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The small resort of Igalo, once just a suburb of the larger and more famous Herceg Novi, is becoming more and more popular as a health resort year by year. And all this thanks to the healing radon springs and therapeutic mud, which made this resort appear and develop. Some are surprised by the slightly muddy color of the water near the coast of Igalo: in fact, this mud is the therapeutic mud, which is publicly available to all comers.

Igalo is home to the Center for Health Tourism and the Center for Recreation and Health. In addition to the therapeutic mud and radon springs, Igalo also has its own mineral springs, from which the famous Igalka mineral water is extracted.

Igalo resort as a medical center of the country has been actively developing since the time of Yugoslavia. Take a look at the Institute of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation named after Dr. Simo Milosevic. In Igalo they successfully treat rheumatism, cardiologic and nervous diseases, locomotorium diseases and consequences of severe fractures, lung diseases, multiple sclerosis and diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, gynecologic diseases, psoriasis and eczema, effectively treat excessive weight and help cope with stressful conditions. Hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy, exercises in water, reflexotherapy, aromatherapy, and some Oriental practices and techniques are used for this purpose.

There are many Russian speaking tourists at Igalo sanatoriums.

Where to stay in Igalo?


Almost all hotels in Igalo offer tourists a wide range of health and beauty procedures. However, given that there is a very qualified sanatorium Igalo, which has all the necessary procedures, it is better to take them there, but stay, for example, in a hotel.

All two-star hotels resort Igalo mostly designed for unpretentious tourists, but this does not mean that the rooms there are very dirty, or will be only one bed. The situation there is certainly very modest, but do not forget that all the necessary facilities are still present.

Tourists with children at the resort Igalo as a rule choose high-class hotels, ranging from 3 to 5 stars. And note that no matter where you end up, there will always be a room with everything you need, including free wi-fi and small appliances.

Well, and all the rest – the extra comfort and luxury in the room, gym and swimming pool, self-cooking or full board – this choice will depend entirely on your wishes and financial capabilities.

One of the best hotels for accommodation in Igalo is considered “Рalmon Bay Hotel and Spa 4*”. Here all guests have at their disposal a spa zone with a swimming pool and its own beach with umbrellas and deck chairs. All the windows of the hotel offer a stunning scenic view over Boko-Kotor Bay, to… read in full

Going on vacation with kids


When planning a vacation with the whole family, do not forget about its purpose – whether you’re going to improve health or fully devote the free days to relaxation and entertainment. On this depends on the choice of point on the world map, because if you have small children, then you should know: not all resorts are positioned as children’s. Another thing: pursuing the health and even therapeutic objective, it is advisable that the inhabitants of Europe not to go God knows what distances – and on our continent is sufficiently diverse in natural, climatic and healing aspects. For example, Montenegro has long and deservedly enjoys the good fame, and in it – the town of Igalo.

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Igalo is mainly famous for its Institute with the widest list of diagnoses according to which effective treatment is carried out; for more than half a century this is where not only adult patients, but also parents with little ones arrive. Pine trees, sea, therapeutic muds, comfortable subtropical climate, and rich vegetation in the vicinity of the city are the components of the local recovery. However, keep in mind that this is not Turkey and Bulgaria, which are focused on entertainment and tourist services, so expect in Igalo Fireworks of attractions, fun and elegant design is not worth it. Rather, it is a long-standing vacation spot for locals, and has established itself as the most solid health resort center of the Mediterranean by European standards. What moms and dads should expect, taking with them. read in full

How to get there?


The nearest airport to the resort of Igalo is considered the one in Tivat. You can get direct flights from Moscow and from St. Petersburg. If you live in another city, it is best to change planes in Moscow – it will still be cheaper, and much more convenient. In addition, the time in the air will take you 3 hours and 20 minutes. From the airport to the resort of Igalo you can reach within 40 to 90 minutes, it will depend on the route you choose.

The easiest and most convenient way, of course, will be to order a transfer in advance. In this case, the driver will wait for you immediately near the airport and then take you to your chosen hotel in Igalo. Transfer from Tivat airport to Igalo resort will cost you approximately 46 Euros.

If you want not only to get from the airport to Igalo, but also to see many different interesting places in Montenegro, the best option would be to rent a car directly at the airport, since the resort is located a little bit far from the main attractions of Montenegro.

If you rent a car directly at the airport in Tivat, it will cost you about 21 euros per day. Of course, it’s better to rent a car directly at the airport, because there and a big selection of cars, and the cost of renting is much lower than in Igalo, because there it starts from 30 euros per day.

Buses do not approach the airport itself, but only 100 meters from the building.

What excursions are worth visiting in Igalo?


Perhaps the most interesting and popular excursion in Montenegro is the one called “Canyons”. During this tour you can see almost the whole Montenegro, because you will be taken to the largest in Europe Skadar Lake, then you will visit the ancient monastery Moraca, and see the amazing beauty of the Montenegrin mountains, then you will see the largest canyon in Europe Tara River, you will drive through the famous bridge Djurdjevic, and of course you can visit the national park Durmitor.

