Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt

Sorting out Hurghada’s coastline: from El Gouna to Safaga

Hurghada is one of the most popular Egyptian resorts stretching along the Red Sea for 40 km. Considering all the small seaside resorts around it, such as El Gouna and Safaga, the Hurghada coastline is almost 100 km long. Let us explore the main regions of the coast moving from north to south.

El Gouna

Located 40 km from Hurghada airport the town is called the Venice of Egypt as it has a network of canals through which boats and sailboats ply. Fashionable resort was built from scratch in the 90s of last century for the money of Egyptian billionaire Sami Saviris with the participation of world-class architects. El Gouna was built with special attention to the environment and is still considered one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in Egypt.

There are no tall buildings here – most hotels are complexes of villas with 2 or 3 floors, located on separate islands. It’s important to remember that only a few hotels in El Gouna have access to the open sea, but most hotels are located along the lagoons and channels. So fans of sea bathing must get to the beach by boat (payment depends on the particular hotel). The sea here is shallow – sandbanks reach 600 meters in length. You can swim directly in the canals – but not in all hotels and only in specially equipped areas.

The resort is sharpened to a quiet quiet rest for respectable tourists – no noisy discos. The main mass of entertainment – shopping centers, restaurants, bars – are located on El-Kafr Island, where the hotels offer a free shuttle service. The resort has a golf club, a few tennis courts, a go-kart center, a movie theater, an aquarium, and a kitesurfing center. In addition, El Gouna boasts its own small airport, radio station, and brewery.


Hurghada is conventionally divided into 3 areas: Old Town, Sakkala and New Hurghada. New Hurghada basically refers to the area El Mamsha, close to the airport and the road to the south, known as Sahl Hasheesh (Village Road), densely built up with hotels. Ahea Road, a stretch of road between El Gouna and Hurghada, where there are also hotels, is often singled out as a separate area.

El Ahea (El Ahea, El Ahea, Ahea Road)

Located between the Venice of Egypt and Hurghada’s old town is El Aheia, a 15 km long residential and resort area along the highway. El Ahea is separated from Hurghada Airport by about 45 km. The beaches in the area are mostly sandy with a flat, smooth bottom. Located here are well known to Belarusian tourists hotels Panorama Bungalows Hurghada 4 *, Hawaii Caesar Palace Aqua Park 5 *, Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 *.

Of the disadvantages of the area – scarce entertainment infrastructure outside the hotels. In addition, in the winter time there is a strong wind. Perhaps this is the most “windy” region of the coast.

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El Dahar (Dahar, Down Town, Old City)

In El Dahar it is easy to get lost in the maze of narrow streets filled with numerous souvenir shops, hookah houses, restaurants and cafes. This is the heart of Hurghada, where the main administrative buildings of the city are located and where about 70% of the local population lives. It is also home to El Mina Mosque, the largest mosque in the resort.

The beaches in El Dahar are small, compact, most often with a mixed – sand + shell rock – entrance to the water. There are also areas with stony entrance, as in the old-timer tourist hotel King Tut Aqua Park Beach Resort 4*.

Old Town hotels are well sheltered from the wind. But not from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. Because of the city noise and not the newest hotels, room rates here are the lowest in the city and surrounding area.

Sakkala (New Town)

Tourist center of Hurghada. Whatever hotel you stay at on Hurghada’s seaside, if you want to go “downtown Hurghada” a cab driver will probably take you straight to Sheraton Street and drop you off at Regina Swiss Inn 4*.

Sakkala is full of all kinds of restaurants, entertainment venues and stores, aimed at vacationers, not locals.

Beach areas of New Town hotels are small and protected from the winds. The hotels here are of a higher level and price than in Dahar. But these are still city hotels, suitable primarily for active tourists.

Beach at Bella Vista Hotel 4*

The Sakkala area includes Hurghada’s marina, an ideal place for walks and photo shoots.

El Mamsha

The region of El Mamsha is perhaps the golden mean: it combines proximity to urban entertainment with a high standard of hotels, some of which are brand new. The hotels are spread out on both sides of the 5 km pedestrian promenade.

This is the closest you’ll get to the airport, as the hotel shuttle takes just 10 to 15 minutes to reach you.

Village Road.

From the airport to Sahl Hasheesh, the Village Road stretches for almost 20 kilometers. As with the road to El Gouna, you can’t count on extracurricular infrastructure in this region – the hotels-resorts with large territories and all kinds of entertainment on it rule here. On the Village Road there is a complex of 5 Albatros hotels, which are extremely popular among Belarusian tourists for their notorious price-quality ratio.

But there are some extra attractions on the Village Road. It is, for example, the Grand Aquarium, where you can look at the inhabitants of the sea depths. At 13 km of the road, closer to Sahl Hasheesh, you can close the gestalt with the shopping point: here there is a large shopping center Senzo Mall.

