Hong Kong, China: information about the city, its attractions and national dishes

Hong Kong sights

Hong Kong became world famous long before this administrative district of China became popular with tourists. Now Hong Kong is considered one of the largest financial centers in the world. For travelers, it is interesting because of its Eastern culture, combination of ancient and modern attractions, those holidays and festivals that take place here and are quite frequent events. Below we consider what sights Hong Kong should see without fail.

1. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the main tourist attractions in Hong Kong. A cable car can take you to the top of the landmark, which is located at an altitude of 552 meters. From here there is a beautiful view of the city, and it is desirable to enjoy it during the day and at night. Besides contemplating the scenic panorama of Hong Kong, tourists can visit the museum at the top, take a walk in the park, sit in local cafes or go shopping. You can also take great pictures here as a memento.

Hong Kong sights

2. Hong Kong Disneyland

Opened in Hong Kong just over a decade ago, Disneyland has quickly captured the hearts of its guests. Along the main street of Disneyland are a myriad of different souvenir shops and other stores. Then, depending on one’s preference, visitors are encouraged to explore three themed areas of the attraction. One zone is dedicated to space travel and adventure, another to children’s fairy tales, and the third is waiting for those who love extreme and nature. All in all, this is a very interesting place to visit in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Disneyland

3: Ocean Park

Among the best entertainment attractions in China is the Ocean Park in Hong Kong. This huge two-level construction has a very entertaining program and a lot of exciting attractions. The first tier has a zoo, a museum where you can see extinct species, and a theme theater. The second tier is occupied by a wide variety of attractions, the world-famous Atoll Aquarium and the sea lion sanctuary. In the Ocean Park in Hong Kong you can spend the whole day and get a lot of impressions of the rest.

Hong Kong sights: Top 16

4. Planetarium .

One of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions is the Planetarium. Its building is made in the form of a hemisphere, inside which there are two halls: one devoted to the history of space exploration, the other – in general, the astronomy. The planetarium invites visitors to plunge into this fantastic world of outer space where you can spend hours perusing images of the starry sky, watch themed shows and view the astronomical exhibition. It’s well worth the trip to the Planetarium in Hong Kong.


5. Hong Kong’s Avenue of the Stars

China has given the world film industry a great number of actors, directors and films. The Alley of Stars in Hong Kong is dedicated to these people, commemorating China’s great filmmakers in the city. Located in the harbour, the attraction boasts one of the best views in Hong Kong. Along the length of the Alley, you’ll find statues of China’s most famous filmmakers and monuments bearing the handprints of those who made Chinese cinema famous.

What to see in Hong Kong?

6. The Big Buddha in Hong Kong

The pride of all of China and a hot tourist spot in Hong Kong is the Big Buddha. This Chinese capital’s landmark is a large bronze statue of Buddha sitting in the lotus position, which is the largest of its kind in the world at 34 meters tall. The monument symbolizes the harmonious relationship between man and nature and religion. The statue of the Big Buddha is located in the village of Ngon-Pinh, where the cable car leads. To get the most out of the trip is worth using the cabin with a glass floor.

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The Big Buddha

7. Madame Tussauds Museum in Hong Kong

Madame Tussauds is a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Here visitors can get up close and personal with the world-famous politicians, celebrities, scientists and artists. All the exhibits are made incredibly realistic. However, the Madame Tussauds collection in Hong Kong is considerably smaller than that in London. A pleasant surprise for travelers will be the news that there are no bans on photography here, so you can bring home a lot of photos with celebrities.

Hong Kong. Hong Kong sights. Photo

8. Museum of Optical Illusions

The Museum of Optical Illusions occupies a special place among the attractions of both Hong Kong and all of China. It houses a collection of exhibits that are created using 3D technology. There is one unusual but very pleasant rule for tourists during the visit – photography is considered an integral part of the excursion and, therefore, not only is it not forbidden, on the contrary, it is highly recommended. Here visitors can try themselves in different roles and enjoy a new look at the world’s masterpieces or beautiful landscapes.