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If you take an excursion called “Old Town plus Sveti Stefan” you will drive along the coast in the direction of Perast, then Kotor, then Budva and finally to Sveti Stefan. You will certainly visit Perast, which since ancient times has been considered a haven for all seafarers.

Disembarking on the island of Sveti Bogoroditza you will see with your own eyes the largest collection of sea amulets in Europe. And in Kotor you will have a walking excursion, during which you will get acquainted with the history of this city. If you have some free time you can walk through the beautiful old town.

Then you will go to Budva, where you will also visit the Old Town, see the old citadel, the beautiful Church of St. Nicholas, built in the seventh century and many other interesting places. Well, after lunch you will continue your tour in the most famous resort of Montenegro – Sveti Stefan.

What to see in Igalo?


Igalo is a tiny resort in the very north of Montenegro, almost on the border with Croatia. The main attraction of the town is the amazingly beautiful nature, fresh air and healing mud, not for nothing Igalo became famous primarily as a health resort. However, in between treatments and beach vacation, you can find time to run through the local attractions. They are in the resort, however, not many, but very, very beautiful.

Way “Seven Danits”.

The Seven Danits Way is the main street of the resort, running along the Adriatic Sea shore and connecting tiny Igalo with Herceg Novi. It was named in honor of the women who performed heroic deeds during the Second World War. The path of “Semi Danitsa” offers magnificent views of the sea. It is especially worth a walk here at sunset. In addition, you can buy local souvenirs, taste Montenegrin food in one of the many cafes, or just sit on a bench, admire the surrounding beauty and breathe the healing air filled with essential oils and sea salts.

Igalo Montenegro

Health-resort of Montenegro, known throughout Europe, is Igalo on the Adriatic coast. Here you can find Igalo Sanatorium, one of the best in Europe by the assortment of treatment procedures and the level of treatment comparable to Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. You can combine your treatment in Igalo with recreation on sandy and pebbly beaches and visit natural and cultural sights.

Igalo Montenegro

The town, world-known as a treatment and recovery resort, was founded back in the Middle Ages. It has a picturesque location on the Adriatic coast, at the foot of the Orient Mountain, at the mouth of the Boko-Kotor Bay. Formerly considered a suburb of Herceg Novi, today Igalo is a famous tourist center in Montenegro, which is valued for its mild climate, pine air, healing mud of the River Igalka and sanatorium complex with high level of service.

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Take a trip to the famous health resort in Montenegro, where thousands of tourists come every year to be cured of illnesses or to improve their health. And in your free time from the beaches and medical procedures, go on excursions around the city and its surroundings. Tour Operator “Open Balkans” invites you to take part in fascinating tours and excursions to the famous city of Igalo in Montenegro.

Treatment in Igalo Montenegro

The sanatorium Igalo is known all over Europe, which is not inferior to the assortment of procedures and level of treatment to Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. There is an official website of sanatorium Igalo in Montenegro in Russian on the Internet, where you can see photos of the resort and get acquainted with its treatment and recovery services.

For treatment procedures here are used muds from the Igalka River, river and seaweed and mineral waters from springs. The experienced staff of Montenegrin medics recommend treatment in Igalo for those who suffer from skin diseases, overweight and depressive disorders. Also, patients undergo rehabilitation courses here after suffering from cardiac, joint and neurological diseases. During treatment you can stay both on the territory of the sanatorium and in another hotel.

Beaches and hotels

Beaches and hotels in Igalo

The beaches in Igalo, Montenegro, are varied – there are sand, pebbles, with concrete pontoons and mixed. The coast is fully equipped – there are umbrellas, sun loungers, cabins for changing, toilets, small cafes. However, the best beach is not on the continent, but on the small island of Mamula, nearby. Its name is Žanica. On its shore boats and boats regularly drop off tourists from the city. It is famous for its fine white pebbles, azure clear and warm water. It is surrounded by an equally beautiful view – olive groves interspersed with agave groves.

Accommodation in the city has for every taste and size of the wallet. You can rent a hotel in Igalo, Montenegro, in the category from 2 to 5, or individual apartments. The cost of living on half board and full board, as opposed to the concept of breakfast, will be much higher. Prices for apartments in Igalo, Montenegro, are the most affordable. Judging by the reviews in 2019, tourists choose the latter option of accommodation more often. The cost of food in restaurants in the city is not higher than in other regions, but the dishes are large and delicious.

Entertainment and attractions

Igalo in Montenegro can offer its guests not only treatment and recovery programs on the basis of coastal sanatoriums, but also all kinds of active recreation. You can go scuba diving, or ride a horse or bike through the local expanses with a breeze. Opponents of going far from the shore play table tennis or volleyball on the beach. Also popular are water rides on boats, catamarans and jet skis. For children in the city there is a small amusement park.