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Coral Beach Resort Hurghada 4* beach

The wind here in winter is not as strong as in El Ajeh, but the stretch from Jaz Aquamarine Resort 5* to Coral Beach Resort Hurghada 4* has tides, so be prepared for shallow water.

If you are vacationing in Hurghada as a family, you can’t do without one beach. And where to go to make both adults and children happy?

Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh is located 19km south of Hurghada Airport on the road to Makadi Bay and Safaga, a young, rapidly developing resort area with a focus on luxury holidays. According to the architects’ idea hotel buildings here should be “diluted” with gardens, golf courses, restaurants, cinemas.

Some of the architectural and design solutions have already been realized. Along the coast of Sahl-Hashish stretches 12 km fringed with palm trees promenade, where you can ride a rented bicycle ($ 5 per hour) or electric car ($ 20 per hour). The center of the resort decorates the Fountain Square, which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the coast.

The hotel base is mainly represented by the high-level four and five hotels, the prices for which will be higher than for similar hotels in other parts of Hurghada and the surrounding area.

Each hotel has a long stretch of sandy beach – enough room for all tourists, even at maximum load. The sea is shallow with a comfortable entrance to the water. Hotels with sandy and rocky parts of the coast in most cases have their own pontoon. Compensation for not the most convenient approach in such cases is its own coral reef. “Home” reef can boast, for example, Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa 5 *.

Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is located between Sahl Hasheesh and Soma Bay, 36 km from Hurghada airport. Hotels in Makadi Bay are characterized by a spacious area and a large number of all kinds of entertainment.

The headliner of the hotel base in the area is Madinat Makadi – a closed complex of 11 hotels with a huge green area, wide sandy beach, golf courses, stores and its own water park. Sounds impressive, but you should remember that outside of the hotels in Makadi Bay there is no infrastructure. Just desert and mountains, contrasting cinematically with the green oases of the hotels. So tourists who prefer entertainment outside the hotels will hardly be satisfied with Makadi Bay.

The area is considered a relatively windless zone. However, the beaches of some hotels, such as Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa Makadi 5* are strongly affected by tides. Saved by pontoons and the availability of heated pools in the area.

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Soma Bay

Next to Makadi Bay, the resort area of Soma Bay offers the same relaxing concept – privacy and tranquility. The same well-developed infrastructure in hotels and its complete absence outside the hotels. Except that the hotels themselves are a little bit higher – there are hotel brands like Movenpick or Kempenski. Helping to maintain the brand of upscale recreation is one of the best golf clubs in Egypt and the third largest SPA center in the Middle East, offering thalassotherapy and mud baths.

The sea in Soma Bay is predominantly sandy. There are coral reefs in the northern and eastern parts of the resort. Soma Bay is considered one of the best places on the coast for learning to surf and kitesurf – suitable wind conditions, easy access to the water, long and wide shallow areas near the shore.


A few kilometers south of Soma Bay. Still “Soma Bay” wide beaches, shallow sea, excellent surfing opportunities, a diverse underwater world, but with hotels “for the people” – more simple and budget. Still no chance for the lovers of wild nightlife. All this is Safaga, a small port town 60km from Hurghada.

In addition to a leisurely seaside holiday in Safaga comes the healing factor – it is believed that the local black sand helps in the fight against psoriasis and rheumatism. The Menaville Safaga hotel has a medical center, offering health-improving procedures on the basis of local “black gold”.

Of architectural sights Safaga should be noted well-preserved Turkish fort of the 16th century, which can serve as an excellent start to explore the more ancient and large-scale monuments of Egypt – the pyramids in Giza or the temples of Luxor.

We share the top news and deals of tour operators. We take apart the resorts, beaches, new excursions.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt

Hurghada – a hospitable resort of Egypt, which will appeal to every tourist because of the huge variety of entertainment. Here you can enjoy a beach holiday, explore interesting tourist routes, admire the amazing underwater beauty, scuba diving and dancing all night at the fiery parties.

Hurghada is divided into three areas: the old town of El Dahar with a colorful atmosphere of the East, the new city Sakkala and the strip, which stretches along the coast. The resort has its own international airport, where planes land from Russia, and the journey to the hotel does not take long.

Holidays in Hurghada is comfortable all year round. The best season for recreation from September to November – the water is warm, and the sun is not as hot. In the winter months and early spring, the weather is not too hot. At night it is quite cool, so you should bring warm clothes.

The vast beaches of Hurghada

Vacations in Hurghada are ideal for families with children, most hotels have their own sandy beaches with a smooth slope and equipped with all the facilities for children.

