels.

There are historical and natural attractions around, and you can take a bus tour of Cien. Tourists especially love the many hiking and biking trails, and the trails just beckon to go down them on skis.



The quiet Champoussin is part of the Porte du Soleil ski resort, which is situated mainly in France.

There are 650km of great pistes and the hotels are very comfortable and homely. In total there are 15 pistes of varying difficulty, and the village itself is spread at an altitude of 310 meters above sea level.

Tourists have the opportunity to purchase a ski pass and use the services throughout the Port du Soleil, both in Switzerland and in France.

That’s why on the slopes of the resort of Champusen you can meet a lot of beautiful Swiss and French women at the same time.



On the map of resorts in Switzerland Champery has a special place, because it has two green slopes, which are perfect for those who are new to skiing.

The resort is spread in the Viez valley at an altitude of 1,052 m and the highest point of the resort is at 2,152 m. In addition, this is one of the youngest resorts in Switzerland, but has already gained recognition and popularity.

Snowboarders feel great in the specially created for them snow park “Superpark”. There are cafes and restaurants for skiers and snowboarders.



A classic, small Alpine resort in the picturesque region of 4 valleys, and only two kilometers from the town of Cien.

The slopes are 220 km long and are equipped with tracks for beginners and professionals. Comfortable feel here and the children for whom there are special areas for skiing.

Due to the high location of the slopes, the skiing season here lasts until early May. Nature is full of diverse landscapes, and above all this snow and ice splendor towers Mont Fort, and it is the highest point of the resort of Nanda.

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The magnificent resort of Saas-Fee, like a pearl in a shell, is hidden among the highest peaks of the Alps, which are over 4 thousand meters high.

The most beautiful mountain valley, wonderful snow-covered slopes, mild climate are the factors attracting tourists from all over the world. There are special slopes for snowboarders, and skiers enjoy descents of varying length and complexity.

By the way, here functions the highest in the world metro, namely the elevator inside the rock, which lifts skiers to the summit of Mittel-Allalin, height of 3,500m.

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Located in the canton of Vaud, the resort combines three villages – Leysin itself, as well as Les Mosses and La Lecherette – into a single complex.

For everyone who wants to enjoy the slopes there are 100 km of pistes, and they are so comfortable that beginner skiers feel great here. There are 17 elevators, equipment rentals and services of instructors on the slopes.

Pro skiers, on the other hand, prefer more challenging slopes of other complexes. In addition, there is a park for snowboarders, and everyone can relax in the many bars.

Sier Annivier

Sierre Annivier

A relatively new resort area in the Val d’Anniviers valley started operating in 2007, and it was united with other resorts by a unique elevator.

A small resort complex under its name combined several ski villages of Cienne region, and the total length of the slopes here is 220 km. There are 14 elevators on the slopes, as well as comfortable viewing platforms and recreation areas.

While it is not as hyped as other alpine resorts, but already has a good reputation and excellent infrastructure for winter holidays, and most importantly – its guests.



A small but cozy and comfortable resort spreads out at the foot of Wildhorn mountain, and the slopes are equipped with a southern slope, so everything is flooded with gentle alpine sun.

The altitude difference here is about 1 km, and the highest point is located at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level. There are 47 slopes of varying difficulty, and for snowboarders is equipped with a wonderful Funpark Flypark.

Anzère is conveniently located among the transport interchanges and offers easy access to the important cultural and shopping centers of Switzerland.



There are only 54 km of ski slopes here, but many people come here not only to ski, but also to enjoy the natural beauty of the Bernese Alps.

The slopes start at an altitude of 3 600 m and the lowest levels are located at an altitude of 1 650 m. The park has all the conditions for training and competitions. Those who are new to skiing master the new hobby on the green slopes.

For convenience, there are ski elevators, and you can stay in the hotels. Who likes solitude, there are chalets and wooden cottages.



We finish the trip in the picturesque surroundings of the peaks of Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch mountains, and where you will not meet any motorists.

Crystal clear air, sparkling snow on the slopes, great hotels and wonderful trails have long been known to fans of winter holidays. Thousands of tourists rush to Wengen to experience the atmosphere of the Alps and to be refreshed.

It was here that the prestigious international race Lauberhorn is held, which brings together the most famous athletes of the world, and to see it brings together over 40 thousand fans.

Here’s the bottom line

Switzerland's best ski resorts

As we see, Swiss ski resorts are rightly ranked as leaders in the ratings of comfort and safety, and are popular among fans of skiing and winter extreme sports from around the world.

Swiss ski resorts: overview of infrastructure and prices

On the map of Switzerland, ski resorts are presented in all regions. The mountainous landscape of the country contributes to their active development. Athletes from all over the world come here, because the Swiss Alps have quite deservedly received the status of the country of alpine skiing. Ski resorts in Switzerland – this is first of all, excellent service, comfort for tourists, of course, the prices are appropriate. Beginners and experienced athletes say that Swiss resorts show a standard of pistes preparation.

