How to rent a house on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

How to rent a house on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

Lamai Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the Thai island of Samui . Largely due to the fact that this beach has clean soft sand and velvety bottom. Developed infrastructure of the beach also plays an important role. The area around the beach is absolutely everything you need for recreation, even the most picky tourist. That is why tourists love to vacation near Lamai Beach. If you plan on a long time to stay here, it is worth thinking about how and what to rent an apartment. You are unlikely to run into difficulties of choice, because usually the choice of accommodation is unusually wide. And in most cases for long term rentals are luxurious villas with manicured grounds, swimming pools, as well as comfortable homes with all necessary equipment. The prices in this article will be given in Thai baht and dollars. For better understanding of the rates please use the app of your mobile bank which will tell you the current exchange rate.

How much will it cost to rent a house

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say exactly how much a particular house will cost, because there are no fixed prices. The price depends on many factors – seasonality, proximity to the beach, the availability of air conditioning, maintenance of the building and its area. Of course, the list does not end there.

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How much will it cost to rent a house

The most affordable option to rent, and therefore the most popular, is to rent a few houses. Most often these complexes have their own swimming pool. The price in this case ranges from 13 000 to 17 000 baht. Without a pool rent of such a complex will be a few thousand less. This is worth considering, since not everyone needs a pool during the holidays.

If you are planning to rest as a family and would not like to see strangers, then give preference to a single house. A fenced house will cost from 23 000 baht.

If you prefer to relax, not denying yourself of anything, then it is better to consider the option of a villa. With modern furniture, new repairs, appliances, as well as a small garden and a pool on the territory will cost from 50,000 baht per month. Some owners may offer you to rent a villa. But keep in mind that if you want to extend the lease, the host may refuse you. Because it may already be booked by the next holidaymaker .

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How much will it cost to rent a house

If you are confused by your options, and you do not know what you really want, then you should ask yourself some questions. They will determine the practicality of this or that option.

First of all think about the number of people who will live under one roof. If it is two small families, which is enough for two bedrooms, you can think about the need for a second bathroom. If there will be two, the house will be two-storey. This makes it automatically more expensive compared to a single-story.

The price of such a room starts at $1,000 per month .

Second question: Do you need a kitchen? It is a full kitchen, where you will cook. The fact is that in budget accommodation options it is often not provided. There is only a small corner where you can make tea, coffee and heat food. If you plan to eat out of the house, it probably does not make sense to overpay for a full kitchen.

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How much will it cost to rent a house

What about proximity to the sea? The closer the house is to the beach, the more expensive it will be. Also we advise to be careful – good options of houses are extremely quickly booked, and with a huge probability for the entire vacation season.

Since you are planning a long trip, then strictly determine your weekly and monthly budget – it will help avoid trouble and financial tragedy.

How and where to look for lodging in Lamai Beach

If a friend recommended a particular house, do not rush to book it right away. It is better to use specialized Internet resources. They can help you get a closer look at the place, the location, the nearby stores, the views, and more.


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How and where to look for lodging in Lamai Beach

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Seek the help of intermediaries

On Koh Samui, as well as everywhere else working real estate companies, most often employing Russian-speaking staff. You can easily offer a wide range of houses and villas, which are available directly in the database. But we advise to keep in mind a few nuances:

  • You will not be told about the real condition of the house – it is not profitable for them to be completely honest with you;
  • The price will be definitely overpriced;
  • No one will ever match your needs.

Find a house on your own

From a practical standpoint, this is the best option. The procedure is approximately as follows:

  • Arriving on the island, rent a temporary budget accommodation literally for a few days,
  • Get a SIM card of the local operator,
  • Do not forget cash to pay a deposit, and go in search of a house.

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Find a house on your own

Homes available for rent usually have a “House for Rent” sign . Make an appointment with the landlord to view the house. If you like the place, leave a deposit – usually 5000 baht. Start your search in the morning, as it’s generally dark by 6:00 PM in Thailand.

Important points

Villas usually have a fan or air conditioner . In the case of the latter – the cost of living will be significantly higher, on average 2000 – 3000 baht.

If you need constant access to the Internet with good speed, think about the house with its own Wi-Fi point. If not – you are quite enough to check the mail common router, which distributes the Internet to several villas.

Check the walls, ceiling, and floor for major damage and leaks. Make sure the bathroom, faucets, and all appliances are working . If you find a breakage, be sure to tell the owner, because otherwise you will not be given the deposit back later. Defects must either be fixed or stated in the contract .

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If you are going to rent a house in Lamai for a long period, then be sure to negotiate, in most cases you will be given a significant discount. Also frequent condition is a deposit of 50 to 100% of the monthly rent.

