Hospitable resorts in winter Armenia

Ski resorts in Armenia: winter holidays 2022

Ski resort in Armenia is a great option to have fun and interesting time. Here you can feel the drive and adrenaline while descending the snow-covered mountain slopes. Armenia is a Transcaucasian country that is located between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Tourists will be able to visit the major ski resorts in Armenia in 2022 and spend their winter vacations.

Geographic Information

Armenia is located in the northeast of the Armenian Highland. In the northern and eastern part there are the ridges of the Lesser Caucasus. It is the highest mountainous country in Transcaucasia. Almost 91% of the entire territory are mountains, the height of which reaches 1000-2000 or more. The lowest point of the relief is in the valley of the rivers Araks and Debed. The highest mountain is Aragats. It rises 4095 meters above sea level.

In the southern part of the country, predominantly folded mountains and deep river valleys. Characteristic features of the relief are large and high ridges, high altitude belts, and almost complete absence of vegetation.

Climate: when is the ski season in Armenia?

Winter holidays in Armenia in 2022 will be as popular as in other seasons. Tourists are attracted by the snow-covered peaks and mountain slopes. This is a great place and time for skiing. The main features are a high level of safety and quality slopes.

The skiing season in Armenia starts in November and ends in April. In Armenia you can spend New Year holidays in an interesting way. Armenia is attractive with its colorful and enchanting celebrations. Winter is quite cold and it snows a lot. In low plains the climate is moderately continental and dry.

Main resorts

Armenia has several active ski resorts that are especially popular with tourists. You can spend New Year’s holidays and vacations in this country. There are pistes and places where you can ski in Armenia with your family and children. The resort bases have everything you need for an active and fulfilling vacation.

Tourists can take advantage of high-quality slopes, places to rent skis, other equipment and equipment. Each place in the ski resort is equipped with good lighting. Nearby there are hotels with comfortable accommodations, cafes, and restaurants. Another advantage – specialized schools, which teach skiing. Active recreation lovers, who want to spend time in the ski resort in Armenia in 2022, will definitely appreciate the affordable prices of all services offered.

Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort

Tsakhkadzor is a small resort town that attracts with its coziness. There are not many inhabitants here. People often come here who want to go skiing, regardless of their level of training. The main feature of the resort town – a favorable climate, good infrastructure, mesmerizing nature.

For tourists provided impeccable service and maintenance. Guests do not have to stand in queues. Instructors speak several languages, so tourists from different countries often come here.

Pistes and elevators

You can highlight several characteristic features of this city:

  • The skiing area is about 1970-2820 meters;
  • altitude difference on the slopes – 850 m;
  • The total length of all slopes – more than 30 km;
  • The longest ski slope – 8 km.

The slopes of the mountains include three sections. On the upper part are black slopes with a chairlift of 1000 meters. Then there is the middle section for tourists, who prefer gentle skiing. Here the length of the chair elevator is 800 meters. On the lower section provides a chute, where tourists can train with professional instructors, to show their skills. Here you have to keep a high technique. Chairlift length is 9000 meters.

  • rope tows – 2 pc;
  • chairlifts – 5 pcs.
  • red – 6 pcs;
  • blue – 5 pcs;
  • black – 3 pcs.

At the highest point of Teghenis tourists are brought by three-stage chair-lift. The ascent takes an average of 45-50 minutes. There are 15 slopes of different complexity levels. The main peculiarity of this skiing resort is a modern ropeway manufactured by LEITNER.

There are no main and additional lighting on the slopes, so they open at 9:00 and work until dusk.

Video-review on Tsaghkadzor:

Equipment rental prices

Tourists can rent equipment at a rental shop. A set for a skier, which includes poles, boots and skis, costs 690 rubles per day. Snowboarders can rent a snowboard and boots for 900-1000 rubles per day. Glasses are paid separately – 250-300 rubles.

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Helmet rental is about 300 rubles. Instructors work on the slopes. You also have to pay for each hour of training. The price is 1500-2100 rubles.

Ski passes

The cost of a pink ski elevator ticket is 280 rubles. Tourists are recommended to buy a ski pass as a plastic name card. It costs 300 rubles. To start using it you are required to pay a fee of 1500 rubles for 1 day of skiing.