9. Hong Kong Science Museum

The Hong Kong Museum of Science is popular with locals and international tourists alike. The building of the attraction is designed in an unusual, modern way, and inside guests will find a rich collection of about 500 exhibits. Guests are allowed to touch almost all of the items on display, and some are even recommended. The entire collection of the museum is arranged on four floors, each of which is dedicated to a particular science.

10. Hong Kong Museum of History

As you know, China is an ancient country with a rich history of more than a thousand years. Hong Kong Museum of History is one of the country’s main cultural and historical sites. The exposition is located in a huge building, but it is not enough to contain the entire collection of exhibits. That is why there are now five branches that fully accept visitors. Guests will be able to get acquainted with the entire history of Chinese civilization in great detail. To see such an exhibition in Hong Kong will be very interesting!

11. Sky100 observation deck

A special pride of Hong Kong is the Sky100 Lookout. This place combines the opportunity to enjoy an incredible panorama of the city and learn a lot about its history and culture. This attraction gets its name from the fact that it is located on the hundredth floor of a skyscraper occupied by an international trade center. The Sky100 observation deck has a circular view and from this height you can see almost the entire territory of Hong Kong. Thanks to this the attraction attracts a huge number of visitors and is an exceptional destination for tourists and travelers.


12. Jumbo floating restaurant

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong is very popular with tourists. The peculiarity and business card of this attraction was its appearance. The ship has three decks and looks like a royal palace from Ancient China. This idea came to the taste of foreign guests, and so far the floating restaurant is in great demand. Visitors here are invited to try many dishes of national cuisine, including past eras. Here you can also enjoy a variety of teas, for which China is so famous. It’s a great place in Hong Kong to relax between sightseeing!

Jumbo Restaurant

13. Sha Tin Hippodrome

In China, as in the rest of the world, gambling has been banned by the government. The only legal gambling activity in which betting is allowed is horse racing. Therefore, the Sha Tin hippodrome in Hong Kong has become the main attraction in this sport for the Chinese. Its huge stadium can accommodate 85,000 visitors. Also all bets and payouts of winnings are controlled by a special organization. A visit to the Sha Tin hippodrome is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping, especially if you bet.

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14. Symphony of Lights light and music show

It’s the equivalent of a crime to visit Hong Kong without seeing the Symphony of Lights light show. A Guinness World Record entry, it’s the biggest light show of its kind in the world. The show is staged in the evening each day, so if you’re travelling around Hong Kong, be sure to take time out to see a light and music show. There’s a 15-minute soundtrack to the show, featuring fireworks and a laser show. The best place to watch the Symphony of Lights is on the boardwalk, where the Avenue of Stars is located. It’s a great place in Hong Kong!

Symphony of Lights

15. Wong Tai Sin Temple

Among Hong Kong’s religious sites, Wong Tai Sin Temple tops the list of Hong Kong’s religious sites. This place is highly revered by the locals and is dedicated to an ancient Chinese deity. The temple is built on a rocky slope and occupies a truly vast area. Its popularity Wong Tai Sin has won not only the Chinese people, but also with foreign tourists, and the endless streams of visitors to prove this. In addition, the guests of the temple will tell a lot of interesting legends and stories related to its construction and life.

Wong Tai Sin

16. The street of lazy pedestrians

The street of lazy pedestrians is particularly famous among Hong Kong’s attractions. Although it is more correct to say that it is an escalator, which has a length of 3 kilometers and connects several streets and districts of Hong Kong. It moves in two directions, but it should be noted that the speed is incredibly low, as it was not created for high-speed travel, but to communicate streets and working-class neighborhoods with residential. Throughout the entire street of lazy pedestrians there are many stores and cafes, which you can get off at special platforms.

Hong Kong sights

These are the sights to visit in Hong Kong, though if you have more time, you are sure to find many more interesting things to see. Thank you for your time!

