Holidays in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo: All about vacations in Egypt’s capital city

Most of Africa is known for its many sights that have attracted crowds of tourists from all over the world for years. One of these is Cairo, which is located in the northern part of the continent. In addition to being the capital of Egypt, it is also the largest city in all of Africa. Locals call it Masr. In fact, Cairo is a rather dirty and very noisy metropolis, sometimes compared to Rome, largely due to the many historical monuments and the same density of tourists on each of the monuments. Learn more about vacationing in the Egyptian capital, sights, entertainment and prices in this article.

Airport and Transfer

Cairo International Airport is only 20 kilometers from the center of Cairo.

Cairo International Airport is one of the busiest. Every day more than 150 thousand tourists and people who come here on business matters come here. There are three terminals at the airport, which have a good and developed infrastructure.

Travelers and vacationers prefer to stay in the terminal number 3. To leave the airport to the desired area of Cairo, you can use the bus. It operates around the clock and departs from the first terminal. Tourists will be taken in comfort by a shuttle bus. Its stops are Tahrir Square, the suburbs, Mohandesina, and the pyramid of Giza.

Buses run from the terminals to the city center throughout the day. You can also take a cab, but such a trip will cost about 50 EGP. The city’s main station is called Ramses and is a typical colonial station. There are ample storage facilities and an information window on its premises, which was created especially for tourists.

If you plan not only to travel comfortably, but also to enjoy the picturesque pictures against the backdrop of the Nile, it is recommended to use the train that travels to Luxor. The fare is exclusively in cash, but they accept both euros and dollars. The fare includes lunch and first breakfast. The maximum fare to the most remote town is just over 100 EGP. But it is better to buy a ticket a few days before the trip.

The main bus station in Cairo serves all routes without exception, including boat stations that allow you to easily travel to any part of the city. Boats arrive at 15-minute intervals, and an hour-long trip will cost EGP 2. When using the metro, which will cost EGP 1 (no more than 8 stations), you should also consider the fact that the first car is exclusively for the fair sex.

Visa to Cairo

People who want to fly to Cairo may not need a visa. Now there is no need to collect documents in advance. Upon arrival at the airport tourists are stamped and glued two stamps in your passport. The cost of a visa for one person costs about $ 25. Tourists can stay in the country for no more than 30 days.

On the plane passengers receive a migration card, which must be filled out. It contains the following information: surname, first name, patronymic, number of foreign passport, address and name of the hotel. All information is filled out strictly in Latin letters.

Upon arrival in Cairo, the migration card and passport are provided to the specialists. When planning a longer holiday in Egypt, it is necessary to apply to the local embassy.

Adrenalin recreation

Car Rental and Local Transportation

In Cairo you can rent a car. To do this, it is necessary to bring a driver’s license and a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation on the trip. Travelers will be able to choose a favorable offer for themselves. There is a huge number of companies that offer to use the service of renting a car.

You can go to the airport or look for appropriate signs in the central part of the city. Every hotel also offers to take advantage of this service. To explore Cairo, you can also travel by public bus. Streetcars, subways, or cabs are available for tourists.

The optimal and inexpensive option is the bus. The cost depends on the distance of the route. On average, it is 1-2 Egyptian pounds. More experienced tourists recommend making a route in advance and choose for yourself the numbers of buses that go to the desired area.

Recreation and entertainment

Within the city, you can spend a pleasant time in one of the many drinking establishments. Their furnishings and variety will allow you to diversify a chilly evening and have a good time in company. You can find bakeries, pastry shops, modern restaurants and fruit stands on almost every street.

In 2022, it is highly recommended to try all the local chilled and warming drinks, especially the sakhleb. All coffee establishments have hookahs, which have long been an indispensable attribute, without them the locals cannot imagine their life. Usually, you can choose from apple flavored tobacco or regular tobacco.

The tourists present here are very friendly, but this applies only to the central part of town, while on its outskirts, most will feel uncomfortable under the many stares of the guests.

The real Turkish coffee is the stuff of legends, but in the city itself it is often served pure, sweet and very sweet. Tea is served entirely without additives, though in some establishments they add a small amount of fresh mint. In the heat it is recommended to drink a lot of juices, which are sold almost on every corner. Often you will be offered freshly made juices from seasonal fruits. Their price will depend on the season and will not be more than EGP 3.

Most people in Cairo are Muslim, but alcohol is very tolerated. If you want you can have a great time in one of the bars or clubs that are open almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The cost of living will depend on the area you choose. In the center, the daily cost of housing can be 5 000 EGP, while on the outskirts of the cost will be reduced several times.

Tips for tourists

A tourist who wants to show his respect and gratitude for a service can tip. Here it is a common sign, for which the locals will be grateful. Monetary remuneration is left to waiters, attendants, drivers, and guides. Also, you can leave a tip for people passing by if you ask them about further direction of the road, sights, interesting places.

The streets in Cairo are always patrolled by police officers. You can ask them questions, ask for any help. They will always help with great pleasure.