Tourists who come for 3 days and want to actively visit the slopes need to pay 4000 rubles. Price for 5 days is 6500 rubles and for a week 8300 rubles. Children can also visit the slopes and work with the instructors – 1500 rubles per day. The validity period of a ski pass is 5 years from the date of purchase. It can be refilled as needed to use on the slopes.

Active Recreation

Tourists who prefer active recreation should definitely come to Tsaghkadzor for the New Year vacations. Here there is cross-country skiing for people who like extreme sports.

In the indoor complexes you can visit the pools and swim, get together and play bowling. Outdoors tourists are offered snowmobiling and dog sledding. Such recreation will give a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Jermuk ski resort

Jermuk is another ski resort in Armenia, which is often visited by tourists from Russia and other countries. This town is located in the southeastern part of the country. Its altitude is 2100 meters above sea level. In addition to skiing tourists can visit the mineral springs.

This is the main visiting card of Jermuk. This ski resort is no less popular than Tsakhkadzor.

Pistes and elevators

Jermuk includes two slopes. Their total length is 2700 meters:

  1. The track for beginners. Its length is about 1400 meters.
  2. The track for professional skiers. Its length is 1300 meters.

Tourists can ski at an altitude of 2100-2500 meters above sea level. The drops are quite small, so visitors will not feel discomfort. They are not more than 400 meters.

To get to the highest point of the mountain, you can use a double chairlift. The equipment is modern and was launched back in 2007. The elevator is regularly inspected and serviced.

Ski pass and service

To buy a one-day ski pass tourists need to pay 6,000 drams or 750 rubles. A ski elevator ticket costs AMD 1000 or 130 rubles.

At the very top of the mountain tourists can visit a cafe. Here offer hot drinks, fast food, national cuisine. Next to the elevator there is a ski equipment rental shop. The price for full equipment is 6000 drams or 750 rubles.

Tourists who want to go snowboarding can also rent equipment, helmet and goggles. The complex will cost 1200-1500 rubles.

What else to do

The resort town of Jermuk offers not only skiing. Tourists can walk around the local attractions. One of them is the local waterfall. It is situated at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level.

You can walk along the gorge of the Arpi arm. It divides the town into two parts. Tourists who come with children and teenagers, will be interesting in the monastery Gndevank. It is the oldest of all buildings in Armenia. Even the tombstones of the X century are preserved here.

The program should include a visit to the Gallery of Mineral Waters. This is one of the main sights of the city. After sunset you can visit a restaurant. There are no bars and discos in the resort town.

Sevan ski resort

Sevan is a town that has everything you need for skiing. It is beginning to gradually develop, but is still inferior to other resorts in Armenia. It is an administrative center, so tourists are attracted by the good infrastructure. The town is located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level.


The climatic conditions are quite harsh. Winter is long and cold. The level of humidity is high. From December to March air temperatures can fall below -20 degrees Celsius.

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The high humidity is due to the location of a huge number of water sources. Lake Sevan freezes over only in a great frost. Winter begins in mid-November and ends in April.

How to get there and transport

Sevan has a main railway junction and a main highway. Through this city passes the main highway M4, which connects the capital of Armenia and other cities.

Every day at least 5 flights depart from Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports. The airport of Yerevan is located 12 km from the resort town.

From the capital you can get to Dilijan and Ijevan by a passing shuttle bus. Buses leave from the northern station. The average travel time is about 2 hours. The average cost of a ticket for a minibus or a cab is 100 rubles.

Tourists can rent a cab from the airport. The fare in 2022 will be about 1500 rubles per trip.

Hotels, restaurants

The busiest part of the city is the coast. There are a huge number of hotels. Tourists are offered comfortable rooms in modern hotels.

Almost all have spacious swimming pools and establishments with local cuisine. Here guests can try the dishes of the national cuisine. Pools are warm, in winter time water is well heated. Accommodation in Sevan:

  1. Tourists traveling with children or relatives can consider renting a whole house or villa. The price for a small house is $20 per day.
  2. Cottage with several rooms. Tourists can use their own kitchen with utensils and appliances. Rental price is $ 70-100 dollars a day.
  3. Villa. The price starts at $ 200 a day.

