How and where to celebrate a hen party?

How to hold a hen party before the wedding in 2022: original and fun ideas

Immediately a few days before the wedding, brides spend a fun bachelorette party to say goodbye to free life, fun parties with girlfriends and enter into the new role of wife, and then mother and grandmother. The bride and her friends long before this day begin to puzzle over how to organize this holiday, which gift to buy for the hen night for bridesmaids and bridesmaids that it will be remembered forever. Traditions and rituals for the hen party the Slavs and other nations are largely similar. Therefore, to make the original party, while respecting all the conventions will be easy.

Pictures from the fun bachelorette party

What is a hen party, and how does it take place?

A hen party is an original, fun and colorful holiday, which the bride arranges for her girlfriends. The main thing is that none of the attendees were not left out of the general fun, and everyone will have bright, unforgettable impressions for many years to come. hen party came from an ancient custom, when the girls gathered before the wedding at the bride’s house, helped to embroider her dowry, to get ready for the wedding, singing songs, talking, laughing and having a great time.

Today the bachelorette party celebrates a girl’s transition to a new life.

It’s a kind of farewell from carefree youth to restrained youth. To fully prepare for the celebration of this day, the girl and her helpers need to take into account a lot of nuances:

  • Choose a date . How many days before the wedding do the bachelorette party? Make sure that the date is set at least 2-3 days before the wedding. The bride will need to recover from the festivities so she can get to the wedding ceremony rested and refreshed.
  • The guest list . Here you need to put some effort and patience. With your closest friends, make a list of the girls and women invited, carefully re-read it and eliminate all those who are not friendly with their language. After all, your little secrets and secrets can become known to the groom. It is better to let there be a few people, but very close, trusted persons.

Options for interesting bachelorette parties

Funny photos from the bachelorette party before the wedding

  • Scenario . This is one of the most responsible stages of preparation for the celebration. To arrange a bachelorette party before the wedding for the bride and her girlfriends, you need to make a whole plan of activities and entertainment that you want to include in the program of the day. Each stage should be scheduled by the minutes. Give the task to the girlfriends to find interesting contests, divination, entertainment.
  • Costumes . You can have fun celebrating the day by organizing it in a certain theme, this is what the choice of bachelorette party clothes is based on. For example, in the style of retro or stilyag. To do this, you need to pre-order costumes for each participant or go to the store and buy bachelorette party accessories, suitable for the theme of the holiday. If the theme of the celebration is not provided, choose any clothing in which you will feel comfortable and spectacular. However, avoid outfits in white.
  • The bachelorette party, of course, celebrates the future wedding. Accordingly, there should be a bride! To distinguish the girl from the others can be very simple, just order a white T-shirt with the inscription “Bride”. This option is quite possible if the holiday takes place in the street, club, bar, cafe or at the bride herself at home.
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Bridesmaids in headbands with ears at a bachelorette party

Photo of a funny original bachelorette party

    . Make and send out an individual invitation for each of your invited girlfriends, or the same ones for everyone. This will give you an exact answer as to who can attend your party. In the letter, specify the approximate program of events and the day you will need to pre-assemble and stipulate the details of the future party.
  • The Copilot . It must be said that the upcoming wedding itself is a very costly event. Another additional item of expenditure in the form of a bachelorette party will not be affordable for every girl. Therefore, discuss the amount of each girlfriend’s contribution to the common piggy bank to make it easier for the bride.
  • Reservations . Depending on where you are going to hold the event, you need to make reservations for the restaurant, spa, pool, etc. Contact the management of the venue, discuss all reservations in person and tell them about the theme of the upcoming celebration. Decide on the possibility of drinking alcoholic beverages. In many establishments, where you can celebrate a bachelorette party inexpensively, they are allowed to bring them with you.
  • Car. If you are not going to spend the entire holiday at home or in a reserved room, order a limousine. To do this, make a list of agencies in advance, call them, find out the possibilities, rates. Keep in mind that limousines may be busy on weekends for wedding motorcades.

Be sure to specify the manager your approximate route of travel for the day, discuss possible discounts and bonuses

  • Provide gifts for all attendees. For example, think up hashtags for the bachelorette party and order inscriptions on T-shirts with them. Perhaps during the evening all the girls will change into these T-shirts, or maybe they will become the dress code for entrance to your private party.
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What do they do at a bachelorette party? Having fun and enjoying life! So organize everything so that everyone will be happy with the event or hire someone who can solve all the nuances for a fee.