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Egypt is known throughout the world for its religiosity. Tourists who want to walk the local streets, visit public institutions, go to a restaurant or store should wear modest clothing. Restraint and good manners are encouraged. It’s best not to bring short shorts and skirts. They can be worn on the beach.

The population of Cairo is just over 15,000 people. Locals speak Arabic, and to pay in local establishments can be an Egyptian pound. Each tourist who wants to visit Cairo, go shopping, and enjoy local attractions should first become familiar with the features of the city.

Cairo sights

In order to visit all the interesting places and sights in Cairo upon arrival, it is necessary to take care of compiling a walking route beforehand. At the request of tourists, their services offer Russian-speaking guides who work at a professional level.

In central Egypt, there are about 450 architectural and historical monuments. Here you can relax with children and the whole family, to charge the positive emotions. The main sights that every tourist should visit:

    . Here you can see pyramids, which attract with its grandeur, as well as with its beauty.
  1. The ruins of Memphis. It was considered the first capital of Egypt, so even now there are main sights, as well as interesting places. The main architectural achievements of the culture are the monuments and the Sphinx.
  2. Mohammed Ali Mosque. It is a temple of enormous size. Absolutely all tourists remain fascinated by the majestic roof, which has the form of a dome. To get inside, you have to enter the ancient fortress called the Citadel. Here you can see the palaces, as well as minarets, which have preserved their original appearance.
  3. Rhoda and Zamalik. These are islands that are adjacent to the Nile River. On their territory there are ancient monuments of architecture and history. Tourists can visit fashionable boutiques and indulge in shopping.
  4. Khan Al-Khalili. It is a huge market with a huge number of shops and local stores. If tourists do not know where to go in their free time, then Khan el-Khalili market is the best option for leisure. Here, visitors are offered authentic souvenirs, textiles, jewelry and jewelry.

Holidays with Kids

Many people think that Cairo is not worth going with young children or teenagers. But this is a deep misconception. You can also make an entertaining program for young tourists and have a good time as a family.

  1. Dream Park. This is a huge park with rides that covers an area of over 150 hectares. Here come not only children, but adults as well. Everyone will find an entertainment to his/her liking.
  2. Zoo. Children and visitors who want to see new exotic animals should definitely visit the local zoo. It is home to a huge number of African and desert animals. It is always clean and comfortable.
  3. Cairo Museum of Antiquities. The whole family can get on a tour of the Cairo Museum. It is a historical monument of culture, which will be interesting to children and adults.

Tourist Safety

Locals are always friendly and helpful to tourists. In the daytime, the city streets and public places are always quiet and safe. But every tourist should remember about the basic safety measures. For this reason, it is not recommended to leave your belongings unattended, even for one minute. Places of mass gatherings of people is better to avoid and stay away.

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Read more about how safe to rest in Egypt in another article.

Popular museums and how do they work?

Every tourist should include the Midan El Tahrir Museum in the list of places to visit as a must. It is one of the main treasures of Egypt, so a large number of tourists and visitors from all countries come here. The museum works every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

The central part of Cairo is Tahrir Square. Here are preserved mansions that were built in the 19th century. To see the museum is recommended to make several visits and to allocate for this purpose 2-3 days. In one day it is impossible to see all the sights of this museum. Also, a person can not remember so much new information for themselves. Separately, you can buy a ticket to visit the hall where the mummies of the pharaohs are located.

It is possible to highlight the following interesting and fascinating museums, which should be included in the list of attractions during the trip:

  • Coptic museum;
  • Museum of Islamic art;
  • museum of modern art;
  • Museum of military equipment and weapons;
  • ethnographic museum;
  • al-Gezir Museum;
  • postal museum;
  • railway museum.

Since 1970, Cairo began to delight tourists with its exquisite cuisine. There is a wide range of treats, which will please even the discerning guests. Many people think that according to tradition, Egypt treats only kofta and kebab. But this is not entirely correct assumption.

Local chefs and cooks offer to try dishes for every taste. Each luxury hotel has its own kitchen, where they regularly delight the guests with extravagant treats. Foreign tourists will be pleasantly surprised by the prices of products and food. Locals recommend visiting the coffee houses, cafes, restaurants, and bars that are located in the central part of the city. Profile prints and guidebooks mark them on the map with a special marker.

In Cairo it is allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, so they are represented in a large variety. But it is important to remember some of the restrictions: you can not walk in the streets while intoxicated and drink alcoholic beverages in public places.

Coffee shops, buffets and pastry shops

Local men prefer to meet for a cup of coffee and a bun. Another favorite drink is tea, which has been in the country since the Middle Ages. When a tourist enters a coffee shop or buffet, it is as if time stands still. A few decades ago, tourists enjoyed the services of a professional storyteller, but today they have been replaced by the radio. The traditional entertainment of the locals include: games of dominoes, hookah smoking, backgammon.

Cairo is not only a staging ground on the way to the Red Sea resorts, a large number of attractions, quality service gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the capital of Egypt, staying here for a few days.