The cottages, including the budget ones, have a large playground. Here you can make a snowman, barbecue, or shashlyk on the grill. Many hotels in Sevan have their official sites or cooperate with online booking services.

Skiing (tracks, slopes, elevators)

Sevan is inferior to such resorts as Tsakhkadzor and Jermuk. But every year it develops. Here the service and conditions for tourists are improving. The guests are offered:

  • a variety of slopes (there are gentle and steep slopes, separate slopes for children);
  • serpentine (its length is 2 km);
  • Black slope (length of 1.2 kilometers).

Differences in elevation are small, and don’t exceed 400 meters. On the slopes of the mountain one can practice freeriding. In Sevan tourists are offered training at a special ski school. There is a ropeway, the length of which is 1.2 km. It is located in the village Tsovagyugh.

The school is located in the resort hotel Akhtamar. It is located at the very top of the mountain. This is the only resort hotel, which is located near the slopes. Rooms have a beautiful view of the nature, the mountains.

Ski pass and equipment rentals

The cost of a daily plastic card is $10. You can rent skis, goggles and the rest of your equipment for $10 at the rental counter. Tourists are only offered day ski passes. They are sold next to the cable car, which is located near the hotel Akhtamar. The cable car starts working at 10 am and closes at 5 pm.

Entertainment .

Tourists who come with children should definitely visit the museums. Many of them are completely free:

  1. Sevan Museum of Natural Science. Here will be interesting to all tourists without exception. A huge number of different exhibits attracts attention. They show the fauna of Sevan, life and features of the surroundings. Tourists will be able to get acquainted with geological features, see ancient devices and tools used by ancient people. The museum is located in the building of the Cultural Center, works on weekdays, and on Saturday only until lunch. Entrance for locals and tourists is free.
  2. Noratus. It is an interesting and unique museum, which is located on a large open area in the village of Noratus. Here they have gathered a unique collection of stones. The total area of the territory is 7 hectares. Tourists will be told the legend of Tamerlane’s troops. The museum is free to visit.
  3. Sevan Botanical Garden. Here will be of interest not only to adults but to children as well. The garden is located 2000 meters above sea level. It offers its visitors to see European and Asian varieties of plants. The botanical garden is open every day and the entrance is free.
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Tourists who come with children or teenagers can visit the Museum of Local History. It is located in the city of Gavar, not far from the resort town of Sevan. Visitors are told about the history of the region, interesting facts. Tourists can see paintings, ancient carpets, ancient tools, anchor or bronze daggers, jewelry, exhibits found at excavations.


In Sevan you can buy thematic souvenirs, special sets from Armenia. This list includes national dolls, which are considered amulets. In local stores and shops one can find semi-precious stones, jewelry, dried fruits, cognac and honey.

The shops are located in the tourist zone of the resort town, not far from Sevanavank monastery. There are markets on the territory of Sevan, where they sell cheese, homemade wine, inexpensive fruits and vegetables. Tourists should definitely bargain. This process is not more about saving money, but in a special ritual. The largest supermarkets and stores are in Hrazdan, 20 km from the touristic area.

Local cuisine: what to try

While vacationing in Sevan, tourists should definitely try the local fish. In restaurants, guests are treated to trout, crayfish. The prices in establishments may vary. A portion of kebab in an inexpensive restaurant will cost 600 rubles per person.

Tourists can order a dinner for two with homemade wine. It will cost 1400 rubles. The main feature is large portions, so guests of the tourist town often share them for two. There are no grocery stores in the tourist area. Tourists who rent cottages or houses can go to Hrazdan and buy a set of products, as well as visit points with street food, hot drinks.

Peculiarities of vacations in Armenia

Armenia and ski resort towns are safe for tourists who come for recreation. There are no certain or strict rules here. Locals are always happy guests, so they are always friendly haggling at the market, concede to tourists.

People who have already come to the slopes of Armenia leave good reviews about their rest. Such a pastime leaves only positive emotions. Here you can plunge into a special atmosphere, a break from the urban bustle of large metropolises.

