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Excursions in Tunisia 2021-2022: prices, descriptions and reviews

Tunisia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, which contributed to a rich history of the country, and excellent “sightseeing” and relatively low prices, and the legendary Sahara, and the traditional Arab colors, and snow-white beaches, and the famous healing thalassotherapy. On tours in Tunisia, tourists forget about the sea and usually plunge into the rich history of the country, get acquainted with the ruins of Carthage, visit the majestic mosques and temples, castles and fortresses. Almost every city has its own Medina – the old district, which has preserved the ancient flavor.

Of great interest in Tunisia enjoys the same name capital, because it has the largest concentration of attractions, well-established tourist industry, and works a lot of popular thalassotherapy centers. In the capital, in addition to the Medina visitors will be interested in the Zitouna Mosque, colorful markets, the Catholic Cathedral of the XIX century, the National Drama Theater and its other attractions. The best tours of Tunisia will help you soak up the spirit and incredible atmosphere of the capital, enjoy the Arab colors and local gastronomy. From the city of Tunisia, there are many excursions throughout the country to its most famous “visits”, so the capital is often seen as a starting point for travel throughout the country.

Where to buy tours in Tunisia in 2022

Every visitor to the Arab world may face a difficult question: what tours to visit in Tunisia to be interesting, informative, not boring and inexpensive. Get acquainted with all the many attractions of the capital and the whole country will be extremely difficult because of the language barrier and the traditional bustle, so do without a qualified guide – simply unreal. In the capital, there are several travel agencies where you can buy a tour or excursion. But you still need to find these agencies, spend time on it, and in the agency to choose a suitable program will not be easy all because of the same language difficulties. Do not want to waste your time on vacation, want to get acquainted with Tunisia in the most comfortable conditions and to spend a minimum of money on tours?

Then we advise you to visit services Tripster and GetYourGuide, where you can order tours in Tunisia online, both in the capital itself, and from the capital and other resorts of the country in many of its regions. You can be at home, at work, in a restaurant or at the gym, it is enough to have a smartphone or laptop with access to the World Wide Web! On the sites you can read the description of each excursion and book it on the date that is optimal for you and your friends. And all this without rushing and lines, at a convenient time for you and at attractive prices. Of course if you are flying to rest with the tour operator you can the old fashioned order tours in Tunisia from Anex Tour or Pegas Touristica, but in terms of quality, price and reliability of tour operators often lose the above online services because of their purely mass orientation. Therefore, if you do opt for tours to Tunisia from Pegasus or Anex, you can expect disappointment instead of excitement and vivid emotions. Hundreds of negative reviews all over the Internet confirm this.

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More details about the portal Tripster you can learn from our special article on this link.

Prices for excursions in Tunisia in 2022

Prices for life and entertainment in Tunisia can vary significantly, and here the traditional Arab mentality has an impact. In the Republic you can bargain and significantly reduce the price, but for this you need a special talent, and most tourists usually overpay for services and services, as well as for excursions. To avoid getting into an unpleasant situation and save maximum money on excursions, book them on Tripster or GYG. At these services you can find out how much are the tours in Tunisia, what is included in the specified cost and what additional costs are possible. The sites of these services include a full description of the programs with prices, so you know even before the reservation, how much, for what you pay, and what you get in the end.

The cost of tours in Tunisia depends on their format, the number of tourists, duration, route and places to visit. All of these nuances the guide is sure to mention in the organizational details. Turning to more specifics, we can say that the cheapest are the group tours on GetYourGuide, the ticket for one person to whom you can buy at a price of €35 to €45 per person . The most expensive is the trip to the mesmerizing Sahara “Two Day Journey to the Magical Sahara” on Tripster at €600 also for 1-4 people. Tripster and GYG have regular promotions and many excursions are offered at special prices.

Group and individual tours in Tunisia

Individual tours in Tunisia

Colorful Tunisia amazes and surprises, falls in love at first sight and can boast a variety of interesting places and sites that will be interesting to absolutely everyone! Not surprisingly, quite often go on tours in Tunisia with children, who will also be delighted by what they see and hear. In the description of the tour guide necessarily indicates whether it is possible to take children on the walk, which you should pay attention to.

Tripster specializes in customized tours, which are the most convenient for tourists. They are held for one company, the guide has the ability to fully answer all the questions and adjust the route and stories to the wishes and interests of the guests. To get acquainted with all current offers in Tunisia at the service you can follow this link.

