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The Indian state of Goa is quite popular among Russian tourists. On its northern coast is located one of the first organized resorts – Kalangut. Holidays in Calangute – it’s cheap by European standards, beach and gastronomic entertainment and attractions for the fans. Read all about holidays in Calangute, India in 2022 – and plan your trip to beautiful India.

General information about Calangute

A brief historical background

The name of the settlement probably comes from the name of the Hindu goddess Kali. At first, it was a simple fishing village, but with the opening of hippie Goa in general, tourists began to vacation in this place and it grew every year.

Kalangut, despite its modest size, is considered the tourist center of North Goa.

The reason for this is the developed level of infrastructure as compared to the neighboring settlements. But it is worth noting that the developed infrastructure here is a guarantee that the tourist will not have difficulty with the lodging or food. But don’t hold any illusions about the quality of services, they are on average the same as in the whole of Northern Goa, which, unlike in South Goa, is not valued by tourists for its ideal level of comfort.

A Brief Geographical Summary and Climate

Calangute is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in North Goa. The climate in the city is tropical, like everywhere else in Goa, is divided into a dry and wet season. The latter lasts from May to November, swimming in the sea during the rainy season is dangerous enough, and therefore should go to the resort during the dry season. The average air temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. It is coolest in January and the hottest in May. The most comfortable for a holiday on the coast here, as well as on the whole territory of Goa, is the period from November to March. Especially busy in December and January. There is practically no rain.

Kalangut on a map

Safety in Calangute

When going to Kalangut, one should keep in mind the general safety rules when traveling to India:

  • You should take a course of medicines against malaria before the trip;
  • Vaccinations, especially against hepatitis and typhoid fever, should be done;
  • Do not swim when the waves are raging;
  • You should always protect your skin from the sun;
  • you should not leave your belongings unattended and should be careful at noisy parties.

The Arabian Sea, on the shores of which the beach of Calangute is located, is inhabited by different inhabitants, not safe for humans.

More often than others, you can encounter with sea snakes, which, of course, will not attack without reason. However, when encountering them, you must be careful not to touch them, and even more so to try to catch them.

Visa to Kalangut for Russians

In order to visit India in 2022, you need a visa, but it is not difficult. You can apply online, the visa opens for 30 days. If the trip exceeds this number of days, the procedure will be more complicated, but in general tourist visa to India is easy to obtain. Visas can also be applied for at the consulate as well as at the visa center.

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Planning a trip to Calangute: transportation and accommodation

How to get there?

From Moscow to Goa you can get on a regular non-stop flight. The carrier is Aeroflot. The arrival airport is in the village of Dabolim, an hour’s drive from Calangute. However, the journey takes one hour if you take a cab.

You can book a car directly at the airport upon arrival. There are special state cab stands at the exit. There is also a stand here with the cost of the trip. It costs about 1000 rubles to get to Calangute. The payment is made at the counter, and the cab driver gets a receipt.

For those who are not ready to overpay for a cab or are looking for a thrill, there is an option to get to the resort by bus. There is no direct bus service between Dabolim and Calangute. The bus ride layout looks something like this:

  1. You have to get to Vasco da Gama Junction. You can do this on foot, by cab or catch a bus on the opposite street from the airport building.
  2. Once you get there (if you take a bus, you have to get off at the stop where the bus station is), the task is to find a transport going to Panaji near the market. It will be a non-stop shuttle. Important: The difficulty in finding the right route is that local buses do not have numbers. Sometimes there are names of stops, but they are usually not in English. Therefore, before the doors close behind you, you need to ask the driver where the bus is going.
  3. From Panaji, located 13 kilometers from the resort, you can get a direct bus, or you can take an extra bus to Mapusa (8 kilometers from Calangute). The whole route of the airport-Calangute on the bus will cost a maximum of 100 rubles.

The resort also has cabs, motor rickshaws, and buses to neighboring resorts. You can also rent a scooter. Kalangut, thanks to its fairly well-developed transport links to other localities, can be a starting point for traveling throughout Goa.