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Oriental resort of Hurghada, Egypt - Photo 2

The vast beaches of Hurghada

Hurghada’s beaches are about 40 kilometers long along the Red Sea. They are covered with soft golden sand and are equipped with sun loungers and parasols. Near the old hotels on the beaches cut down and artificially deepened lagoons. But wishing to snorkel and admire the corals and fish can swim away, where nature has remained intact.

During the construction of new hotels cutting coral was prohibited, so to swim there you will need special shoes.

2 – Hurghada Hotels

Hurghada is one of the oldest resorts in Egypt. Therefore there is a variety of hotels: knocked out, renovated and newly built. But in any of the hotels is a very high level of service. Most hotels in Hurghada are 4 and 5 stars. Three stars are also available, but almost all are quite far from the coast.

Meals in hotels are mostly arranged by buffet and “all inclusive” system. Alcoholic beverages are almost always locally produced. In respectable hotels you can order and foreign alcohol for a fee.

There are a lot of hotels in Hurghada, with all the facilities and entertainment for children. They have warm and shallow children’s pools, entertainment rooms, animators, discos for kids and small water parks.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt - Photo 3

2 – Hurghada Hotels

3. Attractions & Entertainment

There are many beautiful places to walk around the resort. In the evening you can walk through the Alley of colored fountains, at this time it is illuminated by colored lights, and the fountains work to the accompaniment of pleasant music.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt - Foto 4

3. Attractions & Entertainment

One of the most popular attractions among lovers of walking through the historical sites is the neighborhood of Dahar in the north of Hurghada. Here you can feel the special atmosphere of the local color, here are preserved beautiful old streets and structures of centuries ago. Some of the old houses have stores where you can buy souvenirs and locally made products.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt - View 5

3. Attractions & Entertainment

Guests of the resort have the opportunity to visit a large number of fascinating attractions, such as the Karnak Temple. This is a huge architectural complex dedicated to the god Amun. Its construction lasted fifteen hundred years. Each ruler tried to add to it or change it. To explore all the objects of the temple will need more than one day.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt - View 6

3. Attractions & Entertainment

It is also worth visiting the monastery of St. Paul, named after the local hermit who lived in one of the caves here. For many years it served as a fortress and many times saved the monks from invaders. Today, ancient manuscripts, paintings and sacred relics are kept here. On the territory of the monastery some ancient springs of fresh water have been preserved.

Mimar Sinan - Sultan's court architect and his famous buildings

Nearby in a beautiful foothill area is the monastery of St Anthony, founded in 356. It is still inhabited by monks. However it is open to tourists who want to explore the peculiarities of life of the local monks. There is also an impressive collection of manuscripts and a large number of restored paintings.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt - View 7

3. Attractions & Entertainment

A popular attraction in Hurghada are the Singing Fountains. They are located near the Golden Five Hotel. Tourists throng here every evening to admire a spectacular show accompanied by beautiful music and bright illumination.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt- Photo 8

3. Attractions & Entertainment

The leader among the entertainment facilities for a long time remains the Palace of One Thousand and One Nights . It is a huge complex with shopping halls and an arena, and every day there are interesting programs for visitors: musical performances and performances of national dancers, as well as various events that tell about the culture of local people.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt- Photo 9

3. Attractions & Entertainment

Hurghada is a versatile resort. It suits fans of very different types of recreation. Here you can quietly enjoy a beach holiday, go scuba diving or take a ride in the desert, have fun in the entertainment centers and nightclubs, spend time in a sports complex, walk around the oriental market.

Be sure to visit the water park Makadi . In addition to the usual pools and slides at the water park has a variety of attractions, places to relax and bright play areas for young children.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt- Photo 10

3. Attractions & Entertainment

For lovers of gambling in Hurghada, there is a casino with a comfortable Intrcontinental environment. It is located in the hotel with the same name. Entrance to the casino is free.

Hurghada is the nightlife capital of Egypt. Every night, many nightclubs and discos open their doors to visitors. The most popular nightclub of the city is Calipso, the music and dancing until dawn, every week there are bright shows and unusual theme parties.

4. Colorful cuisine

Restaurants are located mostly in the hotels. But in the city itself there are places where you can eat, such as the famous restaurant – C. El Sayed. In addition to shashlik and kebab, they offer dishes grilled with oriental spices and herbs.

Hurghada Oriental Resort, Egypt- Photo 11

4. Colorful cuisine

You should not miss the calamari, cooked by a special recipe, in the famous fish restaurant “Joker”. And also to visit Star Fish restaurant where you can taste the delicious seafood soup.

Shopping in Hurghada is very atmospheric. Here you can buy colorful souvenirs, jewelry made of precious metals, Egyptian cotton, handmade carpets, hookahs, spices and leather goods.

Warm sun and gentle sea, the splendor of nature, oriental dances and hot nights – a holiday waiting for you in Hurghada all year round.

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