Hotel complexes giants.

The biggest hotels in the world

Photo of the hotel in Moscow


The level of service is not limited to the number of stars listed on the hotel sign. It is a question of reception of a large number of guests without reducing quality. Not all 5-star hotels meet these requirements. Let us focus on the 10 largest complexes in the world. Leave your impressions on RegHotel.

Las Vegas, Escalibur.

Photo of the Escalibur Hotel

The hotel is named after King Arthur’s sword. The huge building includes about four thousand rooms. Guests are offered several categories, including “economy,” “standard,” and exquisite suites.

Services include:

  • cafes and restaurants;
  • cinema and theater;
  • boutiques, souvenir shops, stores;
  • parking;
  • a casino.


Photo of the Venice Hotel

Among the world’s service giants we would like to single out the Las Vegas Hotel, which offers a theatrical performance for visitors. Around the building is a canal, on it move gondolas, guests can ride in them, feeling like the guests of “Little Venice”.

Venetian Hotel rooms are the most expensive in Las Vegas, but you can also book a budget room (from $163).

Among the four thousand rooms, the network has luxury suites, suites, and standards.

Pattaya, Ambassador City

Photo of the Ambassador Hotel

Lovers of a serene beach holiday rush to Thailand. Here is a hotel complex, consisting of 4200 rooms. It is considered one of the oldest hotels in the country. Its main feature is that guests can admire the sea view from the windows of their rooms.

  • spa;
  • swimming pool;
  • entertainment center.

The cost of the cheapest room is $ 38 a day.

What attracts tourists “Izmailovo”?

Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay.

Photo of Mandalay Bay Hotel

This hotel ranks seventh among the ten largest hotels in the world.

  • The gold-colored building stands out against a backdrop of exquisite scenery. There are luxurious palm trees near the hotel and the sea coast is a hundred meters away.
  • The hotel has over four thousand comfortable rooms.
  • In addition to several restaurants, the complex includes a spa center, a chapel, a casino and gyms.
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Luxor Hotel

Photo of the Luxor Hotel

On the sixth place is a chic complex of Las Vegas, made in the Egyptian style. The hotel was built in the form of a large pyramid, protected by the Sphinx. The complex has 4,400 rooms in different categories: from economy variants to luxury suites. Daily accommodation in the Luxor Hotel will cost from $ 40 (per tourist).

Night lighting is the hallmark of an unusual hotel. It gives a complex elegance and mystique.

The Wynn & Encore

Photo of The Wynn & Encore Hotel

And this hotel, ranked fifth, is also located on the territory of Las Vegas.

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