Where to Stay?

The hotel infrastructure in Calangute is mainly represented, as already mentioned, by very budget but not too comfortable establishments. Those who are young and full of excitement to only sleep in a hotel, and are not afraid of the usual European lack of amenities, you can stay, for example, in a guest house – living in the cheapest institution will cost about 700 rubles for two persons a day. You don’t have to make such a sacrifice, you can also choose a mid-range complex. A good three-star facility will cost about 2,000-3,000 rubles per night for two people. But the luxury hotels in Calangute is practically no, there are only a couple of options – for about 12000 rubles a day for two people you get a great level of comfort.

You can rent a place to stay and on arrival: the local population keeps small guest houses and willingly makes them available to tourists. However, this will suit experienced travelers who know how to rent accommodation in Goa on the spot.

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Traveling to Calangute: where to go, where to go, what to do?

Beach Vacation

The beachfront within the city is characterized by a huge number of people, among whom, in addition to a large number of foreign tourists, there are also companies of locals and enterprising traders. This crowdedness coupled with the various cafes and other beach activities results in a wide beach line in Calangute that is not quiet and clean.

However, to rest in more cleanliness, you can settle on a lounge chair. On the shore there are a large number of sun loungers, which are conventionally free. In fact, to occupy it, you must order a drink at a nearby cafe. Thus, you and freshen up, and take a more comfortable place to rest.

If the important criterion for a beach holiday is tranquility, then it is worth paying attention to the nearby beaches of Calangute, where you can not find accommodation with an acceptable level of comfort, but the rest on the beach will be more secluded.

Interestingly, the Indians themselves go to this resort with pleasure. It is worth noting that according to numerous reviews of tourists, not only tourists from Europe may want to take pictures of the “colorful” local resident – but the Indians themselves are happy to take pictures with the “unusual” Europeans.

Attractions in and around Kalangut

Can not say that Kalangut itself is rich in sights, yet – it is a typical resort for beach holidays, doing water sports, visiting the crazy parties of North Goa. However, there is plenty to see here and in the surrounding area as well.

  • The Church of St. Alex is an attractive architectural structure (a Catholic church) of a completely white color, which from afar looks like a palace. It is located next to the active cemetery. The church was built in colonial times.
  • Private gallery Saboda Kerkar – a complex of two exhibition rooms, one of which has a permanent exhibition, and the other gallery holds exhibitions of artists from India and other countries.

From Calangute, it’s easy to go to places where there are many more attractions. For example, just a 40-minute cab ride takes you to Panaji, the state capital, which is home to several churches and other colonial buildings, as well as the Kala Academy, which is the cultural center of the state.

Nature lovers should visit the islands near Panaji. Particularly interesting is Chorao Island: there is a stunning bird sanctuary where you can see proud eagles, graceful herons and other beautiful birds, and admire the mangroves, traveling in a boat.About the same 40 minutes to 1 hour trip to Old Goa, which should be visited by all vacationers in this state. The Cathedral of St. Catherine, the chapels, the triumphal arch and the stunning Archaeological Museum clearly show the whole history of colonial times in India.

Those who want to enjoy the traditional architecture of India should go to the village of Kavali and see the Shantadurga Temple. It was built in the 18th century. This complex of buildings is located at the foot of the mountains, surrounded by exotic plants. The temple itself looks very monumental and at the same time graceful, and inside you can admire the statues of the deities.

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Entertainment in Calangute

Just like any other beach resort, Kalangut provides opportunities for a variety of water sports. You can go water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, and snorkeling. Go fishing, ride a kayak or banana boat. The resort has instructors and the opportunity to rent equipment.

For lovers of meditation and other soothing pastime in the resort you will find courses of yoga, meditation, reiki. There are several salons offering a variety of massages.