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Also, in addition to the rent, you will need to pay :

How to rent a house on Koh Samui. Tips for beginners :)

House for rent? – Yes, it’s not hard! Especially on an island like Koh Samui, where a lot of houses for rent.

How to rent a house on Koh Samui?

Now I want to share some tips on how to rent a house on Koh Samui.

Firstly you should definitely understand that you want to live in a house, not a hotel.

I like to live in a hotel. I will explain why. At the hotel room cleaned daily, change linens, towels, bring soap, toilet paper. At the hotel, you do not pay anything other than the rent of the room. That is light, water, internet, electricity is already included in the room price. Most of the time I rent a hotel room not far from the beach or even on the beach itself. If you go for a short period, less than a month, it is better to stay in a hotel.

But if you’re going for a long time, it is expensive to stay in a hotel.

Hotels in Thailand can be booked on the sites:

You can also find and book accommodation here. If you register at this link, you will receive a gift – $20, which can be used to pay for accommodation.

If you want while that something to cook (the minimum, we’re not talking about cooking borscht), you can buy an electric kettle (500 baht) and electric pot (500 – 1000 baht). Or buy a small gas stove like we bought. Stove 299 baht and its gas is about 40 baht per balloon. We have enough gas cylinder for a week. But we do not cook much.

If you still decided that you need a house, you can rent it as follows.

Option 1: Rent a house on Koh Samui through intermediaries

On Koh Samui, there are several agents who help in the search for a home. Well-known “Russian group” or “Lamai group” helps in finding a house, but they do not immediately respond to the letters and in general, more and more negative feedback on their work. And they don’t like to take on cheap houses (cheaper than 10,000 baht) and for short periods of time. Like to make a situation, saying there are no houses at all, although we were convinced of the opposite. Their advantage – a good site and a large database of houses. They do not take a commission from the client.

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In many groups about Samui in contact, too, there are assistants to rent homes. The cost of their services from 5 thousand baht and above. If you are looking for a cheap house for a short term, then do not turn to them at all profitable.

There are advantages in booking in advance, especially when you come with a small child or do not know English.

There are also disadvantages: you can choose a house only by photos, which do not always reflect reality. You can not know what’s around, how much exactly to the sea (as the description of 1 km, 500 meters, etc, why everyone is different ).

So if you are going for more than a month and know some English, it is better to look for a house yourself.

Option 2. Finding your own house on Koh Samui

Searching for a house by yourself. What we do for this:

  1. Arrive on the island.
  2. Check into a hotel for 2-3 days. It is better to book a hotel in advance.
  3. Rest, look around.
  4. Rent a bike or a car.
  5. Buy a local SIM card to make calls.
  6. The closer you get to the sea, the more expensive the houses. See the signs “House for Rent”, call the phone number listed on it. Try to understand Thai English, which is not always easy. If the house is available, make an appointment for a viewing, see
  7. If you like it, you sign a contract and rent it.
  8. Move in

House for rent Samui

Look for these signs that say the house is for rent

House for rent Samui

House for rent

House for rent

House for rent Samui

House for rent Koh Samui

What to consider when renting

  1. Price of the house per month
  2. The cost of electricity (electricity in Samui is expensive, the price can range from 4 baht per kilowatt to 11 baht. Usually 6-7 baht)
  3. The cost of water. Usually take a fixed fee per person – 100 or 100 baht, sometimes the cost per cubic meter of water, sometimes the water is free
  4. Internet charges. Free or an average of 500 baht per month
  5. The cost of the obligatory final cleaning. We do not have it, but many houses require 1,000 baht for final cleaning
  6. Cost of gas. Typically, the gas cylinder will cost 300-500 baht
  7. Security deposit (usually take half a month’s value of the house, but may ask for the full cost.)
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What to look for when renting a house

  1. Are there mosquito nets on the windows (must, otherwise you either have to close the window all the time or be bitten by mosquitoes)
  2. Do you have a working fridge, air conditioner, water heater?
  3. Are there enough outlets. We brought extension cords.
  4. Does it smell in the bathroom, is there ventilation?
  5. Whether the water drains well in the shower. The standard shower in Thailand is water pouring onto the floor and draining down the pipe and into the street. If the shower floor has little or no slope, the water will stagnate and swamp the tub
  6. Whether the house is next to a public trash can. Smells are very strong in the heat.
  7. Is the road to the house a good one. Won’t it get washed out if it rains?
  8. I’d also like to see what kind of people live in the neighboring houses. We’ve been lucky so far, we don’t have noisy neighbors or small screaming children.
  9. Aren’t there any swamps or rivers near the house? If so, get ready for mosquitoes.

Hope these tips will come in handy and you will rent a nice and comfortable house

P.S. We were recently looking for a house on Lamai, looked at quite a few options, I want to share them with you:

You can read about our houses we lived in on Samui in the articles:

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