In Igalo, a famous resort in Montenegro, there are a lot of attractions to see. But to see them, it is better to order the services of an individual guide, who will show many amazing places, where he will not go with a large tour group. The most popular and very picturesque attraction is the Blue Cave with the remains of the fortress on the island of Mamula. Here, you can also swim in the clearest beach on the island, near Igalo. Get out into town to visit the Art Gallery, the Local History Museum and the ancient library. Walk along the promenade of Seven Danits and find the Devil’s Tower.

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As you can see, in Igalo in Montenegro you can not only come for treatment and recovery from known ailments, but also spend a lot of time on the cleanest beaches, swim in the turquoise sea waters and get acquainted with the local historical sights.

Igalo sights: what to see at the resort

Villa Galeb – the residence of Josip Broz Tito

Villa Galeb is the residence of Josip Broz Tito.

In Igalo is the villa of Josip Broz Tito. The president of the former Yugoslavia loved scale and preferred buildings of imposing size. The villa is called Galeb, which can be translated as “The Seagull”, well reflects the gigantomania of the leader, his desire for buildings of large size. The area of the residence is about 70 thousand m2, the area of the villa itself – 5 thousand m2.

The building is divided into four levels and several sections. There is the presidential part, which is divided into two sections – for the president and his wife. There are also studio apartments for Tito’s entourage, as well as rooms for visitors and guests. There is room for staff and servants.

The villa is known for including not only residential areas, but also commercial ones. There was a restaurant, a store, and a therapeutic area for physical therapy. The residence also housed a swimming pool. For meetings and solving various important issues, the residence had a separate room for 50 people. It is a place to live, relax and work.

Igalo landmark is secure – if you look at the villa from outside, you might think it is a fortified fort. The luxurious residence is hidden from prying eyes, it is almost impossible for a stranger to get in. Meanwhile, Tito himself could easily enjoy the beauty of the resort.

The interesting thing is that the president only vacationed here a few times. And it’s not because he was busy – he just had three dozen villas like this all over Yugoslavia. Today the villa is open for tourists. There are full guided tours, the ticket price is only three euros.

Pet Danica – Igalo promenade

Pet Danica - Igalo seafront

Igalo sanatorium in Montenegro does not have many attractions, but they are all unique. The promenade of the resort, located near Mud Beach, stretches for 7 km. It is so long that it connects several settlements. On the embankment you can see a lonely wagon monument. Tourists often wonder where it is from. The fact is that there used to be trains along the embankment, but later the railroad was closed.

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It is because of the fact that there used to be a railroad here, the embankment is so wide. Tourists and locals walk here, cyclists easily pass through. There’s plenty of room for everyone, no one is complaining about being crowded. From here there is a beautiful view of Igalo Mud Beach in Montenegro. What to do on the promenade? Here you can walk, enjoy the views, and when you get bored, go to one of the many restaurants or clubs.

Monument-wagon in Igalo

Monument-car in Igalo

It was already mentioned above that on the territory of the embankment there is a monument-carriage in memory of the old narrow gauge railway, which ran in these places. There is an interesting history associated with this object. At the beginning of the 20th century, Trebinje, Dubrovnik and Herceg Novi were joined by a narrow gauge railway. The railroad was convenient for the citizens, with a small steam locomotive. Over time, the use of the railroad became uneconomical. The narrow gauge railway was closed for many reasons – it was influenced by political strife, lack of funds, as well as the development of technology.

After a while, the rails along the embankment were removed, and the entire rolling stock was scrapped. It was simply written off because it was in bad condition. In memory of the road it was decided to leave only an old car. Today, it attracts the attention of tourists, decorates the embankment and evokes nostalgia in those who still remember the old days, or at least heard about the old “railway”.

Some offer to restore the narrow gauge. And they speak about it so convincingly that in 2005 the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro included this question into the official conversation. However, at the moment the restoration of the road is not considered to be feasible. The city of Igalo in Montenegro has many other means of communication.

Igalo Mud Beach

Igalo Mud Beach

Mud Beach in Igalo is free, it is a municipal beach. Most importantly, however, it is full of the resort’s famous therapeutic mud. Igalo in Montenegro is known primarily as a health resort. Therefore, anyone who wants to experience this atmosphere of a health resort should visit the Mud Beach. Reviews of tourists about this corner of nature are contradictory – some consider this beach the best, others have the exact opposite opinion.

Tourists should not expect the beach to look like a postcard. There is a lot of mud, seaweed, sometimes there is trash on the shore. The entrance to the water is very gentle. But water is perfectly warmed up, it is safe to have a rest here with children, besides there is a lot of curative mud. Mud, by the way, does not lie on the shore – you have to “dig” it up yourself. To do this you have to go into the water and make a hole in a random place. Then it is necessary to scoop up the contents of the bottom and check for mud. It is this kind of mud from Igalo is considered the most useful.

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