For those who prefer to spend their nights to rousing rhythms, you should pay attention to the local clubs Mambo, Kamaki and Titos. Kalangut was liked by the hippies of the 60s and is now a major nightlife center of North Goa. Fans of trance parties with psychedelic music, beach discos and meeting informal youth will love this resort.

Lovers of shopping should visit the Tibetan market, which, however, a lot of Goa. Tourists note not only the color of the oriental market and friendly atmosphere, but also quite low prices. Haggle here is a must, and as a souvenir or gift you can buy a lot:

  • silverware;
  • spices;
  • products of wood and bone;
  • textiles;
  • statuettes with images of elephants and deities.

As for food, you can eat at the beach establishments while resting on the beach, but if you want to dine in an elegant atmosphere, such places are located closer to the center of the resort. The resort has both Indian and international cuisines. But being in India, you should definitely try the local food: chicken curry, rice and vegetable dishes.

It is definitely worth visiting a traditional Indian place called “shek” – a kind of small hut (of varying degrees of comfort), located on the coast, and enjoy a dinner overlooking the sea. Among the haute cuisine restaurants we can mention A Reverie, which has rather high prices by local standards, but is also highly appreciated by tourists for its exquisite cuisine and interesting interior.

You can take a stroll down Calangute Street in the video:

Kalangut is most suited to young people, adventurers, and water sports enthusiasts. This is by no means a respectable resort, which will appeal to families of businessmen – it is a simple, noisy, but fun place, preferred by fans of such recreation “with a full break”. So if you want color, noise and nightlife – go to Calangute in 2022!


Kalangut is a city on the northern coast of Goa. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa. Kalangut is located 13 kilometers from Panaji and 8 kilometers from Mapusa.

How to get there

Kalangut is connected to other parts of Goa by roads, which are in fairly good condition.

By air

The airport of Dabolim is 40 kilometers away from Kalangut, you can find flight options from Russia here.

By train

The nearest train station is in Tiwim, a cab ride from there takes 20 minutes and costs about 400 Indian rupees. The other station is in Margao and Vasco da Gama.

By bus

Frequent government buses go to Calangute from other parts of Goa, but if you’re coming from farther afield, you’ll have to change buses (for example, you’ll need 3 buses to get from the airport to Calangute). A bus from Panaji costs 10 – 15 Indian rupees depending on the specific route.

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Cabs from the airport can be paid in advance at a special counter. The price will be about 900 Indian rupees. However, if you try to negotiate directly with the driver, the price can be much lower.

When is the season. When is the best time to go

Kalangut – weather by month

What are the prices for holidays

Compare hotel prices from different sites can be found here, you can book on the booking service. You can get acquainted with the local way of life by renting private apartments – options and prices on the link.

Main attractions. What to see

The Art Chamber.

Kerkar Art Complex, (Kerkar Art Complex) Holiday Street Gaurawado, phone +91 832 2276017. Dr Sabod Kerkar has two galleries: one is occupied by his permanent collection and the other contains works by Indian and international artists.

What to see in the surrounding area

  • Anjuna – visit the beach market on Wednesdays.
  • Candolim.
  • Bagu – famous for its parties.

Food What to Try

Recommended places.

The beach is full of huts that sell food. If you want to taste the best quality food, you can choose any of the many restaurants located along the main roads and aimed at tourists. The food is a bit pricey by Indian standards, but it’s even cheap by Western standards: Indian rice with curry costs about 160 Indian rupees in most places, and it’s usually enough to fill up.

