Holidays in Spain: Canary Islands – Tenerife

Tours in Tenerife (Canary Islands) from Moscow 2022

The main thing for us is the sea. Golden Lotus has its own small beach, where you go down from the food court. A few steps and you’re on the chaise lounges. If you come after 10 a.m., places will be only in the sun (were in a velvet season), it is necessary to consider. Small pebbles, there is a gangway, and who does not like it. Kemer has remained in memory during the first arrival in Turkey that water here is more salty than Antalya and consequently holds even better – almost floating :) Very cool! The food is bearable, sometimes thick, sometimes well not empty, but sad by choice. There were a lot of dishes, just not really suited for me: salads and sauces with fat mayonnaise and sour cream, porridge and cereal with cow’s milk, which my body is not on good terms with. Sausage sausages are unpalatable, but chicken and turkey are tasty. Every breakfast you can get fried eggs separately, pancakes – not in the general buffet area, but in the open kitchen. For dinner, too, they do some interesting cooking there. Grilled chickens, fried fish, shawarma. The soup is always the same, also sad, one liquid almost. But a lot of desserts, you can slip :)) And delicious buns. What is definitely memorable is how many cats there are! They come to the dining room all the time, begging around the clock, kittens play and fuss, all different and beautiful! Under the tables, keep your eyes peeled to avoid stepping on them :) Attention: The red cat with the red thread on his neck – no teeth :'( You have to feed him only small pieces or something grinded. Aolna feeding mother – white in black spots – from hunger and belligerence in this period can pull off his fingers, you have to throw food on the floor ? But I’m thrilled, like I was living in a catcaf√©. Cleaning – every day, but when you need it. We asked every other day, for not really dirty everything. The floor was not cleaned, in the corners was left debris. This is a minus. But so the mattresses are normal, pillows, too, blankets as blankets in the heat of the most important thing. The air conditioner was good. The room had a balcony, overlooking the neighbouring hotel. Noise isolation both outside and inside is excellent! No animation, that was a plus for us! I was in the next room, I don’t know how people slept there. Very rough. We didn’t need to, and just wasn’t ) Only drunken compatriots one night yelled “Sanya, I’m on vacation!” so violently that the Turks tried to calm them down half the staff )) The staff all know Russian at a very good level. And German and English, too, but worse. Friendly, but not excessive. Good communication in a human way. Small services can be asked to do without paying. For example, there is no iron in the rooms, but there is a price for ironing, but you can arrange at reception to give it to you for an hour. Or weigh your suitcases in the backyard. The location is great – 7 minutes to the center, 7 minutes to the square the other way, with Starbucks, Macs, cafes and shopping aisles too. LC Waikiki in the shopping street we will have t-shirts for 70 lira )) It will be boring for kids, it will be boring for party people too. But for us, the main thing is the sea and quieter, just chic. On the downside, very poor wifi everywhere (in the lobby, and in the room) and totally dull playlist. The misery of Western pop singers like Sam Smith or Billy Eilish around the clock ) We will definitely come again!

History of the most beautiful bridges of Budapest, Hungary

I was recently in Svetlogorsk at the Hotel Olimp. Only positive emotions. The food is above all praise. The breakfasts are great, there are always several dishes to choose from. The dairy products are wonderful. We especially liked cottage cheese. Several times we have ordered lunches and dinners. The quality of meals is excellent. The work of staff at the reception is excellent – everything is fast, polite and without unnecessary talk. We stayed in the pool and enjoyed it. The room is clean and the cleaning is good. The hotel is in a very quiet part of town. Nearby is the lake “Quiet” – a nice place for walks in the evening. In the evening, it is also nice to walk along the promenade along the sea, or along the streets of the city. Very much liked excursions, especially in the village of Yantarny and in Baltiysk. The Curonian Spit left an indelible impression. Excursion guides work very well, distributing time of trips competently. The excursion around the city was informative, too. We recommend a trip to Svetlogorsk to all acquaintances. We had a very good time in “Olimp”.

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