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Buzios is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The combination of provincial life and modern infrastructure, unseen plant life, sandy beaches with clear and clear water, exotic shallow bays, the architecture of Buzios, attractions, striking for its simplicity and chic, ornate landscape and all in harmony with nature. The peninsula is bathed by the warm and cool waters of the Brazilian and Antarctic ocean currents and is shaped like a seashell. It is five miles long and has twenty-five diverse coastlines. The eastern shore is washed by cold water currents and is well blown by sea winds. A good place to go surfing. The west coast is calm, warm, pleasant waters with rich marine life. Quiet harbor for fishing schooners and at the same time ports for marinas with flags of different countries. The special architecture with old legendary houses and the newest buildings of the last years. Big supermarkets and small souvenir stores. Cozy little bars and seaside restaurants. More than a dozen little coves that are formed by the cool waters of the Atlantic. All this is Buzios in its unity and diversity.

Historical development of Buzios

The history of Buzios Bay in Brazil began in the Middle Ages. The indigenous inhabitants of these places were the Tamoio and Goitacos Indian tribes. Seeking refuge from pursuers, the first sea pirates landed on the rocky shore. Here they were inaccessible and invisible to the authorities of most countries. Here English, French and Dutch pirates could divide and hide their loot. But as history has it, a corner of “earthly paradise” discovered by some people always attracts many others. And so it was with the pirates’ refuge. Soon the coves of Buzios became not only a refuge for pirates, but also a place for the slave trade. In time the cove became a small village on the coast. The natural riches of the region were the reason for the struggle between the Portuguese and the French. Buzios was conquered by one or the other, and finally it came to belong to the Portuguese. The name of the place translates as “sea shell” or “witchcraft”. An interesting fact is that in ancient times predicted the future on seashells, not on coffee grounds. And this is paradoxical in the country where coffee is grown. However, the gift of prediction in the first settlers and gave rise to the name of the modern spa.

And since the sixties of the twentieth century, this place has become a popular seaside resort for those who sought solitude and communion with nature. It happened after this “earthly paradise” visited Brigitte Bardot. Her words about the “earthly paradise” in Buzios attracted many celebrities from around the world. A copy of famous Saint-Tropez was created here. Every year the whole rich elite of the art world came there to rest in the warm resorts. Famous actors, writers, artists, poets… The local nature pushed them to create and gave them new strength.

Location and climate of Buzios

Location and climate of Buzios

Bouzios is one hundred and seventy-fifth of a kilometer from Rio de Janeiro. It is only two and a half to three hours by car or bus. It is only six hundred and twenty kilometers from São Paulo, and only one thousand three hundred and thirty-nine kilometers from the capital.

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The resort operates year round. There is no winter season here. Two hundred and fifty-four days of sunshine a year. The moderate Mediterranean climate is beneficial to all. The highest temperature is plus thirty-seven degrees, the lowest is twenty degrees plus. The coast on one side is washed by the warm current of equatorial water, and on the other – the northern cold water. You have to take this into account when choosing beaches. The peak season here begins in December and ends in March.

Very clean, calm and clear water, the sea is turquoise. Fashionable entertainment sailing, diving, surfing, water skiing. Really “paradise”!

Infrastructure development of Buzios

The development of the infrastructure of Buzios

In the sixties, following the example of Brigitte Bardot, the wealthy elite from Brazilian cities spent their holidays on the fishing coast. Back then, there was still no water and no light. All the accommodations on the coast were very simple, and looked like fishermen’s huts. But that quiet period ended in the active eighties. Wealthy real estate buyers, from different places in Brazil, changed the infrastructure of Buzios, provided water and electricity, gave a new boost to the tourist business, increasing turnover in real estate and services.

Until 1995, Buzios had no definite infrastructure. It was quickly upset, lacking a definite look, overall architecture and a unified plan. In 1995, a general plan for the city began to be developed. Particular attention was paid to the preservation of the natural landscape and landscape of the area at the same time as construction. In 2006 the plan was completed. It was approved by the municipality and the environmentalists. It was already a clear plan for the overall development of the region.

Already in the year 2000 numerous foreigners began to buy high quality houses. This greatly increased the characteristics of the houses. The prices went up at the same time as the quality. Private villas were built with very original and unique architecture, large 24-hour retail outlets and nightlife establishments. And it turned out that Buzios is no longer a nostalgic, peaceful, charming, little village, but a modern place of numerous entertainment with a variety of houses, streets, restaurants, modern hotels, golf clubs. Today Buzios is a resort of international importance for the vacation of wealthy Brazilians and many foreigners.

The demographics and economy of Buzios

The permanent population in Amração dos Buzios is approximately thirty thousand. They work in the tourist business. One hundred and twenty thousand visitors are added during the season. On average, up to six hundred thousand tourists visit Buzios every year. They come mostly from European countries, America and Argentina. In the ranking of attendance, Buzios ranks seventh in Brazil. Economic earnings from selling real estate and organizing tourism. There is a small port for local fishermen. Rio de Janeiro produces a large amount of oil ( seventy percent of Brazil’s production). And Buzios, as a coastal city of the state, has a portion of the payments from oil and gas sales.