  • “Oriental” is a Thai-European restaurant run by a local family. The phone number is 9822121549. You can expect truly royal Thai cuisine as well as a choice of European dishes. They specialize in sirloin steaks here – take the Little Chateaubriands. Location: Calangute Holiday Street, behind the Kerkar Arts Complex, in front of Little Italy (formerly Roma).
  • “Tibetan Kitchen” – great place with Chinese and Tibetan food, very authentic and good atmosphere, although to get there you have to get off the main street and walk 20 meters along a narrow path.
  • “Bella Ciao” (“Ciao, Pretty Woman”) is an Italian restaurant in La Calypso Hotel, Saunta Vaddo, Calangute-Baga Road (Calangute-Baga), Goa – 403516, phone 0832 2275821, language is Italian.
  • “O’Coqueiro.
  • “Mirabai Goan Village. Off the Baga road. Phone 98 22176808. This place is the best! Authentic Goan food, great seafood dishes.
  • “Souza Lobo” is on the beach, you can’t go past it. The royal fish and seafood here is great.
  • “After Seven” is on the border between Candolim and Calangute. The phone number is 91-832-227957. Founded by Leo, who speaks 4 languages and has traveled the world with the famous Taj Group Hotels. This restaurant is about 9 years old. It used to be known as “After Eight” until Nestle decided the restaurant was so good it could serve as a showcase point for their products and asked Leo to change the name.
  • “Casa Andre’s” (“House of Andre’s”).
  • “Bob’s Inn” – on the main road from Calangute to Candolim.
  • “Mooncrest on the Waves.
  • “Electric Cats is an amazing place with seafood dishes and cocktails.
  • “Temptation Shack – Calangute Beach. A friendly and welcoming shack. Admittedly, the food here is not the best. Good place to have breakfast or relax. Very friendly owners.
  • “Jam Point” – Chalston road, Cobra Vaddo, Calangute, Goa (100 meters from the road from Calangute to Baga towards the beach). Phone +9190966375079. Calangute restaurant and bar with a stage and live music. They play jazz, blues, sometimes electronica, ethno or lounge. They offer continental and Chinese food, Indian tandoori and different cocktails at the bar.
  • “Xavier’s Beach Cafe is halfway from Calangute to Baga Beach (at the end of the path where Tito’s Pub is located). Phone 9822183119. Open all day. One of the huts located between Baga and Calangute. Out-of-the-box behavior and reasonable prices complemented by a great setting! Reasonable by local standards.
  • “The World Famous Decades Bar” – Agar Vaddo, Calangute, Goa (on the main arpora St Michaels Washing Centre road), phone 00918806589067. This bar is owned by the British, which makes it open on November 1 and promises to provide good food and good service at reasonable prices. Live entertainment is also present throughout the week, such as bingo, karaoke, and soccer on the weekends. Beautiful views, friendly atmosphere, European standards.
  • “Travel Bar, Candlelit Calangute border, Calangute, Goa 403516 (opposite Tarkar Ice Factory). Phone (+91) 832 2275788. 10.30am to 11pm. Facilities: outside seating, alcohol. Popular dishes: Moroccan chicken legs, shrimp ravioli with avocado, crab cake with paprika and mayonnaise.
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What to do

Relax on the beach. It stretches from Candolim to Baga. It’s also known as the “Queen of Beaches,” and it’s pretty crowded these days. Unfortunately, it is also mentioned that it is a place where women can be harassed. There are plenty of sunbathing beds on the sand. You can occupy them for free if you buy something at the beach bar. There are often vendors walking along the beach. Begging is not accepted.

If you walk from downtown to the beach, you will meet many people from companies offering water sports. It’s fun and cheap, but the safety level of such organizations is questionable (due to the large number of jet skis cutting through the waves). There are no huts in this part of the beach.

You can pick up a rental car here. Renting a motorcycle or scooter costs 150 – 200 Indian rupees a day and you can ride them on the nearby beaches, such as Baga, Candolim, Anjuna. You can also drive straight to Aguada Fort . Make sure your tank is full before you leave on your trip. Fuel is sold in many roadside stores for about 90 Indian rupees a liter.

Visit a tailor and order nice clothes to match the setting. For best results, bring several images of your existing clothes. Remember that you should have a few days in reserve to get it done right.

We suggest visiting Mac Doulani in the Nizmar resort: despite its remote location, it is one of the best.

How to get around the city

Kalangut is quite a small town and you can easily walk through it. You can easily rent a two-wheeler or a car, and there is also the option of hiring a cab or rickshaw.

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