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Trip Date: March 2019. There were relatively few reviews about this wonderful island. Returned from there three days ago, I will write while fresh. I flew Harbin-Seoul-Guam. The flight from Seoul to Guam takes about 4 hours. Most of the tourists go from there, it’s very convenient.

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The sea in Guam is warm all year round. Few domestic tourists, because everything is very expensive. However, it is possible to rest on a budget. To do this, choose cheap hotels or apartments, such as Guam Plaza, Garden Villa, Holiday. It is necessary to keep track of promotions and discounts on the websites of the hotels themselves.

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My anniversary already the hundredth (oh, dear mother) review will be devoted to vacationing on the island of Guam (USA). I vacationed there for two weeks, from June 26 to July 9, 2014. Guam is part of the Mariana Islands, the main population is Chamorro people. The currency is the U.S. dollar.

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Yellowstone National Park is one of the first parks in the country. The area of the park is almost 900,000 hectares. It is located in the state of Wyoming. The main attractions of the park – geysers and Mammoth hot springs – force a considerable number of tourists from all over the world to come here.

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Washington. So quiet, intelligent, clean, and at the same time very strict and businesslike city, filled with office buildings and people in expensive suits.

I’m continuing my story about a short trip to the United States. I have already written a review about the most popular city in America, New York. The next destination was Washington D.C. It’s a simple paradise for the perfectionist (that is for me).

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Excursion which spoiled my impressions about rest in Russia. Deception, disrespect and money thrown away‼️

Good evening) After swimming in the sea and seeing all the nearby attractions of Anapa, Dzhemete, we decided the whole family to go on an excursion. Our choice fell on “The Lost Island”. So it praised the woman who sold tickets.

What to see in La Coruña, Spain

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Hello to all readers of my review! When choosing a place to stay most of us pay attention to the bright foreign tours and resorts, not even suspecting that the beautiful and unique places are in our vast country. One of the most stunning places I think is Kii Island.

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Arizona is one of the most iconic states in the United States. To Americans themselves, it is an outlandish place. The tacky bandits from “Home Alone” expressed the all-American notion of this state: This is a very unusual America here. This is the Wild West we all read about as children. It’s like time stood still here.

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In this review I want to tell you about a ski resort in northern California, 4 hours away from San Francisco – Lake Tahoe. I will compare it mostly to our Russian resorts in Krasnaya Polyana (Rosa Khutor, Gazprom, Gorky-Gorod) ) To begin with, there are so many different resorts for all tastes – .

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Santa Barbara is the most famous among Russian TV viewers in California (we do not take into account megalopolises). Everyone’s grandmothers probably watched the TV series of the same name at one time or another.

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The most beautiful place for rafting on sapboards, kayaks. There is Amazon with green water and Karelia with crystalline water. The reserve “Lochin Island” is an ideal place for water hobbies in the Moscow region

Greetings to all who have looked in the review! This summer my husband and I have discovered a new hobby for us – kayaking. We are beginners in this business, so we decided to try it not far from home and our choice fell on the nature reserve “Lochin Island”, which is located in Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region.

Rest in Guam


Rest on Guam is a dream come true for beach lovers, who are ready to stand many hours flight from Moscow with connection in Asia, in order to plunge into the abyss of vacation delights tomorrow. Tiny Guam (the island is 50 km long and 12 km wide), part of the Mariana archipelago, successfully competes with the famous resort areas in every way. Local beaches are not covered with sand, and “stardust” – a tiny coral crumbs, ideal conditions for diving provided by the unique geographical location, and because Guam is governed by the U.S. government, beach holidays can easily be combined with shopping and close acquaintance with American gastronomic culture.

Bratislava: the main city of Slovakia

Where should I vacation in Guam?

Tourist attraction of Guam for beach lovers from Russia was opened recently due to the relaxation of the visa regime. This island state, lost in the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean, there is enough room for everyone. However, the demand for packages to Guam is constantly growing: an increasing number of tourists from Japan, China, Russia to calculate the cost of beach holidays to admire the incredible beauty of nature, enjoy swimming in crystal clear water, painted in all the colors of cerulean, enthusiastically engage in diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and parasailing.

Today, looking at the idyllic views of Guam, it is hard to believe that this paradise place remembers not the best of times. After landing on the local shores of the expedition of Fernand Magellan in the 16th century, the island changed hands: from the Spanish colonizers to the Americans, from the Americans during World War II to the Japanese, and then fell under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. As a consequence, even today, the miniature state is divided into three zones, which determine the peculiarities of life of holidaymakers:

  • The sparsely populated northern region, built up with American military bases that are guarded around the clock by units of infantrymen;
  • the central area with a developed tourist infrastructure, perfect for a leisurely beach vacation and shopping;
  • The southern area, inhabited by the Chamorros, the indigenous people of Guam. They still honor the traditions of their ancestors, partly denying the achievements of progress, and warmly welcome holidaymakers and beachgoers.

Travelers who want to find or find a paradise for an affordable beach vacation in advance will not have to hesitate long – almost all the hotel complexes in Guam, where you can buy a package deal for a high class of service, are concentrated in Tumon. This is the only island center of entertainment, located in a cozy bay of Tumon Bay, where you can find everything you need for an unforgettable vacation: shopping malls, which offer a collection of clothes of the world’s leading brands, numerous restaurants, which treat their guests to American, Japanese, and recently – and Russian cuisine, clubs and bars, duty-free zones and travel agencies, rental centers for diving equipment. Go beyond the conditional boundaries of Tumon worthwhile excursions only to explore the traditional settlements Chamorro, visit Coconut Island and the beaches of Talofofo Bay, located in the southern part of Guam. Traveling in the northern area is not forbidden, but it does not make sense due to the lack of interesting excursion sites.

Ísafjarðardjúp, Iceland - the ice fjord abyss

When is the best time to fly to Guam for a vacation?

Guam is located in a tropical climate zone characterized by an enviable consistency of temperatures and changing humidity levels. Throughout the year, the mercury gauge on the island during the day holds between +27-33 degrees, dropping at night to just +25. The coastal waters warm up to +25-27 degrees with constant consistency, ensuring the opportunity to enjoy many hours of swimming.

To date, the best time to vacation in Guam, tourists are free to decide for themselves: if you arrive on the island during the windy season, which lasts from May to October, you can quickly get a chocolate tan, but affordable offers are available only from June to September, when the paradise resorts are often washed by rain, which can darken the beach negogo from the time of arrival from Moscow to the time of departure.

Vacationers who prefer active entertainment – windsurfing, yachting, water-skiing – the vagaries of the weather play into the hands of the vacationers, allowing them to save on travel costs.

Still, to see the true beauty of Guam, it’s best to come to the island state during the windy season to enjoy luxurious beach vacations and tropical trolling, visit a few excursions, and if you’re brave enough, discover deep-sea diving with an unforgettable dive near the infamous Mariana Trench.

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