Holidays in Sweden

Tours to Sweden from Moscow 2022

We’ve selected several current holiday offers and prices in Sweden. We’ve separated them by types of holidays and hotels in Sweden to make it easier for you to decide. If you have any questions about holidays in Sweden, call our offices and our consultants will help you!

Holidays in Sweden

Travels to Sweden are popular with tourists who choose an impeccable quality and the highest level of service. They come to enjoy the magnificent views of local nature, experience the unique culture, try the local cuisine. Holidays in Sweden will appeal to those who like to tour the many museums and walks through the fabulous medieval cities. By the way, this destination is often chosen by families with children: in no European country of the world is not loved by little tourists as much as in Sweden. In search of a suitable trip to help a network of agencies “1001 tours”. We offer attractive prices on the most current destinations. You can book online and buy a trip to Sweden with a flight at a bargain price.

Types of rest

Modern Sweden is one of the top 10 countries with the highest level of development. This is a country with an excellent standard of living, working conditions, education and medicine. The cost of travel to the kingdom may seem quite high, but it is fully justified by the level of service, which offers travelers local hotels and hotels. Often tourists choose weekend tours. Such a trip to Sweden for two will cost much cheaper, but you can visit the largest cities in this wonderful country and walk the most famous tourist destinations. Another reason to come to Sweden is the local Christmas traditions. So if you want to celebrate the New Year in the atmosphere of a real winter fairy tale, it is worth choosing a Christmas tour.

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Sweden is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula with its south and east bordered by the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. The mountainous terrain perfectly protects the interior from cold winds, so it has a fairly mild climate. The mountains are covered with dense forests, in the valleys there are many picturesque lakes and rivers. Geographically, the country is divided into three regions, the most popular among tourists – south, Götland. According to the assurances of the locals, this is where the events of the legendary saga of Beowulf unfolded. In the central region is the capital of the country. This is a land of fabulous lakes, impregnable castles and pastoral landscapes. The best ski slopes are located in the northern region of the country. It is best to visit here in the winter: you can not only enjoy the excellent service of the local hotels, skiing or snowboarding, but also see the Northern Lights.


Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Sweden has a temperate climate. However, winters can be harsh, with temperatures dropping to -20 degrees Celsius in the northern regions. Summers are short but bright, with little precipitation. The thermometer’s column stays at +22 degrees. Of course, the cold waters of the Baltic Sea are not suitable for swimming: even in the hottest days it remains quite cold and may attract only hardened “walruses”. The worst time to visit Sweden is autumn, when the local landscape is at its worst because of frequent rain, fog and cold.

Swedish is the official language in the kingdom, but this does not mean that tourists have to learn the most common phrases and sentences. Most locals speak excellent English. Signs and menus in restaurants are duplicated, so with a basic knowledge of the language you can easily read the most important information and communicate with the staff.

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Sweden is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement, so you do not need a separate visa if you already have a Schengen. Otherwise you will have to go to the embassy and pay a consular fee of 35 euros.


Despite the fact that in the kingdom is still in circulation in the Swedish krona, tourists can pay almost everywhere in euros. However, if you’re going inland, it is better to worry about the exchange. You can change money at special exchange offices or banks, although the latter option is considered the most expensive: the rate is quite high. Exchange offices can be found in the city, but it is best to choose those located at the airports: they change any amount. In addition, in Sweden almost everywhere you can pay with a plastic card, even in the smallest souvenir stalls.

Last hotel reviews

Very cool hotel. It is clean, modern, very good breakfasts (there is fish, gluten free food, lactose free milk and in general there is plenty to choose from). Also the rooms are clean and there is generally enough space. Our room was clean and the dining area was tidy, there was plenty of room to choose from. I walk to the center of the hotel in about 30-40 minutes but there is a metro station OldenPlan in 7 minutes from which you can go everywhere quickly (the fare costs 4 euros per person). The place is quiet and comfortable enough to stay. The rooms have a kettle, tea and coffee, spoons. There are parks nearby and in general the area is pleasant. All the staff are polite and helpful. I can recommend this hotel. Of the small minuses, that the shower is made so that part of the water falls on the floor outside the partition of the shower cubicle and gets the towel for the feet wet a lot, so it should be put away. Also wish the shower gel and shampoo were separate rather than two in one. Also a very weak old hair dryer, even with short hair it hardly dries, and girls would have a hard time drying their hair with it at all. The room card is made of wood, which to the touch, surprisingly, not very tactile pleasant, somehow more accustomed to the smooth plastic than the rough wood. The only thing that spoiled the overall good impression at the very end, that on the last day in area 10.30-11.00 in the morning (though that checkout at 12.00) in number the cleaner has sharply entered, no knock at a door and expectation that will answer, time to think. She just walked in and broke into the room. She, of course, apologized and immediately left. But in any case, you should always knock and wait for an answer, you can not just walk into the room. Now, apparently, all hotels will have to be even locked from the inside after such an experience, good thing we just packed a suitcase, but we could change clothes, still sleep, etc.. This is the part I ask to draw the hotel’s attention to such cases, it is just unacceptable.

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