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Group tours in Tunisia

Many experienced travelers often try to find group tours or excursions to places of interest. Such programs are often cheaper than individual programs, but the tourist can buy a ticket for themselves and go, without the need to gather the company to reduce the cost of the tour. In this case, you can see all the objects with which you wanted to get acquainted, learn from the guide all the important information about the visited places and attractions. As for the other members of the tour group, you can make new friends here and have fun, or just concentrate on the guide’s stories, visited monuments and other “business cards”. Excellent options for group tours in Tunisia, including in Russian, you can find on the international portal GetYourGuide, the services of which we ourselves have repeatedly used.

Excursions from Tunisia in Russian Desert Excursions from Tunis

Excursions from Tunisia in Russian

The capital of the Republic of Tunisia is the most interesting and convenient for tourists, so this is where most travelers come. But to be in Tunisia and stop just to get acquainted only with the capital sights, though very interesting and beautiful, is simply a crime! Therefore, after getting acquainted with the capital city go sightseeing tours in Tunisia, which in this colorful country – a lot! The most popular place among tourists is by right considered a majestic Sahara, which impresses with its giant size and scope, beauty and breathtaking views. But Tunisia will be able to pleasantly surprise you and many other no less interesting and beautiful sites and places.

Excursions to the desert from Tunisia

Everyone knows about the Sahara, even in elementary school students can tell a lot of interesting things about this amazing desert, which hides many mysteries and riddles. But to know about the Sahara from an encyclopedia and see it on pictures at school is not enough. You must be here to feel its incredible atmosphere and enjoy the real beauty. Below you can learn a lot of interesting and useful information about tours to the Sahara from Tunisia.

A two-day tour of the majestic Sahara will give you unforgettable vivid emotions. The first day will bring you to the ancient amphitheater in El Djem, a real African Colosseum with a capacity of up to 35 thousand people! After seeing the incredible ancient monument, you will visit the real settlement of troglodytes, get acquainted with their life and culture. The first day of the tour ends at the Sahara Gate, where you can ride quad bikes or camels, have dinner and experience the color of the villages. On the second day, after breakfast, you will go to the salt lake Chott el Jerid, where you will meet a spectacular sunrise and learn about the groundwater.

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The Sahara has been the setting for many legendary movies, including Star Wars. A tour of Tunisia will allow you to visit the filming location of this movie, and you will also see where the no less legendary film about the adventures of Indiana Jones was filmed. Driving through the Sahara, you will learn about the rich flora and fauna of the region, the giant sand embankments and oases, the development of the desert and versions of its origin.

Excursions from Tunisia to Carthage

Excursions from Tunisia to Carthage

On the territory of Tunisia is located the ancient city of Carthage, or rather the preserved and surviving ruins. Despite this, even the ruins and ancient artifacts allow you to feel the power of a once thriving city, which at different times was the capital of the Phoenician state of Carthage, an important center in the Roman Empire, the capital of the Vandal kingdom. On tours in Tunisia you can get acquainted with the history of this city and see the remaining ruins.

The main place in this tour is the legendary Carthage. You can visit the ruins of this ancient city, learn about the periods of its prosperity and decline, the Punic Wars, the Byzantine and Arab era, see the Termes of Antony Pius and the villas of the wealthy Carthaginians. Although only ruins remain of this once powerful city, you can still feel the special atmosphere of the ancient civilization. Then the picturesque town of Sidi Bou Said awaits you, renowned far beyond Tunisia for its distinctive architecture, white-washed houses with bright blue doors and shutters. Here you will stroll through the cozy streets, enjoy incredible views of the city itself and the magnificent Gulf of Tunis, get acquainted with the peculiarities of local life and have a chance to taste the traditional green tea with delicious pine nuts. At the end of this tour you will be taken for a walk through the capital, where the guide will tell you about the fusion of Arab and European cultures, about life in Tunisia in a hot climate.

From your hotel in Tunisia you will travel to the legendary Carthage in a comfortable air conditioned car. During the 25 minute trip through Tunisia you will have time to admire the magnificent villas and breathtaking views of ancient monuments and the coast. The guide will tell you the most interesting facts about Carthage and the events related to this city. Walking around the unique archaeological complex, you will be able to travel back in time and looking at the remains of the city walls and houses, imagine how the city lived before its destruction. After this walk, you will venture to the village of Sidi Bou Said, known the world over for its white and blue appearance and its incredibly beautiful scenery. After lunch, you will travel to Tunis, where you will visit the National Museum of Bordeaux and admire unique ancient artifacts. The final stage of the tour will be a walk through the old town. You will walk through the narrow streets, see the mosque az-Zaitoun, walk through the market and enjoy the local flavor.

