Incredible Monastery Ostrog in Montenegro

Excursion to the monastery Ostrog (Montenegro, Danilovgrad) – reviews

A Trip to Ostrog Monastery (Montenegro, Danilovgrad)

Holidays in Montenegro in the summer of 2012. A wonderful country, which I have the most pleasant memories! This is a place where I want to come again and again! On any of my travels, I try to visit Orthodox sanctuaries.

One of the main Orthodox churches and just a beautiful monastery in the mountains (photo).

Good day all! Continuing to acquaint you with Montenegro, today I would like to share with you a review about another great place, which in my opinion should be visited. And for that we made quite a big one.

The 3rd shrine of the Orthodox world

Ostrog Monastery is one of the most visited tours of Montenegro. Here we are, resting in Budva, did not miss the opportunity to visit this third most important shrine of the Orthodox world. This monastery is unique not only in its importance.

A monastery carved into a rock high up in the mountains!

With your permission, my dear friends, I will continue my stories about Montenegro, a country not only beautiful but also hospitable. Of course, here you can relax by the sea, but you should not lie all day “vegetable” on the beach, because.

Sacred and very atmospheric place

Back in 2018, the year of peace and quiet, together with my girlfriends we went on a legal vacation to beautiful Montenegro. We were there for a full 10 days, each of which we spent just magically. Our whole trip was.

The best thing is to come here with an overnight stay.

The monastery in the rock is very beautiful – white walls in the middle of the mountains. Usually we go to Montenegro by car and on the way we stop by Ostrog. This time, on the contrary, leaving the sea, from Petrovac, we decided.

Impressed by the location of the monastery, admiring the Montenegrin nature on the way.

Good day! Excursion to the monastery of Ostrog, or as they call it the monastery of St. Basil of Ostrog is the only one that I bought from a tour agency during a vacation in Montenegro . The one-day tour includes a visit to these shrines.

Surprised, delighted and amazed

In monastery Ostrog we went in early October, when the flow of tourists had almost dried up. We went on a sightseeing tour Ostrog – Cetinje for 23 euros, although in the season a trip to one Ostrog monastery can cost up to .

Very beautiful.

While vacationing in Montenegro went on an excursion to this monastery. We left early in the morning and about 9-10 hours were on site (after stopping at the cafe, where those wishing to have breakfast or coffee at their own expense).

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A magical place in the clouds!

Hello! Before this day I had no idea about the holy places. Now I know for sure that I will definitely go back there again. The Ostrog Monastery is an amazing place! Wrapped in clouds, mystery and silence. Let me tell you about it.

It is really built in a rock!

Being in Montenegro, we rented a car and had an intense car tour for 2 days. During the tour we also visited the monastery Ostrog. It is located between the cities of Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) and Niksic. Via.

A place where you can feel God’s Grace!

Friends, good day! When we travel, we try not only to rest on the sea, but also to visit the holy places if possible. We were in Bari, where the tomb of St. Nicholas, in Corfu, where the tomb of Spiridon of Trimiphunt, and.

It is interesting both to the tourist and the pilgrim.

About this monastery has already written so much before me that I won’t go into details of history, architecture and other facts about which you can read not only on this resource, but also in other corners of the Internet.

Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro left only pleasant impressions.

I think many tourists who come to rest in Montenegro want to not only swim in the clean Adriatic Sea, but also visit a lot of interesting places, which are so rich in this small country. One of the popular tourist excursions is a trip.

Montenegro in April or how we planned a trip to the country of the good people. Part 6 – Ostrog.

Holidays in Budva, we decided to allocate a day for a trip to Ostrog. And we decided to do it on our own. My maximalism for this day beforehand constructed the route as follows: Budva – Bar – Old Bar -.

Unusually wonderful place. A small photo-report.

High up in the mountains, in a steep cliff stands the acting Orthodox monastery Ostrog. The place is bright, revered, with strong energy. Its history started in the XVII century. St. Basil of Ostrog secluded himself away from people in a small cell, carved out.

Surprisingly calming place.

Today was my first visit to Ostrog. Drove more than 2 hours from Ulcinj, but it would have been faster from tourist Budva. Unpleasant news – you can not get to the very top, you have to leave the car and walk for 15-20 minutes.

Orthodox extreme.

That’s interesting, what emotions are more significant – momentary or remembered after years? Although it probably does not matter, as long as they were positive)))) Just want to share an experience that is almost 10 years old, but it feels like.

