How to rest in Belgium. Information for tourists

Belgian vacation at sea

What do you know about Belgium? It is a small state in the western part of Europe, which is famous for amazingly delicious chocolate and high-class foam drinks. Visiting this country, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, because the Belgians make efforts to preserve their cities in pristine condition.

Most tourists visit Belgium for recreation for the soul: walk through the narrow streets paved with cobblestones, contemplating medieval buildings, drinking in cozy coffee houses. But as it turned out, for a vacation by the sea, this country is also perfect, because it is located on the North Sea. If you are considering a vacation by the sea in Belgium in 2022, prices and attractions, resorts and nuances of planning a trip – about all of this you will read in the article.

Holidays in Belgium by the sea – is it possible?

Yes, Belgium is not one of the most popular countries for beach holidays, but the resorts here are quite European, and not as crowded as the Italian or Bulgarian coast. The only thing is that the North Sea is not as warm as the Mediterranean or the Black Sea, and therefore rest here mostly from mid July to mid August, but at this time it is possible to bathe and sunbathe. The average air temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius.

Beaches in Belgian resorts are mostly free, well equipped and clean.

Belgium on the map:

In addition, summer holidays in Belgium can give not only relaxation on the beach, but also become very interesting due to the inspection of many sights, and will be comfortable – the level of service is at a high level.

Therefore, Belgium can be considered as a place to relax by the sea. As for the cost of recreation on the coast of Belgium, it is, to say the least, a lot. So if you decide to buy a tour, you will need to spend about 110-140 thousand rubles for two. The advantages of registration of the tour is that there is no need for independent search of housing and booking tickets there and back. You can plan the trip by yourself, but it is not going to be a budget trip in any case.

Popular beach resorts in Belgium


Located in the Flemish region, Ostend is the largest city in Belgium on the coast. It is one of the longest (nine kilometers of beach) resorts where most Belgians vacation. This place is notable for the fact that here was built royal villa, which, however, is now converted into a hotel. If you want, you can stay here for a holiday and feel like an important person. Today, the royal family still regularly visits Ostend. But, most often, it is a working visit. But you can have a good rest in Ostend.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get from Moscow to Ostend is via Brussels. Many flights connect the capital of the Russian Federation with Brussels. A one way ticket in the summer of 2022 will cost about 8 thousand rubles.

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From Brussels airport to the train station. Trains to Ostend go every hour, the travel time will be about an hour and a half. The fare is around 20 euros.

You can move around the resort on the coastal streetcar, which follows the entire coast of Belgium. Thus, you can even go to the neighboring cities.

Where to stay?

The city is a very popular resort among Europeans, so there are a lot of hotel facilities. The prices for accommodation are quite high, but the level of institutions is also praiseworthy.

So, stay in a hostel in 5 minutes walk from the sea, have the opportunity to cook in the kitchen and use the excellent communications for two tourists can be about 4.5 thousand rubles a day. Three-star hotel in the city center will cost about 5.5 thousand rubles a day for two people, while the rooms will have some equipment, the price will include at least breakfast. And stay in the former residence of the Dukes (spa center, original decor, marble bathroom and gym) two tourists can stay for about 11.5 thousand rubles per night.

What to see and do?

Beaches in Ostend – wide, sandy, landscaped. It is worth preparing for the fact that in high season they will be more crowded, because this resort is popular with Europeans, especially the British.

Next to the sea stretches Albert I promenade, where there are many cafes and restaurants. Even if you live in an apartment or prefer to buy food in the supermarkets, be sure to look at least once in a seafood restaurant – here you can try the freshest, tastiest dishes of rare varieties of seafood. And don’t forget to enjoy Belgian beer!

Tourists call the restaurant Lusitania one of the masterpieces of the resort. Belgian cuisine and seafood – this is the “end” of the institution. Travelers note that in this place you can try high cuisine at a pleasant price for Europe. Another interesting institution is Apero Fish Palace restaurant, which is popular among locals and tourists alike. And for a bite of Belgian desserts, which are famous all over the world, you can in a pleasant bistro Bistro Mathilda.

In addition to enjoying the sea and its gifts, the resort has somewhere to go for both the mind and the soul. Admire the neo-Gothic style of St. Peter and Paul’s Church, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th century: the openwork decorations, sculpture groups and other delights will appeal to all lovers of architecture. A more modest-looking building, the Church of the Capuchins, belongs to the 17th century.

The Raverside museum complex consists of three separate parts as well as a natural park. The former manor of the Belgian regent will appeal to those who want to see the interior and personal belongings of the royal person, the Atlantic rampart – to lovers of military art, and the village of Valraversaide, known since the 14th century – to those who want to see the life of simple fishermen of the Middle Ages. King Leopold II Park is a good place for a walk on a sunny day: there’s a flower clock, a playground, and even cute bunnies.

