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Rest in Torrevieja (Spain, Alicante) – reviews

Review of Holiday in Torrevieja (Spain, Alicante)

For lovers of beach recreation, there are none. Connoisseurs of architecture and sights may find it boring.

Hello friends and guests of my page!) Today I invite everyone to take a virtual walk with me to the Spanish Torrevieja on the waves of my memory of the trip in 2015. My husband and I got together that year enough.

I liked it all) And it came out fairly budget

We decided in the middle of the crisis to go to the sea. And not in the Crimea, as it should be, and in Spain. Looking ahead: Budget in fact came out 150,500 rubles for everything (visas, flight, lodging, meals, tours.

A great place for a beach holiday

I knew nothing about the city of Torrevieja until recently, I stumbled upon it on the map while looking for a place to rest on the beach. The main purpose of the trip to Spain this time was Andalusia ( My review of .

Torrevieja: The Salt Paradise of Spain.

Parking problems, especially in the summer. Very noisy in the summer. Little entertainment for young people. Almost no nightlife. Dog feces. Dampness and mold in the winter in the apartments. Little green.

In Torrevieja there is something for everyone! There are some beautiful sandy beaches and a very long promenade. Many restaurants and shops are right on the promenade. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun. There are plenty of cafes.

Great beaches, a big town with lots of parks.

We stayed in Torrevieja in April. Weather was great, sunny, only 3 days of a month in Torrevieja was raining and there was a storm. We got to Torrevieja from the airport of Alicante by bus. Bus from the airport of Alicante.

One of our favorite cities!

Stunning, hospitable city that does not leave you indifferent! We want to come back here again and again! Every summer our family comes to Torrevieja for a month like we go home. Wonderful, friendly people who will never raise their voice. Let’s walk around.

Chic vacation in La Zenia! Recommended!

Great house, gorgeous beach, magic sea! All infrastruktura in walking distance and the main thing is the sun!

We rested at 10 km from Torrevieja. The area is called La Zenia. A beautiful place, a few apartment buildings, mostly closed cottage settlements, villas. Renting a townhouse directly from the owner (found on google maps Holiday Home La Zenia). Very.

Not a bad budget vacation.

Went in August 2019. We rented an apartment near the beach. There is a big problem with parking in the city. The sea is great, very warm and gentle entry, no jellyfish and clean. For children is just great! But the beach itself is very.

Very beautiful town.

The prices are adequate, people are all very responsive, delicious food, a lot of entertainment. There are Russian cafes and stores, in stores there are always discounts on firm

Small, cozy town!

It was my first trip to Spain and it turned out to be g. Torreaieja. We flew into Alicante, and from there by cab, 40 euros, drove to Torreaieja, where we rented an apartment. The town seemed like a retirement town to me, but with kids is the most.

Calm and beautiful town!

I would like to start by saying that we have been on a very long search for a quiet, but at the same time beautiful place in Spain. The country certainly likes its culture, kind climate and beautiful scenery. So wanted to find something.

Summer is guaranteed.

A very good place to relax by the sea. What would not be summer in Russia, here you can be almost 100% sure that the vacation will be successful. The sea is warm, a beach remarkable, fruit ripe and the freshest.

Pleasant quiet rest.

We vacationed in the suburbs of Torrevieja, but we managed to visit the city itself. Torrevieja is distinguished by its narrow streets, interesting lanterns and beautiful main square. The promenade in Torrevieja also looks nice, but, unfortunately, few places are equipped.

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City of sun, salt and flamingos

Warm, clean sea, beautiful beaches, excellent food, comfortable temperature, excellent wine, friendly people and no everyday problems

This year we visited the town of Torrevieja (Spain). Wonderful place on the planet! Huge opportunities for a choice of rest, as for the owners of high income, and for the modest inhabitants! Let me explain right away, we rented apartments, travel arrangements by ourselves.

A cozy European city on the Mediterranean coast.