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Ostrog Monastery is a masterpiece!

Definitely worth a visit to this monastery, a very beautiful place, a great attraction is like saying nothing. Ostrog Monastery is a place with incredible energy, hardly anywhere else will you feel the same emotions as here.

Only for religious people.

There is no sense of antiquity, antiquity and reverence. Glossy restoration has turned the monastery into a beautiful, but soulless toy for tourists

The restoration was so extensive that the feeling of antiquity and antiquity has disappeared. There is no place for photographers to take pictures, just one foreshortening. It makes sense to go here only for devout believers. Blag at their service large-scale trade in all religious items. If.

Ostrog Monastery: the main shrine of Montenegro

In this article I will tell you about Ostrog monastery in Montenegro. This is the main monastery of the country! A real miracle, created by the joint efforts of nature and man. Built in the mountains, almost a kilometer above sea level, it is literally squeezed into the steep cliff.

Ostrog Monastery is called a place not far from heaven. Sometimes it floats in the clouds and sometimes towers above them. Pilgrims compare the surrounding beauty to that of heaven. I will tell you about Ostrog monastery in Montenegro and how to get there. I will tell you about the miracles and legends that it is filled with.

Montenegrin shrines and what is worth visiting

History of the monastery.

The Ostrog Monastery (Montenegro) is not the oldest in the region, but it is definitely the most famous. Orthodox pilgrims visit it with the same regularity as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is located in Jerusalem. Pilgrims of many world religions come here for peace of mind.

How to get to the Montenegrin Monastery of Ostrog

In ancient times, mountain caves were inhabited by hermits. Here they found solace in seclusion and prayer. The idea to build a monastery in these places occurred to Bishop Basil of Herzegovina, who lived in the XVII century.

Basil Ostrogsky, or as he was called in the world – Stoyan Jovanovic, a pious man from a humble family. Sinless way of life and God-pleasing deeds for the good of his people and country, aroused people’s respect and gratitude.

Even during his lifetime, Basil was revered as a miracle worker, but the real legends came from the beginning of the construction of the monastic monastery. After his death in 1671, he was recognized as a saint. The relics of St. Basil of Ostrog rest within the walls of the monastery.

There is a cathedral of St. Basil of Ostrog in Niksic. It is beautiful both inside and outside.

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The monastery today

Ostrog Monastery (Montenegro) operates in our time. Now permanently 12 monks live there. Rites of marriage, funerals and baptisms are held there. For pilgrims and tourists it is also open.

How to get to Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

Pilgrims can see

  • Relics of St. Basil of Ostrog.
  • The ruins of the ancient temple.
  • Undecayed hands of St. New Martyr Stank.
  • Healing spring.
  • Chains left behind by a man cured of rabies.
  • Shattered shell of 1942, which did not explode for some unknown reason.

The complex is divided into two parts – the upper and lower. They are connected by a forest road 5 km long, but tourists usually go on foot, a shorter path, for half an hour at a leisurely pace. Some pilgrims walk this way barefoot.

Sights and Religion in Montenegro

The Lower Monastery

It was built a little later than the upper monastery in the XIX century. In it there are the monks’ monastery, religious school of the XVIII century and the Church of the Holy Trinity.

The most recent building (2004) is the church of St. Stanko the New Martyr, where his hands are kept. To the Serbian teenage boy, the Turks cut off his hands, with which he clutched the Holy Cross and refused to throw it to the ground.

Just above the Lower Monastery, a guest house for pilgrims was built in 1742. The rooms have beds with linens, communal washbasins and a kitchen with a stove and a large table.

Anyone wishing in the monastery can take supplies to sleep and spend the night in front of the temple contemplating the stars. And at 6 am you will be awakened by the church service.

It is noteworthy that the money for candles and notes with wishes pilgrims put independently in a special box. No one checks your actions. And the candles themselves are put lighted in special boxes at the entrance, filled with sand and water.

The Upper Monastery

Built by Vasiliy Ostrozhsky in the XVII century, it consists of two churches.

  • Vvedenskaya – the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Cross of the Exaltation – the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Miniature Vvedenskaya church protects the relics of the Saint in an ark, and is located in the lower tier of the rock. At the foot of the building is an observation deck and stalls with church supplies.

