Holidays in Greece on the island of Evia

The island of Evia

Evia is the second largest island in Greece after Crete, and it has a lot of architectural monuments and beautiful landscapes to see in any season. People come here not only for having a great time at the sea, but also for the healing properties of the many thermal springs, which are located near the resort town of Edipsos. There is an endless variety of towns and villages, beaches and mountains, natural mineral springs and man-made architectural sights. For the lovers of active or extreme holidays, Evia offers hikes on the picturesque mountains, tops of which open splendid views, inaccessible to ordinary tourists.

The fact that Greeks from the mainland often choose this island for vacation speaks in favor of the vacation here. Whatever your reason for coming to Evia, you’ll find both opportunities for relaxation and solitude, and options for an energetic vacation.

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Evia Island’s climate, a classic Mediterranean climate with hot summers and warm rainy winters, is as conducive to a comfortable vacation for guests as it can be. Summer is best suited for beach and outdoor activities, when the water temperature in the sea reaches +23. +25 degrees. Officially tourist season starts in May, but warm weather and sea water allow swimming in April. During the winter when the thermometer stays at 11. +15 °C you can enjoy walks on horseback, sightseeing, local cuisine or fishing.


The island of Evia has a rich history and a lot of ancient sites, second only to Crete.

Settlement has been taking place since prehistoric times and the island has had a name that means “wealthy with livestock”, literally translated as “rich with cattle”. During the state epoch, the Evian cities traded with many nations and had a mighty fleet. However, this did not help the island to keep its integrity and independence. First the Romans conquered the territory, then the Byzantine rule for a long time, and in 1205 the Crusaders came to Evia, later the Venetians and the Ottoman Empire. Local architecture fully reflects the complicated history of the land: buildings of different epochs, styles and purposes form a rather diverse portrait of the island.

One of the most important early settlements is Halkida: the city was closest to the mainland and had natural deposits of copper, which made it a trading center of historical importance. Halkida still exists today and attracts tourists with its many antiquities and unique cultural portrait.

Historically Evia has been inhabited by various nationalities, beliefs and traditions. In different periods it was inhabited by Greeks, Turks and Albanians. In some villages people still speak a very specific dialect, which is difficult to understand even by the Greeks themselves.

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Attractions of Evia

The island of Evia has much more to offer travelers than many other traditional tourist destinations. Are you looking for adventure and unconventional vacation options? Hiking, biking, horseback riding, gorge trekking, rock climbing, diving, sailing, kayaking, and more. Are you a history buff? The island will be happy to surprise you: there are several archaeological museums, ancient churches and monasteries, and the architecture of different eras is represented as completely preserved buildings, and picturesque ruins. Do you want to just lie on the golden sand? Evia’s beaches offer secluded wilds and modern facilities.

The main attraction of Evia island is the bridge that connects the coast with the Greek mainland. The bridge first appeared in 410 B.C. and since then it hasn’t changed its location, although it was rebuilt and restored several times. The current here changes direction about seven times a day, causing the unusual phenomenon of “standing waves”. On the solution of the phenomenon Aristotle himself worked many centuries ago, but to this day, a single version explaining the nature of the anomaly, scientists have not proposed. The second bridge on Evia was built much later. Now it is one of the largest structures in Europe, suspension type.

The cities of the island are a treasure trove of many experiences. In fact, the first place a visitor gets to is Halkida, the capital of Evia.


Ancient city which is located at the narrowest point of a canal, just 80 km from Athens. Among the tourists the place is famous for the variety of fish dishes and the busy nightlife. However, it is also rich in historical and architectural sites.

Here is located the famous Karababa Castle which is a reminder of the Venetian occupation. Local guides offer Evia’s guests to visit the ruins of temples and churches and the remains of Apollo’s temple (the pediment) and accompany the excursions by retelling the mystical legends associated with these places. South of the bridge is the Castro, an area of Venetian and Turkish houses from the 15th century. On its grounds remain the Emir Zadeh Mosque, the theater and sanctuary of Dionysus, the 13th-century Ayia Papaskevi church, and a 19th-century synagogue belonging to the oldest Jewish community in Greece. At the top of the Kastro, an old Venetian fortress houses an archaeological museum.

The area is home not only to Jews, but also to Thracian Muslims and Christian Greeks. When visiting religious sites, do not forget about decency: it is not accepted to enter the temple inappropriate form – in shorts and mini-skirts, with open back and breasts.

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On the main road to Halkida lies the seaside village of Amaranthos with a lively square full of restaurants where you can sample the local delicacy of sun-dried octopus. After such a gourmet lunch or dinner, don’t forget to leave a tip, it’s customary in Greece to generously reward waiters for their service.


The second largest port in central Evia is Eretria. For a long time, the city competed with Halkida for the right to be called the capital.