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It’s also definitely worth a walk to the sailing ship Mercator and take a couple of euros to see all parts of the ship. And if you love art, visit the Mu.ZEE museum, which displays a collection of Belgian paintings from the mid-19th century. A ticket to the museum costs about 9 euros.

For those traveling as a family, with children, probably would be interesting to visit the local oceanarium North Sea Aquarium, where you can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the sea depths. Another interesting place for families is the Earth Explorer amusement park, dedicated to the elements of the Earth. You can go horseback riding at the Wellington Racetrack Center.

Those who like active nightlife and adult entertainment should go to Langestraat street – there is a large number of bars, nightclubs, casinos. For shopping for stomach pleasure go to one of the local fish markets, and for souvenir shopping go to Kapellestraat. Ostend offers high quality, medium priced clothing from major global brands.

What is usually taken from Ostend as a souvenir? Things like:

  1. Traditional “coastal” souvenirs – seashells, small ships, clothes in “nautical” style.
  2. Souvenirs with a Belgian flavor – lace, chocolate, beer.

De Panne

The southernmost resort in the country, the beaches are covered with yellow sand, and at low tide they double. Holidays in this place are chosen by people who are not indifferent to the natural and architectural beauty.

How to get there?

In De Panne is also worth going via Brussels, by train. It takes about two and a half hours to get there, trains leave about once every hour and a half, and the fare will be around 22 euros.

Where to stay?

The resort has a sufficient number of hotels, because it is very appreciated by romantically-minded tourists for the good beaches and the overall picturesque picture of nature.

Two tourists can stay in a two-star hotel, located 7 minutes walk from the beach and simultaneously close to the city center, for about 6.5 thousand rubles per day. If you want to live very close to the beach – the same two-star hotel will cost about 8 thousand rubles per day for two people. And a luxurious vacation in a four-star establishment (swimming pool, garden, stunning views and plenty of technology) will take away from the budget about 10 thousand rubles per day for a double room.

What to see and do?

In De Panne you will have a unique opportunity to visit the nature reserve De Westhoek. This place is special because of its stunning dunes, which are in harmony with the sea and will look especially bizarre at sunrise or sunset. By the way, the beaches themselves are considered the most beautiful on the Belgian coast: they are famous for their width and golden sand.

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The resort is beautiful and its architecture: you can admire the chic villas, built in Art Nouveau style in the early twentieth century, by the way, if in Ostend full of Englishmen, then here you can often hear a beautiful French speech, because De Panne is on the border with France. In addition to the promenade between the old villas, visit the neo-Gothic St. Peter’s Church. And on the outskirts of the city you can see the ruins of an ancient abbey.

De Panne will suit those who love outdoor activities. Here are very popular walks, as well as competitions on yachts. In addition to sporting events, in the summer the resort becomes a platform for endless exhibitions and concerts, as well as gastronomic festivals.

Cafes and restaurants present Belgian and international cuisine. At Le Flore, they praise the atmosphere, the quality of the food and the prices. Hostellerie Le Fox is a Michelin restaurant for those who want to dine in luxury. If you want something simple, like steak, you can go to Moeder Lambik, which also has a children’s menu.

Children in De Panne will not be bored either, because a park with attractions Plopsaland de Panne was built for them. Dancing fountains, interesting decorations, water and usual rides, extreme slides and an area for toddlers – all this awaits families with children in the park.

Knokke Heist

The wealthy can afford to rest in this place, because the prices here are much higher than in other resorts of Belgium. On the contrary, it is the northernmost resort on the coast of the country.

How to get there?

Getting from Brussels to Knokke Heist is not difficult: the train takes only an hour and a half, the fare is about 17 euros.

Where to stay?

There are few hotels in Knokke-Heist and they are all expensive. So, an apartment in the center of the resort will cost two tourists about 7.5 thousand rubles per day. Three-star hotel in 17 minutes from the beach, but located in a villa of the 19th century, which has a pool, sauna and excellent room, will cost about 11 thousand rubles a day for two people. You can also stay at a top-class establishment: 4 stars, 4 minutes from the beach, spa, restaurants – and a double room for 24 thousand rubles a day.

What to see and do?

Entertainment at the resort is also appropriate to its level: a few casinos, expensive restaurants, golf clubs, yacht clubs, surfing clubs and other options for a luxurious vacation. The length of the coastal zone is twelve kilometers. As a beach entertainment resorts are very fond of riding sand buggies. By the way, mainly Belgians themselves go to this resort.

In addition to entertainment, tourists have the opportunity to touch the beautiful: Nature Reserve Zwin allows you to visit a garden of tropical butterflies and rare plants, admire a large number of sea birds, go and a small zoo with pets, which will appreciate the children.

