Holiday in Turkey with children

Rest in Turkey with children. Beaches, hotels and entertainment.

The popularity of Turkey as a family resort does not decrease from year to year. This country shows its hospitality to tourists with small children, most hotels are “all inclusive”, and animators are not tired to entertain children a variety of programs. Almost all the beaches of the southern and western coast of Turkey were marked by the Blue Flag, indicating that the cleanliness, equipment and safety of this recreational area.

Turkey is chosen because of the budget recreation, visa-free entry and a long bathing season. Resorts in the south of the country can swim in mid-May, the Mediterranean Sea gets warm before the Aegean, and the air temperature in May for a comfortable beach holiday and sightseeing tours. Popular southern resorts of Turkey include Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Side, the western – Kusadasi, Bodrum, Fethiye and nearby resort villages.

What resort should I choose for a holiday with children? What hotels are suitable for accommodation with a child, and how to determine their choice? Features of Turkish resorts suitable for children, consider in this article.

When to go to Turkey with a child

The main territory of Turkey is located in Southwest Asia and only a small percentage in southern Europe. The subtropical climate of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea is characterized by dry hot summers and warm winters, while inland Turkey has cold and snowy winters.

Come to rest in Turkey all year round. Outside the beach season are available excursions to historic monuments and natural beauty. It is high time to visit Istanbul with its iconic sights. Plan to visit the Blue Mosque, the Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace, the zoo and oceanarium, the Viasea theme park and aquarium, and the Vialand theme park.

In winter the season opens at the ski resorts of Uludag, Sarykamysh, Kartalkaya, Palandoken, Syklykent and others.

The high season starts in May and lasts until the end of October. With a small child in Turkey is better to come before June. The weather at this time is comfortable for babies, acclimatization will be easy, there are still few tourists, and the beaches are a pleasure to sunbathe. The air temperature rises to +25 ° C during the day in the middle of May and drops to +18-20 ° C in the evening, so you must have warm clothes for evening walks. As for swimming in the sea, the reviews of tourists differ. Someone vacationed with children in May and quietly bathed at a water temperature of +21-22 ° C, and someone thought the sea is cold and uncomfortable for children.

Earliest warmth comes to Alanya, as it is the southernmost resort on the Turkish Riviera. In June you can already consider Kemer and Belek, and by early July – Bodrum. June and August are the hottest months in the resorts of Turkey. Children will be hard to stay on the beach in the 35-degree heat, and at this time a lot of tourists. Accordingly, the prices in hotels are higher. From mid-September begins the velvet season, when it is also good to relax with children.

The difference between the Mediterranean and Aegean resorts is that the Mediterranean warms up earlier, it is much hotter, but also the season is longer. The Aegean Sea becomes comfortable for swimming later and cools down earlier. In Bodrum, Fethiye and Kusadasi there is not as debilitating heat as in Alanya and Kemer.

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Based on the foregoing, we conclude that the best months for a holiday in Turkey with children – in May, June and September. Plan your vacation in advance to relax by the warm sea with the whole family. If it so happens that the parents’ vacation did not coincide, and goes on vacation, for example, only mother and baby, a question arises about the power of attorney to travel. Do I need a power of attorney from the second parent to travel abroad, read our advice:

Lower Düden Falls

Turkey resorts for vacations with children

The choice of a resort for a holiday with children is usually influenced by factors such as the distance from the airport, beach coverage, the cost of hotel accommodation and the availability of children’s entertainment. Let’s look at what resorts in Turkey are popular with tourists for holidays with children.


This resort is located near the airport, and children do not have to stay long in the bus. The sea off the coast of Antalya warms up in May, so many people prefer to vacation here before the season and a large influx of tourists. Prices for tours and hotel accommodation are low during this period, there is no exhausting heat, and the children will be comfortable.

The beaches in Antalya are mostly pebbly, but you can find sandy, such as Lara Beach. It stretches for 10 km along the coast and is divided into numerous sections. Entrance is allowed along the entire beach line. The entrance to the water is mostly gentle and child-friendly. Lara Beach was awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and comfort, so you can safely choose it for holidays with children.