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Swiss ski resort

The best ski resorts in the Swiss Alps

No matter which part of Switzerland you go to, you’ll find modern elevators with excellent capacity, which is why there are rarely any queues even in peak season. Skiing is comfortable from November to April, but there are resorts that welcome guests even in the summer, such as Zermatt, Staas Fee.


This mountain resort by the Matterhorn has become a symbol of Switzerland, listed as one of the Best of the Alps. Want to explore one of the most recognizable peaks in the world? Choose the Zermatt ski resort.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Useful to know! The resort area is a pedestrian zone, entry by cars is prohibited. Tourists move in electric cars or in horse-driven carriages.

Skiing on the slopes in Zermatt

Vacationers are welcomed by the hotel, which has been in operation for over 130 years. One of the reasons for the popularity of Zermatt – picturesque scenery, beautiful mountain landscapes. A special feature of the resort – it is protected from winds, and the snow holds all year.

The Zermatt-Matterhorn region of Switzerland combines three villages:

Interesting fact! Nearby is the Italian resort of Cervinia. In Zermatt presented a ski pass, which gives the right to ski there as well.

The mountain resort was built at an altitude of 1620 m, the highest point – at an altitude of 3900 m. The length of the slopes is 360 kilometers. If you are planning a trip to Zermatt, be prepared that the slopes here are high and steep, so you will need some courage and preparation.

A map of the slopes in Zermatt, Switzerland

  • for professionals – black routes (50) – in Trifti, Schwarzsee and below Stockhorn;
  • For athletes with an intermediate level of training – red routes (150) – Gornergrat, Hochtali, Soonegga, Klein Matterhorn;
  • For less experienced skiers – blue routes (110) – Soonegga, Riffelberg, Trockener Steg.

On the territory of the resort there are 35 ski elevators. The infrastructure is perfectly developed. On the territory of Zermatt is more than a hundred restaurants, bars, discos, sports complex, and you can also fly in a helicopter or ride on a sled. There are many stores, but the prices are very high. Regularly held exhibitions and festivals.

Prices for ski passes in Zermatt (season 2018/2019):

  • Adult one-day ski pass from CHF 75;
  • For children up to 9 years of age the ski pass is free;
  • Children’s one-day ski pass (9 to 16 years old) – 50% discount;
  • A one-day ski pass for teenagers (16 to 20 years old) gets you a 15% discount.

Important to know! The ski pass is free of charge for children under 16 years of age every Saturday.

The official websites of the mountain resort:

  • ski-zermatt.

More information about the resort – services, prices, accommodation booking, infrastructure – read here and here.

St. Moritz

The list of ski resorts in Switzerland undoubtedly adorns the list of St. Moritz, which began receiving guests in 1864, today it has become a special holiday destination. A distinctive feature – a large selection of hotels five stars, so here go connoisseurs of comfort, as well as demanding tourists who like to attend social events, shopping and luxury restaurants.

St. Moritz - A ski resort in Switzerland

Interesting fact! St. Moritz twice hosted the Olympic Games, and important sport events are held regularly.

Hotel Piz St. Moritz

Hotel Piz St. Moritz

Are you attracted by the social life and like to be in the thick of it? Book a room at the Hotel St. Moritz, but at a comparable price. It is said that the air in St. Moritz is like dry champagne.

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St. Moritz receives guests at an altitude of 1850 m near the beautiful mountain lake Ley da San Muretzan, the peak Rosach is 3 km away. The highest point is 3303 m. It is the sunniest alpine ski resort in Switzerland. Bright sunshine floods the slopes throughout the year.

Routes for skiing:

Good to know! St. Moritz is not the best place to learn how to ski, as the slopes are quite difficult and require some technical training.

Golf on Ice

St. Moritz regularly hosts exotic, unusual events such as ice horse racing, golf on ice, polo, car parades, and cricket.

Alpine ski resort prices in Switzerland:

  • A one-day ski pass for an adult is CHF 73;
  • A one-day ski pass for a child – 24 CHF.

Official website:

For information on prices, infrastructure and reservations, see here.


Listed as one of the most picturesque ski resorts in Switzerland, as well as all of Europe. Located near the village of Interlaken, the “roof of Europe,” as well as the Jungfraujoch Mountain, which is the highest railroad line in the world.

Jungfrau Mountain

Interesting fact! Grindewald is included in the list of the Best of the Alps and is certainly considered the most fashionable in Europe.

Grindelwald ski resort

On the territory of the resort there are not many decent, luxury hotels, so it is better to book a chalet or an apartment. As for the complexity of the descents, it’s a great choice for beginners, but if you want a more thrilling experience – you can quickly get to the ski resort of Wengen.

Grindewald welcomes guests all year round, the highest point is 2950 m. Grindewald is part of the Jungfrau region and has been welcoming guests since 1947. There are 213 km of ski trails of all levels of difficulty:

A snow park was built, where snowboarders come with pleasure. In the evening tourists relax in restaurants and bars.