I had two vacations in Torrevieja. Very cozy, calm, European city. The sea is warm and gentle. Very nice to walk in the evening on the waterfront in Torrevieja. No one is in a hurry anywhere, all smiling, people just live and have fun.

Boring semi-desert on the seashore

It’s good that I traveled on my own, as always, without overpaying for tickets. I took a regular charter by Transaero. If you have the opportunity, don’t use these flights. I was very impressed by the small number of trees, just a couple of streets with palm trees and one with.

I want to go back there.

I was in Spain this year for the first time. I liked the country very much, bright, noisy, beautiful and warm. I spent most of my vacation in Torrevieja in La Zenia area. I liked this area, quiet streets, nice architecture.

Beautiful vacation

We rented an apartment for a month in Rocio del Mar, a residential area not far from the city. Nice, well-groomed beaches, clear sea water, inexpensive cafes, buses to the city every hour. Sun, air, sea nearby – what more do you need for.

In general, the city is not bad, but it’s not suitable for young people.

Now to be more specific. I have an apartment in Torrevieja, yes it is quiet and calm, yes there are few cars. But shit. There’s nothing to do here at all. 90% of the population is grandmothers and grandfathers over 70. There are very few bars and.

Torrevieja. How warm it is here all year round.

Good holiday for all and couples and people of retirement age.Everyone likes the sun, sea and beach.

Torrevieja-city where, live many foreigners, a pleasant and warm climate is always welcome. There is no temperature below 10 degrees. There are many beaches and restaurants with different types of cuisine. The resort town is loved by people of all kinds.

All about Torrevieja: attractions, beaches, weather and recreation

Torrevieja is a famous resort town of Spain and a major tourist center in the central part of the province of Alicante. It has gained worldwide popularity because of its mild climate, comfortable beaches on the Costa Blanca, the beautiful green area of the city, picturesque salt lakes in the surrounding area.

Torrevieja: sights, beaches, peculiarities of the holiday, climate

When to go to Torrevieja

Torrevieja is located in a subtropical climate zone characterized by mild winters and hot summers with little variation in seasonal temperatures. Holidays in Torrevieja are attractive all year round, but the high and low seasons have a significant impact on the appearance of the city. The high season is characterized by stable sunny and calm weather, a massive influx of tourists from all over the world, hotels filled to capacity, and high prices. During the low season, from autumn to spring, hotels become empty and prices drop accordingly.

Winter in Torrevieja resembles the beginning of autumn in the northern countries. It is sunny, warm and relatively dry. The daytime air temperature during the winter months in Torrevieja does not drop below +15°C and sometimes reaches +25°C. It is cooler at night, up to +10-15°C. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is about +15 ° C. Precipitation is rare. It never rains for a long time.

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In the spring in Torrevieja, the temperature ranges from +14-20°C. The water temperature in the sea is around +10°C. In March it is windy, humid and cool. In April the air temperature during the day reaches +20 ° C, the water temperature is about +15 ° C. The precipitation is rare. In May the daytime temperature reaches 26°C, the nights are getting warmer – up to 18-20°C.

Dry, sunny weather is typical for the beginning of summer, when the high season begins. The temperature in June rises to +28°C, the water temperature reaches +22°C. The beaches and hotels slowly come to life and the first holidaymakers arrive. In July, when the air temperature reaches 30°C and the water temperature reaches a comfortable 25°C, the number of tourists increases. The swimming season is in full swing, the beaches, hotels, stores and streets of Torrevieja are filled with vacationers. In August the temperature exceeds 30°C, but the heat is hardly noticeable thanks to the huge green areas of Torrevieja, the fresh breath of the surrounding forests and the gentle whiff of the sea breeze.


Autumn brings a decline in Torrevieja’s tourist activity, but solely due to the need to get back to work and drop off children at schools and colleges. The young people head off to university and there is a blissful quietude. The beaches are frequented by respectable retirees and wealthy citizens from various countries who have no need to rush anywhere. The temperature in September is around +30°C, the water temperature is at least +25°C.