Konyaalti beach is not quite suitable for children’s swimming, as sharply becomes deep, but on the shore of good conditions. It is clean, well-developed infrastructure, there is entertainment for children on the water and on the shore, near the water park “Aqualand”. Konyaalti beach is covered with a mixture of pebbles and sand.

Sand Sculpture Festival on Lara Beach, Antalya

Another clean sandy beach in Antalya is located in the Kundu area. The area mostly belongs to hotels, but everyone can spend time on Kundu Beach. Tourists often choose Beach Park or Topcam for a family vacation, appreciating the comfort of the beach and the purity of the water.

The water park “Aqualand” is visited by many people with children in Antalya, and for one and a dolphinarium, which is considered the largest in Turkey. No less interesting will be a visit to the Antalya Zoo and Aquarium. For rides go to the local Lunapark. Attracts tourists with children Fairy Tale Park in the district Kepez, which recreated stories from cartoons, and Antalya Discovery Park in Manavgat.

From the center of Antalya there is a shuttle bus to the Upper Düden Waterfall. The road to the waterfall is very scenic, and the Düden itself does not disappoint. The Lower Düden waterfall is 15 km from the Upper Düden and falls into the sea. Both natural attractions are convenient and safe to view from special fenced areas.


Turkey photo 1

Turkey has long been firmly associated with family holidays. Here the beaches on the warm sea shore, there are luxurious hotels with restless animators, there is sung by tourists all inclusive. But here, and ancient Troy, and ancient cities, and the mysterious Istanbul, and wild mountains, and thick forests – a real surprise to those who imagined Turkey a country beach idleness.

If you are just thinking about a family vacation in Turkey and are going to experience its hospitality for the first time, you will face a difficult choice among the many resorts and hotels. We will tell you how to properly plan a vacation with children in Turkey, so the little travelers are not tired still on the road and spent time with benefit and pleasure.

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Where is Turkey

Turkey (the official name – the Republic of Turkey) – a state located in southwestern Asia (97% of the territory) and in southern Europe (3%). It has borders with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran in the east, Iraq and Syria in the south, Greece in the west and Bulgaria in the northwest. Four seas washes the shores of Turkey: the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara. The area of the country is 780,000 sq. km, with a population of 67.803 million. Ankara is the capital of Turkey.

Residents of most countries do not need a visa to enter Turkey. Thus, Russian citizens may travel to Turkish resorts without a visa for up to 60 days, citizens of Ukraine – up to 90 days. Note that while resting in Turkey you can get so-called “island visa”, which gives the opportunity to visit some Greek islands without getting a Schengen visa.

Rest with children

Holidays in Turkey through the eyes of a child – it is numerous water parks, amusement parks, dolphinarium, mini-clubs, games arranged by animators, entertainment shows and performances for children. In other words, Turkey for children as a big playground, blown by the fresh sea breeze. In terms of adults, Turkey – just heaven on earth. One has only to settle in a hotel, and it solves the problem of where to eat, drink or snack, what to feed a child during the day, where to find a good beach and what to do in his free time after swimming and sunbathing. Indeed, the service of Turkish hotels and the system “all inclusive” helps to ensure that the relaxation accompanied you every minute of rest in Turkey with children.

Special conditions have been created in hotels for recreation with babies. If you are going on a trip with a baby, you will be offered a crib, high chair for feeding, baby-sitting service, the opportunity to rent a stroller and additional accessories for babies.

If you have older children, you won’t want to spend too much time at the hotel. There is rafting, diving and windsurfing, dizzying slides in water parks, trips to national parks, tours to ancient cities, acquaintance with exotic Turkish cuisine – the program of rest can be any broad. Where, when and how to vacation with a child in Turkey? Let’s take a closer look.

When to go

Turkey hosts guests all year round. Whether you want to bask on the beach, or wander among the ruins of ancient cities, or skiing – for all of this you can safely go to Turkey. But how to choose the best time to vacation with your child? Need only take into account some of the nuances.