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As for museums, mostly art galleries are located in the resort, and architecture lovers can simply walk through the streets and admire the Art Nouveau buildings. There are also a couple of local history museums, such as the Sinkfal Museum, dedicated to the first inhabitants of the region, fisheries and the life of peasants in the Middle Ages.

If you can’t get enough of the local beauty and beaches, you know that many vacationers in Knokke Heist visit the “Venice of Belgium” – the city of Bruges, located just 20 kilometers from the resort. Bruges – one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, where you can see many churches, from the 13th century construction, take a boat ride on the canals, visit many museums.

To eat in Knokke-Heist is quite expensive. Most local establishments are haute cuisine restaurants. In Bartholomeus and other similar institutions serve dishes that tourists call nothing less than works of art. However, there are a couple of inexpensive establishments in the resort area, for example, a restaurant on the seafront Alexandra or ice-cream cafe Glacier de la Poste.

Belgium is a wonderful country, where you can relax and enjoy quality service, excellent cuisine and European level of safety. However, such a relaxing and somewhat aristocratic atmosphere of Belgian resorts will suit only those who are ready to afford to thoroughly spend on vacation in 2022. But if you can, enjoy Belgian beaches, architecture, and entertainment!

How to rest in Belgium. Information for tourists

Belgium is a small country and despite the fact that it’s mostly common to visit with the Netherlands and Luxembourg, there’s a lot to see here.

The country has snow-white beaches, amazing nature, great spas, museums and a wealth of medieval architecture. With more than a day to spare, Belgium is a great place to visit, giving you a true flavor of the country from the inside.


The capital Brussels is not only an interesting and attractive city, but also the political center of the country and even the European Community. It is impossible to get bored here, because there are plenty of sights to suit all tastes. Start with the old Grand Place, which was awarded the title of one of the most beautiful in the world.

How to rest in Belgium. Information for tourists - photo 2

How to have a good time in Belgium. Information for Tourists

Every year thousands of people come here to see the amazing floral carpet created by master florists. On the square there are a lot of historical buildings, dating from the 13-15th centuries, the most unsurpassed is the City Hall with a huge tower, reaching 96 meters, as well as unique monuments, statues and sculptures.

The most famous monument of Brussels is Manneken-Pis, the peeing boy, to whom international delegations bring a new national costume every year. Recently he became the owner of a cosmonaut costume from our country. He is accompanied by a peeing girl in the neighboring street and a peeing dog.

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In the city there are parks, Gothic architecture, many museums, churches, and a string of restaurants and cafes with a variety of cuisine. You are advised to eat a special chocolate candy called Brussels balls, the variety of toppings is amazing – 65 varieties.

Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent

Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent are often called the enchanting Venice. This is not without reason, the town is very picturesque, around the old houses, some of which have survived since the 17th century, parks, museums, Gothic architecture, and, of course, canals. You can try a boat tour and look at the city from the water, the scenery is sure to inspire you.

How to have a rest in Belgium. Information for tourists - photo 3

How to have a good time in Belgium. Information for Tourists

Famous places in the city are the Burg Square, the Town Hall, the Church of Our Lady, the old market square and others. Ghent often hosts famous festivals, especially the colorful Flanders celebrations in October. The city is most notable for its Cathedral, City Hall and ancient castles.

Open palms are the symbol of the city of Antwerp, and you can see them everywhere and in different colors: chocolate, stone, bronze. There are many jewelry stores in the city, because there are more than 300 lapidary workshops and several diamond exchanges.


Belgium’s many accomplishments define the country’s many museums, and there are more than 80 of them. There are museums of world importance, such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Antwerp and Brussels, where works by Bosch, Rubens and Bruegel are displayed, as well as private and specialized galleries. Some of the museums are quite unusual, such as the museum of lace or a museum of diamonds.

How to rest in Belgium. Tourist information - Photo 4

How to have a good time in Belgium. Information for Tourists

Very popular museum of comics, which is located in the city of Brussels. Visitors will be able to see a huge collection of drawings, comics, as well as visit the exhibition of cartoon art. Fans of sweets will be interested in the Chocolate Museum, which will tell and show the technology of production of all the favorite delicacy. The Potato Fries Museum is the only such place where you can see the machines used to prepare the vegetable, as well as trace the entire history of the potato.

Seaside Resorts

The most visited summer resort in the country is considered Ostend. Clean beaches and beautiful nature give this place a wonderful charm.

The resort is close to Bruges, and a few kilometers away is another popular resort, the promenade at Midelkerk. Ostend has an excellent infrastructure for recreation, but it is understandable, the place has been a resort for over a hundred years.

The city is everywhere beautiful and ancient architecture, parks and museums. Lovers of underwater is an opportunity to visit a large aquarium with the inhabitants of the North Sea, and gambling guests can try their luck at the casino.

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