What to do at the bachelorette party bridesmaids?

So who organizes the bachelorette party before the wedding? This question many brides, and especially their parents, who already have enough worries, cases and expenses before the celebration in excess. A bachelor party is a sacred thing! It is a duty! And to a bachelorette party the attitude of the majority is rather skeptical. However, in recent years, more and more girls are inclined to the fact that the hen party must be necessarily. At least a party on the river bank by the fire with songs and swimming, but this day should be.

original script for a cool bachelorette party

Photos from a cool unusual bachelorette party in vintage style.

By the way, overseas, the bride’s bachelorette party etiquette is paid for by her girlfriends. This event by definition should be just chic, so many girls are forced to take credit so as not to embarrass themselves in front of the bride and her relatives. There is a norm to arrange a cool bachelorette party girlfriend on the shores of the azure ocean or in an exotic country. Villas and boats, luxury hotel rooms and restaurant halls are rented for this purpose.

In our country, opinions on whether the bride or girlfriends have a bachelorette party are divided against each other. Many proceed from the principle: “You have to pay the bride, because it’s her holiday. Others believe that it is necessary to help in the organization of the celebration.

There is an opinion that the event could pay and the groom, who is ready to make for his beloved any pleasant surprise

How to organize a hen party: ideas for decoration

Carry out an unusual and original hen party can be made by applying only a little fantasy and effort. Styles, ideas and scenarios for the organization of such a celebration a lot, just choose.

The organization of hen party for the bride in the Russian style.

In the old days at such parties, the bride appeared in her best outfit. It was a colorful sundress with elaborate embroidery, a shirt with a skirt. The colors were traditional: red, orange, crimson, yellow, pink, green. The outfit was accompanied by beads, ribbons, and a headband. If you follow the tradition, the bride should be dressed in a light sundress or flowing dress . You can prepare old songs and ditties, games and competitions for the hen party. However, do not forget that those times are long gone, and the modern world dictates its own rules. Such a party should gradually grow into incendiary fun.

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hen night out in the countryside in Russian folk costumes

Girls’ night out in the Russian style

Party in the style of “Oriental fairy tale”.

This is a treasure trove of ideas for organizers. For an interesting hen party you only need to remember the pictures and entertainment characters of “Aladdin” or “1000 and 1 night”. Decorate the venue of the bachelorette party with canopies, tinkling coins, hang fairy lights, fringe and tassels. For added entourage, scatter flower petals and buds everywhere. Each girl can be assigned her own role. It can be a fortune teller, a dancer, a princess, etc.

hen party on the road

Pictures of bachelorette party decoration

Walking on a boat

Will become a great option for the celebration. This party at night or during the day is a real event. After all, what can be better and more secluded than the deck, the starry sky, a glass of good wine and around only the favorite faces of girlfriends. From the disadvantages of the river or sea walk can be noted sea sickness and the possibility of deteriorating weather conditions. For costumes, use any nautical paraphernalia: vest, bosque, anchors, etc.

A bachelorette party master class

An interesting idea that combines business with pleasure. It can be a lesson that teaches salsa or waltz, making bracelets or wreaths for bridesmaids or all the guests. Prepare the banquet table decorations together. After a fruitful day spent in important activities, you can arrange an evening bachelorette party at a nearby cafe or club.

Bachelorette party

The new trend of pre-wedding parties – bachelorette party for the most desperate fashionistas. The principle is very simple – a professional makeup artist is invited, who teaches girls how to properly use these or those means of decorative cosmetics, choose their texture and color according to the features of their appearance.

Decorate the bachelorette party with her own hands.

Serious young ladies can offer to decorate bachelorette party with their own hands. For this, get your old photos, bake delicious cakes with “predictions” in the form of small papers inside. Draw a wall newspaper, where you tell a story of acquaintance to each of your girlfriends or a funny incident associated with them. For girlfriends buy colorful pajamas that will act as costumes.

Such a party will save money and calm down too jealous husband-to-be

How to hold a bachelorette party for a pregnant bride?

As a rule, brides get married at the very beginning or in the middle of their term. The baby is still quite small, so it does not make the expectant mother very uncomfortable. However, you need to think of the best bachelorette party where the girl can have fun and relax.