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Transport accessibility in Buzios

You can reach by car in two to three hours from Rio de Janeiro. When using air transport, you should be aware of the existence of two airports. There is the international airport at Cabo Frio. This airport is connected to the whole world. European flights are also planned. The second airport is almost in the center. Here, in addition to regular flights, private flights are also available. To travel by sea, use the port for ships and yacht club.

To get around from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon ride from the center to any beach Buzios Trolley. You can also rent small double cars or bicycles at the rental station.

The sights of Buzios

Buzios Attractions

In Buzios you will find attractions at every turn. Many cafes and restaurants right on Rua das, the city’s main street, which is the oldest, main street. There are houses here built in the nineteenth century. You will see both small houses of fishermen and luxurious villas of local landowners.

It is interesting to look at the sculpture “Three Fishermen”. It is located on the beach Armasao. The majestic, human-sized sculpture seems to come alive from afar. It reminds us of the villagers of this area who lived off fishing.

The forested areas of the peninsula are protected by the state. Here you can see unusual animals and birds. A place where you can see golden lionheaded monkeys is the Reserva das Emerensias forest. And the Reserva de Taua forest will welcome a variety of colorful butterflies (more than three hundred species) and birds (more than sixty species).

Going into the shop of souvenirs, no one will remain indifferent. Here you can find souvenirs from different exotic parts of the world. There are also souvenirs of the Native Americans. You can buy products of marine themes.

Well, the evening hour is a gourmet hour. Sit in cafes or restaurants on small and cozy streets. They are separated by no more than twenty meters. Sample some exquisite Brazilian cuisine. Captain’s Bar Café will offer you spirits from all over the world. Restaurant Zapata will amaze you with Mexican cuisine.

Lovers of fun music and dancing relax in Privilege. This bar is located on an old schooner that stands by the pier. The deck of the schooner has been transformed into a chic dance floor, the light breeze of the ocean at night creates a romantic mood. Dancing continues until sunrise.

In Buzios, active recreation is possible. You can try sailing, surfing, water skiing, etc.

Lovers of aquatic entertainment find themselves in a large “aquarium”. The local climate allows an infinite number of species of marine life to live there. Diving is the most favorite activity. It is interesting both for a person who is completely unfamiliar with this sport, and for a professional diver. It is good to go scuba diving near the islands of Rasa and Feia, as well as the coastal area of Azzedine, Tartaguda, Azeda, Karavelas. If you have decided to get acquainted with the ocean world for the first time, then at your service instructors who will teach you the basic rules of diving, familiarize you with diving equipment, and even dive with you a few times for safety. Equipment, boat and guide rentals are available for knowledgeable divers. The staff speaks several languages. They will tell you about possible dives from ten to sixty meters and what you can see there. For example, at the foot of one of the reefs you can see a six-jawed shark, at the bottom of one of the caves – a sunken ship, a black cliff at a depth of fifteen meters.

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Celebrities of Buzios

Celebrities of Buzios

Many famous people from the art world have vacationed on these shores. After Brigitte Bardot, at various times this resort has hosted Mick Jagger, Harold V, the King of Norway, Naomi Campbell, Bill Gates, other movie stars, writers, athletes or just famous people.

Recreation and Sports

Recreation can be organized by the sea and its coast. Seventeen beautiful beaches are at your service. Combine sunbathing with regular swimming. For a more active holiday you can take walks by sea to different islands, swimming underwater, fishing, video surfing and kite-surfing. Very well developed here and sailing. There are sailing competitions at different levels. Those who prefer a quieter sporting holiday can use the golf club. An excellent 18-hole golf course awaits you. Try other sports competitions: tennis, equestrianism, rowing. Nature lovers will be offered eco-tourism. There are organized excursions to the reserve Emerensias, where you will see untouched ancient forests. In November, you can catch the annual Grandma Bardo’s Cinema or Food Festival.

Hotels and Restaurants in Buzios

There are more than three hundred and fifty hotels of varying levels of tourist affluence at your disposal. From the cheapest to the super luxurious. For the rich clientele can offer Casas Brancas, Perola, Porto Bay Glenzhaus, Brava Hotel and Insolito. These are all foreign hotels and high paying.

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Most of the restaurants are located along the main street of the city and further along the waterfront. The cuisine varies from gourmet seafood to “stack houses”, here you can explore the cuisines of different peoples of the world, relax in a relaxed atmosphere. Japanese, French, Italian, Moroccan, Thai and of course Brazilian cuisines are offered. There are, of course, and fast food restaurants, pizzerias. Inexpensive and tasty lunch with quick service. Throughout the day you can taste ready-to-eat seafood on the beaches. Mil Frutas Ice Cream Café offers a huge variety of delicious ice cream.

In the evening and at night, Buzios Brasil life is more hectic. In the daytime the streets are quiet, and at night everyone goes out for a walk in the night stores, restaurants, clubs, where there is always live music.