Holidays in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is worthy of your attention for more than a day Cairo is a big, noisy, dirty and very colorful city. On the eve of my second trip to this amazing city (and October and November are the best months to visit it), I want to share with you my impressions and sights, which is unlikely to visit for a day from Hurghada. Getting to know Cairo takes time, finding, understanding, seeing.

The Pyramids and Egyptian Museum are visited by everyone who comes to Cairo and most often on the first day. At the museum to someone.

How to get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 at Cairo Airport Before going to Cairo, we were looking for detailed information on getting between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 at Cairo Airport. Unfortunately, we did not find complete information on this. I will share my experience (August 2021) for those who have transit between these terminals in Cairo. 1. Territorially, Terminal #2 and #3 are adjacent to each other, you can see from the street the crossing connecting the terminals (they write about the crossing on the forums, on the airport website). 2. In Terminal #3, the transition to Terminal #2 is on the second floor

Cairo is different and very lively. Cairo is huge, noisy and very lively. There are millions of cars and they are constantly honking, chafing against each other in traffic, and parked densely on the sidewalks, so that you have to step onto the roadway and run across the street in the wrong place, because the proper ones are almost nonexistent.

Cairo is colorful. It has thousands of houses overhanging each other, tangling windows in lush foliage, stirring coloniality with the dusty sandy boxes of high-rise anthills, and entertained by the prehistoric benches of handicraft shops.

  • Go on excursions
  • vacation individually
  • take pictures of everything.

Not only Hurghada: Report on a self-trip to Cairo in Egypt, I vacationed a few times, but Cairo did not come to this. This year I started looking for tours to Hurghada and Sharm through third countries, but the thorny and bumpy road to the resorts was scary. I decided to go on a sightseeing tour to Cairo. Direct flight to Cairo with EgyptAir airline – 23,460 rubles. Visa on arrival at $ 25, must be in possession of PCR test.

I read that since September this year, Cairo has restrictions on admission and tourist services. Do not conduct tours to the pyramids and canceled all

Thank you for your review, very helpful, in June I will be going to Cairo for 3 weeks on my own, I thought I was going too fast, I was afraid, but after your review I have calmed down a little, although the prices impressed me.

Time is afraid of the pyramids! In Egypt you know that time is afraid of the pyramids! Cities and peoples disappeared, but they are still standing. The other day I very much wanted to see the pyramids again! In reality, of course, they make a huge impression!

A place of historical grandeur In recent months, tours to Egypt have become much more affordable. This is due to the ban on Russian airlines and travel agencies to sell tours to this country. Nevertheless, those who wish can always find a way to get there.

It would be wrong to fly to Egypt and not visit Giza and Cairo. Giza is the cradle of local history, the place where the main pyramids are concentrated. It is brought to Giza from the resorts by airplanes. From the airport in Cairo, you are picked up by a bus with a guide who takes you around Cairo all the way to

  • Go on excursions

A giant among museums The first impression one gets of the museum is that its size is gigantic. The museum occupies a huge room and is divided into sectors on different subjects. It is one of the largest museums in the world. Inside, guided tours are given by tour guides. The cost of a ticket in November 2015 was $23. You can buy a ticket at the museum box office or at the hotel where you are staying. The museum is located in Cairo itself, near the Nile River. Taking a bus alone to get there is very difficult, because Cairo is a city of bustle and

It’s worth it for once! But I will not go again. Our hotel was in Sharm el Sheikh, but we were not afraid of the long road to Cairo to see the legendary pyramids. The Pyramid of Cheops, the most popular of all, I was already familiar with it, but in absentia, since history class at school. It was a long drive, more than half a day (6-7 hours). Upon arrival, I was somewhat surprised. Earlier in my subconsciousness I used to picture the Cheops pyramid standing in the middle of the desert sands, somewhere far away from civilization. And in fact the whole

Incredible impression of the museum, requiring a second visit The Museum of Antiquities in Egypt in the heart of Cairo is the most interesting object for tourists vacationing at sea. You can’t take pictures inside the museum, only outside, so you have to walk around looking, memorizing, listening to the guide, and then reading useful information at your leisure. Among the exhibits most of all struck by the mummies of the pharaohs, but if you go on your own without a tour, you have to pay extra to enter the hall of mummies. True, it is not a sight for the faint-hearted. Multi-ton sarcophagi, statues,

In Egypt we went on a sightseeing tour, which included a visit to the pyramids. I always dreamed of seeing the largest pyramid in the world – the pyramid of Cheops. I had read a lot about it, watched photos and movies, so I expected to see something perfect and amazing. But unfortunately I didn’t see anything special. It was very tense because of the terrible heat, no one warned us that we should take a lot of water, before the pyramids themselves we were taken to the restaurant, so we were fed a lot. Everyone was already feeling tired and thirsty and terribly thirsty. No one said anything about covering our heads so we wouldn’t get sunstroke. Well and the most interesting thing is that the Cheops pyramid was not impressed at all. It was a visit for a tick – there is nothing else to call it. The pyramid was just an ordinary pyramid, it looked like a mountain of squeaks and now there was nothing to see. The excursionist on a theme has told nothing, except there not to go, that not to touch. I do not know why everyone is so delighted with this attraction.

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