Velvet season continues in October. The air temperature remains comfortable up to +26-28 ° C, the water temperature is about +23 ° C. The number of rainy days increases, but after the short rains again sunny and dry. The night temperature drops gradually.

In November the low season begins. It is much cooler – about +20°C during the day to +15°C at night. There are a lot of rainy days and the weather is often overcast.

Torrevieja: weather

Torrevieja attractions

1. Parque de las Naciones

Parque de las Naciones (Parque de las Naciones) is one of the main attractions of Torrevieja. This is a beautiful park in the center of the city with an area of almost 400 thousand square meters. At the heart of the park is a large lake which forms the silhouette of the European continent. Many swans, geese, ducks and a variety of fish swim here. In Parque de Las Naciones, the dinosaur statue and the spectacular geyser-shaped fountain are worth seeing. Also in the park is an exhibition hall where various art exhibitions are held.

Park De Las Naciones

2. torre del morro

The Tower of the Moors or Torre de Moro is a coastal watchtower built of masonry and has a trapezoidal shape. It is located on a hill about 5 km from the center of the city, on the promontory of Cervera. In the 14th century an old tower, the Torre del Cabo Cervera, after which the town was named (Torre Vieja – “old tower”), was erected on its site.

Torre del Morro

3. Natural Park Laguna La Mata and Torrevieja

Parque natural de las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja is the most iconic attraction of the city. Many people come to Torrevieja, in order to visit this park and bathe in the salt springs. The park includes two lagoons: La Mata Lagoon with an area of 700 hectares and Torrevieja Lagoon with an area of 1400 hectares with an incredible pink water surface. The total area of the natural park is 3,743 hectares.

Laguna La Mata and Torrevieja Natural Park

4. Aquopolis Water Park

A popular attraction among Torrevieja’s youth and family tourists is the Aquópolis water park (Aqua Park Aquópolis) with many water attractions. This is a great place for recreation with children: during the day a team of animators organizes various sports and fun activities. There are also extreme slides, which adults will love. First of all they are Speed, Boomerang and Kamikaze. The cost of visiting the water park is 25 euros (if you buy online 16 euros).

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Aquopolis Water Park

5. Constitution Square

The main square of Torreveja is the Plaza de la Constitución. This is also called the “heart of the city”. Here are located the most important historical and administrative buildings. For example, the beautiful Church of the Immaculate Conception, the City Hall and the City Council. There are many cafes around, where you can relax and have a cool drink. It is on Constitution Square that mass festivities and festivals take place.

Plaza de la Constitución

6. Church of the Immaculate Conception

The Church of the Immaculate Conception (Parroquia Inmaculada Concepción) is Torrevieja’s main historical site. The temple was developed in 1789 during the reign of Charles III. But the first building of the church was destroyed by an earthquake in 1829 – the strongest earthquake shook Torrevieja and Guardamar). The church was rebuilt, but during the Civil War in the mid-20th century the building was burned in a fire. Now the Church of the Immaculate Conception is fully restored and decorates the city.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

7. Museum of Sea and Salt

The Museum of the Sea and Salt (Museo del Mar y de la Sal) is the most interesting ethnological museum of Torrevieja. It was founded in 1995 because of the rich history of the salt and sea trade in Torrevieja. It features exhibits that focus on underwater archaeology, salt mining, artisanal fishing, coastal shipping, sailing, the Spanish Armada, the saltworks and the museum workshop. Museum admission is free.

Sea and Salt Museum

8. Paseo Maritimo promenade

There are some great places to walk in Torrevieja. For example, the Paseo maritimo (Paseo maritimo). It stretches parallel to the Mediterranean coast. Here there are many tourist stores, restaurants, cafes and bars where you can relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the Mediterranean. It is especially beautiful to walk along the Paseo Maritimo promenade in the evening.