The combination of beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, forest, mountains, hot springs with lively taverns, bars and cafes, where you can taste fresh seafood, wine of its own production, provides a first class holiday for any traveler.

Among the architectural monuments in the city are the Frankish and Byzantine fortresses, the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the Roman amphitheater. The local museums – the House of Mosaics, the Ceramic Museum and the Archaeological Museum – are ready to amaze visitors with interesting exhibits. The latter contains a unique picture of Medusa Gorgon from the 6th century B.C.


About two hours away from Eretria lies Karistos, a port town famous for its stunning panoramic views. It is also famous for its beaches, its fish restaurants and again for its historical finds: the Venetian fortress of Castel Rosso, the 13th century Burdzi Tower and the Archaeological Museum. In the vicinity of the city there are small picturesque villages, whose inhabitants are ready to feed any guest and entertain him with legends and gossip for a long time.

Most of the bathing places on the southeastern side of town under Mount Ohi are in inaccessible small bays. But there are also well-equipped sandy beaches with umbrellas, sun loungers, cafes and changing rooms. They are great for family vacations and snorkeling.

The town has a modern sewage system, so the sea around Karistos is very clean.

The resort of Kimi

On the other side of Evia, 60 km from Eretria and 90 km from Karistos, lies Kimi resort. It began to develop later than the other villages and during the silk trading period in Evia and therefore it has a “younger” architectural portrait: one will find there many neo-classical style houses and villas.

Key attractions are the museum, which houses a collection of silk embroidery and the convent of the 17th century.

Near Kimi there are several therapeutic mineral springs, on which health resorts are built.

Adjacent to the town Avlonari village attracts visitors with an outdoor fair in conjunction with the Grape Harvest Festival. It takes place every year for eight days, from October 6 to 14.

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The Beaches of Evia Island

A large number of tourists come here in search of a beach holiday. You can find both well-appointed beaches with the available rent of deck chairs and mattresses, where you can buy food and drinks, and quite wild, where a man rarely sets foot. To some bays have to go downhill along mountain paths, but the clear water and the absence of other tourists is worth the effort, if you prefer the comfort of privacy and peace.

Evia’s most popular beaches are:

  • Kalamos;
  • Chiliadou;
  • Pefki;
  • Nissiotissa;
  • Limnionas;
  • Kanatadika;
  • Kalami.

Kalamos is one of the best sandy beaches of the island, located near Avlonari village. Its area is divided by a rock, one half is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable holiday: from umbrellas and sun loungers to apartments, cafes and bars near the beach line. The second part is more deserted, here at the disposal of tourists will be only sand and scenic nature.

The most popular tourist beach on the island is Kanatadika, a huge stretch of sand and pebble beach, offering a good choice of hotel and entertainment facilities.

In the center of Evia is another popular beach, Limnionas. Travelers love it for the picturesque rocks and caves surrounding the pristine coastline. It is not as well adapted for recreation as Kanatadika, and there are not many places to stay, but during the tourist season the beach is crowded.

Kalami is located on the east coast of Evia, near the village of Avlonari. It’s not easy to get to this secluded spot, but it’s well worth the effort. It’s a 100-meter descent down a mountain slope and you’ll enjoy the nature and the secluded atmosphere of one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Nisiotissa is another picturesque place, known not only for the beautiful nature around, but also for the small island which you can reach directly from the beach by swimming.

North Evia boasts Pefki, a five-kilometer beach with excellent infrastructure. It offers a wide variety of services for a comfortable and active holiday. Good transport links make the beach a popular holiday destination for many tourists.

Chyliadou beach is a one hour drive from the town of Chalkis. Surrounded by rocks and lush vegetation the small bay is a beach for nudists.

What to bring

In addition to traditional souvenirs with symbols of Greece and the island, in Evia you can buy natural cosmetics produced locally, records with traditional music or leather goods – wallets, belts, bags. A great gift will also be the local wine.

What to Try

The main national dishes in this region consist of seafood. But this is not all that the locals eat. On Evia you will find many dishes with meat and cheese, the most famous of which is kuneli stifado – stewed rabbit. The Greek salad, made with a variety of vegetables, lettuce and a special kind of feta cheese, is worth tasting. Gourmets will love the boiled octopus and shrimp in tomato (ochtapodi ladolemono and gharides saganaki).

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On the island of Evia you can find a lot of offers from hotels, apartments, guest houses with different kinds of food and facilities. The minimum cost of accommodation is about 20 euros per night. Of course, accommodation by the sea front will cost a bit more expensive. But often hotels, which are located close to water, have their own beach, which is very convenient. Book a favorite room through

How to get there

The island of Evia is connected to mainland Greece by two bridges. The distance from Chalkida to Athens and to the International Airport of Eleftherios Venizelos is about 80 kms. There are also regular buses, ferries and trains. Some hotels offer a free shuttle service if you book from 7 days.

There are six crossings from which you can reach the island of Evia by water:

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