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The Solomon Islands is an island nation in the southwestern Pacific. It occupies just under 1,000 large and small islands, many of which are of volcanic origin. The nature of the islands is very beautiful: there are stormy rivers and evergreen forests, live giant frogs, bats and parrots. The islands were first discovered by the Spaniards in 1568, but very soon they were forgotten. The second time Europeans came to these shores in 1767. The missionaries followed the sailors but the islands were ruled by cannibalism customs and any attempts to bring a new religion to these lands ended very miserably. The missionaries were followed by traders, but unlike the lone preachers, they were able to organize their defense. The country gained independence in 1978, but the British Queen remained formally the head of state. During World War II there were bloody battles between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the U.S. Navy. Nowadays, civilization is moving very slowly through the country. Here literally everything has been preserved patriarchal way: you can see the lightweight huts on stilts, loincloths, customs. Tourism on the islands is practically undeveloped, which in turn gives a big head start to those who like to be in the wildest corners of the world.


The Solomon Islands cover an area of 28896.00 km².


Solomon Islands have a population of 478000 inhabitants.

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The official languages are Melanesian and English. However, English is spoken by no more than 2 percent of the population. A total of 120 languages and dialects are spoken on the islands.

System of Government

The system of Government of the Solomon Islands is a constitutional monarchy. The Queen of England is considered the official head of state. The Queen is represented in the country by the Governor General.


The climate in Solomon Islands is subequatorial and very humid. The average annual temperature is +26-28 degrees. The best time to vacation in the Solomon Islands is from July to November. It is during this time in the region lasts the dry season.

Average water and air temperatures on Solomon Islands by month

Jan. Feb. March Apr. May June. July. Avg. Sen. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Air temperature (day) °С +28 +28 +27 +28 +27 +27 +26 +26 +26 +27 +27 +28
Air temperature (night) °С +24 +24 +22 +23 +22 +22 +23 +23 +22 +24 +24 +24
Water temperature (sea) °С +29 +28 +28 +29 +28 +28 +24 +24 +25 +25 +26 +26


Tulagi Island is the clearest evidence that World War II reached even this lost world. It was here, as well as near the islands of Guadalcanal and Bougainville, that 14 major battles took place, and they were some of the bloodiest battles between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the U.S. Navy. There are caves on Guadalcanal Island where several hundred Japanese soldiers found their last resting place, who held the defense until the last drop of blood. The caves are located at the Motanico Falls. The island’s coastal waters are literally littered with the remains of iron planes and ships. On the volcanic island of Sava you can visit the foot of an active volcano, where there are a large number of hot mineral springs. One of the most pristine civilization areas of the country – Malaita (islands Ontong Java, Ronkador, Kukumana and Sikaiana). The locals have been particularly inhospitable to the colonizers, in consequence of this Europeans have practically never been here, which has made it possible to preserve the ancient customs and culture exactly as they were many years ago. The islands of Loulasi and Busu are known for the ancient custom of “shark baiting”, which is practiced even by young children. This ritual is considered extremely dangerous and has been banned, but in some areas the natives continue to practice it.

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