Hotels in Israel

Hotels in Israel

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The next day when we came for breakfast was a complete disappointment, it turns out two days earlier with 1.01 cafe Royal closed, and we were offered usual breakfast. I was also amazed that when I went to the reception to sort it out, not only did the staff knew nothing about it, but the deputy director Alena came out and also assured me that breakfast at the Royal was there until she called the dining room and was told that the cafe was closed. I asked for compensation and I was reassured and told that I would be refunded on departure with a breakfast and a discount for one meal. When checking out again we were cheated, our difference in breakfasts was counted in payment for dinner allegedly received a discount. as a result, we have a one-time dinner discount of 25% and this is all compensation, and we lost 300shek on it so took a package more expensive with breakfast at the cafe Royal. Vacation was ruined because the mood was awful with us and our friends.Representatives of the hotel did not even want to apologize for what they did.Deception was at every turn in the hotel,hospitality Vip for which we incidentally paid even and did not smell.It is very sad that such employees spoil the beautiful name of the hotel.

Kfar Maccabiah Hotel & Suites, Ramat Gan

This hotel is a benchmark for hospitality and comfort. This hotel is a benchmark of hospitality and comfort. The staff was at their best. The breakfast was very good and big. The breakfast was very good and the staff was wonderful. I would like to say that this is the best hotel I have ever been to. I highly recommend a visit.

Leonardo Art Tel Aviv By the Beach, Tel Aviv

The rooms are spacious and comfortable with parquet flooring and decorated in a sophisticated modern style. The rooms have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is located on the waterfront, where the marina is located. The hotel provides Mediterranean cuisine, a large selection of seafood and seasonal greens and vegetables.

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Israel is a state with an amazing history and an extraordinarily fascinating culture. No wonder the country is so often visited by tourists from all over the world. In addition to beach time on the shores of the Mediterranean and Red Sea, there are regular religious tours.

Despite its relatively modest size, Israel boasts a varied climate. In some parts of the country, it is tropical, while in other parts it is more temperate. About half the year it often rains. But the summer period is drier and hotter. The humidity is especially high on the coast. The swimming season is open all the time. In summer, it is concentrated on the Mediterranean Sea, and slowly moves to the Dead Sea in winter. The contrasting climate is a significant reason to check the weather in a particular city in advance.

In addition to beach holidays, Israel attracts and its attractions. Most of them are related to religious themes. Not surprisingly, it is the pilgrimage tours are in greatest demand when it comes to this country. Once here, tourists often visit:

  • Ancient Jerusalem;
  • Temple of the Holy Sepulchre;
  • The Wailing Wall;
  • Nazareth;
  • Haifa Museum of Art.

The choice of excursions should be guided by personal preferences. The country has not only religious but also historical monuments.

In contrast to the standard European hotels in Israel are not divided by the system of “stars”. There are own classes, which are determined by the state itself. As for complexes related to the global networks, they are rated according to objective indicators. This means that the choice of a hotel or a specific room in Israel should be based on providing specific services and services, but not the number of stars.

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Hotel base in the country is relatively poorly developed. There are not many proposals for tourists, so it is recommended to book a place in advance. However, the government seeks to develop in this industry and periodically creates new hotels. Accommodation prices vary, depending on the city. The most expensive rooms are logically located in Jerusalem and the former capital of Israel – Tel Aviv.

Choosing a hotel in this country, you should be prepared for some features. For example, most complexes serve only kosher food. Do not count on the pork and some seafood dishes. Breakfast is most often served buffet style. Another peculiarity – Shabbat (Saturday), during which the hotel may not work elevators or there is a different time of entry.

Journey to Israel – a lot of new experiences and unusual discoveries. There really is something to see. No wonder that tourists find dozens of advantages in such a tour. Among the main advantages of rest in this country are:

  • Numerous attractions, located close to each other;
  • good attitude to tourists;
  • In many establishments, staff speaks Russian;
  • quite warm and clean coast;
  • Limitless opportunities for a spiritual vacation.

As for the cons, they are noticeably less in Israel:

  • Shabbat – a time when almost nothing works in the country;
  • scorching heat in many regions;
  • fairly high prices.

Choosing Israel for a tourist trip, you can easily provide an unforgettable experience. This country with a unique culture and a peculiar attitude to life will leave a lot of positive impressions.

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