What’s worth seeing in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong (Xianggang) is an isolated administrative region of China with its own legislation, currency, traditions and culture. The place where ultramodern technology and orthodox lifestyles, chaotic floating markets and mind-boggling skyscrapers merge, a true crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations.

victoria peak

When best to plan a trip

Hong Kong is ideal in October and November. The gentle subtropical warmth, steady monsoons soothing the midday heat and absence of pesky thunderstorms will turn a visit to this majestic metropolis into a trip to a seaside resort with all the beach activities you can imagine.

Hong Kong on a map

Hong Kong stretches freely across 262 islands. The “state within a state” area includes four distinct zones: Central Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the annexed lands and numerous islands. With thoughtful and careful study (consideration), every inch of the archipelago is a historical, cultural, or financial and business attraction.

Top 10 places to see

Hong Kong is a prime representative of ‘transit’ tourism. The city is visited by passing through, or a specialized “one/two day tour” from nearby “classic” resort areas of mainland China.

The Hong Kong travel guide for “passing tourists” includes itineraries, descriptions of tourist hits, interesting places and sites to visit as part of a tour, or on your own to explore the world’s largest metropolis in one, two or three days.

Victoria Peak

Get a rapturous view of downtown from the Victoria Peak vantage point. The “Victory Heights” (554 meters above sea level) is a favorite destination for tourist photo sessions.

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hong kong

You can also reach the popular peak on foot, but for just forty Hong Kong dollars there is an accompanying attraction: the Peak Tram cable car. Connoisseurs of the business capital of Asia recommend going “to the Peak” in the evening, catching both the day and night panorama.

Lion Rock

A 495-meter-high rock massif is an adequate answer and tourist alternative to the legendary Victory Peak. The panoramic view from the Kowloon district is spectacular.

hong kong

This is a route for hikers: no cable cars, cableways, or monorails. Steep enough climbs, time-honored steps, balustraded terraces – the ascent requires good physical fitness and persistent enthusiasm.

Big Buddha Statue

Tourists arriving in Hong Kong by air arrive at the international airport located on Lantau Island. Beaches, nature parks, Hong Kong’s chic Disneyland and the famous iconic place: the Big Buddha.

hong kong

The statue, one of the top ten tallest sculptures of the spiritual master, towers over the small village of Ngong Ping, not far from the Po Lin temple structure.

Those wishing to touch the feet of the Enlightened One have to climb 268 steps. The reward for diligence (besides the rapture of purification) are beautiful views of the monastery and the surrounding forested peaks.

Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong is the center of the world’s movie industry (behind the United States and India): the presence of the Movie Star Alley in the center of the metropolis is entirely appropriate. Organized as a replica of Hollywood’s famous fashion parade, Hong Kong’s Movie Star Alley showcases the names and handprints of Asian actors and directors to movie lovers.

hong kong

But the movie industry is not alone! The Star Quay is the perfect place for a stroll: the beauty of the harbor, the quaint island skyscrapers, the amazing views.

Two-story antiques.

From west to east, the central island is a railroad track, on which extravagant double-decker streetcars roll leisurely. Colonial heritage of Foggy Albion firmly rooted in the heart of the metropolis, as an undoubted attraction and a very budget sightseeing and review route.

hong kong

Xiangang is a unique place where you can not only admire the antique transport, but also take a ride on it. A one-way trip will cost tourists only HK$2.3 (payment in coins or with an Octopus transport card).

Star Ferry

In addition to the subway, a ferry service links Kowloon Peninsula with the vast Hong Kong Island. The white-and-green barges that ply the straits are more than ninety years old. Like the antique streetcars, the Star Ferry is a symbol, a calling card of Hong Kong.

hong kong

A short ride on the waves, the beauty of Kowloon and the urban landscapes of the center will not burden the wallet of the tourist: the price of a single trip only 2.5 local dollars.

