Holidays abroad without a passport: Belarus

Whether it is necessary to get a foreign passport to Belarus

Times are changing, and with them the rules of travel to certain countries. Even if you have repeatedly visited a friendly state, before the next trip familiarize yourself with the rules of entry to Belarus. The situation with the coronavirus in 2022 has not changed the peculiarities of crossing the Belarusian border for the Russians. You do not need a passport, you can fly with your internal passport.

Belarus: with or without a passport?

Some people are attracted to the neighboring state for business, some decide to visit relatives, the others are attracted by the legendary natural landscapes of the region that the whole world travels to see. The prices in Belarus do not differ much from the prices in Russia.

They say that in some places of the “blue land” of forests and lakes one can breathe so easy that it makes you drunk with one breath. This is worth checking out.

If you go to the migration service or other competent organization asking whether you should take a passport to travel to Belarus, you will get a negative answer.

Relations between our countries are regulated by the Treaty on the Union of Belarus and Russia. The treaty was published back in April 1997 and has become the basis for formation of the integral union territory. The state border is part of the territory created.

According to the document, Belarusians and Russians are one people with equal rights for each citizen. There is also a single customs space.

Every citizen of our country has every right to freely visit the neighboring state.

You may present yourself on the territories adjacent to our country with a Russian passport. Accordingly, you have to use it to cross the border of the two states.


There is no customs control as such, but there are checkpoints. Customs officers have the right to ask a person crossing the border for documents confirming his identity.

You do not need a passport or, especially, a visa.

All that awaits you at the border between Russia and the Republic of Belarus is a standard check of your documents. You don’t have to fill out any paperwork, you don’t have to pay for anything, either.


If you’re traveling with minors

Nothing has changed in 2022 with the travel of children under 14 years of age. They travel on their birth certificate. Please note that the child must be written in the parents’ passport. This point is checked more often than the internal passport. The reason is clear: security. You must document that it is your children who are traveling with you.

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Travelling to Belarus with children

If you travel by car

Somewhat stricter rules apply to those who cross country borders by car. In this case, you are required to carry a package of documents:

  • driver’s license;
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle.

If all of the above documents and the Russian passport are in order, you can go to the Belarusian destination.

Is it possible to go to Belarus with a Russian passport?

There are situations when a person has lost his internal document or it is in the process of registration. You have to go urgently. Is it possible to cross the border with just a foreign passport?

The treaty states that citizens of our country can enter Belarus with both the internal passport and the international passport. You won’t have any problems.

Page of the passport with the child's data

Page of the passport with the data of the child

If you travel with children, they must be entered in the document.

What to do if I lost my passport in the Republic of Belarus?

Alas, the loss of a passport abroad is a common problem. Each country has its own rules on this matter. If this happens to you in Belarus, the first thing to do is to contact the consulate of our country.

According to the agreement adopted in 1997, the internal passport and a foreign one are not the only documents you can use when crossing the border and staying on the territory of the neighboring country. You can also present the following:

  • seaman’s passport;
  • service passport;
  • Diplomatic passport;
  • certificate of return to the Russian Federation.

The last document is just what you need to have with you when crossing the border in case of loss or absence of all the documents listed above. Just for him and need to go to the consulate.

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Minsk, Novovilenskaya ul. 1a

Russian Embassy in Minsk, Novovilenskaya Street, 1a.

In the Consulate you have to show the official paperwork, which will prove your identity. This can be your driver’s license, service ID, military ID card, etc. If there is nothing that would indicate your identity, two witnesses can replace the document. You should bring them with you. The witnesses must have their internal or foreign passports of Russian citizens with them.

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The applicant must submit two 3.5 x 4.5 cm photographs. The basis for obtaining a return certificate will be the witness testimony and an application form prepared in accordance with consulate requirements.

The application form, the form of which is provided by the consular officials, is filled out and signed on the spot. You must also sign the return certificate to be issued. There is no charge for this document. Our citizens receive it free of charge.

Bank cards

Certificate replacing all other documents required for crossing the Russian-Belarusian border is not open-ended. It is valid for 15 days from the day of issue, during which the passport-less Russian must return home. The document can perform only one function on the territory of the Republic of Belarus: to allow the passage. It should not be used anywhere else.

In Russia, the certificate can replace the passport as an identity document for 10 days. If this is not necessary, you must return the certificate within three days to the organization that issued the passport.

In the most complicated cases, when the applicant has no documents or witnesses, the consulate sends an inquiry to the Russian Federation about the identity of the applicant for the certificate. The requested official paper is issued only after the answer is received, if it is established that the citizen is indeed who he/she claims to be.

Green Card for entering Belarus by car

Everyone who travels abroad by car needs to obtain a Green Card.

The Green Card is a foreign analogue of MTPL. The difference is that MTPL is executed for one year, while Green Card is executed for different terms. The price depends on the period. Two weeks costs about 500 rubles. If you don’t have a document you’ll have to pay a fine ($200).

The Green Card reimburses car owners for damages caused to their vehicles in a foreign country as a result of an accident. Those who travel frequently know that it’s cheaper to get insurance in advance. It can also be issued at the border crossing, but it’s much more expensive.

The green card is practiced in many countries of the world. The price for the CIS is lower than in other countries.

The Republic of Belarus is open to Russians. Just as Russia is open to Belarusians. Many of the rules are similar. If you have all the documents in order, you will feel at home in Belarus.

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Do I need a passport to Belarus?

