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Acapulco is a port and the most popular resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Along with Cancun on the Caribbean coast, it is the most popular seaside resort in the country. Acapulco became famous as a resort in the ’60s, when Hollywood celebrities started vacationing here. Filmmakers who visited Acapulco were imbued with the beauty of the local beaches and began shooting scenes for their films here. The interest grew like a snowball, and soon the movie stars began buying resort properties and pleasure yachts.

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General Information

Acapulco (The Pearl of the Pacific ) is a resort created by benevolent nature. Two gorgeous bays, amazing natural surroundings, warm beaches with palm trees growing on them all make Acapulco the best city in tropical paradise. The port city of Acapulco is the famous nightlife capital of Mexico, a city of entertainment, shows, casinos and restaurants. The center of Acapulco’s tourist life is the Pie de la Cuesta Lagoon, with its excellent beaches and restaurants on the northern edge of town.

It was Acapulco that put Mexico on the tourist map of the world in the 1960s. The granddaddy of Mexican resorts even today successfully competes with the best of them. While Cancun is the most European of Mexico’s resorts, Acapulco has managed to retain its unique Mexican flavor.

Acapulco annually attracts millions of tourists with its paradisiacal climate, snow-white beaches, fantastic nightlife and fabulous beauty of the bay (Acapulco Bay is one of the four most beautiful bays in the world).

The climate in Acapulco is flat throughout the year with average monthly temperatures (26-28 ° C), the absolute minimum of +16 ° C, maximum +37 ° C. The dry season is from October to May.

Since the fifties, Acapulco has been a favorite haven for stars, and not just Hollywood stars. Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna, Frank Sinatra and Engelbert Humperdinck, Placido Domingo and Julio Iglesias, as well as Baron Rothschild, Henry Kissinger and many others occasionally appeared here. More recently, the flow of ordinary tourists (the Americans alone come every year about 600 thousand) added to the stargazing.

Top Unique Hotels of the World

Acapulco has an airport, a shopping center, and a yacht club. A modern highway connects the resort with Mexico City.

Hotel infrastructure is unusually developed and meets the highest international standards.

Acapulco is the most popular resort among Mexicans. Many Mexicans come here on weekends. It concentrates nightlife and is home to the best restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos. It’s also home to the port – typically bustling for a tropical town. And the best beaches now lie away from the center.

Advantages of the resort

What attracts tourists Acapulco? Let’s list only the main advantages of the resort.

Weather. According to statistics – 360 sunny days a year.

Beaches. More than 20 miles of beautiful beaches, which are an integral part of the city itself.

Water sports. The calm waters of Acapulco Bay create ideal conditions for diving, water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing, and most other water sports.

Fishing in coastal waters. The abundance of striped marlin and Pacific sailfish guarantees good luck even for the amateur. As for the masters of fishing, the local instructors promise big fish in eight out of ten cases. A big one by Acapulco standards – from two and a half to three meters!

Shopping. From boutiques and expensive malls to artisan shops, where you can buy cheap silver jewelry and other products made by the hands of skilled Mexicans.

When to go

The best time to vacation in Mexico is at the end of December and all of January when the weather is dry and warm with a temperature of 25-30°C on the Mexican coast.


The city was founded in the 16th century and during the colonial period was an important staging post on the Asian way – the trade route from Spain to Southeast Asia. The San Diego Fortress (XVII-XVIII centuries) has been preserved in the city.

In the historic center of the city is the Socalo Municipal Square, where you can see the beautiful Cathedral de la Soledad.

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The city has a water amusement park, a regular colorful show Fiesta Mexicana, organized walks on ships along the coast.

A unique show is held in the city. Professional jumpers dive one after another from a height of 20 meters into a narrow bay where the depth does not exceed three and a half meters. The most dangerous, the final jump is from a 35-meter cliff. The record stunt is demonstrated several times a day: once at 1 pm – time convenient for taking pictures, but very hot, and three or four times in the evening, at sunset, in the spotlight.

On the beach, you can hire a fishing boat or a glass-bottomed boat and head to the island resort of Roqueta, where there is an extensive zoo (animals roam around in elaborate enclosures), or to the peninsula de las Playas, to the underlying altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe.


On the shores of the beautiful natural bay, there are more than 20 municipal beaches for all tastes (all beaches are open and have free entry). The best bathing spots are the beaches of Caleta, P de la Cuesta and Caletilla in the Old Acapulco area, as well as the fashionable Condesa beach. Because of the strong surf, few people swim on Condesa; here they prefer to soak up the heat, occasionally walking up to the hotels and refreshing themselves in the pools. After 6 p.m., hotels are not responsible for their guests going down to the ocean. On the beaches of Caleta, in the Old Acapulco area, the ocean is calm: there are always many bathers, mostly locals.


Nightlife. Here already has no equal Acapulco – more than 160 restaurants, hundreds of bars and disco clubs with tequila and salsa music do not let anyone get bored. The famous nightlife of Acapulco with a sea of lights revolves around the world famous nightclubs and discos.

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