1. High season in Turkey lasts from mid-May to late September. At this time working all the water parks, amusement parks, restaurants, and hotels have the maximum service to their guests – this also applies to the children’s animation.

2. The beach season at the southernmost, Mediterranean coast (Kemer, Antalya, Belek, Side, Alanya) begins in April and ends in October. On the Aegean coast (Bodrum, Marmaris, Cesme, Kusadasi, Fethiye) you can sunbathe from June to mid-September.

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3. Alanya is the southernmost resort of the coast, so the beginning and end of the season there is always warmer than in other resorts of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

4. Bathing season in Turkey is somewhat shorter than the beach season: the Mediterranean Sea is well warmed up only by late May, and the Aegean – by the end of June. But swimming in both seas can be at least until mid-autumn.

5. The peak season is in July and August. Seaside resorts are overcrowded with holidaymakers, due to which prices for recreation reach a maximum. But the second half of summer is bad for family vacations also because the air temperature can rise to +40 ° C.

6. With the onset of low season the number of regular and charter flights sharply decreases, some hotels close, entertainment centers curtail their work. However, this is a great period for a holiday with a baby in Turkey – in summer the resorts are not as quiet as in April or October.

So the conclusion when it is better to go to Turkey, suggests itself.

The best time for a holiday with a child – in May, June and September. During this time it is not too hot, there is no influx of tourists, and the program beach holidays can vary trips to excursions.

The second half of spring, early summer and mild autumn are good for a holiday in Istanbul. Although tourists all year round flock to this fabulous city, but the winter is still too cold for tours, and in summer languishes from the heat and stuffiness of Istanbul. But in the mountains should go no earlier than mid-December – only then there is a chance to catch a good snow cover. The best period for skiing is January and February, and in late March almost all the ski resorts close the season to get ready for tourists who want to relax in the mountains in summer.

Weather and climate

The length of Turkey from north to south is about 600 km. It is therefore easy to guess that the weather in Istanbul in the north differs from that in Antalya in the south. In the summer the heat at the sea can reach +40 ° C, and in the mountains the thermometers read only +20 ° C. But in winter, when the coast is warm and wet, the mountains have a thick layer of snow, and the mild frost favors skiing.

In summer, tourists are attracted to the beaches of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, in spring and autumn – the streets and coffee houses of Istanbul, and in winter – the snowy slopes of Uludag and Palandoken. What to expect from the weather when traveling in Turkey?

Climate of seaside resorts

If you are going to the sea, you can count on the fact that from May to October there will be sunny and hot days. In Alanya, Kemer and other resorts of the Mediterranean Sea season opens in May when the temperature rises to +25 ° C. The summer months of June are even warmer, up to +30 ° C, by which time the sea warms up well.

The average daytime temperature is about 33°C, but the sun also burns up to +37-40°C. Combined with the high humidity, which is characteristic of Mediterranean resorts, such temperatures are hard to bear.

But in September the heat goes down, and therefore the best holiday in Turkey with children – it is in September. The daytime temperature rises to +30 ° C, the sea is very warm: the velvet season is in all its glory. It often stretches until November, although, as a rule, the holiday season in Turkey closes in the second half of October, when the fall rains begin. For resorts on the Antalya coast is characterized by a drop in temperature at night. In spring and autumn, with the onset of darkness, the temperature drops to +13-17 ° C, in summer to +20-21 ° C. Beach season in the resorts of the Aegean Sea is shorter: it begins in June and lasts until mid-September.

A characteristic feature of the western coast of Turkey is a low humidity and constant wind from the sea. Because of this the heat in Kusadasi and Bodrum is easily tolerated.

At the beginning of the summer the temperature is +24 ° C and only by the end of June it rises to +28 ° C. In July and August, the thermometers usually stay within the range of +28-30 ° C. The same warm weather lasts in September, but towards the end of the month there could be a cold snap.

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Climate of Istanbul

Istanbul is located in the subtropical zone, but the scorching heat in the city is rarely because of the cold northern winds. Winter is gloomy and rainy, but in April the rainfall decreases noticeably, and the daily air temperature rises to +16 ° C. If you plan a vacation in Turkey in May, you can get maximum pleasure from a walk in Istanbul: at the end of spring the temperature is +20 ° C and the air is full of freshness.