Hong Kong Park

The city park is the green lungs of the city, a tropical oasis surrounded by a steel jungle scraping the sky. Residents and guests of Hong Kong love to leave the crushing realm of glass and concrete, in search of relaxation in shady alleys covered with tropical greenery.

A tropical paradise in the middle of an urban colossus.

Interesting! Visiting the park is free: the cleanliness, comfort and modern infrastructure of the attraction is paid by the municipality.

Throughout the park are laid out pedestrian paths, green massif overflowing with fountains, ponds with turtles and imperial carps, exhibit-columns of tropical birds, small cafes and restaurants.

Kowloon Gardens.

Kowloon Peninsula Park Complex is located within walking distance of Tsim Sha Tsui Metro Station. The Kowloon Garden Estate is famous for its beautiful lake, delighting visitors with ducks, swans, and pink flamingos. The park has a tropical maze, exotic animal enclosures, charming rock gardens, avant-garde sculpture and painting areas, and relaxation and selfies areas.

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A tropical maze in the middle of the Kowloon Parkway.

The park is a huge sports field. Swimming pools, diving towers, diving centers, volleyball, basketball and handball courts – the park’s sports facilities host over two thousand athletes and athletes daily.

Temple of Three Religions

Wong Tai Sin is a majestic pantheon of three religious and philosophical movements: Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

Interesting! This is an exceptionally Hong Kong solution, a local flavor, an unconventional move: a temple complex “three in one”.

The pantheon is made according to all the canons of Chinese temple architecture: multicolored carvings, mind-boggling colonnades, “pagoda” roof solutions.

Hong Kong's most visited temple complex.

The temple complex is open from seven in the morning until half past six in the evening. Admission is free, financial gifts are welcome. A visit to the pantheon is simply impossible without the mystical sacrament of making wishes. The attendants guarantee one hundred percent fulfillment of any wish.

Night Bargain on Temple Street

The microcosm of Asian bazaars, Temple Street Night Market is truly legendary. From antique souvenirs and trinkets to cutting-edge electronics and automobiles, the shopping experience is mind-blowing.

A must-visit destination: the Night Market is the universe.

In addition to an assortment of goods, the Peninsula Night Market offers visitors an excellent selection of traditional Chinese street food and numerous salons of fortune-tellers, healers, and hairdressers.

How to get to the city?

The financial and urban center of Asia is easy to get to: there are airlines, railways, buses, and a seaport.

Flying planes

The most modern and technically equipped airport in the world Chek Lap Kok around the clock takes hundreds of flights. From the port to the city air passengers are transported by high-speed trains, buses and taxis.

A trip from the airport to the city on the high-speed monorail takes 25 minutes and costs HK$115 per ticket. Twelve routes of comfortable double-decker shuttles whisk “air travelers” around Hong Kong. The bus fare is about 50 HKD.

You can also get by taxi. Blue cars take to Lantau, scarlet to the central island and emerald to the New Territories. The pleasure will cost 300-400 local dollars.

Rolling a “steam train”.

The railroad is a great transit to the metropolis from mainland China. The trip between Beijing and Shenzhen costs from 950 to 250 yuan (depending on speed and comfort). An express train “flies” between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Question price: 75-100 yuan. There are direct services from Guangzhou East Terminal to Hung Hom Station. A two-hour trip costs 190 yuan.

Shanghai - Beijing

Bus service

Most hotels in Guangzhou have a dedicated bus terminal. The driver collects tourists and takes them to Hong Kong (to Disneyland, the Waterpark, and the city center). One-way fares start at 100 yuan.

Ferry service

High-speed ferry services from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. It takes about an hour and costs 375 yuan. Comfortable boats regularly sail from Macau.

Accommodation in Hong Kong

The metropolis is crowded. The inexhaustible stream of travelers, augmented by an army of business travelers, swamps the city daily. There are no problems with accommodation: Hotels of the city grind the waves of guests, offering guests a wide range of options for every budget.