Tourists leave inspired, and always want to come back again. Climatic conditions create a favorable atmosphere for people of all ages. Tourists often come here with children and teenagers.

Winter Resorts in Armenia

Tours in Armenia

Rest in this country in the winter time is quite different from the summer. It is better to travel when the weather is warm. In winter the weather is harsher, but you can still visit ski resorts of Armenia. If your trip to this country coincides with the New Year holidays, at this time it will be quite difficult to find an open catering establishments just to eat. This applies to many attractions and museums.

In the first days of the new year, many institutions are closed. If you plan to travel in Armenia on a route through the mountain roads, you should take into account that at this time of year it can be difficult to do because of the weather conditions, they can be covered with snow.

Sightseeing in Armenia

The main attractions are located at some distance from Yerevan. These are Zvarnotts Church and St. Echmiadzin Monastery. You can reach them directly from the airport by public transport or cab. On the opposite side are a couple of other attractions: the Garni Pagan Temple and the Geghard Monastery. The most famous attraction in Armenia is Khor Virap. It is a monastery-fortress on the border with Turkey, and on fine days there is a magnificent panorama of Mount Ararat.

Ski resorts in Armenia

If the purpose of visiting Armenia is rest, you can use the services of Tsakhkadzor ski resort. It is an ordinary ski resort with hotels and snowmobile rides.

This is one of the ways to actively relax with health benefits. Here you can experience a lot of thrills while sliding down a snowy mountain slope. Armenia is a Caucasian country, its territory lies between the Caspian and Black Seas.

Ski resorts offer an opportunity to spend a great time on vacation or vacation.

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There are several resorts on the territory of the state which are very popular among travelers. They are equipped with challenging and easy slopes designed for skiing with the whole family. Ski resorts have all the necessary equipment, without which it is impossible to rest in these places. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent it. Every place in the ski resort is equipped with good lighting. Convenient hotels are within walking distance. Another positive point of the ski hotels is the availability of a school, where you can learn how to ski.

Tsakhkadzor .

Is a small resort town with a small population. It is open to those who want to go skiing, regardless of the level of training. The main advantage of this resort is a good climate, and the presence of well-developed infrastructure. Travelers are guaranteed an excellent level of service and maintenance.

Instructors know several languages, so tourists from different countries come here.


Jermuk is another ski resort, which attracts travelers and ski lovers from different countries. The town lies in the south-east of the country at an altitude of 2.1 km above sea level. A special feature of this ski resort is the presence of mineral springs. Therefore, in addition to skiing you can also visit them.

The resort is equipped with two slopes for beginners and for professionals. Tourists can ski at an altitude of 2.1-2.4 km above sea level, but the differences in climatic conditions are small and will not cause a bad feeling to tourists.

Tour operators services

If you want to brighten up your leisure time during the winter vacations consider visiting Armenia using the services of tour operators. At this time of the year there are a lot of events that take place. Here you can relax with health benefits in one of the ski resorts, which have high quality equipment.

Winter period in this state is short and mostly with warm weather. This allows you to combine leisure and sightseeing.

Tour operators offer a variety of tours. They include visits to famous Lake Sevan, Armenian Highland, Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Khor Virap and other sights of Armenia. Restaurants and cafes will delight you with national dishes.

Traveling to this state in winter will give the opportunity to see all the sights, have a good time, enjoy the clean air.

Tour operators offer tours in any season, taking into account weather conditions, and winter is no exception. They offer skiing, sightseeing, gastronomic, skiing and jeeping tours. Armenia is a country that attracts thousands of tourists and every year the number of those wishing to visit this unique place increases.

When organizing a trip organized by the travel agency all the client’s wishes and needs are taken into account.

Companies offer the best routes with accommodation in comfortable hotels, which will allow you to enjoy your rest and get a lot of positive impressions.

A little about the country

Armenia has a rich history and culture. There are a lot of monuments of nature and architecture, ancient fortresses and temples on the territory of the country. The sphere of tourism develops constantly, annually increasing the level of service and the quality of all kinds of services, which attracts travelers from different countries.