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It is simply impossible to think of a better place than the home of the bride herself to hold the party. In the organization of the bachelorette party, girlfriends should take an active part, so as not to tire out the pregnant woman too much. For those who do not want to sit at home, you can advise to rent a small cafe or a table in a cozy restaurant. It is worth to provide comfortable soft couches, the maximum distance from the loud tiresome music and smokers.

hen party at the bride's house

Girls’ night out – a pajama party

The bride should remember her interesting position and not participate in too active contests and games. However, a small photo session for a bachelorette party with her girlfriends will be a pleasant surprise for her. At this celebration, the girl should relax, remember the old years, even cry. After all, after the wedding, there is no telling when the girlfriends will get back together in full . The scenario of the party can be anything, the main thing to remember about the need to protect the bride from stress and overwork.

To plunge into the atmosphere of fun and get new, interesting ideas of options and entertainment, watch the video bachelorette party before the wedding:

The bachelorette party food is definitely an important aspect of the event, but its purpose is somewhat different – to socialize and have fun.

Undoubtedly, a girl before her wedding hardly has any time for entertainment or thoughts of extraneous activities. Therefore, it is best if the organization of the bachelorette party will take care of her friends. It will be both a pleasant surprise and a memory for years to come.

On how to properly and inexpensively organize the celebration, will tell you about the video bachelorette party before the wedding:

Girls’ Night Out. Entertainment for those who do not like noisy parties

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Girls’ parties are back in fashion and it’s a great excuse to switch to something that is interesting or helps you relax in the company of close girlfriends. But what if a party in crowded bars and clubs is not your format, and you still want to spend time with your loved ones brightly? We picked up some original options for brides-to-be who want to make a bachelorette party memorable for a long time.

KRASOTA” gastrotheater.

In December 2020, the first gastrotheater in Russia opened in Moscow. “KRASOTA” by White Rabbit Family combined modern technology, art and high cuisine. The performance unfolds on the floor, walls and ceiling thanks to video projection. This is accompanied by several changes of food, music and poems, which together recreate the desired picture in your head, so you should see such a performance at least once.

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Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Krasota, ticket from 19 500 rubles per guest

Respace SPA

The atmosphere of maximum relaxation is possible only in the spa complex. Massage, saunas, pools, treatments and the company of close girlfriends will allow the bride to relax and get the necessary strength and emotions before the wedding. Respace SPA in Moscow City is the highest spa in Europe with a panoramic view over the city. Respace also has a special offer for hen parties.

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Respace, from 12 000 rubles per guest

Crave” cabaret theater

Crave is a cabaret theater that opened in Moscow in 2019. There hasn’t been such a format of entertainment in Russia for more than a hundred years. The first shows were attended by Ksenia Sobchak, Anna Chipovskaya and Ekaterina Varnava. The bachelorette party at Crave is an atmosphere of French chic on the streets of Kitay-gorod. You can only see a show on this scale in Europe, so a visit to such a place in Moscow will leave a lot of impressions.

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Theater Crave, tickets from 10 000 rubles

Art Theatre

“Khudozhestvenny”, which opened recently after reconstruction, is now a real must-visit among Moscow cinemas: authentic interiors, cafe, bar, restaurant and several halls. You can rent a small chamber hall for a private event and arrange a special screening, and have dinner at the Niki restaurant afterwards.

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Art Cinema, chamber hall ticket from 4 000 rubles

A Night in the Richter Space

An old mansion reconstructed as a hotel has seven rooms, a small restaurant and a garden. Show business stars and famous bloggers stay here. Each room is designed in a minimalist style and decorated with art objects. A bachelorette party at the hotel allows spending the evening in any format: you can order food and watch movies, take pictures or sit with talking and dancing in the restaurant.

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Richter, from 20 700 rubles per night

Hot air balloon flight

Extreme balloon flight with amazing views is suitable for small groups of people who want to have unusual impressions. A bachelorette party of this format has some advantages: fresh air, unforgettable experience and beautiful photos. If you wish, a hot air balloon flight can be just for your company and captured on video.

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Bachelorette party. Entertainment for those who do not like

Surf on an artificial wave

Without going out to the ocean, in Moscow you can experience all the emotions of surfing on waves. A special installation at Surf Brothers allows even the beginners to try surfing: the size and strength of the wave is adjustable. Brides who like a thrill can have a pre-wedding party in this format.

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