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Excursions from Tunisia to Sidi Bou Said

Excursions from Tunisia to Sidi Bou Said

Many tours of Tunisia simply can’t pass by the incredibly beautiful and colorful town of Sidi Bou Said. Its main attraction – the magnificent white-white colorful houses. Their doors and shutters painted bright blue colors, lush vegetation and the beautiful sea contrast and create a truly fabulous atmosphere.

On this tour of Tunisia you will visit 3 amazing places in the country. The first stop is the magnificent town of Sidi Bou Said, beloved by many poets, artists and other creative people. The view of white and blue houses, lush greenery and the sea sparkling in the sunlight is mesmerizing. Here you can stroll through the cozy streets, learn the history of this town and be able to taste the green tea made according to centuries-old traditions. The next point of the trip is Zigwan Mountain, where there is a national park, an ancient temple of Poseidon and a long aqueduct. Here you will see the ancient ruins, admire the wonderful views of the lake and the surrounding countryside, and learn how in antiquity the aqueduct delivered drinking water to Carthage, overcoming a distance of 137 kilometers! At the end of the trip you’ll walk up Mount Takrouna to the Berber city. You will visit a colorful house, learn about Berber traditions and life, their views on life, local cooking and carpet weaving.

What tours to Tunisia

What other excursions to visit in Tunisia

If you have visited many excursions in Tunisia, got acquainted with the history and culture of the country, walked around the most famous “business cards” and are sure that you know everything about the capital and the whole republic, then do not hurry to make such conclusions! Tunisia is an incredibly rich country, which may present a pleasant surprise to even the most experienced and experienced traveler.

Beautiful Kairouan hides many secrets and mysteries, and you will learn some of them on this tour! You will see the Aglabid Pools and look at the great historical complex from the top of the tourist center. You will learn how Kairouan was founded, how it developed and what fate was in store for it. You will then visit the Great Mosque of Uqba, which dates back to the 7th century and admire its architecture before proceeding to the town of Sidi Sahibi, where you’ll see the famous minaret and stroll through the colorful and cozy courtyards. You will walk with a guide to the Bir Baruta well in the Medina and at your leisure you can have lunch and go shopping in the local stores. At the end of this excursion, you will visit the amphitheater El Djem, built in the III century and second in size only to the Roman and Verona amphitheaters. You will get acquainted with the peculiarities of the amphitheater architecture and learn a lot of stories and legends connected with this colossal construction of the past.

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On this tour you will discover Tunisia from several angles and learn about its past and modern life, old and new sights and traditions. At the beginning you will visit the famous University of Tunisia, get acquainted with the features of the educational system of the Republic and find out why Tunisians are proud of it. After getting acquainted with the intricacies of Tunisian education you will explore the traditional Arab bazaar, the history of which dates back to the 13th century. Walking through the narrow, winding streets of the capital’s medina, you will see beautiful mosques, numerous monuments and colorful stores. During the walk, the guide will show by concrete examples the features of Roman and Islamic architecture. Separately, the guide will stop at the mausoleum of Tunisian rulers Turbet el Bey, which you will be able to see.

Reviews of tours in Tunisia

If you do not know or still have doubts about what to see in Tunisia, Tripster and GetYourGuide will help you to decide and make the right choice! Each excursion is accompanied by a description of the route and places to visit, as well as feedback from users who have been on specific excursions. This information will help you determine how interesting and informative this or that excursion program is, and whether to choose it. Thanks to the reviews you can also understand which of the attractions in Tunisia are the most interesting and must-see.

We publish reviews for excursions in Tunisia in Russian at the bottom of the page with a description, so you can read the program and know the opinion of other tourists. A full list of excursions in Tunisia on Tripster you can explore by this link. On this page, all excursions are arranged according to the reviews left, so you can easily identify the most popular programs. And on GetYourGuide, you’ll find great deals in this catalog. After the tour, you can also publish your review and rate the guide, which will help other tourists in choosing a tour in charming Tunisia.

Colorful Tunisia has a rich and rich history, intertwined cultures and traditions, and ancient sites make you think about eternity. Excursions to Tunisia will help you get acquainted with this wonderful country, its people, ancient monuments and natural sights.

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