Paseo Maritimo seafront

9. Musicians Monument

This interesting monument to the musicians (Monumento a los Musicos) is located on Vistalegre Alley, next to the Torrevieja Yacht Club. It is a work of sculpture by Carmen Freyle, which consists of 5 figures of musicians in real size. The saxophonist, drummer, trumpeter and flutist play their instruments and form a circle around the conductor, who directs the musicians with a baton. The sculpture is in bronze and is a tribute to local musicians.

Monument to the Musicians

10. Flamingo Water Park

And another water amusement park on our top list. The water park “Flamingo” is more modest than “Aquopolis” and is more suitable for children’s leisure. Aquapark Flamingo has two pools for adults and children. There are two small slides for kids, two medium-sized tube slides, one high slide and a pool with a Jacuzzi. The cost to visit the water park is 14 euros (12 euros for children).

Flamingo Waterpark

Sights of Torrevieja on the map

History of Torrevieja

A small coastal settlement inhabited by fishermen and artisans was known even during the Roman Empire because of the salt lakes located nearby. Salt has been mined for two thousand years, providing a valuable product to many European countries. There is speculation that the funds from salt mining were the basis for financing Christopher Columbus’s expedition to find a sea route to India, which led to the discovery of a new continent.

In the early 19th century, by decree of King Carlos IV, the fishing village became the center of the country’s salt trade, which was the beginning of its rapid development and the acquisition of urban settlement status. It was named after the medieval watchtower “Torre Vieja” or “Old Tower” located in the center of the village. In 1829 the structure was destroyed in a major earthquake. Some time later, in memory of the former symbol, the inhabitants erected a new tower, known as the Tower of Moor.

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Torrevieja was approved as a city by decree of Alfonso XIII in 1931.

With the development of the world tourism industry in the second half of the 20th century, Torrevieja has attracted the attention of foreign tourists with its long snow-white coastline and favorable climate. Thanks to the mountain range that protects the city from the cold streams of air from the north, the magnificent forests and salt lakes that purify the air, in Torrevieja was formed a microclimate capable of curing many diseases. In Torrevieja unfolded an active construction of tourist and urban infrastructure. Were laid new highways and railway lines connecting Torrevieja with all regions of Spain and Western Europe, built hotels and residential complexes, shopping, entertainment, sports and wellness centers.

The History of Torrevieja

General view of Torrevieja (1908)

The Beaches of Torrevieja

The coastline of Torrevieja has more than 20 km of beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches, equipped in accordance with international standards. Some of them are annually awarded the Blue Flag for environmental friendliness, cleanliness and modern infrastructure. The beaches are described in order of location: from the northern part of Torrevieja to the southern part.

1. La Mata Beach

Playa La Mata is the longest beach of the city, more than 2 km long and up to 47 m wide. It is located in the northern part of Torrevieja on the spit of the same name, which lies between the Torre la Mata Tower and the rocky promontory of Cabo Cervera. Despite the impressive size of the beach, it is often called the cleanest and most landscaped beach of the city. It is located very far from the city center, so you have to get there by bus or car.

Covered with fine golden-yellow sand the beach line is notable for the cleanliness of the territory and coastal waters. The descent into the water is gentle and the bottom is sandy. On the beach there are a lot of holidaymakers with children. You can use lockers, showers, toilets, ramps for wheelchairs, playgrounds, trash garbage cans. You can rent deck chairs, sun beds, umbrellas and awnings. You can rent water equipment. Popular activities include water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

There are cafes on the beach, where you can eat sandwiches or tapas, eat ice cream and drink coffee or soft drinks. The area is regularly cleared of debris and the sand is smoothed. Along the beach stretches a picturesque promenade with cafes, bars, restaurants, stores.

