Hotel in a tree in China. Journey to a Dream from Childhood

7 hotels that made a child’s dream of a tree house come true

Everyone probably dreamed of a tree house as a child, but not everyone was able to make it a reality. Now it is becoming possible. However, not forever, but only for a while: some hotels offer rooms built on trees.


Keemala, Thailand

Hotel Keemala offers its guests to stay in rooms called Bird’s nest, or, in Russian, “a bird’s nest. This room, in addition to all the amenities, even has a private 30-meter swimming pool. And all this will be yours for just over 20 thousand rubles per night.

Tree Hotel, Sweden

If tropical forests don’t appeal to you and you prefer Scandinavian views, then your way is to Sweden, to Tree Hotel. Here, guests can choose from several different treehouses. They are built in different styles: there is a wooden house, a mirror house and even in the shape of a UFO. Prices for rooms start at 31 thousand rubles, but are the stunning views from the window of the room in the tree worth it?

Azulik – Adults Eco-Resort & Maya Spa, Mexico

If you are tired of the amenities of civilization, then this hotel is for you. The wooden cabins on stilts have no telephone, internet, or electricity. It offers a wellness center and a secluded nudist beach. And the cafe serves organic food. The price for rooms starts from 18 thousand rubles.

Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa

Breathtaking views of the forest can be enjoyed from the room at the top of the tree at Tsala Treetop Hotel. Each room has an outdoor veranda and a small pool. There is also a suspended terrace where guests can admire the surrounding views while eating. Room rates start at 15 thousand rubles.

Japamala Resort, Malaysia

On the island of Tioman in a tropical forest hidden hotel, which can only be reached by water. From the wooden houses built on the trees, there is a stunning view of the South China Sea. And for all this splendor have to pay from 10 thousand rubles.

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Eureka Springs Treehouses, USA

This unusual hotel with rooms, located on cedar logs, is in the USA. Each cabin is decorated in the style of different cities. So the guests can choose where to live: in Venice, New York, Santa Fe or Paris. Prices for rooms start from 8 thousand rubles.

Tentsiles, Finland

Eco-camp in the national park Nuuksio – this is not the usual tent camp: tents here are suspended high above the ground in the trees. Adds a beautiful nature, hiking and swimming in the lake. And all this for 150 euros a night.

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