In the upper tier of the rock is the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross. Inside there are unique frescoes from the brush of famous Serbian icon painters Radula and Jovan. It is interesting that its altar is turned to the south and there is an entrance on the northern side. This layout is not characteristic of Orthodoxy. The location of these churches is determined by the large painted crosses on the side of the cliff.

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Sights built in a surprising way

Crowds of pilgrims inexhaustibly reach for the miraculous remains. The room is tiny, holds no more than 5-6 people. It is impossible to stop and try to look at something – the movement is continuous. People leave their wishes written on paper, putting them into the cracks on the wall.

Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro is famous for its healing spring. Water from it is distributed for free to all who wish, but only 1 bottle per person. To do this, go to the monastery’s shop. There is an imprint “Upper Monastery” and an Orthodox cross on the bottle itself. You can bring it home as a souvenir.

If you want to spend more time near the relics and not jostle with other believers, come from October to May. During this period, the flow of tourists decreases significantly.

Miracles and legends of Ostrozh monastery

About the miracles of Ostrog monastery in Montenegro there are legends. Incredible accidents have repeatedly helped the holy relics and the building itself to survive. And sick people who come here, miraculously allegedly healed.

Let me tell a few such amazing stories.

It is said that after his death, Vasiliy Ostrozhsky began to come in a dream to the abbot of the monastery with a request that he open the coffin with his ashes. The monks did his will and discovered that the body was virtually undamaged. From that moment the relics began to be visited by pilgrims.

In the place where Basil died, vine miraculously sprouted. But there is no soil there at all. Believers say that the fruit ripening on the vine can heal infertility.

The Turks, who invaded Montenegro in 1714, threatened to wipe out the Ostroh monastery and its relics. The monks took the reliquary with the relics to the river and hid them there. The river eroded away a part of the bank where the coffin was, but the relics remained unharmed.

Tito’s partisans occupied Ostrog in 1942. The commander gave the order to drop the icon of St. Basil and his relics from the cliff. But this did not happen. According to witnesses the commander was fatally wounded by a grenade fragment flying from some unknown place.

Montenegrin Sights and Religion

In winter of the same year a German shell hit a rock and broke the doors of the Church of the Holy Cross. It fell, but did not explode, but cracked. Specialists who studied the case confirmed that the shell was undamaged and had to explode. The fragments of the shell are still preserved to this day as proof of the grace of the place.

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How to Get to the Monastery

The monastery is located on the road between Niksic and Podgorica. The easiest way to get there is by car. From the capital it is 42 km to the monastery, and from Niksic it is 25 km. Orient yourself by the sign “Bogetici”. After the turn, you have to drive 8 more kilometers in its direction.

The mountain road is quite narrow and winding. You need to be an experienced driver to pass it. But the locals say that this serpentine does not know any serious accidents. According to them, St. Vasiliy Ostrozhskiy patronizes the whole area. To go to Ostrog monastery on your own or not is up to you.

What excursions it is worth to see in Montenegro

Parking at the monastery is free. Generally, there are two of them, but on the upper parking lot in the season allowed far for everyone. From the lower parking take a shuttle bus to the Upper Ostrog – the cost 2.5 euros. Walking distance 30-40 minutes.

How to get to the Monastery of Ostrog in Montenegro

To get to Ostrog by public transport is difficult, but possible. From Budva you can take a bus to BOGETIĆI. The timetable is on You can also buy a ticket there.

The road one way takes on average 2.5 hours. From Bogetichi to Ostrog 10 km: either walk 2 – 2,5 hours or take a cab. Or you can walk 8 km to the Nyzhny monastery, and then take a minibus. But it works only in high season.

To Ostrog with an excursion

Ostrog Monastery is visited by group and individual excursions. I recommend ordering a group tour online. The largest representative on the Montenegrin market is Olympus. A big plus, as opposed to ordering a tour on the street, is that you can study the reviews beforehand.

    – In the season of 2020 takes place on Wednesdays. The cost for an adult – 25 euros, for a child – 12,5 euros. For this you get a bus, a licensed guide and entrance to the monasteries. – In the season 2020 takes place on Tuesdays. The cost and conditions are the same.

Individual excursions to Ostrog Monastery

In the low season there are no tours, so the only option is to rent a car. Serpentine passing will be easier. There are no tourist buses and a small flow of cars.

Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro is a unique place where people of different nationalities and religions come together.

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