La Mata Beach

2. Los Locos Beach

South of La Mata beach, between the rocks of Calas Blancas and Palangre bay, is the municipal beach of Los Locos (Playa Los Locos), about 800 m long and about 25 m wide. Covered with fine golden sand, the area is equipped with the necessary equipment for a good rest – sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, toilets. The beach is clean and generally sparsely populated, but the main minus – the beach is located far from the center of the city, compared with other city beaches.

Los Locos is comfortable for children – the descent into the water is gentle, the bottom is sandy. Equipped with slides and playgrounds for children. Near the beach are scattered numerous outlets where you can buy ice cream, soft drinks, pastries, fast food and souvenirs. Have a cup of coffee and eat in the cafes, bars and restaurants located across the beach on the first floors of buildings. Vacationers on Los Locos are always plentiful. Most of them are locals.

You can get to the beach by bus from the city center, drive a rental car or walk. There is a large parking lot along Los Locos. There is a bus stop not far away.

Los Locos Beach

3. Del Cura Beach

Playa del Cura is centrally located near the fishing port and the Paseo Marítimo promenade. The beach is sandy with fine golden sand and palm trees planted along the coast. The beach is well landscaped and has all the necessary conditions for a comfortable holiday. The beach is 380 meters long and 25 meters wide.

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Because of its location the beach of Del Cura can be called the busiest beach of Torrevieja. During the summer months, the beach is completely filled with people, so it is not always possible to find a free sun lounger. On the one hand, staying in hotels near Del Cura beach is convenient in terms of close proximity to the center, tourist stores, restaurants and cafes. But on the other hand, the pandemonium of people can spoil anyone’s vacation. Also in season, the beach cannot be called the cleanest.

Beach Del Cura

4. Los Naufragos Beach

The beach of Los Naufragos (Playa Los Naufragos), over 300 meters long and more than 70 meters wide, is located about 2 km from the city center, near the salt lake of Salada de Torrevieja in the Las Salinas Natural Park. The beach area is covered with yellowish, almost white sand. The descent into the water is gentle, the bottom is sandy and rocky. The beach is equipped with changing cabins, showers, toilets, garbage garbage cans, wooden decking for wheelchairs. There is a medical center, lifeguard towers, snack bars, cafes, rentals of deck chairs, umbrellas and sun loungers.

Los Naufragos beach is very popular with both locals and tourists. It is very wide and free, but very picturesque. In addition, at the height of the bathing season, Los Naufragos beach is often crowded. Along the beach there is a tiled promenade immersed in tropical greenery. Behind it is a chain of hotels. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness.

Los Naufragos Beach

5. Punta Prima Beach

Playa Punta Prima is a small open beach with fine white sand. It is located in the urbanization with the same name with a high density of settlements in the summer, but it is very remote from the city center, so it is not convenient to get there from the center. Despite the small area, the beach is well equipped and landscaped. It has everything for a pleasant holiday, from the availability of sun loungers and toilets to a restaurant in the immediate vicinity. The beach is 234 meters long and 28 meters wide.

The beach is located in a small bay, so there are no strong waves at Punta Prima. However, the sea entrance is not convenient everywhere, so it is better to be careful. Near the beach there is a rocky area, suitable for fishing. Parallel to the beach is a long promenade, a walk along which will be an additional bonus to rest in Punta Prima. Also nearby is the famous restaurant Nautilus.

Beach Punta Prima

6. Beach Las Salinas

This beach stands alone in the list of beaches in Torrevieja. And that’s why – it is not located on the Mediterranean coast, and in the salt lagoon and is part of the Natural Park of La Mata Lagoon and Torrevieja. The waters of Las Salinas beach are characterized by very thick waters, which are due to the high concentration of salt in the water. They also have an unusual pink color that makes this place truly magical.

The original and characteristic pink color of the water is due to the special algae that grows at the bottom of the lagoon. For this reason, this place is also known as the Pink Lagoon. Now there is a ban on swimming in the lake because of the protected areas.

Beach Las Salinas

Beaches Torrevieja on the map

Selecting Cheap Hotels in Torrevieja

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