Cableway Stations in Armenia

Armenia is open for all visitors. Travellers enjoy the year-round clean air and good nature. Winter holidays in Armenia are becoming more and more popular. Over the past few years 3 projects of ropeway stations in several parts of the country have been implemented. All ropeways meet the necessary standards. There is a rental center near each of them where you can rent the necessary equipment or use the services of an instructor.

New hotels and vacation homes are built in the cities. All this is aimed to attract travelers and promote winter sports. Rope stations are equipped at many ski resorts.

Tsakhkadzor is a place where you can enjoy an active vacation. Winters here are without severe frosts. There is a ropeway and rental equipment for skiers.

This town is the basis of the central tourist site, which built a chairlift with 5 stations, which is located on the slope of Mount Teghenis, and more than a dozen mountain trails. Armenia can be seen as if on the palm of your hand from a height of almost 3,000 meters and on cloudless days Ararat is clearly visible.

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Nowadays the cableway and the ski slopes are well-equipped, which guarantees a quality and rich holiday for tourists. The resort town has catering establishments, facilities teaching the basics of skiing and first aid stations.

Hotels, VIP-cottages, guest houses are available for accommodation.

Lake Sevan has a climate characterized by cold, lingering winters and cool summers. Despite the fact that the lake is located at low latitudes, the average monthly temperature remains at -7 ° C because of its high position relative to the sea level. The lake itself is covered with a thick layer of ice at -20 ° C and below.

A few years ago here for the first time earned a ropeway station. It is located near the hotel Akhtamar. There are two ski tracks and various infrastructural objects.

Jermuk is a resort located between two mountains. Here a little more than 10 years ago the first stage of the ropeway started working. On the territory of the resort there is a rental center, where you can rent equipment.

In Armenia other ski resorts are open in winter: Dilijan, Aghveran and Hankavan.

Where can one rest in Yerevan

In Armenia in winter, as well as in summer, there are a lot of activities to brighten up the leisure for holidaymakers.

Yerevan’s climate is mild and snowy. There is a large variety of catering organizations, cinemas and clubs, where you can enjoy the food, the company, watching a movie. Where can I rest in Yerevan? For example, you can visit a place called “Old Erivan,” which offers to listen to the national melodies of the country music, or “Jazz Club,” where a famous jazzman sings.

Holidays in winter in the mountains will appeal to everyone. The most popular and lesser-known resorts offer their services to everyone.

For those who prefer extreme sports, there is an opportunity to ride on unequipped slopes. For this purpose, mount Aragats is suitable. Its peak is the highest in Armenia. Here are the most difficult roads, which are easily overcome by jeeps.

In winter, locals and guests in Armenia can also go skating. There are skating rinks in the central part of Yerevan and in the Sport Complex, which have been very popular for several years.

Peculiarities of vacations in Armenia

Many people wonder about the peculiarities of rest in Armenia. Despite the mild climate, the winter in Armenia is snowy and frosty. December is the month when the ski season opens. The most popular resorts are located near Yerevan: Tsaghkadzor and Sevan. Tsaghkadzor is considered the most developed in terms of infrastructure. But besides there are a sufficient number of unequipped mountains and slopes, which attracts fans of extreme sports. When traveling to Armenia one should take into account that here in winter the daylight hours are short, the transition from day to night is quite fast, the weather often changes in a few minutes.

What national dishes are characteristic of winter time

Winter Armenia cannot be imagined without Dilijan, Tatev, Goris, Jermuk and Artsakh. Beautiful views, beautiful panoramas, the smell of bread. The latter accompanies the travels on the frozen and stony roads of the country.

Baked in winter time, lavash has a unique taste. As soon as the cold season arrives, the names appear on the doors of catering establishments: khash, hot spas, arisa. This is the national food. It is recommended to eat khash in the morning, then nothing else is eaten until the next day. Arissa can be eaten whenever you want, and spas treat the consequences after eating hash and arissa.

Armenia during the holidays

The Armenian population’s favorite winter holidays are New Year, Christmas, Trandez and Shrovetide. During these days there are many festivities, celebrations, church services and concerts in the streets. Yerevan is most splendid during the New Year. As if making up for the lack of southern sun, at night it opens with the lights of colorful shop windows and Christmas shops.

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