Downhill skiing in Lauberhorn

The most difficult slope is Lauberhorn-Renstrekke, the longest – from Lauberhorn to Grindewald. The most popular route is to climb to the summit of Kleine Scheidegg, descend to Wengen, climb to Menlisen, and then descend again to Grindewald.

In addition to skiing in Grindewald do mountain climbing, conquer the mountain peaks, fly a paraglider, go ice skating, sledding, play curling. The resort has a modern sports complex.

Sleigh rides

The price of a one-day pass:

  • for adults – 56 CHF;
  • for children – CHF 27.

Official website:

Prices for ski passes: on the website:

More information about the resort can be found here.

Crans-Montana .

French-speaking mountain resort in Switzerland, which is known – it is a year-round recreation area, skiing. It is almost 365 days of sunshine, clean air, healthy climate. The resort area is situated at an altitude of 1.5 km. From two small villages the resort has turned into an international sports arena, where ski competitions are regularly held.


Crans-Montana is a combination of a modern city, countryside idyll, relaxed leisure, active, winter sports, the resort infrastructure meets the needs of the most demanding tourists. In addition to skiing, tourists have at their disposal a fitness center with squash halls and swimming pools, tennis courts, horseback riding, balloon flights, and hiking trails. There are regular shows, auctions, and about 80 restaurants.

Skiing in Switzerland

If you do not know where to master the skiing in Switzerland, Crans-Montana is the best solution. There are slopes of all levels of difficulty, there aren’t many professional ones, but you can find steep, bumpy slopes. A popular slope is Piste Nationale – for athletes of medium level of training. The resort has a specific skiing area, located high in the mountains.

Here is an interesting fact. Most of the slopes are located in the southern part of the mountain slopes.

Most of the skiing routes of the resort are adapted for athletes of average level, there are also tracks for beginners. Slopes are 140 kilometers long. There are 24 elevators here.

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Crans-Montana piste map

Prices for skiing:

  • adult one-day ski pass will cost 52 CHF;
  • For children a one-day ski pass costs CHF 27.

The official website:

More information about the resort, prices and services can be found here.


Leukerbad is a ski resort in Switzerland with thermal springs. This is one of the most popular thalassotherapy centers in Europe. Tourists are attracted by the picturesque scenery and the possibility of recovery. Families with children come here. This complex with thermal springs consists of pools, spa center, saunas, hydromassage, and Roman-Irish baths.

Leukerbad - Swiss ski resort with thermal springs

Leukerbad is the best choice for beginners who are mastering the technique of skiing. The resort has many snowboarding schools, inviting those who want to learn how to ski. There’s a children’s skiing school, where kids hone their skills in a separate skiing area. There are three green slopes for beginners. The length of the tracks is 60 km. There are 17 ski elevators in the area.

Skiing in Lökerbad

Useful information! Most slopes are located in the northern part of the resort.


A kindergarten was built, children are accepted from the age of seven. Regularly in Lakerbad are held competitions of different levels, entertainment programs. There are excellent conditions for a good rest. In addition to skiing tourists play tennis, golf, do aerobics, can make a paraglider flight. This is the best place for recreation with children among the ski resorts in Switzerland.

The price of a day pass:

  • For adults from CHF 30;
  • for children from CHF 18.

Official website:

More information on the resort, prices and services can be found here.


The name Engelberg means “mountain of angels” in German and it is the oldest place in Switzerland, where you can ski. Engelberg is located in the central part of the country, the distance to Lucerne is only 35 km. The resort satisfies the needs of all holidaymakers – beginners, advanced skiers and snowboarders.

Engelberg, Switzerland

The highest point of the resort is 3333 meters. To fully appreciate the surrounding beauty, be sure to visit Titlis mountain, which offers picturesque views. When it comes to skiing, Engelberg offers 82 kilometers of slopes ranging in altitude from 1 km to 3,028 m.

Engelberg ski slopes

Interesting fact! Here is the longest ski trail in the Swiss region – Jochstok-Samnieplatz, 12 km long, with a difference of about 1.5 km.

There are more than fifty restaurants, bars, discos, a cinema, a campsite, an exciting park.

There are two areas for skiing for tourists:

There is also an area for snowboarders, a fan park, hiking and tobogganing trails. In total there are 28 slopes in Engelberg, 60% are cranes. There are 25 elevators.

The price for a day pass (season 2018/2019):

  • adult ski pass – CHF 65;
  • Children’s ski pass – CHF 26;
  • Teenage ski pass (16-19 years old) – CHF 45.

The resort region’s official website:

For more information on leisure and accommodation in Engelberg, see this article.

To the ski resorts in the Swiss Alps you can safely apply the epithet “the most. The most popular mountain peak, the highest railroad, the largest ice grotto, the most luxurious hotels and the highest prices. Nevertheless, if you approach the choice of accommodation, the rest will be budget and bright. Swiss ski resorts are world famous and if you don’t know how to ski yet, it’s time to conquer new peaks.

All prices on the page are for the 2018/2019 season.

Video: holidays in Zermatt, prices, pistes and useful tips.

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