Belarus has several curious properties. One of them is that the country is little known to the citizens of the European Union, which it shares borders with. They rarely go there because a visa is needed, and not everyone is attracted to go to the country, which is similar to the big Lithuania, but without the sea. But the Russians often come to this country, it’s cheap and you don’t need a passport. I’ve been to almost every interesting place in Belarus.

Russians travel to Belarus without a passport.

While residents of some countries need a visa to Belarus, Russian citizens can enter the blue country with their internal passport. This can be done overland by train, bus or train via Smolensk and Orsha, as well as by plane, but only to Minsk, as the other airports are not serious.

There is no border control at all, which makes Belarus different from Ukraine in 2013, where border guards twice woke up at night passengers on trains going from Moscow to Kiev, for example.

Of course, with a passport you can also enter from, for example, Poland and get a Belarusian stamp for the collection, it will not take much space.

Peculiarities of a trip to Belarus

When planning a trip to Belarus, you should take into account the peculiarity of Belarus – the change of tariff to the international one at the border crossing. It’s easy to notice if you look at the ticket prices, for example, from Yekaterinburg to Smolensk and Orsha and compare them. Probably, the railmen invented such slyness specially to enrich themselves on the passengers from the former USSR; though the trains are international, but the carriages are usual!

You can save a little, if you fly by plane. Cheap tickets are available even from the Asian part of Russia, but with an interchange in Moscow. There are a lot of buses to Belarus, you can enter any of the three border areas, but it’s not very interesting to travel at night on the bus and sleep on the way.

Among the border towns of Belarus, the following are of interest:

  • Orsha. An important railway junction, there are several museums.
  • Polotsk, one of the most museum cities.
  • Gomel, the second largest city in the country.
Paris is the most romantic city in Europe

However, the most interesting places are in the center and the west.

Every year I visit Belarus, at least for a short visit. The country is small and inexpensive, it’s worth a trip, for example, on June 12 or November 4, when we have a few days of holidays and they have regular work days. You can enter Belarus without a passport, we have an extremely rare type of integration with it, the border is transparent, border guards do not wake you up at night on the train, as when you travel from Moscow to Kiev, for example.

To Belarus without a foreign passport.

You can also come with it by plane from Turkey, for instance, to show it at the airport, get a stamp for collection, and then go to Russia by train, showing the ticket also bought with the foreign passport.

And if you don’t have a Russian passport, you can not only travel to Belarus with an ordinary Russian one, but also work or study there. The quality of education there is not bad, but salaries are low for most specialists.

I usually get to Belarus by train from Moscow, rarely from St. Petersburg, although this small country has international rail connections to Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, and I think even Kazakhstan. Buses from Belarusian cities in large numbers go to Russia, sometimes the ticket can be even cheaper than the train, because the seat is seated, and also on the train higher fare, international. Very strange, given the transparent border!

Plan a trip to Belarus

Ticket is realistic to buy a day before departure. Trains and buses are usually at night. The place of arrival is likely to be Minsk. There are some exceptions, for example you can get from Smolensk to Orsha or Mogilyov in the morning by bus or by train.

What could be interesting about a trip to Belarus? I’ve got such a list:

  • Dental treatment in dentistry. Prices are low, the quality is good.
  • Buying EU-made and local products that are tasty, inexpensive and of good quality.
  • Visiting museums and castles. The best ones are in Mir, Nesvizh, Lida and Grodno.

So, if you don’t have a passport and have a limited budget, but want to go abroad, Belarus is one of the best options. There is no Abkhazian devastation and Kazakh heat with enormous distances.

Island Tunisia.

My acquaintance with Belarus happened exactly a year ago. In addition to the slight feeling of sovkovism in a good sense, I was struck by its cleanliness. Perhaps, it is in such contrast to Moscow, but the fact is the fact. Now I will tell about formalities, namely about whether you need a passport to Belarus.

Documents for entry into Belarus

First of all, I will say that I went to Minsk. The decision came up spontaneously. Literally as follows: I saw on the portal I visited the news that the tickets cost 300 rubles. Russian rubles. It instantly clicked in me: such a freebie should not be missed. It only remains to solve the problem with the necessary documents. And now the Internet gave me the following list of required documents:

  • Russian passport.
  • A ticket for transportation.
  • Nothing else is needed.

Of course, I was aware of the brotherly relations with Belarus. But to that extent. As you have already understood, a passport to Minsk and to any other city of our neighbors is unnecessary. You won’t even be checked at the border. And it made me extremely happy. Not only did I get a free ride, but there was no need to bother with passports.

Why go to Belarus?

I will talk only about Minsk. I’ve been there only. Of course, this is a nice city. It is very quiet, simple people. I have already mentioned the cleanliness. For those 3 days that I was there, I managed to walk around the city quite well. Minsk is much smaller compared to Moscow.

I advise you to visit the Nemiga neighborhood. Around there is a hint of beautiful architecture, the island of tears and a little further, the Minsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. In my opinion, this is the most attractive place for tourists in the Belarusian capital.

Be sure to go to an inexpensive student dining hall. They are probably inexpensive everywhere. But I took a fancy to one. What you can afford in Moscow for 500-600 rubles in Minsk costs 120. At the same time, the food is delicious and the portions are big.

Finally, I would say that in Minsk, very simple, provincially-pleasant people. Surprisingly, everyone is slim and fit. You should go to Belarus for peace of mind. Getting to know the country is accompanied by warm emotions.

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