How to take a vacation in Bulgaria: tourist information

How to take a vacation in Bulgaria: tourist information

Bulgaria is the center of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders with Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece and Turkey. The Black Sea washes the country from the east.

For lovers of mountains one can visit Ripa, Pirin, Stara Planina.

For fans of the plains there is also a place – the Danube Plain. There are many rivulets, streams, rivers, mineral springs.

Bulgaria is one of those countries where you can vacation all year round, it all depends on the type of recreation that you choose.

How to have a rest in Bulgaria: information for tourists - photo 2

How to take a vacation in Bulgaria: tourist information

The period from June to October will suit fans of beach holidays. This time is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The average temperature during this period is 25-27 ° C. On the coast, even in the hottest weather, it will not be hot, because from the sea there is a refreshing breeze. Do not forget to take an umbrella on the trip, as here they come periodically.

Ski season starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-March. Since Bulgaria has a lot of places to see, so for sightseeing trips take comfortable shoes and clothes. Take a towel with you, it is forbidden to use hotel towels on the beaches.

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How to take a vacation in Bulgaria: tourist information

For a holiday in Bulgaria you need a visa. It takes 12 days, the cost of adult visa is $ 35, for children under 16 years it is free.

Customs rules

Restrictions on currency exchange and import it is not limited, but if the amount exceeds $ 1000, you will need a customs declaration.

The exchange rate is better to find out on the spot, as it is constantly changing because of the strong inflation. Remember that you can not take in and take out the levs, so change the rest before you leave. Also don’t throw away your currency exchange certificates, you will need them.

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Travel to Bulgaria

The cost of the tour varies from $200 to $600 – it all depends on the category of the hotel and resort. If you want to get on your own without contacting a travel agency, then you can use a steamboat, plane or train.

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Travel to Bulgaria

Summer resorts in Bulgaria

These are the oldest sea resorts in Bulgaria. There are a large number of therapeutic springs, and the nature is rich in green areas. This resort attracts tourists every year not only to rest but also to improve their health.

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Summer resorts in Bulgaria

This is the youngest sea resort in Bulgaria. It is situated along the longest beach on the Bulgarian coast. It is rather far away from the railway, highways, and big cities, so the recreation will be quiet and comfortable.

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Summer resorts in Bulgaria

Golden Sands resort is located on the territory of the park of the same name. This resort is unique because here you can see the smaller brothers: pheasants, falcons, eagles, red squirrels, hares, wild boars, deer. On the territory of the resort there is a monastery Aladzha, which is open to the public. Till nowadays there are wall paintings preserved in it. This Bulgarian resort is attractive for tourists with its treatment centers. The nearest and the most convenient way to reach it is from Varna.

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Summer resorts in Bulgaria

This is one of the best places to rest. This place is valued for its ecological purity. A couple of hundred meters from the shore the sea is not deep, so it quickly becomes warm. Another point of interest of Albena is the proximity to Balata – a natural reserve – a very beautiful union of the liana forest and the sea.

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Summer resorts in Bulgaria

Winter resorts in Bulgaria

It is a new place for skiing. Due to the good choice of location tourism has become well developed. This ski resort is located in an area of small settlement, here is a harmonious combination of beautiful nature with snow-covered peaks and slopes for skiing. The ski resort Bansko offers slopes for all categories of skiers.

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This is the very first ski resort in Bulgaria. As soon as the first tourists began to come to Borovets, the resort has grown to a significant scale. Getting to this resort is very easy. Seventy-two kilometers from the Bulgarian capital Sofia is located ski resort Borovets, you can also get here from Plovdiv.

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There are a lot of ski tracks due to the Rila Mountains and due to the peculiarities of their slopes they are divided into several ski areas. There are nice conditions for skiing due to the mild climate and a sufficient thickness of the snow layer, this is the main reason for the popularity of this ski resort.

It is the most southern ski resort in Bulgaria and has a lot of sunny days. It is situated on the slopes of the Rhodope Mountains. Pamporovo resort has been open for a long time and has grown to a decent size. In Bulgaria, this resort is in second place among the ski resorts. The range of services in Pamporovo is very well developed – the elevators, the ski rentals, as well as the varied and well-groomed slopes, and the longest slope is four kilometers long. You can reach Pamporovo ski resort either from Sofia, or from Plovdiv.

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It is the highest resort, located at 1800 meters above sea level. The resort is situated 20 km away from Sofia. There are not many tracks on the slopes of the massif, but they all have different levels of complexity. The 5 km is the longest track. In Vitosha resort there is everything – ski rentals, ski elevators, ski school, hotels.

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Whatever resort you choose, you can always book a tour of Bulgaria. Excursion will cost you from $ 30 to $ 100, it all depends on the time of year, the duration of the tour, and the company you choose. Bulgaria is an Orthodox country, so the culture here is very rich with monasteries. Among the most famous are Bachkovski, Troyan, Rilski.

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Troyanovsky monastery.

You can also travel around the country on your own. The cheapest transport in Bulgaria is considered train. The standard tip is 10% of the service cost and only if you are satisfied.

Going to Bulgaria, the main thing that must be taken with you is a good mood and a very strong desire to relax in an interesting place.

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