Summer in Istanbul is relatively hot: in June the air heats up to +26 ° C, and in July and August – up to +28 ° C. Rains during this period are rare. With the fall a pleasant coolness returns. In September the daytime temperature is +25 ° C, in October it is about +19 ° C. Rainy days become more, so in the luggage should always be an umbrella and shoes that do not get wet.

The climate of the ski resorts

In the mountains of Turkey you can relax all year round, enjoying the clean air and the beauty of nature. But the main interest in mountain resorts occurs in winter, with the onset of cold weather and the opening of the ski season.

Suitable conditions for skiing are in the second half of December, when daytime temperatures drop to 0 ° C and at night there is a slight frost.

The coldest month is January: for example, on Uludag, the average daytime temperature is -4°C, and at night it gets as cold as -10°C. In February and March the temperatures are usually above zero during the day, but at night the thermometer falls below zero. In the period from mid-December to late March in the mountains there are heavy snowfalls and the thickness of snow can reach 3 meters.

Sea water temperature

Of the four seas that wash the shores of Turkey, tourists prefer two – the Aegean and Mediterranean. The water in them is much warmer than in the Black and Marmara Seas. Bathing season at the Mediterranean Sea begins in late May. However, at this time the temperature is +19-20 ° C, so not everyone is ready to swim. To ensure that the child does not suffer without bathing, you can stay at a hotel with a pool.

Teutonic Castle

By June, the water temperature in Turkey reaches 23-24 ° C. Finally, everyone can swim in the sea, even babies. In July and August the temperature rises to 26-28 ° C, and the sea is often as warm in September. If you’re lucky with the weather, in October, the water in the Mediterranean Sea will remain at a temperature of +24 ° C.

The water in the Aegean Sea is somewhat colder. Only by the end of June, the sea warms up to +22 ° C. During the hottest months, the water temperature is +23-25 ° C. In September, the sea keeps warm for a long time, and only from the beginning of October the water begins to cool gradually.


The “all inclusive” system is the trump card of Turkey. It is flaunted by most hotels in seaside resorts, and it is really convenient: a varied menu helps to choose what your child likes, and the opportunity to eat almost at any time is important to keep the habit of the day. Perhaps the only resort where “all inclusive” almost does not apply is Alanya. Hotels in this resort usually offer full board.

Family hotels often offer children’s menu. Treat it carefully: sometimes it includes fast food. It is better if the hotel provides a diet menu with boiled or steamed dishes.

Family hotel restaurants usually equip a corner for cooking baby food. There you will find a blender, microwave, and bottle warmer.

If you are planning an independent holiday in Turkey with children and are going to stay in an apartment, you can eat in restaurants or cook food, buying products in the markets and in supermarkets. Turkish cuisine often have an unusual taste, however, and among them a lot of delicious and healthy for children. Especially children like desserts – baklava, lukum, halva.


Public transport in Turkey is not as well developed as you might think. The main way to get to the rest from the airport are still buses and minibuses. Buses are very comfortable because they have air conditioning and good seats. The less comfortable dolmushis are sometimes the only means of transport available for small resorts.

Buses and dolmushi serve as both intercity and urban transport in Turkey. Unfortunately, timetables are not always available, even at bus stations, but major carriers, particularly Havaş, publish timetables on their website. You can buy bus tickets in advance online or at the bus station ticket office. You usually pay the driver for the dolmush fare. Note that the discount on tickets for children is not provided.

The best public transport system is in Istanbul. To save on fares, you can buy IstanbulKart, which operates in buses, streetcars, subways, commuter trains, funiculars and ferries.

Relatively inexpensive mode of transport in Turkey is a cab. Carriers have a flat rate, and the only thing to do when boarding is to make sure that the driver has the meter on. To move around Turkey, you can rent a car. Offices of car rental companies are located at airports and major resorts, and the contract can also be concluded in advance, via the Internet.

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