Five Stars

Asian financial capital surprises by a wealth of choice even in such a “narrow segment” as premium class. The highest category is represented by the elite of the hotel industry: the world networks Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriott. The prices vary: you can find and $ 200 a night. The hotel hit of the island, flamboyant and very cozy Ritz-Carlton, will ask for a penthouse overlooking the bay over 500 per night.

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Four Stars

Hong Kong four-star hotels, on the level of service and equipment do not differ much from other 5-stars. The average room rate is $150 to $170 local. Proximity to traffic, great staff, tactful and thoughtful service: an amazing price/quality balance.

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Three Star Hotels

3-star hotels in Hong Kong are local “single” complexes, and chain hotels (actively represented in the market by Holiday Inn). It is possible to successfully check in for $70-80.

Guest houses and hostels

Hong Kong is a very expensive city. But that doesn’t mean there are no budget accommodation options in the financial capital. Local hostels striking minimalism. With a certain resilience and unpretentiousness, you can spend the night there. Those who are not ready for mega-spartan conditions, it remains to look for an adequate price in the two or three-star segment.


What else to see

Hong Kong is enormous, diverse and surprisingly friendly. The ten sites mentioned above are just a tiny speck of sand in a fairy tale of curiosities and artifacts. The sights, descriptions of the iconic places and attractions of the city are a guidebook three fingers thick.

A day in the city

What can I see in Hong Kong in 1 day? An orientation day tour often includes a photo session with the panorama of the city, a run through the souvenir shops and stores, a boat ride along the harbour, and a cultural and educational activity such as a museum, planetarium, and the famous Ferris wheel.

Hong Kong's stunning Botanical Park.

A great shopping area: an endless line of stores along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. The afternoon is devoted to museums, temples, and The Peak.

What to see in Hong Kong in 2 days

Three things you can and should do in Hong Kong in two days:

Ocean Park

The largest ocean aquarium on the planet. Take bus number 629 from Admiralty MTR Station.

The Hong Kong Oceanarium is a definite tourist hit.

Best time to visit before closing time: the colorful show in the lagoon is worth the evening.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Paradise Island, a nostalgic journey back to childhood.

Welcome to the attractions of Disneyland!

Disney’s Corner is the undisputed leader of the city’s attractions. A great place to “go” with the kids.

Exhibition Center

Among exhibition grounds of the planet, the Hong Kong Expo Centre is one of the most prestigious.

Even for the average tourist, there's plenty to do here.

Businessmen will be able to conclude a couple of contracts, and ordinary tourists will wander the pavilions, visit the theater, restaurants, and cinemas.

The entire metropolis in three days.

The nontrivial task of “what to see in Hong Kong in three days” requires a systematic approach. The three-day expansion is best “split to dominate” into three “waves.” Start with the Kowloon Peninsula, devote the second day to the Central Island, and the third and the last day to mark the “time of the New Territories”.

In addition to the must-see destinations already mentioned, these are must-see destinations in Hong Kong:

A must-see! Hong Kong's famous planetarium.

Yen Yen Monastery.

Noah's Ark Park.

Railroad Museum.

Hong Kong's premier racetrack, Happy Valley.

For visits to museums, parks and cultural and educational centers, do not forget that Hong Kong is the center of canonical beach tourism. Great sea, sand, the whole range of active leisure and lazy relaxation.

hong kong


This city should be visited, breathe the same air, see the judicious swiftness of Asian life, culture, traditions, oriental flavor. The city is convenient to visit, comfortable and versatile. Metropolis is a real Ferris wheel: all of Asia “as if on the palm”.

Interesting! Common to all reviews and comments about Hong Kong is the statement of absolute safety of the metropolis for everyone and at any time of day.


Hong Kong – the shining diamond of the Asian region: the center of business and financial activity, one of the oldest cities in the world. Ultra-modern infrastructure gently and correctly flows around ancient temples and pagodas, national parks and numerous archipelago islands. The list of Hong Kong’s artifacts is endless: it really is the center of “transit tourism”.

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