Holidays at sea in India

Holidays at sea in India

The unique nature and identity of the people of India attracts the attention of travelers to this country. People come here for the spacious beaches and interesting excursions . Indian seaside resorts and health resorts occupy leading positions along with the famous resorts of other countries of the world.

Geography of beach resorts in India

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Geography of beach resorts in India

The Indian Ocean washes the major part of the country. The Arabian Sea comes to India from the west and the Bay of Bengal from the east. The entire coastline is more than 7,000 km. The most famous seaside resorts on the Arabian Sea are the coasts of Kerala and Goa and the city of Mumbai. On the Bay of Bengal is Chennai. The best time to relax by the sea is from October to March. During this period, the sea is quiet and calm, no exhausting heat and tropical downpours. By the beginning of May there are the first signs of rain, and in June it pours like a bucket. And only by the end of September, showers begin to subside.

Resorts in Goa

The seaside resorts of Goa are the most famous and most visited. They have forty welcoming sandy beaches. It is because of the bathing that a huge number of people come here. The fact that the water temperature of the Arabian Sea never drops below 28 degrees Celsius. Celsius. This temperature is the most comfortable for the human body.

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Resorts of the state of Goa.

Here near the shore, there are almost always small waves, but during the bathing season they are not dangerous for holidaymakers. Because of the small waves these places are not suitable for windsurfing enthusiasts. Divers also do not like these places because of the lack of coral at the bottom. The sea is shallow near the shore, and the bottom is flat and sandy, on which it is pleasant to walk. To swim in deep water, you need to go fifty to one hundred meters from the shore. The sea is smooth and quiet, without waves, which creates a peaceful, serene mood. Children, just splash in the five to ten meters from the shore, where the depth of the sea is very small – about knee-deep adult.

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Bathing season in Goa

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Bathing season in Goa

The swimming season in Goa lasts from October to mid-April . In October, there are still occasional showers and the sea temperature is 30 to 32 degrees Celsius. In November, the weather improves completely, the rains stop and it is a good time for swimming. In December the water is a little cooler, the sea is calm and the swimming is very pleasant. In January the water temperature drops to a minimum of 28 degrees.

In February there is a wind and sea disturbance. The sky can be cloudy. March – a time of Indian summer, accompanied by hot weather. Many people do not tolerate this period because of the unaccustomed heat. Sunbathing should be very carefully, so as not to burn. In April, the sea reaches 34 degrees. In May, the beach season comes to an end. The water temperature reaches 36 degrees Celsius. The water is no longer refreshing, the beaches are gradually becoming empty. In early summer, the rainy season begins, the sea boils.

The state of Goa

The resorts of the north are inexpensive . There are many affordable accommodations for tourists. Therefore, northern Goa is popular with young people, it is always fun and noisy. The beaches are dominated by dark sand and the shores are high.

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State of Goa

South Goa

South Goa is preferred by rich and respectable foreigners. There are more expensive hotels with comprehensive services. The beaches here are clean and spacious, covered with light sand. At the edge of the beaches, close to the sand come up thickets of tropical vegetation. Territories of villas and hotels are surrounded by coconut palms.

Bars, restaurants and nightclubs resorts of Goa are always at the service of tourists.

Regardless of what Indian resort tourists choose, an unforgettable experience of stay in India will stay with them for life.

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