Perhaps now is the perfect time for you to feel a part of this magnificent corner of Brazil.

Adrenalin recreation

Vacation in Buzios, Brazil, video:

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Buzios – a place of paradise

“If there is a paradise on earth, it is Buzios!” – So said the French actress Brigitte Bardot about the resort peninsula located near Rio de Janeiro. She fell in love with the place and returned here often. Now this love is reminded by a monument erected on one of Buzios’ embankments. After her, the King of Norway, Naomi Campbell, Bill Gates and Mick Jagger came here, and all of them were also amazed by the magnificence of this place.

What is so attractive about Buzios? It’s a tiny peninsula less than 10 km. long, 127 km. from Rio, famous for its paradisiacal beaches, lush virgin vegetation, crystal clear water, creating landscapes of incredible and breathtaking beauty! The peninsula lies at the intersection of two Atlantic currents: the west coast is washed by the warm Brazilian Current and the east coast by the cool Antarctic Current.

The composition of the peninsula’s population has been constantly changing. Initially, it was inhabited by the Tamoyo and Goitacos Indian tribes. Then Buzios was accidentally discovered by English pirates and settled here. But they were soon replaced by the French, who in the 17th century turned the coves of the peninsula into a market for black slaves, and after the French came the Portuguese.

Until the middle of the twentieth century, Buzios was only a small village, where residents grazed cows and lived in tiny fishermen’s houses. Strangely enough, the economic crisis in Argentina changed the situation. Many Argentines in search of a better life left their country, settled on the Buzios Peninsula, and began to develop the infrastructure of the city. Soon wealthy Brazilians did the same, providing the city with electricity, water and luxury mansions. Since then Buzios has been developing as an attractive resort and in 2006 the government launched a development plan for the region, the main goal of which was to integrate modern high-quality infrastructure into the unique natural landscape.

Today, Buzios is a paradise resort of choice for Brazilians and tourists from all over the world. Geographically, Buzios is more like a tropical island, covered with hills and lush vegetation. Unspoiled nature is combined with excellent infrastructure, the magnificent landscape neatly blended with hundreds of small hotels and restaurants.

The main street Rua das Pedras is made up of houses from the 19th century and is a favorite place for locals and tourists alike. The name of this street means “street of stones”. It is a place where you can wander for hours listening to the accents of foreign tourists and enjoy the varied styles of music playing in the cafes.

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On Rua das Pedras there are many stores, restaurants for the most demanding gourmets. You can go to Chez Michou pancake house if you want to sit informally in the open air, taste delicious pancakes with cheese, bananas, chicken curry or caramel, all combined with beer, cocktails and beautiful Brazilian music performed live.

Restaurant Cigalon – a romantic place with a view of the beach, an extensive wine list, and huge portions – is considered the best place in town to eat duck. Bar do Zé, a restaurant that is particularly memorable for its incredibly delicious food and unforgettable view of the bay strewn with fishing boats at sunset.

Here, on Rua das Pedras, is where the city’s nightlife is concentrated. Club Pacha is the place for those who love techno and house music, with delightful views of Canto Beach. It is located above the ocean at a height of 15 meters. Its unique design lies in the successful combination of transparent and colored glass and even the floors here are glass.

On the shore, named after Brigitte Bardot (Orla Bordott), are the famous monuments to the actress herself, as well as three fishermen – a monument installed directly in the ocean.

Buzios is served by two airports, as well as a port for ships and a yacht club. There are schools for surfing (by the way, the youngest instructor in the world, certified by the International Kiteboarding Association – a six-year-old boy), diving and other sports. There are also many art galleries (Galeria de Christina Motta, Galeria das Artes), music and film festivals, and sailing weeks.

In addition, Bucíos is famous for its two nature reserves. The Reserva de Tauá forest is an amazing land of butterflies and rare birds. And the Reserva das Emerências forest is the only place in Brazil where there are monkeys of a rare, now endangered species – the golden lionhead.

But the main attraction of the resort, of course, the beaches! There are 20 breathtaking beaches for any, even the most demanding, taste. Among the most famous are:

  • Geribá Beach (Praia de Geribá) the largest, ideal for surfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding.
  • Praia de Ferradura, a horseshoe-shaped beach, sheltered from winds and strong currents, suitable for holidays with children.
  • Praia Olho de Boi, surrounded by an unspoiled Atlantic forest, where you can experience a real connection with nature. This beach, along with the lesser-known Praia José Gonçalves, is a true mecca of ecotourism.
  • Praia de João Fernandes, named after the Portuguese, who defended the coast against the attacks of corsairs and Indians, is loved by lovers of comfort and good service.
  • Praia Azeda is a small beach, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The beach is surrounded by rocky shores, covered in lush vegetation and washed by the clearest lime-green water.

Buzios is a place for those who want to forget the big cities for a while and enjoy the natural scenery of one of the most beautiful peninsula in the southern hemisphere.

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